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Erie Co. GOP Chair Nick Langworthy & Dem Chair Jeremy Zellner

Jun 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now here's W. And you've heard me say it before why -- -- it is thought politics indeed what what several weeks it will need to talk politics. We are starting to gear up for the election season and I think it would be great time to bring in both the chairman of the Erie county Republican and democratic parties. Republican nick -- where it is here. Democrat Germany's dollars on the line with him. And for the next hour we're gonna take a couple of your calls on the way to 8030930. Talking about all the races are out there trying to maybe see if there is. Any area where the two of them agree then a couple areas where I think they don't. And that would not have importantly as well polls eight of three on the thirty. Jeremy we'll start with you -- on the phone I can't point if you saw just bringing in this way. Do you think there's a race coming up with the difference between your party's candidates and -- candidates. Is the greatest where the gulf and the contrast is just so strong it can't be ignored. First good morning -- good morning that's -- -- I think that it that that the top of the ticket what Governor Cuomo is just. There's a huge divide there I I think that. We've been looking for years in this community for some for a leader. For governor. That recognizes our struggles here that recognizes that we need business that we need jobs and that really matter what should be -- and an upstate. And I think Governor Cuomo has delivered that for the last four years and is continuing with unprecedented resources effect. But he -- kept the whole goal as his running mate shows that you really cares about our community and I I think that. Is is head and shoulders above his opponent. Nick what you think is there one race where and we'll get you to respond when he's in the second is -- one race where you thing. The gulf or your chances even that much greater well I and you were certainly gonna end up talking about the governor's race a lot I'm sure this hour but so but all of the yeah. The the recent statewide but you know for all the self congratulations. That are doing Andrew Cuomo. You know. We watch every time we. Have a television program on BCE taxpayer funded ads telling us -- New York is open for business would this. Program that really hasn't brought a single job bottom line and yet -- spent 25 million dollars of our tax dollars to promote it. You know you have a governor that has now released systemically changed what -- New York State. You can throw money at at the problem but really our sound that we do not have a sound economy in this state because we're just text too much. And rob -- Reno is running across the state trying to get known and he talked about that the delta that exists today. Between those two candidates. In -- as he is is a David and Goliath and and you get a 36 million dollar special interest funding governor. Running against need county executive was very -- might. But he is running on a message. Of how to really changes state so that our kids are great kids to stay here. Do you think that the golf is to -- -- look that the difference and enrollments in the state. Obviously it's been done before we have had statewide Republicans but that for unit is is an uphill climb. This is going to be make or break here for the Republican Party this in New York me we tested we will find out this year Kenny Republicans still win statewide. When you're down two and a half million votes -- I think he can still be dot. We do it here in Erie county every single year when we elect countywide Republicans by a similar margin. Down two to one and in -- You have there on the -- candidates with the right message we have an excellent ticket this year led by rob history now sheriff Chris moss is is. Lieutenant governor candidate but also you know John Cahill running for attorney general running against -- Eric -- -- chairman was embedded in the last election. He was the most liberal member of the New York State Senate that says something. He has been absent -- attorney general. -- K Gil can and will win this race. And Jerry come on an -- attorney general I know that's when you disagree -- Yeah I I. I totally disagree -- our attorney general and our -- from many many months and continues to hold banks accountable that have that it socket to homeowners and mortgage brokers of the stock owners. He he's been able to to prosecute those peoples in the fullest to its fullest extent of the -- to return some of that money back to our community -- -- state. And help people invest properly. -- mean he's so well known that 53% New Yorkers and in recent polls can identify. So -- after four years as his attorney general I I do notice he's shown up in the last couple weeks after John -- heels and you've been in buffalo campaigning. You know three or four times last month. But you know what we have in the attorney general's race is you know really continuation of what Eliot Spitzer started. Than any Andrew -- on -- that we have aspiring governors. Occupying the office of attorney general EG. And doubt we need to people's attorney and we need someone it's good it's going to be out there are truly making this a better state to live in -- just out there grabbing headlines. I wanted to back festering for a second he has said in the past. And that if he wins some of the upstate vote as Carl Paladino did running against Cuomo for years ago. He says that you can then for him ad in the New York City suburbs because he's got from Westchester. And he says that the math is there to actually put him over the the tremendous democratic enrollment. Poke -- hole that the reform. I think that is masses it's Fuzzy is a lot of Republicans or opposite mass. That the problem probably history don't have does that nobody knows them. But that's also positive on -- because we're gonna make sure everybody knows who -- Reno is that he has the highest property taxes in the entire country that is currently in. And no subdural lawsuit about some of his issues -- minister and his -- and don't count -- The fact that he promised to lower property taxes by 20% and it hasn't happened. So -- we look forward to debating issues of Rochester Reno and I think that if you think she's gonna come to Western New York. And tell us that putting a billion dollars in our community is not a good idea it just shows you how out of touch you relatives. And if Andrew Cuomo was not concerned about around history know of the messages he's seen across the state and -- think you -- -- that massive. I negative television by against -- history now this this month but. You know. Listen the -- -- is gonna driver Robby Israel's name it it there's there's no reason that a governor that supposedly a 36 points. Should be so worried about a guy that no one -- is that. I really do think this is going to be -- and a lot of people are gonna watch it's gonna get national attention. In this governor has. You know he he says one thing he does another he says he's a conservative after the first two years of his administration. You know fights for. Supposedly lower taxes and in systemic changes in Albany and then does a left turn in and sells out to the working families party. In in their leadership to just to get their nomination. You know he he says he's against corruption. In wants to change the culture in Albany and then in an increase of -- -- commission and then ending in a dirty deal with the state legislature dismantles and the last minute. And in. God knows where that's going if we had an attorney general and governor working together we actually have you know a cleaner government and we don't fairly successful. -- I know we lost on the phones there for a little bit Iowa I want you to address one of the things the next set while while you might have been a way. The idea that governor almost sold his soul to working families party in order to get their endorsement. Well -- -- I I don't think going to be sold their soul I think that Andrew Cuomo's rightful places to have the working families endorsement and I think he was gonna get that. At any cost anyway and I think the fact is that. He has a lot more in common with the working families party and rob history will ever will have in common and that's why they endorse I don't already deals that -- -- -- You know I know that there's always discussions -- endorsement time comes around and it and it it has to -- party leadership. Wanting to discuss policy with the first in the third -- to make sure that they have the same philosophy that they do I think. The governor has a lot more in common with the working families and mastery. Do you see any fear coming from the primary challenge being brought by by his effort teach -- the one that wanted to get the endorsement for marking them as. I I don't seek fear but I see a serious that's our part to make sure that our governor wins going away. I don't know one party leader of the Democratic Party in Erie county that is not supporting our governor. Our organization stand behind him a 100%. And we look forward to a spirited debate here -- hole -- you know. But record speaks for itself she doesn't have to worry about -- thing I think what she is working very art. And she has pounded the pavement all over the state chew up in her message and much of the government. I wanna start this next one with nick I initially Jeremy asked so what one race do you think where the difference between the two candidates is and that's when you -- the governor's race on the table. I'm rules prize that I thought you'd say Kathy -- opener vs Brian Higgins congressional 26. -- -- and it certainly is a race of of massive contrasts. You have you know Brian Higgins who is the best city councilman that we have in congress. And you know Brian is very focused on local issues but what what we need is a national voice for our -- we -- people Washington represent us on national issues. -- -- -- Brian Brian is not the voice that at ten year member of congress needs to be for this region. He's very active on local issues he's very active on the waterfront in in in those are are valid project tonight I salute him for those things. But you know when when someone follow Nancy policy around. Like a sheep. That's a problem for Western New York I I think of the example set though by -- know when he was in the US House of Representatives from this area. He kind of changed the mold too. That I'm fighting for the local interest in the federal arena. Leaving the bigger broader policy stuff maybe to the US senate that Daniel morning hand this this is a different -- gave that this is not an era of earmarks where it's it's a race. You know back when Henry no lock and even you know -- you know my mentor in -- -- or for tower and government office. We brought home make it a lot of it. In that was that was the mission back that there are no earmarks in congress at this point there are no you know he would you know big checks that you come over and in hand people. And I'm Brian focuses on local issues and we need a voice for the people to it to speak -- national issues in if if you are supporting this president in this era. I mean we have we have real problems is this president has been a disaster for this country -- you're -- -- massive losses across the country. -- Democrats losing seats are here trying to -- in their Arianna it's a little tougher on the phone but does join us c'mon. It is it is but -- -- I love you but -- I mean we want to send somebody like captain -- murder represent our community in Washington. Let me tell -- The thing that Brian Higgins has been able to do for this community for the last decade have been almost unprecedented. The -- that he has been able to deliver for places like Roswell park. Liked the also -- medical campus. Our our game changer there are things that are changing. That community that we live and and I would I I would beg to differ with you on who I want representing you in congress now he also said he chases -- people's hero well. Is he chasing her Oliver we -- in this community too much because that's two different things then. What Brian has done an amazing job voting record. Speaks for itself. I'm I'm what I'm federal if you are you rejecting the idea Jeremy that he's not the presence he needs to be on the national stage for the national. Get debate in -- and me. Bryant has a roll up your sleeves delivering kind of congressman. As I set the community is changing because of what Brian Higgins is doing. You look at the -- lawsuit you look at the track is able to bring all part of that money to our community that we were missing for over fifty years. And so he stands with our noses CDs help me. He stands and our rank and file community members. First standing up for this community find that met me at Washington and -- cocktail party circuit telling everybody how great he has you deliver for the student. 8030930s. Or number let's kick off on the phone lines right now if you'd like to join us we've got to -- -- chairman of the year county's main parties here right now Jeremy is Elmer. On the line he's the chair of that county Democrats and explain where the in studio chair of the county Republicans. 8030930 there's a lot of other candidates and issues will certainly get to let's bring in a couple of phone calls here now Tom and buffalo kicked it off for us. Okay what -- -- it I totally ignorant young black people -- -- easily the biggest contractors taken were well. And if nick want to say well this is about national ideas about having a reputable national. Do we really want to embarrass the city of buffalo -- you're putting back clown out there. I mean it. WP and if he'd be giving her. We'll let you know we can't that's against the law calling -- time. Aren't. I don't know we're part of that debate it's called equal time to time we can't. Pick a side that wouldn't that wouldn't be right the FCC would -- I understand the -- Bob -- is going to be peace talks you know it it. She would tell -- reputation so -- it could get on her side they would certainly -- Iraq -- show. And they don't have to do equal time on the but the fact is she just won't go into -- and -- politically god knows what into it beyond this state. -- what. In instead of just labeling give me some examples why do you say she's crazy. Okay exhibition that you're not count or. She can't throw a little. Garden commercial currently YouTube account they've dealt -- -- sixty hours because it's so easy city. Somebody but we got -- -- this when you can't get -- and she hides everything is better. You contradictory so I'm all crazy. She didn't -- Doesn't she's really under your skin. No no no she didn't say I wouldn't you bet you have better things. -- Listen there your job your job what you put up. Somebody who wouldn't be your party you won't put anybody in the city because of the critical nature of your whole political ideology and the ability that we county -- you'd give it a little. I city on May -- different things we did run a candidate for mayor -- and we can -- I'd I actually -- -- different there was -- there was a candidate for mayor of the city of buffalo on the Republican line so you're sadly mistaken. You did not specs Sergio Garcia at all -- you luck in NBA people -- July. You did not -- Sergio Garcia. People is beyond the line his name was Rodriguez and but let's let's delve into that we Iraq to -- second. -- -- it was Sergio Rodriguez endorsed by both the city and the county yes. And account yes because he's so I can get as much support obviously from one is there. We we we did not -- -- inaudible resources to the campaign financially he was he endorsed candidate is particularly were carried he was put under the all right now after the break as we -- late for that will go come back and talk more about the partner -- -- will make sure Jerry has his say too. It's hard -- Germany's elders hear from the county Democratic Party line where the from the county Republicans more after this straight ahead. Headline news radio 930 WB and this thing -- Jeremy sellers here -- -- -- account -- expect sorry about that Terry I'll get it right Travis. Every as the Democrat here in the language is the Republican here. And that we have about two minutes left before the news break here we gonna take more calls among the things people still want to talk about. Is the race between Brian Higgins -- Buckner. But I want to make sure again because you're not in the room you're Jeremy I'm giving you enough time -- comment. Give me -- in the two minutes we have remaining your take one of them and tell me why not -- the weapon. Well look I think whatever anyone who's listening to this radio show knows why not -- locker icing that. You can point to another thing that was -- to bring up before the break which was. -- own party and his own leadership and his own biggest donors have been supportive of congressmen in the past because they at all. How good Brian has -- for our community like except he has brought home the bacon he has and he -- at the federal government investing in things. What Roswell park. You know Brian doesn't go around and promote the fact that you know he he has been instrumental in in the role of the medical campus well but I'll to a forum. And he has been instrumental in that development and that is changing a community in the city of possible all right I'm gonna turn -- -- as the catalyst for turning around our our count. McLaren where the fund -- Japanese -- like some lineup Brian Higgins. Why not -- and I think that this is about a debate and in his we came under the federal redistricting two years ago. We we have two seats now here in in Erie -- we have one that is very Republican -- one is very democratic. We're gonna have a great debate of national issues are raced to represented us on an actual level. You know Western New York has delivered. Some great national leaders to the congress Jack -- Bill -- Tom Reynolds. -- -- -- Now and you don't Bryant has yet tend to rise today an occasion to put us on the map. Even within his own party cell it that is why now for. More to come its hardline and his radio 930 we pause for a news straight ahead and his radio 930 that would -- 80309 -- and number if you like to join the debate we'd love to have you aboard. Jeremy -- -- here chair of the Erie county Democratic Party he's on the phone -- where the chair of the Erie county Republican Party in studio and Jeremy again. I want to make sure that I'm trying to give you that there with the right amount of shrift here because I can't see your point that you and realizing one jumpin. Right before the break we were talking a little bit about both -- weapons -- and Brian Higgins. And you you seem to be making the case. That Brian does good for the area while nick is making the case that he's not standing out on the national stage. Should he stand out on the national stage do you think. Well I I think that if you look at that the national politics we've had the president here at least two or three times in the last. The Cuban president and Brian has been that the congressman Bryant had a lot to do it. We've had. The national chair here just about a month ago. Two to kind of highlight Brian Higgins successes so. We have had a lot of national sport to a brand here locally he's been able to bring in the leaders. That recognize his ability to to deliver in this community so. But I I'm. He had not taken a leadership role in the national party but he has been able to bring in -- these national folks. As a party leader and a county that has significantly higher democratic enrollment. Do you feel that you don't necessarily have to raise those nationalist is that you don't necessarily have to appeal to the base your bases already there. No I think we have to continue working hard and again -- that and accept that we were just street district of two years ago so this is kind of a new district for Brian and some ways. I've always had an upbeat portion of the city of buffalo up before it it kind of goes into you know -- and it is a new -- for a. One of the things I think before the end of the program that two of you might end up agreeing not. Is that while redistricting has certainly helped each party by developing some seats that are either very safe Democrats these are very safe Republican seat. On the national level a lot of debate has looked at gridlock in congress the fact that the two parties can't get along. And some people even your former boss congressman Tom Reynolds nick has said. That the that the redistricting. Is really part of the problem when it comes to bipartisan effort. And cooperation in congress because without safe seats you now have a scenario where each party. Maybe the Republicans a little bit more than the Democrats but without a father with fairly safe seats you have. Seats where someone has to attract either the far left of the far right. And and responded primary. Why is C we don't have it here in Western New York because and he grew fields and to call -- in the democratic primary against -- against it. -- Tuesdays is federal primary day in the -- in new York and there are a significant amount of primaries for congressional seats there's. There's there's three or four Republican primaries and no Charlie Rangel in the fight of his life in New York City. And I think you're going to see that issue she around the country the seats are more polarized. You know it is it is said. Very. Significantly hard for me. Republican to win in the branding and see. And you know I I think even it is his Jeremy love says. -- look at the local. She couldn't even coal mine too. To a great -- greatest can't be all the local couldn't even hold on to New York myself Chris Allen's you know -- defeat here he's he's done an incredible job as are represented him in two years he's represented us and you know he has struck that balance of being. A voice for. National issues is well as fighting for his district that's -- -- Germany's as the point of agreement that the redistricting is at least for you to a -- -- sort. Well obviously but I what I would point out too is there's another dynamic that's going on and that's communication. I don't think you'd see in anybody whether it's congress what are our county legislature. A good line of communication back and forth whether it's through the parties or whether it's the caucuses. Where hey let's strike a deal and work together on this because it's. -- -- Because. You know you're kind of seen that in the county legislature now where you have the CPS issue happening. And the county executive opposes legislation and the Republicans play politics. And so I think that communication isn't it down everywhere. And it's not like he used to be -- I've talked to several officials former elected officials. Who could go across the island -- look at we need to get this project on how do we do this there's just it's it's too polarizing. Where you -- you can call you know accountability politics only Juan but to the county executive -- restructure the office of CPS and social services two or three times in the last twelve months and his failed miserably we have. We have a real epidemic problem. And he's going to have to be accountable to the county legislature appropriates the money that he needs to spend. So while you know. Whether you called it politics or not he he has to be accountable. They're heads should roll in any sort organization outside of the county government Erie county. Carol banker or been fired. German economic on executive is providing leadership on this issue here he's passed onto two or three programs. It's had a restructuring of that office that the republic and its -- that's clearly failed and he is now trying to. Make this right and get these jobs on that and -- have a whole. -- not a jobs have been -- if they get one week to discuss the hiring of 37 employees to restructure office. It's accountable to protect children in this community is not. On an unseemly he's restructured the office which was also modernize it was truthful to take it to the next level eliminate these problems it failed he has his. Leadership failed in -- he should heads should roll. He is he's in need what does he do he doubles down on there failed leadership and mark is his he's truly dropped the ball on this whole issue. Before we don't hear it I wanted to touch on some of the state candidates to let's bring a couple calls stand in Rochester you've been waiting awhile thanks for doing that it's your turn high. I both chose carefully. And -- our members have a conservative members of the minority party. But they're basically means is concerned generally look for malls and owners to finance our own. -- their own campaigns. And I controlled bet money against good money neither one will get to support relief that they need because it's kind of a losing battle and also. Grabbed it and only -- world upstate downstate and up. Camping is federal political -- initially gonna work they got they're getting what they deserve. All right Jeremy. Whack at that won't go ahead. Well I'm not really sure what -- what point he's trying to make except that you know ease some time -- candidates that are put up and honestly I don't I think -- is someone who. I can't -- getting a whole lot of resources against congressman Higgins what. You know I I don't see her being a good represented about our community in any case. I mean much like Jim O'Donnell which you've put up against congressman Collins I assume he's easy candidate that says they're put her name on the ballot. Kyra she columns has done an incredible job in the last two years in in the four years before that. Is just as our county executive and people understand and appreciate and he's gonna win going away. Well Jim O'Donnell's. I'm an attorney he's a police officer he's a professional. And he's running against somebody who lost his seat to the people of Erie county because they didn't believe is doing good. He's running at somebody who either haven't seen any legislation passed by him and he is in the majority. And congress right now and so I'd like to know what exactly is that Chris count is done in the last two years. Chris Helms's is absolutely been on the forefront and VA issue on many international issues that are facing our community everyday. End you can't argue that he sees it actually. Cheering you -- -- -- a subcommittee which is unheard of as a freshman. I mean he is doing. The work that this community needs him to do and being a voice for us on national and local issues. When we come back from break we'll touch on some of the state candidates across the board. This I don't think really has gotten a lot of attention every single state legislators up for reelection this year. And that we don't necessarily see a lot of races where those are heating up but we'll touch on them with combat and then to couple phone calls to. 8030930s. And number it's hard line on news radio 930 WV. It's hard line on news radio 930 that would be again this -- We're talking about all the races that are coming up on the battle lines and so far we haven't touched on state that this is kind of interesting there are a lot of state legislature races. Let's run down the list now Jeremy -- is here chair of the Erie county Democratic Party. -- where these -- chairs the Erie county Republican Party. I'd look at the ballot listings in front of me and I see a couple places Germany where you have primaries I see a couple of places where where nick it's got some unopposed candidates here. Let's talk about some of those. The that the big race I'm thinking on your side primary wise is probably state senator Tim Kennedy vs Betty Jean grant. And -- page on the program before you folks have endorsed the challenger Betty -- there talk a little bit about that. Well I think Betty Jean has worked really hard for community over the last you know decade as a county legislator -- City Council member. I think our party decided to go to different direction based on. Some of the things that Senator Kennedy is not an election years including aligning himself very closely with. Our former chairman Steve pigeon and people like him and I just think. That our organization this is moving forward we're tired of back kind of divisive politics and you have what -- There's also a primary coming up recently announced just last week. Assemblywoman crystal peoples stokes being challenged by former state senator Antoine Thompson. Well well -- senator Thompson has that is challenging. The assembly member and she is working very hard and I know that -- has hit the hit the pavement pretty hard last week and a half. That'll be another interest and want to see we -- not endorsed in that district at this point. He also in the former Dennis -- at assembly seat in Cheektowaga. Have a primary Camille Brandon vs mark Missouri. Yup that he is also programs we've endorse Camille Brandon and -- the committee members. Opt for each of the assembly districts need and they do the endorsement so that we met a couple weeks ago and -- they chose to go sort Camille. Now on the Republican side and you really have any state legislature primaries are you all we have an open primary. Four in the -- -- senate seat held by markers on it. Senators he added you know there's a lot of differences of opinion in the organization. Senator -- definitely going to have a primary Kevin's -- candidate there. There's some other candidates are out they're petitioning. You know we have chosen to him no endorsement in antsy at this point and we will let the voters decide in September. Why not. Indoors before the primary is is senator presumptive for you tough. Issue because he's certainly in a district that is a little more democratic and Republican. And as as Republicans go there a lot of folks that say he's not conservative enough -- is he hard for you to endorse. But it's a difficult situation I mean particularly his vote on the New York safe and this one that. You know certainly divides Republicans and one what we've chosen to do is instant to take no action before primary -- we knew we are destined for primary anyway -- the -- the candidate. Camp and soccer which face off senator Chris Johnny. His pledge that he can at all we will primary anyway he did it two years ago. I choose not to cause the divisive. You know -- says that that we see any -- sanity I'll and let the voters decide this primary. Now there are also several and I've heard you mention this -- you have several Republican candidates there are opposed. Jane Corwin David DPH show. Pat -- Who ML I'm missing here. Rate while is hasn't going against him and is a race migrants and -- -- against him talk about the U opposed do you think that points weakness that Jeremy here can address. Well I think it shows it you know you a lot of elected officials that are doing very good job and difficult to recruit against and you know other people that work their districts very hard indeed they Pfeiffer. What's right in Albany and you know fight against the gridlock that that comes out of Shelly silver state assembly. And you know I think it's what's what's it speaks like yours too is the fact that the democratic campaign committee. Is not in here trying to put races on our incumbents because they know all that Shelly silver becomes a central issue in every race for assembly in Western New York. People in Western Europe no Shelly silver. They don't like him they think he's done a disservice to the taxpayers of the state. In anyone that stands for him is doing wrong for the taxpayers it's clean over the plate take a swing Jeremy. Well I think that the democratic assembly campaign committee is here will be here a couple of these races and it and it just speaks true. Something that I've tried to do with the chairman which is bringing new people into this. -- because we it's hard to recruit him and I think that might agree with me on this one it's harder recruit candidates for any race -- nowadays because. Sometimes the pay isn't there. Oftentimes people do not want to open up their personal lights to -- scrutiny. And so look I I I wouldn't say that we weren't able to find candidates because of the great job that. -- corners and it's just a bit so called area that spanned several colonies. Arm to sign some. I will I would join in that you know recruitment is harder and harder each and every year as people -- brutal campaigns nationally locally. You know it's. You're asking a lot from a person to put themselves out there. Put their lives on hold you know -- sacrificed their leisure time in in in your family time. To serve the community. But you know the mission is there and in in this year we are. Our mission is to put a candidate in every single race. For the state legislature now you do have to Republican incumbents that are -- great Walters as opposed migrants -- post chairman who together. We have Elaine Altman running against Mike brands and -- she's a teacher in the ten -- school district she lives in dark clerics and is working awfully hard. To get herself on the ballot along -- committee to get her on the ballot. And we also have a young men and Steve -- who's running -- to it Walters this year for state assembly -- A young up and comer who really wants to do this is putting some resort resource is on the table he's committed to not take purse. Special interest money. So he's working hard as well. You're you're not gonna find two better public servants that migrants and offered great Walter and -- the job that they've both done being vocal. -- for the region. Vocal opponents of you know the governor in that in in in the problems that are going on in the state legislature. Mean these are solutions based legislators that they go out do the right thing for their constituents in the community and they are going to be real -- We have enough time to squeeze one more call when Jeremy I don't wanna do this to be honest I don't want people -- the all eyes are on the line here is a guy named Carl Paladino saying -- there. -- -- -- -- I -- of the current it. -- Jeremy IE I agree with you on something that -- strongly that area again. Sure Brian that it could bring in national political leaders. The area because he's sold well anything international Ager and entered Tuesday. -- sold out as it is the it is ticket he just. He's gullible on what what they want to stay cheap he wondered jumped by Nancy Pelosi. Ball would be. So here obamacare. And and it seems like everything it. He'd done is. Directly in support of Nancy Pelosi and her position. Which when you represent a moderate constituencies such as ours is it's. Sort of like a treatment. Mean he doesn't make are. Affected by the national scale I don't local scale right big news is nothing like -- say. And they didn't chose. It isn't like this so that they are. Really build it -- being repeated that people it is very important idol. The -- over a hundred million dollars a year in. Beat the amount of money there or in excess of in the money. What is conned by night but is showing a lecture. On the open market that was not being used was delicate Western New York for what for economic development purposes. Commonly given enough chance to respond -- Jeremy come out and we have one left go ahead. Well obviously Carol and I disagree on a lot of things like when I walked by him at that pro protests that he was having for the congressman. -- fund raiser with the Republican Party. What -- I I think Brian's work speaks for itself I think that the fact that he's been reelected and reelected for the past eight years. Shows that the fate that the community has them. And obviously I disagree strongly with Karl. All right now that this one that you might not answer directly in the -- caps and -- for you. Is there any race where you're scared where you're willing to admit that the other party has an advantage. I'm really not you know something we we we didn't speak about the clerk's race this year we've got a great candidate named Bill Clark running against Chris Jacobs prairie county clerk. Build a marine he's a lawyer he's a professional and is working hard to earn the votes of people recounting. You know we can talk more I'd be happy to come on about a lot of other races. I think we can do that we are we out of time this time that same question anyplace where you can give Jeremy the advantage -- absolutely not in fact we're gonna go take a seat in Cheektowaga and Lancaster Angelos the -- running for the state assembly. Be real reformer someone that endeavors acts again -- exceed that is going to be one where we're gonna shock a lot of political pundits Angelos makes it when Nancy that's all we have time for up next Meet the Press here on news radio 930 WB and.

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  It will get worse before it gets better.
  It will improve slowly.
  It will remain the same.
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