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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>6-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

6-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. You with. That. Hole. A and welcome to the New York City if they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. No. -- -- -- He is the all time. Com hourly. Column in the road when the now -- the -- -- linking it. I got covered up like -- welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage big picture for her recent. And -- thirty W yeah. All right. It isn't about hourly I'm a full appeal to me today at at finding that this role of rule at all. This -- pretty well actually. -- most people started out as young men rebellions. And and they become more sedate overtime. I think it comes with a drop in testosterone levels my low today. The other thing. -- said I was younger now. A well. Some would say rebel without a clue which may fit -- better look we're not gonna quibble. All right you know three all I'm thirty is the phone number if you didn't hear the first -- of the show long story short. Because the American government is not doing the job. It is supposed to do and you can -- Jim brewer in Arizona about her dealings with about Barack Obama. And sure Joseph about his dealings with the Justice Department. Com we have militia groups now that are heading to the Laredo sector of the border of Texas and Mexico. To do the job. America here just won't do. I think that's a great way to set and one of my FaceBook posters. Has a better word for militias. -- -- undocumented soldiers. I love it undocumented. Defenders of the republic I like that even better. So is that a good thing or a bad thing. If your own government isn't watching the borders. About it what Thomas Jefferson's advisory. What would most of our founding father's advice. Well I know what their primary advice would be. When you're government. Because your enemy and not your friend it's time for a new government. You know they'd say that that's kind of in that declaration of independence thing. Here's our Alley in Rochester WB and Alec pillow. -- -- -- -- -- I always knew that that -- Because. I don't know what -- possibly could be that we confusion. 00 a list give us -- Are you more confused by -- -- or more confused by the fact that we have a president who doesn't give a rat's -- that we have a border. Up. -- they beat it out law. The higher rates of but -- -- this -- The plight but I agree with the Alicia. Apparently. I believe the government that that unlawfully. Your land management. I'm spoke for. -- -- expect that they get -- aren't there. Well I don't believe that they want the following order at all it worked for government and here they gain the weight of but he hurt so rebuild the liberty. -- -- -- -- -- Your expression but I need to literature. There is no mandate to follow an illegal order which is what I hope the the local police will remember about New York safe and whatever comes after almost reelection as -- safe to. Illegal orders could be construed as any order which contravene that which already is fundamental law known as the constitution. But I agree with that they do that. I've probably been out here without the button order. And the bullet just all who goes. I let my expert but is it all our government unlike other government that there is we the people -- all these Republican. And foreign country the report of a proper order to get shocked. But I'm not or abdicating. You know shooting here on -- -- -- you know -- to -- -- -- I. Well so well in sync church I would definitely have a reversal of opinion but in general I agree. OK so you know that backing -- that. What are all the other wrapped -- political model or without as you said breaking the law. The same thing they did at the -- -- they put up a man that's. -- won't make they will be a presence where there is no presents because Obama and his corrupt administration don't want a presence. You've got border agents who are quitting but they say they're assuming you -- your question didn't. They're putting up a man offense not to be confused with a -- case. -- let it -- The -- -- grateful that they can't correct though they felt that their ability and particularly well. Won't -- what Texas law I'm not sure what Texas law calls for in terms of making a citizen's arrest. New York State law is very clear on what you must do in order to legally make a citizen citizens arrest and it's very complicated and my advice to anybody is don't bother even trying to do it if you're gonna do wrong and you're gonna end up being sued. Now in Texas I presume her little bit more are shall we say American and they're thinking them here in New York State. They're going to be a presence at the border. I don't know any other way to say it now are they gonna push them back into Mexico I hope so. Spot that would ignite the -- but I bet we're Apple's lack would you go about it. I personally. Well you're okay and -- to what I'm about ten budget year -- watch football. Received offensive line OK they're gonna be -- defensive line at the border but they're just gonna have a lot more guys. But you know I actually think the governor Wendell Butler basic bulk yeah. And National Guard out there on the order there because what does the Bible and build a -- air -- yet that. I can't believe without the end here. I can't believe what I'm seeing you know why I can believe what we're seeing that take awhile yes. What two words have my heart on all week long. Welcome -- -- to show who pretty. -- -- Well -- said what's our next at bat. I like whatever -- god is fundamentally. Change America emphasis on fundamentally. What do you think it was gonna put. While yeah I -- that the I believe that the -- of the at least the Third World country where. Our -- we have any border skirmish. Yeah oh yeah our border skirmishes you're missing the point he wants you're right the first time. He wants America as punishment for America's sins against the world so it's it's illegal founding years ago. He wants America tests offer. And he does he basically wants to turn America into Third World Central America L north -- how much more obvious can this -- -- -- Well when you want to fundamentally changed what had been a winning game for over 200 years what else could you draw as a logical conclusion. -- -- I don't want the threat of argumentative but -- -- actually you know it's it's almost like you're playing liberal. And I'm just having a chance to -- -- -- your arguments are public opinion on and have -- ability. Quite well -- -- said in Latin let's -- -- -- show -- book optimists the album. -- -- -- I want to Catholics got to that they go to the old man's aren't. Now John -- by the way. I I want it and others you brought up the National Guard which by the way I think might be a better idea than the militia but if if nothing else. The militias may shame. The governors in two are not into calling up the National Guard but here is a complicating factor. What do you think it is. When it went when I mentioned governor Rick Perry what do you think the complicating factor would be for Rick Perry calling up the National Guard right now in 2014. What do you think he's thinking about. -- It. I'll tell exactly. Thank you now now your -- -- Rick -- Now if he calls -- the Texas National Guard and calls them to the border. He wants to be president. And there are Republicans who smoke -- cracked apparently. To believe that they actually have a chance at winning the votes of people who were just coming here to suck off the public nipple and are stupid. And Rick Perry does not want to alienate Hispanic voters. Which by the way is a stupid idea because there are lots of Hispanics in the United States who are as conservative as you or hide or conservative Terry and as you and I many of them live in Miami by the way they've seen how well their parents saw what life was like under Castro. There are Americans named Rodriguez who can Trace their family history back further than you can to the United States because people after the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ended the Mexican American war were allowed to choose word of one of these. You know United States or Mexico most people elected to stay where they were and actually become American citizens. -- -- or Republicans have got to realize that not everybody named best Sanchez -- Rodriguez. Is a guarantee Democrat voter but these new people coming in with no skills. You know they don't know flush toilets from holes in the ground. What in the hell are they gonna add to our country there's simply going to be an albatross. Not only that they're literate. A literate in their own language level -- language. But -- about again. What what do you think Rick Perry's principle concern is like any other like any other politician is his principal concern doing the right thing for America. Or being being president of the United States because he misguided -- believes that somehow he'll be looked at as an option. For the Hispanic voters who want things for nothing which by the way does not mean all Hispanic voters I think -- just delineated. Aren't -- -- of the nutrient based trying to be proud of that. Thank you. That's why do we need the -- -- to get down there to shave government govern ores into doing something. Athletic activity the president put the power through America it don't believe -- -- -- house right now. Hello. Have you seen the picture -- riding a bike vs lot of airport riding -- worst. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right well look -- -- I'm not exactly the most macho guy in the world but pilot of -- -- -- Obama. Makes me it looks like Jesse Ventura. I got a cottage with a call or are they back cut off. The best calls we take -- -- -- note three on -- thirty start 931806. Point six WB EM I mean. I wanna have a -- garden for goodness. Here's traffic with -- Alan Harris. Our -- thank you as much enjoy complaining about life there is nothing about which anybody with reasonable intelligence or sanity can complain about the weather today tomorrow or Sunday just gorgeous days. Those of you who have boats. -- a couple of managers who have big boats and its interest in working with men in the boat. But. When I was gonna say is that I'm sure they'll be on the boats. I'll be in my backyard. Yeah my backyard worked with no patio furniture and no friends -- anyway it's gonna be gorgeous and right now 74 degrees at the WB Ian. To our show hot tub does that automatically get your friends opt -- okay. Is it wrong to make sure the people shower before getting into the hot seat that's yeah see that's a concern. Because you know -- there'd be people all morning laid up and on the go all day or would you go to take a shower but I just going into the hot -- it's like a map. Yeah. That's what I thought thank you yes Stevie thank you thank you. Well of -- met in -- women are allowed to do matter all right it is up for 23. Folks. Buy hourly -- I need to explain it to. Were for those who don't know and I've repeated this almost every day this week -- I really wanna give us some lighter stuff today and I feel like up on the same show every day. And it and it just gets. Worse and worse every day the invasion of our country by people who don't speak the language by criminal central and south American gangs by. A allowed by an administration. Which wishes to bring this country down as punishment of course they've got -- Now they believe the borders of the White House I'm pretty sure I can't go in the economic Hillary's door she believes in and borders era sure. But -- is maxim it is I didn't come up -- I stole it from somebody. It is. Whenever you see a situation you do not understand. Look for the financial interest my corollary to that is also look for the political interest which are seeing going on here is raw. Blood sport politics at its worst the United States of America began. Week -- win the election we want to bring America down we wanna punish those rich people. And we wanna get these people signed up on the dole and voting as soon as possible that's what this is about. Yeah. You're staying really love the police. No -- -- I think it was a blending. I did you -- like staying what did you that the police are just right beard and when we when they broke up by just -- at a sustained a solo guy you know given this -- the solo guy at twenty years from now. You know what he's playing the ribs then I'll say they go to -- at it will lay it. No way it is up 434 news radio and thirty WBE and boy anyway. -- gonna get into here. -- talk about the borders. And talks about this and I don't know how many of you listen to rush and it was going to be at a comedy you think Russia as a DB and two and a victory. And and listen to me eventually decide public DB as well I'll. Probably what -- -- I'm sure but what I think a lot of you don't understand. Is that. In academic. America. Academia colleges universities. There are issues. And long has been a hatred. For America. That America is by its very existence and illegal state. And because America had a period. Less than 100 years by the of slavery. Bet that negates everything else for which this country stood which I never understood myself. Because there is not one perfect nation on the face of this planet. There is not one nation that does not that skeletons in it's closet Canada included by the way. In its dealings with. The first. Americans -- we call them first peoples in candidate got a different name but one of the short of a news. What you don't understand. If you don't understand Obama is his fundamental mindset and those around him rush talks about this a lot. And if you haven't been to college -- it's been awhile since you go to college. This is so hard for me to communicate to. But there are literally people in great abundance. Like that one professor who applauded 9/11. Who said that all those people who die. We're little gamblers. Perpetuating the illegal economic system of America. There are people like that all over the place he was not the exception to the role he was the no more in the academic. And I know that it's hard for most of you to grass that because you are the ones whose sons and daughters are in the artery. Whose sons and daughters are in the Marines you're the ones whose sons and daughters are in the air force. It's it's hard for you to wrap your fingers around the idea. That they're literally have been generation after generation after generation of so called scholars. Who have inculcated. In young minds the idea that America is evil corrupt and basically the worst thing ever to happen to the planet. These are miserable humorless people folks. I I can't put it any differently than I do. Now I will tell you in all fairness that when I went to UB at least. I had the honor of being taught by professors who. Even though they were personally. Liberal. Would entertain other viewpoints. Even though they were personally liberal advocate and quite close with them because they were men of integrity. And you know what. Most people I knew. Twenty years ago at UBI. -- today on college campuses they'd be considered conservative. Seriously. Are you think I'm tough on -- park you'll be on my page. You're -- is -- go to college and god forbid your kid or you expresses an opinion contrary to the professor is what I always say. When it comes the higher education first of all it's it's one of the biggest scams in America. People like Obama and his ilk are always going after big oil big. Industry big this big bat. Folks the reason we have so many of your kids in deep debt is because a big sheep skin. Coach again that it's criminal. That somebody would graduate from a state school with a bachelor's degree all doing the 40000 dollars. Because college costs have gone up all the lot faster than the cost of a tank of gasoline. Think about their folks. They've got you by the Mets these colleges. You need that piece of paper to advance and certain professions and of certain careers. And they have jacked up prices and the government has backed up the jacked up prices instead of stepping yen as it would have a big oil -- them the same thing to put caps on them. Because they're on the same bed together folks. I've sort of try to stress to -- One hand washes the other you'll never hear liberals and you frankly -- don't hear a lot of conservatives going after big sheepskin. Raising to wish him room and board the cost of -- is -- the is throw the fracas like. Why. Because they can't why did because the government will back the loans. That's why your kids are graduating so deeply in debt. Because the government is more concerned about cracking down on people who were making money in the private sector than they are -- buddies and academia screwing your college kids and your college kids absorbed Heather had so far after s.'s they don't know how badly the and don't. I mean it's it's humorous to me. In my declining years. What we've become. If they're not really declining years actually I'm in my prime. Yeah like Doc Holliday in tombstone up. In my pride all right it is up for forty bidders ready tonight thirty WB the end. So the militia groups. Are going to the border in Laredo Texas Rick Perry the governor of Texas god forbid he grow some balls because -- out. Guess he doesn't want to alienate Hispanic vote. Like they're really gonna vote for on mass in 26 -- ride. Yeah yeah. Sure sure and I'll be asked to give the keynote address at the Obama library opening through. Here is Joyce. In buffalo on WB oh crap I hit the wrong button I'm sorry Dick I'll be -- I'll be right back with you -- a shorted them. A false start there for a -- here's Joyce thanks for holding George drug W via. Joyce hello. Hello you're on the radio talk to me. Okay. I'm calling about the executive order Obama. Pope wrote regarding. -- Are people honorable a militia -- militia. To. For domestic violence. And that was done and been trying quietly in my prankster. About -- your brains and need to be specific because your making a serious charge aren't sure you're not confusing this with the statement he made in the election of 2008 saying he wanted a civilian security forces strong is our military. Because that was a political promise that was not an executive order. If we're thinking about the same thing yes. While I just recall there was a lot of talk about. About bad. And arm that I had -- second thing he deserted as post. -- got as commander in chief. He was that available and anyway nobody knew where he was. Well maybe we can trade Obama for five more Taliban to be ahead of the game. -- And the bullet went we have some idea where they you know maybe it in Afghanistan -- Rare form today Joyce I'm sorry. You know one of the great gifts of Middle Ages being in different than what other people think about it. -- well I understand that put them -- 170. -- for you. But as -- -- there's not an executive order George it was a promise in -- you'll be hammered if you looked this up Obama. On a national security force that's the audio bite you wanna look for and YouTube that was a political campaign promise which sounded. Quite frankly join us upon and they speak it sounded an awful lot to me like -- something out of a Hitler youth. But go ahead. -- -- I would connecting it was probably. Various. Places to while the United States where our own. There are back -- always bullets and I'll listen and then ultimately concerned the. Kept -- but we're not -- today we're not talking about that I've spent a lot of time and if you go back and my FaceBook page or put a lot of posts up on why the Department of Agriculture needs a billion rounds of ammo. I'll why the Bureau of Land Management needs humvees. I don't understand. But but that's a separate issue the what is happening right now at least as I see it unless I'm missing something the planned invasion and be supported invasion of our southern border by people who will turn the United States and it just another Third World pissed -- What I understand that I was just thinking that these armed forces that is spoke of is going to be. Turn blue. Another he never did bill that -- -- the audio. Arduous -- and support on your radio but thank you record. This is what Obama said in 2008 it raised a lot of eyebrows including mine decided not like we've -- sounded at all weekend. Not continue to rely solely on our military. In order to achieve the national security objectives that we set. Having civilian national security force that's just the powerful justice grown up football fun. Now unless he was talking about the black Panthers at the polling stations in Philadelphia Eric Holder refused to prosecute. That has never happened. To my knowledge if somebody wants to correctly on the last maybe George is the bigger picture than I -- Maybe all these ammunition. Purchases -- Bureau of Land Management. Maybe that. As part and parcel of what he promised in 2008. A civilian force will let it let it rip again -- I hate to get an Obama quote wrong. We cannot continue to rely solely on our military. In order to achieve the national security objectives that we set. I haven't civilian national security force that's just the powerful justice for all -- football. BL NFC here here's the problem with that those -- you know your history no grip there there's a certain Austria Austrian corporal who rose to power. And is there a few at a in Germany. On and he also had a civilian defense force -- they were called the brown shirts. And I had relatives who brown shirts my -- great uncles were Nazis real live Nazi spokes. I can't hide it I had nothing to do that I wasn't born. But they were Nazis. One of them was a rupture. And then eventually the SS didn't trust the brown shirts. And there was a purge of the brown shirts. And the SS became basically the power group behind -- all that -- And then there were often FS SS units that were warned. To basically keep tabs on the the arm the German army and the military. It was spy watching spy watching -- I'd like the movie casino. The pit boss watches the dealer the floor boss watches the pit boss BI in the sky watches everything it was like that. -- You're listening to probably one of the most brilliant man on radio ever. And I don't even feel embarrassed saying. Here is. Dick just don't ask you to put neutral and and -- Flickr -- Actually such an idiot up here is -- -- buffalo hide there. I don't -- They yet situation it's happening down on the orders is Apollo in the way the administration Israeli. Create inept and and shall we say taken care of the situation. And I think we had to turn it around and just. Throw it right back tandem. Have all the Christian groups in this country unite and provide these gays that homes and bring him up as Christian conservatives. There -- crowd support. On that here's the problem of many of these young people I'm sorry to say our. And if you wanna do that if you adopt a child I'm we have many American children who are already here who would love to have a hole. Okay. They would love to be adopted by a great family. And and then I should also point out that just because you are raised a certain way doesn't mean that you're going to grow up to be a certain way. Do you think my parents raised me to be the kind of guy who go to hedonism -- vacation well. What's it going to be with the foundation they gave me was life is short beat her own person that's the foundation. But I think spell that there's a lot of little kids their little babies not the teenagers are kind of passed the point of trying to get them to think of anything other than what they've already know but. There's a lot of little kids down there you know from. From toddlers babies on up to 5678910. Where we already have enough American babies who don't know who your daddy knows I think that a week. You know these these these these children have father's somewhere and families somewhere let their families take care of them. You know kind of like the Italian families used to do and I know that at least historically. Hispanic families have been the strength of the Hispanic community. Now whether it's different in Ecuador Guatemala I don't know Latino or Hispanic is a very wide ranging. Group it's not a model -- Bob explained before. Cubans who are Hispanic. Usually can't stand Mexicans the Cubans think the Mexicans are low class people who just watch Cinemax. Well at the data the home but I don't think they'll be doing that I think they're here to stay and I think that's the way this administration has -- steadily throughout. All right thank you very much -- -- unfortunately I agree. For 48 news radio 930 WB the end militia groups mobilizing to head to the border. Simply doing the job the American government won't true. All right sir Bob why isn't still night beautiful life for a ball game Friday night bash at the ballpark with happy hour please direct responsibly. Popular these drunken morons baseball to have fireworks -- at 705 against the Rochester red wings. And basically for the weekend's going to be beautiful I mean this this will be. Chamber of commerce weather this weekend. Once -- -- it by some sudden like freaking downpour with hail the -- of bolts and to be mylar. -- pilot is my mail comes at the same time every day except. When I had to get a lot of work done. And my big black -- girlfriend was not working at -- on young's today and her name is -- Kim wants me I want -- We did not interface today to our mutual loss. We have a special relationship. She's awesome. All right anyway let's get back to calls -- -- we are we show or showed up ready to break that -- I'll. Well I have to break that's the bad news however the good news is there's two hours a brilliant -- -- And we've been focusing on the borders. And ladies and gentlemen those of you who have not paying attention. The Obama administration. Has shirk its responsibility. There is no southern border anymore so if you wait in line to go to can't choose me to go to Canada. To take your mom to Paul's view were wherever or you Canadians coming down here -- and shopping and lead your old clothes in our parking lot. Com. But why you -- and is nothing but security. Theater. Because of the southern border all you need to repair and nineties in shorts and welcome to USA. Here's -- Apple's latch right on. 455. And were always liked it. In the United States I don't know if -- in others.

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