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6-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. The work. That. India the whole -- And it. Very for the were. Yeah I don't know you're not. -- and and and it just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Boy you're the most annoying sound of the world. Tom -- just when I think you could possibly be -- October. You can go and do something like they have been told. Yourself and it's live -- local Mini Cooper and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Now how pathetic is it that it's June and I'm looking forward to November predominant number two. You out. Anyway. -- -- hey thanks for being -- -- me give you happy ending. And we talked about yesterday and I promise you more two day. Things that drive you nuts the way people speak or the way people write for example Bayer Bayer Bayer. You I'm -- parent and to vote to vote to. Should the instead it should. That's a whole another situation. These are things that may drive -- slightly insane used guys. I seen it on the Internet. Now there's other aspect that I wanna get into here on WBM. And that is coincidences. It just happens that some of my coincidences. Happened to deal with. Well forest lawn cemetery in. Some bizarre experiences I told you the one about the EVP I captured it's a blue flying. And my subsequent experience with the psychic medium who explained. Eggs it will go to. About blue player I'd never heard of archangel Michael I'd never heard of the knights of the blue flame and it was quite a revelation. Now be a one I just put that is up on line by the way for those were interested in the civil. Warren court really without a life and wanna read my great great grandfather's 1864 civil war diary from the siege of Petersburg. But. I want -- -- know how I ended up with my great great grandfathers 1864 civil war diary because this leads us into co Winston and since. Folks this is bizarre. As many of you know -- frequently go to forest lawn it's one of my zen places. And the other horses he has into Jamaica but I frequent. Forced -- a lot easier to get through forming. So I frequently go to forest -- And in the fall of 2009. It was a Saturday. I was sitting on my great great grandfather's headstone. And I said out loud. Why didn't you leave the diary of your civil war service like all these other guys did. Octave how come you didn't leave the civil war diary that was on Saturday. I said nothing to anybody about this conversation why what I. I talked to my dead relatives all the time. -- and frequently talk back but. Don't wanna let them know their spirits are there that somebody still appears. So. This was not a Saturday I asked my great great grandfather wall sitting on his headstone how come you didn't leave -- civil war diary. The following Monday within 48 hours of my being a forest lawn I received an email from my brother. And you know what it said it's -- -- I never Google our great great grandfather. But for some reason I was compelled to Google his name today. And guess what I found his civil war diary up for auction. Those of you. Who are skeptical of me made a couple of crap. I have no reason. To make this stuff up that is how it actually went down that's how it actually happen. It defies logic it defies probability. It is statistically. Like winning the lottery eighteen times. What are the chances. My brother never Google's our great great grandfather. That Monday after my one way conversation on Saturday specifically asking my great great grandfather -- loud and nobody was around about his civil war diary my brother looks about. It sees it up for auction. What are the chances. Put up on my FaceBook page those -- you wanna check it out so. Europe pet peeves about the way people write or speak. Especially people who in every sense that's like a question mark it's almost like the whole world is gonna do -- cashing in mode. -- you in chicks do this -- awful lot. And if you Canadian. Nice products. Very infrequently that they talked like that but I knew that they talk like that. That it really was gonna go anywhere. So they -- it. -- -- -- -- Also coincidences in your life I -- -- hear -- coincidences if you have never called into one of Merkel Winston Joe's report. I want new coincidences. From new listeners because the show has grown by leaps and bounds. Adultery -- I'm thirty. Some would argue that it's actually sunk into the -- by even greater leaps and bounds but that's why quibble. 8030930s. The phone number starry night 3180616. WB EM here's mark in buffalo mark welcome to the Bauerle shorter term. Okay Tom yes I just started listening he's got bases. Past year when you've tasted the extent of law blizzard. -- warnings and whatnot and I was also eat. -- temperate forest lawn for many years until I get there released from their. But they'll what does this is -- you know there -- chapel there. Really crematory on the side of it. And it was one of our nasty winners. -- -- what the people who may be in the nineties. I mean a coworker were in there. Scene we were doing some pretty. We were doing some cleaning. And that the caretaker of the chapel just happened to be but the -- escort. And the door slam. And yet he says were still his -- over -- escort he says there's there's nobody else but put us here and I don't find out and we'll find out. And from past experience. We knew that the chapel was haunted. From many musicals is its inception. One must ask the question how old did you know. The chapel was haunted. I have one of the. Only -- the original people that. What they learned that. Was like be. It was great historian. We had -- historian and there and that's all I pretty much knew about it. So in what way is that a -- wince events vs a paranormal story. Nevada wanna do paranormal showed today because it's it's June and I like to save my best paranormal -- this for October. Well at Adelaide it's just hit me and industry usually it's like yeah I didn't know there was you know hole you were it was he views -- or what. Well -- just like our curiosity I. Whatever I hear any story electors I always look for the most rational explanation -- but follow the logical principle known as Hopkins RAZR first -- propagated by William of -- -- a great -- logical man of the Middle Ages and basically what he said was you take the most logical explanation first and then you work your way down the list that's why when the Malaysian jetliner crashed. I was the one on the years saying it. The oceans a big place we have ships in late -- significantly less in size in the ocean. And we still haven't found those sunken ships so probability. Is highly in favor of the plane crashing into the ocean. End of story not being landed in the middle of the sea and off loaded. Well -- Turkey CBO director of the evidence such herald another which is as his rig off with a. No because they actually found the Edmund FitzGerald is -- -- it pretty much close to work the Arthur Anderson saw it go down. All actually the -- as specifically I was referencing that is the basically holy Grail of Great Lakes on discovered ship Rex is the Marquette and Bessemer number two. Which was a railroad car -- which went down around 1909. Look at that I think admirable you mentioned it before and I'm when your other shall. And -- probably the -- pressure. Because I was trying to illustrate how stupid some of the theories were that they landed the plane in the middle of the ocean of it off loaded cargo or the plane was landed on some Gilligan's Island somewhere in the people are being held hostage. Because I was series such insanity. And I'm the crazy guy and I was a logical one. That's -- Louisville attempt to earn a little what. That's that's what it sounds like immediate yeah that you you might the you might have the point is that a. We're allied to actually have the point because William of optimized logic will never let you down. Thank you -- much. Girls the sabres they may elect -- But William of -- is -- Guys I can't see who's online to. We're talking about the way people write their ms. spellings confusing of words the way people speak that drives you crazy and -- -- to hear about your coincidences. Like the one involving my great great grandfather civil war diary that I didn't tell you that for the paranormal expect. I told you that. Because of the coincidence aspect it just happens that there was some interfacing between the two which may have confused previous caller Georgia have -- to. -- in -- port on WB and bill welcome to the early show you are on. Another small talk now yourself -- you talk about driving people nuts and then maybe a short drive. But. People use the word -- And that's. In Iran incensed. And I try to explain to them if it's alive it's that it's the -- is in the plant itself. Senate plan over there or use it down over here. Officials speakers -- near perfection. Screw it up. Simon and -- against it and I think you get to Western New York to find a different operators used by -- worse way. Excuse me I I just can't get her up because I I wanna make sure that I'm understanding what you're saying correctly sometimes my brain doesn't follow the way normal brains do. Which probably isn't a good thing up. You would say I'm going to set the plan on this table you wouldn't say I'm going to set the plant on this table. So how frequently do you hear this misused because that's one that I really can't recall hearing. Okay what's new day and night and they won't tell you about. And they -- misuse the word in just about every news reports they don't know the difference they've never been taught. Proper place and then people say well it's except that these days. What do they call other dogs Irish setters. Just curious. Did you -- a coincidence as well or just don't wanna bitch about grammar which is -- by the way because my bitch lines open. But but but but -- you you've got. The world ordered now coincidence it work without thinking underground -- over the years. -- -- it worked in a cemetery oh partner went for you in a lot port and one of our cemetery. I was. Talking to a -- who just took over one of the cemeteries in -- fourteen years ago. He'd say you know the first thing that I give an idea he came here secrets in the period to and his -- right here it is enter into the drive down true. The cemetery in the pickup truck and I saw two dogs. One inside update. -- -- And they look a silver medal whatever it's too outstanding looking -- in -- they would go fight had just turned and looked it up. Wonder what they're doing out here. Without -- -- its index of -- and doctor thought he took the name off the external. Check the books in in the office and people were. What -- dog breeders say anything nineties making it. Wait a minute so okay so these cemetery dogs were flocked around that particular headstone. The dark yet one sided but there are instances in that said that when it struck me is they're. -- there and they watched go by when -- actually they -- gone. None of -- because there's an obvious follow up question that has to be asked but I got to get to Alan Harris with traffic on WB and Allan what are we looking like. All right cool as far as AccuWeather I don't think you can ask for better weather course limits at the window. These clouds -- yup it's almost 7 o'clock usually the clouds come up for my drive home. Hopefully it's sunny where you are about that's important thing the rest of the weekend up partly to mostly cloudy tonight fifty for the low it will be. Pleasant. Thing doesn't tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds 76. And Sunday sunny and nice AD. Right now we're still at 74 or -- radio 930 WB the end. Well I mow the lawn a wonderful will be able to -- the -- later. We went out the edge would be the way most people say. But I like to say -- Back to the caller okay here's the million dollar money shot question. When you looked up the names of these dog breeders by any chance that they happen to breed. The breed of dog that -- book end as well were on either side of the heads to. Didn't that -- it at all it never came up in the camera station. And we mean there's there's others think it's well if they sent here it would keep saying they came out from morning only been working here a year to. And you've -- and not answer it like team in the house. Went by the then -- -- the offices as interests gentlemen sit Nicosia. That's. Great here white -- -- I purchase it what crew cut and you went upstairs where husband was in news in a bit computing -- -- the exit as the within. Found -- says there's nobody here city oh -- serious. And they went downstairs and and of course that would -- -- -- describe what they look like and they're seventies and besides he. -- bills. Whites who cut. You exports in the dedication book for the for the -- -- cities seeing buddy here -- -- Eric Berry says that the original caretaker. Okay bat is more -- heard the story but I was still riveted oh. No I don't. That's that's gonna have to wait my friend you -- you snuck one in already. You know you're like the Doctor Who says you know I watch it -- lean over and put your elbows on the table I'm just gonna take a look at this more. Anyway thank you I'm glad you called. Any man can relate to what -- the it is -- -- 625 news radio 930 WBE and the other -- -- they don't thrill and I'm thirty. I want your pet -- how people speak how they miss use words like they're they're they're you you you -- your new York and 222. -- explain that previously I don't see any reason go back into that game but also. Coincidences. What happened -- my coincidence ground that I leave all you guys behind with nine to noon. You be in the 6 PM crowd never has had -- -- a coincidence of notes. I'm a little disappointed and you guys. Just a little. 803 on -- thirty at WBBM. Electronic ways but I guess that's not a good sign your cellphone says damaged SD card. That's not good is it an average of 633 a news radio I'm thirty WV. End. Say it's a great start making them Smart. I aid. Realize how Africans do but I am with so many things like oil changing our can't do it. Changing why a -- weed wacker. It's an ordeal. Realizing that message that's as bad as the art -- a good thing. -- let's get back to the calls on WB a leg. Which pet peeves and coincidences. Also the paranormal stuff for a day when I'm really mailing and I mean when we're closer to Halloween. -- came. Here is way into the water on WB and -- welcome mr. I -- -- that's. A little protected act like I grew up around here in left -- Texas forty years and. Corner -- people they -- diamond in north. Definitely do that to -- 40000. Or forty million making it can't be -- -- they can do differently if there. I hate to tell you but to have. Locality. Is are subject to the way people have referred to them over the years might die in New York. Medina Ohio. My -- New York Medina Spain. Only in New York not all -- It. I can understand the confusion. Because. I think if somebody from a by the New York gets lost in Medina Ohio and says well give out of the Dinah. They're going to be looked at is perhaps challenged. All right good call way idea I had forgotten about that I appreciated. The right. What are how many have you no that Randy bush over that's his stomping -- midnight New York not Medina. He is. I'm taking the high road Joseph and John. Because there's so anyways I could've gone with that and I decided I was gonna make him -- and a joke. Here is -- in buffalo WB and hide. Currently there -- -- -- -- here at the record straight term. Maybe. I. Compute. My English teacher along -- I'm going to lie down. Now it was that it -- at this stage now laid out. My you know because -- weren't lying down. And then there's an -- I don't know a standard. Although from my old English teacher. Pocket and keep keep going on -- keep on because this is one little. Post article -- my dear this is one of the most common questions in the English language please. Continues. This is one of most common questions and English language please -- Out now I can't think you're -- anymore -- appear right. Don't bag it for. What they tell Larry -- when I say I'm going to light down for a gap. People look at me funny. I. Okay let me give I don't know if this is gonna help you are right first of all. To really confused people just say late. That's one way out of it OK because I would confess something to have. This one throws me to. Do not well. You know senate the most common questions about English -- that comes up. You're a better English I mean it will be up. You're that there are straight. -- let me let me explain that let me explain it is the right thing prompt boot camp does lay and -- Are both present tents. OK but they do not mean the same thing. When you lay something down. When you lay something down the subject. You wanna hear the answer or an absurd it funny that you wanna hear the answer did you not. Okay it. So if the subject is the object it's delay. For example you would lay down a book. After this phone call is done you will lay down the phone and say whether or we as a real -- okay. Now a lot today is to beat. To steady. Or assume wrist in a horizontal position so you would say I'm going to lie down. Yeah. Because you are the sudden. Yeah -- OK you know what. Here's a way you might remember we all know now I lay me down to sleep. My understanding is that's incorrect it should be now I -- -- down to sleep. It so. This is controversial to I may hear from some grabber teachers were better than I at this. I usually try not to use the word that's how I avoid stuff I don't know. All right thank you very much actually. It's an excellent question. And I don't wanna turn this by the way I don't wanna turn the rest of the show into a debate on labor is alive so I just idle. I will put up something on my FaceBook page from the writers. Boot camp. If you can make sense out of a great. But the only sense it makes to me is what I just told the lady. Eric and I'll put up put up the wake of my FaceBook page but again the west and wanna do is spend the next twenty minutes on one word. Still thrilled at thirty starlet 3180616. WB yen. Here's somebody with a complaint about the ways people speak it is frank and ten more hello. Yeah. One MI a language that the uses people say. I could care less -- that I mean I couldn't care -- You are absolutely correct and I use I have learned that from -- caller just like you when I was a very young talk show host. I used to say I could care less. Which is incorrect I couldn't careless. And you're absolutely right and it's a very common thing and was at the only wanna bother your. I am grateful to hear I'm grateful to hear from you thank you. It all 30930 start at 93180616. WB yet Joseph Johns did the whole lay -- thing make any sense to you guys. Does it confuse you guys still. No matter how many times I read this or look at it on my FaceBook page I'm still a restaurant. So I just avoid. I'm not going to assume a prone position on the couch. Then I shall assume a supine position thank you. See it makes you sound smarter than your real Americans you can't figure out -- -- -- But nobody ever says it out Friday night got -- here is Lisa in the pew when WBBM fellow. -- -- -- I'm Fletcher left -- along with the jokes because some people say it turns women off but might -- ladies are -- little Dixon's anyway what's on your mind. While I'm when he heard about. I would -- attending -- not a talent. My husband where I would market and come to find out bad twenty years before that. When we were living in them -- a very small area Lancaster that we have that they -- up front but never had any other. Well what they have said we found -- only started dating ad. -- -- anytime soon my parent captured on her. With my equipment debate. And he -- -- at a charity -- microphone around -- like moon looks familiar well the parent hit can't we can't own date predator can't. Company that I. And he asked his son -- husband to be what Robert look at it. Well don't you know his father had made -- error there was given up on about the terror. Well been the scared that my grandfather had owned. When it was his very first here we have genetically altered. And is out there might club and it had actually are pitted Michael Rains -- -- -- -- When he became a city court judge in buffalo. In the parties. Where they would -- others. It took sheriff saying I'm not -- -- I'm still hung up on the chair thing before we even get the laying carpet OK can we just figure out the chair thing. That is absolutely incredible out of all the places and all the varieties and all the models of all the manufacturers there are for cheers. -- or husbands family. Actually made the sugar that her parents had purchased. Yeah bizarre that's also exploit. Please consider. It never earn a share. It was I'm sure it was one out -- aren't sure. -- all I have not actually my ancestors only buffalo furniture place called him back and sour. -- So we're probably competing -- given that it now why not talk to me about your carpet thing again because that one it was a really paying attention to I was still marveling at old cherished. Where is my husband bad actually laid carpet he is down. Doubted that it could be all. And grandfather's. Office at City Hall I -- -- they actually knew each other. And he also -- interpret it declining and and so they knew each other and I had never met this guy before it was just so I didn't. Let me let them or wouldn't -- I MMD -- and. Let me in -- room and Sherman. Are with me. In the air what does that mean in German. Was there is room right well yeah. What is never match. -- looked up. -- So it's like we -- a lot of people. Are aliens and run into each other numerous times that we had never met -- here we forget Eric -- it like my dad. I often wonder how many people meet and one of the guys are one of the persons. My family members was busted. By the family member of the other person -- credit that. -- your law anyway it -- up never in German as I don't know if that means anything's ever does. It's a room. All right thank you very much I will look at upper Joe's already doing your third Joseph of course Joseph is an Austrian descent. And I'm just not real big on the air just like in the next room. There's like these -- Deutschland. I'm let's go to sorry we're gonna have a civil war her before too long Joseph and durable it did you get it a definition -- -- Now are you busy working a portrait barriers. Give my best to say theory here is a bill of south buffalo WBM built. I don't I have a quick story for you. -- -- about two weeks ago at my house stretching -- over. And we're talking about music and conversation turned to what supplements still haven't. -- that don't play it backwards. -- -- In the ball. -- that the budget or that mom I would -- it's true. Little -- to get my local L street -- opportunity scratched record your partners. There's a web site that does the so we played the website. And bought art magnet and Gerald spec what song is not an. But right by towards it and sure about twice they say Stewart thing and right at -- in that. One might run out of blood curdling scream and get a bad apple into the room the -- circling around our -- That pretty wild. I guess it really depends upon your preconceived notion about bats -- it if that. Happened and you would have been as good as ever. As at my house but I have I have immunity from -- -- decision point that out up I can see that that is a coincidence and that is pretty cool. Up by the way if you play queen's another one bites the dust speck -- I believe it's it's fun to smoke marijuana. Some people believe that's what it says backward that all backward masking thing I I've never been a big fan of that I I think that. Well I liked yeah -- I have to even better had Satan himself entered the room. But I guess there's too much to ask -- -- thank you very much. I can find no German definition for member. But let us remember that it Ellis Island many of our main news were screwed up. Those of you familiar with the godfather movies will remember vitro. Arriving in New York City. And it. He thought they were asking from which village she gave him and that somehow it became a -- and believe me but Corleone -- So. It happened now Norma in German is that number. Maybe somebody screws up and up who knows. Or maybe assistant named it means absolutely nothing that is absolutely worthless like Obama. And it is -- -- and -- news radio -- Infiniti WB EMS. 651. We're talking about this stuff. People say that just. -- years like nails on a chart port and cold incidences which I'm some people argue there are no such thing as coincidences. Let's go to Lou. Urge it and Cheektowaga. Hello I have a coincidence it. Here went to the fair friend and I and it without I agent and I all I forgot I can't. You know old when they elected can't -- it without high I've got hot sun. What I had to do it's going to be no different feel a little bit channel seven and they can stick and we feel it get -- And the year before they get and we -- actually walked -- there. You know chips pixel -- So we -- important to remember that there are a lot of different way. -- hot. With the talent with role -- setup that nobody was an air and going to I had an election it Allen now. Don't consider that and feed it went in the middle -- and went down to the middle of the world. And sat down looking a little bit here next to me tickets and said that -- feet. Got it was brand milk and -- only it was appropriate to put it off all they put -- your -- in order stated he wants. That is designer chapstick. Didn't understand that not only that -- look at that it is and can't. -- But I have a question for you I have a question. I discovered births b.s as opposed to chapstick. Which do you prefer. But I would guess what I would take it didn't say but I still haven't looking at right now with a little. I'll get pregnant dumb and I'm gonna ticketed if it would air I mean. However it can't write. Well I I guess I just be concerned as to whose lips were on before you. But you can tell that it's never been usually -- that actual. You know I. I just and yeah. No way you know what -- like I find -- -- to somebody dropped after a student group that she is me. All right thanks for thanks for how much are you but that's my luck. Your views that's the goal game in 08 on WB Ian will be stunning coincidence Dan. Very term that would essentially loans to support. Yes so lawyers who are some way to Allegheny. -- Albany from the Philippines now but I'm aware of Albany with my nine year old. And -- stopped Billick was Batavia. To guess and get back on the road in. Currently the that it picked up and he's -- -- single piece. -- but he -- well there I didn't realize it until we're back on the road again. And he showed it to me -- We're gonna down the road so great no matter where those swaps are whatever but we pulled over there was a spot. Critical though Obama slips -- public to -- and wait wait wait wait out on the way to Albany. There's actually quicksand and there. -- government and elemental. Are you sure not confusing you with a Montezuma wildlife refuge. That one yet there are you OK yes there -- over their identity. So off we go and take your business would promote. Our -- for actual and you'll wind is all of these gold to -- -- -- go straight to chase so was a Butler certainly is very ignorant Pope -- At least that I bought my keys in my car. And I can't despair in my wallet and it's gone I don't know what -- better do. Got thirty seconds. Think they can't found the key in Batavia you catch up with this guy down the road. That is amazing. Sir you are dismayed by a week there is no better coincidence story than that and this is a great time to end. You have basically you have climax the show at exactly the right moment thank you so much while -- and get better. Joseph beaver as always thanks for -- this week John Sherman thank you for majors and -- and I -- leave -- with two words. Always good words to remember no yourself. About. -- --

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