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6-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. What. Happened. In the hole. When this endless parade of distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington has taken its -- the ball. And I'm -- saying this needs to stop yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's terrible it's it's -- it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. What is it. -- look it's Tom hourly. It's lives could. It's local -- dark. Being -- Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly pay ten cents. On news radio 930 hey everybody hey have you had huge fire season showed up. Okay yeah. They're getting better W. Well -- getting better and better and better at your job and I'll to just let you can't eat any. Number. -- really aren't. -- odds show author of gives you put the belts out. That was written that bets that a turn up of people I think hearing people belching your -- that's probably not do it probably get in trouble Nokia sees it. By the way folks rush now officially uses the word sparked so I'm a good company. Anyway it is a and so do most three girls. Anyway it is that it didn't never ever can confuse me with -- grown up. Yes high IQ. But I will never take myself seriously. And I will never not laugh at a -- Anyway it is up hourly I'm -- On WBE and anyway it will talk about our borders. And folks. Now it's. It's hard to talk about this without opening yourself up to be a pinata no pun intended -- for the left. Because I thought you guys before. -- this is not a show about movies. -- -- real comfortable with who I -- I really AM. There are things about myself I really -- like. But overall I'm comfortable with the way I am uncomfortable with what I've done. And my bucket list was pretty much done a while back. -- So. Again. I know why. And I have tried to explain better. What I'm all about to you guys. In the in recent years -- recent months I don't recall exactly what. But what I'm about is inclusive and be. One of about is not. Yet anyway issue perform. Dividing races. I want to bring people together. If you know me and my private life. Especially over the last three years you know that that's absolutely true. And that's not radio stuff and you know -- -- they also want -- It drives the left nuts. Because I don't fit in to their stereotype. Of somebody who is a a stuck up -- -- is obviously I'm not. -- -- -- but -- -- -- Clearly have quite the opposite of a liberty. So assuming. I like gay people. I like straight people. I will fight. To defend -- Christians. I will fight to defend Jews. I will fight to defend Muslims if I believe they are being bullied and I will also fight. To protect atheists. Because we have in our country the right to believe as we will in our consciences. The -- we. Don't have a state religion which I think is one of the best things our founding fathers ever did. We don't have a state religion. And I'm not gonna judge and atheist. As a horrible person because -- an atheist and agnostic I believe and I don't -- any organized religion of explain this before. But I'd have a very. Different outlook on the world and some think it's a cop out but I I think it is a I'm much more spiritual approach that I quote unquote religious approach I find great wisdom in the in the holy Bible. In particular what what Jesus said in the a new testament. I also find great wisdom in the writings of Parma Fazio and under who was there an Indian mr. On wisdom is wisdom. Irrespective of its source. And did I mention it drives the left crazy they can't call -- -- hopeful. They can't call me a misogynist. They can't call me a racist or a bigot because the evidence is absolutely. Not bare of any of those things. And if you could listen to what I hate how like talk at all and the only difference is you hear a lot more F bombs. Everything that's the only difference I told guys this before and local -- off -- today. Those lousy and words. As lousy enough words those gays. In it like that. The worst thing you could say to me and be correct about. Is that I'm a hypocrite and that's why I don't wanna be a hypocrite because to me that's the worst thing human being could be if I came in here I told you guys as one thing. And I was something else. I'd be a fraud I couldn't live with myself. So just keep that in mind as it was into the show also keep in mind I love. Our country. I love the United States. I think it is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received. To have been born in the United States of America. Because I believe our country as founded while certainly not perfect. And certainly unfair to a lot of people especially slaves black and yes so why. Every country on the face of this planet has done. Bad that inhumane things at one time or another. But you weighed the bad things. Against the good things. And I think the United States. Is the marvel -- ought to be the marvel of the world. Unfortunately people like our president. And the media you whence he came. Don't view of the country that. They don't view it that way at whole. And if it's a total disconnect I just don't think many of you understand it. The fact that how can you have an American president who doesn't like. America. And the answer is quite frankly. Self evident. When a man says of what can arguably have been called the greatest country the most generous country. The most advanced country in so many winners on the face of the planet. That he wants to fundamentally. Change it that's all you needed to know. And folks we go through this constantly. But the race card ain't gonna fly with. And it doesn't it doesn't play with. Because I can tell you in all honesty and with every fiber and -- in my soul in my heart. Dr. Martin Luther King is a dear personal hero. And I really. Wish of anybody. Who was alive when I've been alive even more so than The Beatles. I would love to met doctor Martin Luther King and I wish she was alive today. I would love his take on what's going. The funny thing is today Doctor King would probably be called an uncle. That's that's sent to me. Again approaching you can't call with any. Integrity or truth somebody a racist. Who. Actually. -- Respects understands. And acknowledges the intellectual -- Re already a doctor Ben Carson to me doctor Walter Williams to me. Doctor Thomas soul to me these men black men are smarter that I. I know that might sound hard to believe that anybody could be but trust me they are. And I really get it right back to some calls on the WB yen but the one thing I do wanna mention. Just for those who think that I only say negative things. About the newspaper locally. Idea I want to -- Don has meant for his piece on -- eject Peters. In today's Buffalo News I have argued. The Don is a buffalo treasurer for many years. His piece today on -- the eject Peters hit it out of the park. I don't usually read the news. Ice skimmed through it as show prep but when I saw -- piece I thought you know what policy would Don wrote about didn't eject Peters and I sent an email as the dude you headed out of the park. I threw an F bomb in their -- I will tell you personally -- husband is a man of integrity. He's a man of his word. That's all I wanna say. I respect him. More than you know and I think he knows. That I just wanted to say. -- critical as I am. Of the liberal rag. Don has been is good people let's go to Chris it all on WB -- Chris hello. -- even better now with you on the phone. RA and I would like the way it your countenance. Federal government student loans and higher education certain port eight year old. I recently graduate degree from the local. Well it got fair bit of money. I am -- school working on my masters and graduate work. And I would like -- inform your -- that really don't think many are now. In 2009. I started school. All on Stafford loans which are exhausted by every college student who has any sort of student loan I -- for any price of money from any part of the situation. Used to be underwritten by your major banks your load cargo. Merit or. In -- later efforts and mr. Obama in -- -- political office and change that it's -- -- now have single student in America -- armed guards. On its national education. In his case -- should've called numb nuts. Exactly. And each student who has any sort of loan for -- college in the nation. Both -- they get their secondary along to your Bank of America and if you think your local credit. Have -- exhaust available loans from the government's. And the primary options. I -- hold that thought Chris I watch it hold that thought. Because it's an important one and a lot of people have people your age in college and you need to be heard. Right now you don't needs to be heard dude Alan Harris would traffic Allan what's up. Fair AccuWeather gorgeous and it's gonna stay that way at 74 degrees -- -- -- sent an email about Obama talking about the American flag pin and why he was a real big on that from Meet the Press. Tom I don't know if that's an urban myth because we've been trying to find that audio so if you have that link. Of Obama. Talking about the American flag being seen as offensive in various parts of the world sending the -- Because I don't want to perpetuate bad information about Obama does frankly. There's enough real life stuff that would barrier. Now back to Chris and alma talking about numb nuts. -- Do you agree with my thesis that. Big sheepskin. Needs to be reined in the by the same government that would rein in big ordeal. Because college costs are out of control vastly disproportionate. To the value receive. Yeah and what interest in the most ICI a daily basis. By higher education in general it's continuous. Cycle in -- -- specific people who are targeted. By liberal institutions that charge the most money. Are those people. They attractive lifelong voters and what happens is that image is many difficulties as possible option at a college level. Where they look at an airport and they will be so great like a liberal mindset as we will take care of everything or we won't take -- gearbox. You're familiar outing -- it on a daily basis I would have been out from a six years. And what people don't understand. Is that when loans where originally you know 567810. Years ago they were guaranteed by the government on some level at this point I'm not only are they guaranteed. They are sponsored and helped by. That -- -- first quarter this year than national Department of Education. They issued in at the net that in the neck and that indeed there's an -- -- 127. Billion dollars with a B. Just in interest payments -- national do not that's not even a bite out of principle. So you look at your cost of living -- other commodities have gone up even say you know and I just heard a recession and everything like and the past five years. You're such a it purports -- imbalance. And not only have they done nothing to fix -- they have. You know invoked on -- in quarter up even larger scale -- not only grant the money. Which they want increasing at. Can begin which I'm. You know that Obama in 2008. Not at eight campaign and when you push all of -- character. Well you know you need is registered and there's only certain your spirit is early to make a 100000 dollars here. Well okay -- you've hit upon I think this is a good time to end this call because you hit upon the fundamental hypocrisy. Of liberalism. That surgeons. You have no business making a million dollars a year saving lives operating on peoples are cranial and your resumes but. Harbored or UBU. Let's go ahead and raise your tuition as much as you possibly want to it we're not gonna step in and -- and go after colleges. Were it's extortion. It. Up price that they they charge their expert extravagant prize for eight degree a bachelor's degree. Because it's incestuous and the sleeping together metaphorically not realistic. Thank you very much great call great call folks -- big oil all they call that up. They'd never go after big sheepskin. Which is screwing your kids right left center and sideways. Kind of like what Jim Carey said when he pulled up -- -- Mary Sampson night's home at the beginning something about sideways. On WB Ian. -- -- News. I just think -- I'll tell I've got two tickets for the Steve Miller band and journey. -- tell I've -- this Steve Miller band and journey caller nine regular contest rules apply. I'm by the way they gave me the wrong information the concert is in July it's in June. All right it's. Like June 24 is when the concert is going to be not July like I was told yesterday it will be next week June 24 so -- albeit Ringo. You will be watching Steve Miller and journey. That's how close it is -- 964498756449875. Wins the targets regular contest rules apply. And I had a good time I would -- Steve Miller play live mistaken for buffalo radio personality. -- Wakefield. Steve Miller is from Milwaukee right that general area. I think two years and I think chuck was actually friends with at one point today in his life Joseph beavers now looking it up on line. Steve Miller Milwaukee PO I -- -- -- also worked in Milwaukee when surprised me sandy actually units in contact with Steve Miller. I mean I've had -- take -- -- once or twice the bass player were the Goo Goo Dolls so there's that. It is and I -- -- -- hand but a year ago I have not watched her hand since. I just want you to know that. If you ever shake my hand. You are going to have Rick Springfield DNA. It will transfer is DNA TU. By the way when he's on stage humorous context and here extensions should. It is up by 35 news radio 930 WB yeah I do not Wear hair extensions I don't need them. Act yeah maybe elevator shoes but not a hair extensions well bomb. No elevator shoes what's up 73 reference now what everybody like happy ending. Which happened and then. I'd like happy ending. There's a place of Lancaster I know that often has happy endings. France so all. -- -- yesterday. We did a show. How people speak. And it -- you -- And how people rights and it annoys you it yesterday -- pretty much dealt with people's spelling. And it's just gotten atrocious for example. People not understanding Bayer -- year. The difference between Joseph is over there THE REE. The control room. Is bare room Joseph and John T -- ski by our. And the contraction for -- car. John and show they are of questionable orientation. Bet -- THE YA. Apostrophe. REE. That you talked everywhere at our guys just didn't -- but wouldn't you -- -- -- was split whacked out the military are Edgar now. I want to continue. With how people speak. How -- right. That you find particularly. On noise I promised you -- longer happy ending today. 45 minutes just is not a good enough happy ending I don't know about you. But. I also made the point yesterday. That there are so many politically. Awesome me news and EM ES means. Vick go up on FaceBook and else. That I would love to steal I mean sheer for my page. But despite the brilliance. Of their messages. I don't share that. And I don't share them. Because there'd -- the writing is wrong. The words are wrong and I believe. That when you give the opposition the opportunity to call you stupid. Expected to hit like a -- I always hesitate to do the show is explained yesterday because I am not dramatically perfect I am not spell it perfect. People say Tom you're such a wordsmith you're such a master of the English language I'm not. Absolutely in no way shape or form the best I ever hope to do. Is to hold the English language at bay for five mistake free minutes. That's all I can do I strive for that but I've failed miserably. Fact if you listen to my show you'll notice that I do not as a rule correct people. When they call him and they used the wrong word where they say a word the wrong way why is it to myself number one number two. YE. Make a big deal out of something bad you don't have to make a big deal out of and armor listen to a host and I won't name his name musical Willis who used to correct people constantly. And that I hear him make mistakes and I'd say -- -- -- -- so I would expect but I don't wanna be a huge break in that way. -- What do people say how people spell words that drives you nuts -- another word is too. I'm going to the store -- Joseph is coming true T 00. When were at the store we're going to bite two boxes of -- items TW hole. Only Joseph locate the two boxes of Magnum TW -- I get the rates are at bat and that's another word that is. So often misspelled. And there's one more. I know some very Smart people who do voters. And I hate. Should have. Instead of should of should have is correct the contraction would be should. It's not should. Ol depth that's incorrect. One more actually two more I mentioned one of them yesterday. You go to -- restaurant any restaurant you go where the bill for two people is likely to be sixty dollars or more. The hostess or host should never say. We Jews guys like at table. No -- guys do not want -- table. The two of us would however. Enjoy. A seat thank -- use guys. -- mean it's. When it and -- hold on here that is a situation all work. In some cases it doesn't bother me. Because I realize there are certain people in certain groups that use that colloquial. Use guys sometimes I see it for fun use guys. But. If you wanna impress a customer who's gonna lay out pretty good money for food use guys does not fly. And there was one other ones GO. That I think we needed to address all thank you. I seen. Folks. When somebody says to me I seen a hawk. I seen -- an accident. I seen the Joseph beamer at the baseball game. That is the equivalent to me. Of what the mob did to William action Jackson would blow torches and ice picks in my year. It was an ugly death and so is say you see. I don't get it is the proper phraseology is saw. You saw all all you saw an accident. It's not that difficult. It's models so public that it. I saw. Joseph -- rolling his eyes at my condescending tell. I've seen John Sherman look at Joseph -- rolling his eyes like condescending to I season. Good grief folks. It's like I can't even describe I would rather endure. -- rather endure. I would rather endure -- operation with a rusty knife. Then hear somebody say I seen. It may be hyperbole. What's perhaps -- back that statement just a little bit. Now they are topic. I wanna get into is one that I hinted at yesterday. But we have not done a show long time and frankly I really loved the topic of coincidences. Some people said while Tom does that include serendipity and synchronicity and what the hell. Coincidences some people say there's no such thing as coincidence. But. I could tell you a couple of stories. That would knock your socks off with coincidences. I'm quickly do you have the EVP Joseph from yesterday. The EVP from yesterday the multiple -- not the first one but the multiple one to play district because I'm all about multiples. Because those multiplication tables always -- appropriate or agree. How long story short -- many years ago. -- -- -- -- -- Because obviously I am insane and delusional and I do believe that there is spirit energy around us. Course you believe the same thing when you go to church and talk about the holy ghost actress the things. -- Anyway. I was at my family plot. At forest -- where I will not be Beers I'm going with direct cremation. My ashes to be scattered to the wind. Preferably in water preferably eaten by a finish which may be some days usually eat. And that I could look at you from beyond and say. You know rights. But. I captured an EVP and if you don't know what it EVP is it's hard to explain electronic voice phenomenon. I'm going to tell you it's real. It's not a hoax. There is no other explanation. That makes any sense for what I recorded. Other band. A metaphysical. Or paranormal explanation. I was at the family plot forced long section 26. And I recorded a voice using a phrase which baffled me for years I had no idea what development blue flame. And in my sick mind and thinking is one of my answers to try to tell with a used to like arts. Here it is. Folks I swear on my soul. That is what -- record. Nobody else was around it was a radio company radio stations are you gonna -- a guy with that kind of voice saying blue flame not -- I don't even think Randall and lose patient. Certainly eleven. But one more time other people got the chance to hear the volume of it can adjust the radios. This is what -- record. Many years later. -- decades later. I had the opportunity to see. A psychic slash media. For of the blue she said Tom. You are protected by the archangel Michael. And the knights of the blue flame. The hair on my arms stood up when she said that I said. -- She said you were protected by the archangel Michael in the knights of the blue flame. Folks. Suddenly. This made sense. I regard that as one of the great paranormal. Coincidences. Of my life. Now. I am -- If it is true that it's somewhere shape perform -- protected by the archangel Michael. That's kind of surprised. In many ways believe it is and the knights of the blue flight. IE don't get it I don't understand why because it does not make rational logical sense but folks what are the chances. That from out of the blue this woman would say. -- protected by archangel Michael and the knights of the blue flame when I recorded an EVP which it mystified me for a decade that said. -- -- Think about it it's weird. And frankly I found that to be a source of great comfort in many situations. Now there have been other coincidences with which I will not bore you now. One other coincidence in my life also involving -- that ancestor which people still think I'm BS and people like I'm making this up and I'm not. I'll get into that next -- take your calls and more importantly. You're coincidences. And the things that people say that drive you nuts all somebody told me to inflections. Driver -- Like more and more people are starting to talk like this and every -- that's and it's like. Question I'm in fact I'm glad to see this beautiful lady that our park on Tuesday and we're gonna watch Ringo Starr. That is the most annoying inflection of all time. Other than myself of course under is ready at 930 WB. AccuWeather it does not get better than this -- listening to me it's Friday and the weather is going to be simply smashing all weekend long. Still 74 -- 7374. Mobile before work today. No that's not a euphemism 553 WB EM. Are let's -- get to some calls here I'll get to the other really bizarre coincidence that I experienced after the news. Because I guarantee. It will make it here on your arms. Just go it. Here is veto on a cell phone at WB and veto welcomed the buy hourly show Europe. Bank -- Koppel Oreo other Ers when it's. When people say all poll out there and OT HER what we're we're do you get network somewhere what are we get out there are. I am I assume they're trying to say oh hole -- So why why do you have to -- are there and to that. IE do not understand that one I've never understood that one. I will use it as a joke sometimes to mock it but that's why. I am assuming there's. Smart enough to not -- -- or another. -- -- -- not a jail or orbit and do what. It. Is it easier to say completely different. As Monty Python did. As Monty Python bit. And now there's something completely different. And then your and your art. Orchard all of charred -- I called attacking I -- -- really showed your I think that the great gates went error error error -- -- York. Those are great gauges are people like shields. Not to mention 222. Which hasn't been -- and it really that is not -- appropriate since the show broke 222 which Karen Carpenter is. When healthier way to went hey thanks a lot -- could call break all.

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