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6-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. And you -- right. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America's use of Russia. Al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling asked for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. -- recoup. Destroy -- silent. That was -- here. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it might back -- it's live it's local girl is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived here. And -- news radio 930. Testing testing it. Okay it's -- buy hourly -- turbulent thirty WB you know we've made it until the end of the week Friday. I did this horrible feeling it to Tuesday when Ringo Starr's at our park we're going to be in for one of those torrential horrible Tuesday night downpours like the one more widespread. They're playing our part this past Tuesday I ever heard of widespread panic before. Well with the possible exception of a cruise ship -- limited restrooms but we wanted to go there. But. It. It happened for Ringo Starr. Not that well but you know what I I know well -- -- I do I have this feeling. Maybe I'll be Iraq I hope I'm wrong. Anyway yes I'm already thinking about next week. Believe that always calculated in of the -- next week I think it up over the weekend about that we call these plants. Hello all these plants vacation. And off gonna do this got to do about this is on my bucket list. -- here is do it now. Now DeWitt in the memo -- dot. Like come to the United States just walk. Out of here a year come here well. At that and I've got some flop I mean Alex and ivy. Happy ending stuff which will be like happy ending for the end of the week in the stuff. So earlier this week. We did a show on. The just ridiculous cost. -- Hillary bills elect Biden there Ottawa. And many -- certainly suggestions. Well you should go to this clinic where is it always by the senate get as -- Allegheny casino. Okay. Impractical. Sure you pay less for that does that but by the time you're finished with the gasoline. The mileage of the vehicle that time that's partly why -- -- seriously. Regulate the good old country that. All right villages today in the good old country that I would challenge you to drive. We have the spawn of Satan in a cat carrier meant to you for more than five miles. It is shall we say a feat of endurance. So I went with the a -- with a another bet a lot closer to halt. And one with Richard -- on the -- So you'll be happy to know that look at. -- -- She bounced back almost immediately. Clinton -- it. After work. Ash over the veterinary office and you never know what you're gonna give you never know the cat is going to be lethargic you Evernote account is going to be order you never know what you're gonna get. It's satellite pianist so. Anyway the cat looks at the vet tech. Recognizes. The vet tech and growls. Before I had cats I had the idea that cats growls I know that Jimi Hendrix taught us that sprawl because he took that song -- Bob they'll. But -- they wildcat the -- well Haley is pretty much a while yet so she looked at the net and she growl. But then she looked at me. And it was like lol yeah. So well put the car. Drove her home. Now the last time. I took her in the carrier back home. It was not a pleasant experience she made noises on the drive all that Linda Blair made in the exorcist. -- the other -- and a all priest are young braves at all breeze it was seriously like demons evident evident the cat's brain. That was the first time. I was scared a bike yet I literally have open upper cage with a -- -- Andy cinder block. And I put the cinder block in front of the date of the cage -- I opened the gate with a weed puller. That I closed the garage door a little bit pushed the cinder block out of the -- so she can get out of the carrier that's how scared I was of the cap. Last night she is an Angel. She she. She simply. Walked gingerly gently. Out of the carrier no -- -- his health and. And she actually seems happy as a -- And I had gotten is I am so glad I did -- Before. She had the surgery the extraction. I told them that I -- As it once you're in there. If you stuff that has to be done. If we're talking about a 500 dollar expense year you know we're talking about other dental work the -- you think you're just do. So they had a lot. They had to do it actually. Given what they did at the end of today. I feel as though a fair price was charged it wasn't just one extraction. It was a whole bunch of work. And I was so just delighted with with what they get it really watched. No it wasn't that cheap debt but again. What is cheap it's like giving free hockey tickets are free football players there isn't such thing as a free hockey ticket. You get a free hockey target you pay to go downtown you pay to park your paper beer in a paper food there's nothing free about -- to say that all the time. There's not there's no such thing as a free ticket to anything. So long story short. I don't mean to bore you with conversation about my cat. But I know that many of you love your animals as much as I do mine back they've been world -- a lot of people like ago. But long story short the -- -- very. Much resting. Very comfortably. And Kotelly. And she actually seems relieved. It's kind of hard feeling to. Verbalize. She must have been in more pain that I was aware of until she stopped eating. That was the first clue that there's something wrong she'd stopped eating. The reason she stopped it was. Hurt to hear her to the teeth hurt too much. Let's stop eating 20. You know what it's like folks -- dental wise. David -- the first hour of the show is brought you by the buffalo got a group but you know what it's like even having an abscess. Folks. I told this before. I have a very high wind up pain threshold all right there's a lot of procedures I've been done that I don't even bothered getting knocked out for because why. I can deal with -- with it's not a problem. I never. Ever ever ever could understand what people meant when they said. I have a dental abscess -- agony I could never understand that until that can be. In when it happened to me suddenly all the phone calls from people over the years start makes sense I see what -- made. I don't think I have ever experienced the kind of pay. That actually. Own -- in me. Until I actually had a dental abscess that actually woke me up. To the point where is really hard to get back to sleep due to the throbbing pain so this poor cat I can only imagine what she's been going to know what issues miserable. Somehow I think there might be more to but anyway thank you for your interest and might kitty cat and she is doing just fine. And I want to thank the Imperial War Museum in London. I I was actually able to let them well. A little RO a a -- gauntlet from them from the armor of battery and also a jousting helmet which I was able to -- provide. The vet tech -- so that she wouldn't get hurt. Now these priceless artifacts were sent to me courtesy of the Imperial War Museum in London I'll get back to you guys real soon. There's zero chance I'll put him up for sale on eBay zero chance that that's ever gonna happen. Now all we have a lot of things that are happening in the world. As you well well well and one of the things that is happening at the world involves our. I would call our border. I I can't in good conscience say it's our border because we don't have any border. And I have for how many years told you what -- rage at negatives that you guys who do things the right way. Crossing Lewis in Queens then rainbow peace bridge and those who do with that fancy pass an argument over the whirlpool bridge. How many times have I said I I'd find it ridiculous. That we engage in this nonsensical security theater at the airport and at the local bridges with Canada it's all for public show its call for CAC were doing to make you safer and America. Say what we're doing to make you safer Canada. -- security theater the -- And the point it was always made for me by the government's lack. Enforcing. Our national border on the southern Frontieres. And I do not blame. Barack Obama for starting it. It goes back a long time. To. Bush. To Clinton. To bush. And Ronald Reagan who got suckered. Badly. Way back -- in the 1980s. He bought something hook line and sinker. And he really should have -- under. But that's another story altogether. So you do realize we have talked about this this week. That we essentially don't have any border anymore. With Mexico you know I hope you know if you've been paying attention. We literally now have half the tens and hundreds of thousands. Of illegals. Who are walking. In -- the United States. The up border agents this is a fascinating story of border agents are quitting. Over catch and release of known gang members. Folks why don't -- like al-Qaeda. Other than that whole thing about -- -- about crashing planes in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania why don't we like al-Qaeda. It because it is a ruthless. Criminal gang essentially with religious overtones. Well these central and south American gangs folks are just as bad as al-Qaeda without the mosques. Can you appreciate what I'm saying here. They're just as bad if not worse and it. -- think that they're not taken advantage of the free for all that's taking place right now at the border and we have border agents who. Are catching and releasing you know like you do with twelve. You have travel -- travel agents border agents who are catching it early for -- releasing that are so upset. With the failures of the Obama administration he'd start this but he is continuing it and magnifying yet and exacerbating that his administration is the most corrupt. Administration. Ever and yes that includes Richard Nixon yes it includes. Warren G. Harding in includes president Ulysses as grant. We have a regime really. Matt is frankly the explanations. Boggle the mind if you've been paying even. The remotest attention to what happened with the IRS. The IRS emails you're familiar with this right. You are always talk about the government you can't trust the government and when the government uses the IRS as a political tool to -- tax exempt status to conservative organizations. That there's something longer something rotten in the state of Denmark of course people call me paranoid crazy delusional etc. Except there's one problem I'm right. Me that that's one problem that people get up on. You're familiar with the idea that these emails are missing right folks. I I have to tell you every email I have ever sent. Is somewhere. It's either on by L. We have a deal via. Were the company that bought it out Time Warner or any oil. Or whatever other account have I think that accounts have ever had. But everything I've ever written could be tracked down every. Why is it that Lewis lowest learners emails cannot be you know why. Because this is the computer equivalent to JFK's. Missing brains. This is. The magic bullet. This is the grassy Knoll. Lowest -- email -- grassy Knoll. Which would prove a conspiracy. To deny it tax exempt status too conservative organizations. Are regenerating. And condoned by the White House or its closest acolytes. That's what this issues. Computer emails do not go missing. There is always a -- always a record. And very hearings that have taken place have shown. The absolute arrogance. The criminal. Behavior of the Obama administration. And frankly. If you Republicans have even challenged what's going on. And why we don't yet have a special prosecutor to look into this. I don't understand. And it was good to hear Rush Limbaugh might have brought this up earlier. This email scandal is the equivalent of the eighteen minute gap in the Watergate tapes and they blamed cleaning lady named Rosemarie awards. -- even took the heat -- you know I was dusting I guess I hit the wrong button that I -- that part of the folks this story is is pure fiction. If you really think those emails are missing it's pure fiction. The emails are missing because they would prove my opinion but I think it's pretty good one. It would prove a criminal impeachable. Offense by this White House. That's why the emails will not be found. Because if they were found if they were located. People would have to get this man out of office. And no nobody wants to go there. For reasons I don't even think I need to go into it. And for those of you for joining us and you're gonna sing the same mold well you're nothing but a racist hopeful song. I suggest you listen a little more closely to the show and go back and -- a settlement archive shirts. And I dished it out against the bush is probably more than a dish it out against the obamas. I have no use for tyranny I don't care what color the skin is I don't care what letter after the name is I have no tolerance for. And folks all I can say is these IRS missing emails. They're like the grassy Knoll for the Obama administration. It's. I like this sort of -- only -- black -- solo I can actually play. It's at 335 -- radio I'm thirty WB EN. -- it was pretty good music. I know my audience is really the music and I know that I Adam. Freaky people in the audience of maybe they have decided to re picked up the guitar after thirty years of languishing. Having its neck before and everything else but. I have a couple of pet peeves about Sony's music. Videos on line the instructional videos. Okay. Could cut somebody just come to a happy medium. There are the guys. How to play if given an example how to play Hall & -- private eyes. And what you see is right he's not showing you how to play that -- just show off about a player. Is your show. You hit it look I can play -- Eight it doesn't tell you what he's doing it doesn't show you what he's doing it plays well. You know what I could just watch all -- don't try to figure it out at doesn't work so well. And the other extreme. And you know what I'm talking about. This is a G chord. Here you have one finger here seat that's the third fret that you're going to take your. Third finger the middle finger of your left at twenty minutes later he's still saying now this is the G chord. But it it just -- happy medium that -- please. Your view please. Anyway my aggravation for the -- I didn't realize Hall & Oates songs were so hard to learn a regular private eyes and she's gone before -- came to work America. I was also gonna learn before they make me run by The Rolling Stones double. Yeah that was happening today I need at least an hour of unfettered thought. Report and -- most dogs stand. By the way it out Keith Richards and Mick Jagger well before they make me run which was on some -- greatest what are the great albums in the 1970s. Is it true that before you play a Keith Richards on you have to do cocaine and heroin. Because. Yeah I don't know. I gotta make some calls anyway. We're talking about the border. Bump. Sorry I think about the video of Keith Richards 1978. Playing before they make Iran and these -- these black jeans and red sneakers and a pick myself. Is at the time he was well. And myself. Cool in the world at that age could pull off black jeans and red sneakers and look cool Keith Richards. Is it wrong to be developing a man crush on Keith Richards. He should not -- a lot. Don't you understand he's a medical -- well. John let's all of a whole. Action of the drugs Keith Richards has done any died. Keith Richards must have some incredible genes. Are under now let's go to the southern border shell. You know I remember a president. Named George. W. Bush. And I remember that well. At least as portrayed in the mass media. He was not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. The sharpest pencil in the box. We're happy meal a few Fries short you Palin whatever. Metaphor you'd like. And one of the most infamous saying it's George W. Bush ever put out to the American people why is. Well these. Illegal. Immigrants. See they're doing the jobs Americans just won't do. Anybody remember that they're doing the job Americans just won't do and -- the thieves brother Jeb. Just a couple of weeks ago is onstage. And to show you how why I could never vote Republican or support a Republican. Because there in the hands of the establishment people like bush and and their family. And to those of -- -- very. All talk you're just doomed to lose elections you have to change the party from within. Where has your question I've been -- that since Ronald Reagan was in the White House at what does that strategy work exactly. Does it work. In how many years. And what was that old expression about doing the same thing over and over and over again being the definition of what. OK so Jeb Bush few weeks ago says. Illegal immigration. Is an act of love. Not on an oral sex is an act of -- illegal immigration is African crime. Hello all. What part of that is so hard to get. Never what I told you I would never vote for bush again. Oh you've got to oh culture well it's you look at you mr. prepares. -- to Europe yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's terrible it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your -- year. None on on on going to an Asian massage place that's an -- well it's those that even an act of love that says that's and transaction privately with business. Palm I I just I don't know what to say. When I hear back kind of idiocy coming from the bush family. And I he's simply caring honest thank William junior once said a family tradition. So all. The borders have gotten even worse. And I'm going through Drudge today -- those of you who pay close attention -- shortly FaceBook page you always know when on the drug use I don't you could you always see me taking articles from drugs and posting them out you know I work. So. There's an article today that may be say Allah freaking Lumia. Because -- not George Bush said. The illegals are. Doing jobs. Americans. Won't do it by the way that's Matra not just of Republicans and Democrats. We've got border agents quit. Because the government our government your government has opened up the southern borders deliberately on purpose. All right with the intention of millions of Democrat voters coming to the United States squirting out millions of future Democrat voting babies and basically turning the United States with Third World country. And again folks I've been to Third World countries I don't wanna live and a Third World country. If you consider your index finger toilet paper good for you go live in African Ecuador. Until -- Let's keep America's standards. But I digress. So well. There are militia groups now. And this is the good news or is it good news. The armed militia groups that are mobilizing. To basically. Do jobs the American government won't do. But you love -- purple circle over the irony the beauty of having him dearly photographic memory. Don't remember half the things I've done my wife but some of the words just come rushing back it's bizarre. Anyway. They're doing the job America won't don't. Now this is off a bright part. And the bright -- new site is exactly the Associated Press it's not exactly. Warren Buffett's minions. It is a rather conservative news site. The headline here. Texas border crisis to be complicated. By militia. -- How could bright part of all people write that down and put that out and disseminate that. Texas border crisis to be complicated by militia. No. The all the the border crisis. Was complicated. Why -- why the demolition is the cure. Hello what part of that. That is aren't great -- Now obviously they've got to behave within the law. They can't just Willy -- shoot people can't do that couldn't condone that. But when your government refuses to enforce its own laws by the way -- Jim brewer and Arizona I'll bet. When you're all government. Has reneged on its responsibilities. And its constitutional duty to protect borders in the United States. Whose responsibility does it become. Thomas Jefferson would have said it is the people's responsibility. George Washington would have said it's the people's responsibility. Ben Franklin what is said. Send a tweet to my French mistress Alexander Hamilton would have said if the duty of the Merck and people. And that's what he's malicious or -- I say god bless them. Because they're doing two things number one they are showing. Americans. That people are paying attention. That's that's huge. More importantly they're showing that the government that they're paying attention. We -- others. The government is corrupt. When the government is illegal. When the government refuses to enforce borders. Isn't it the duty of the American people to do. Now these guys are in a position to do but I guess. Most of the must be self employed. I can't exactly take a month often. Probably wouldn't be good. Well these guys are already in militias are already trained. And I probably wouldn't be allowed him. Well -- Deborah search my vacations and -- from -- but that's another story. Do you say. These militias as being positive or negative. I wanna read the article. But I have. Houston Texas militia groups in Texas and across the nation are responding to the Texas border surge. To optimists know. It's the invasion of America is not -- borders surge. George -- politics and the English language it's an invasion. It's not a border sure each. -- not -- is a seismic -- It's not a borders are each -- right then announced Wednesday. On several media outlets including FaceBook the alert to civilian militia groups includes many groups who showed up at the Clive -- ranch in Nevada. Calls on all able bodied militia members to converge on the Laredo sector of the Texas Mexico border. Amanda -- identifies himself on a national conference call as quote. -- list said their objective is to put up a man offense to prevent the illegal aliens from crossing the border area in their control. Is that it hello you root cause of pressures -- When your government will not do the job. Are we supposed to just sit back and not do anything are we supposed to condemn these militia guys for doing the job the government refuses to do. Are you say and go for militia guys or do you think -- -- stay the hell away because governments -- that it did the job protecting our borders. My thoughts are with the guys demolition. Now. Of course is based upon the fact that they don't put leaving -- -- illegal but if they do they should be arrested and prosecuted it up just like we do with all the illegals. It was a -- drivers Ed boo -- way to watch it can't Maurice was it signaled nineteen does anybody else for Robert and it was a movie. All about these graphic gory car crashes and it was like film -- was like filmed in stark black and white. And what you don't know is they used to throw water all over the place to pretend that that was one troop. Anyway AccuWeather for -- car -- system bloody enough. Look I've seen some pretty nasty ones and believe me they aren't there -- anyway it partly to mostly cloudy tonight 54 the low. Tomorrow pleasant a mix of sun and clouds 76 Sunday sunny and nice and eighty I'd love to bitch about the weekend weather but at least the forecast says it's going to be all so. Right now. It's 73 degrees at WB EM and I had just a mobile before I came into work and no that's not. -- code for something else. I actually mowed the law which I think that they know because I've got like hay fever and allergies and sometimes of this stuff gets in the my -- it makes me so I asked but fortunately that's not the case today -- -- -- So let me ask your question that's gonna drive me nuts now didn't we have to watch the driver -- movie called something like signal -- team about fatal accidents it was filmed in 1957. And everybody had Buddy Holly glasses and then they show the after pictures of the -- to in my just making that -- is that a false memory. Like a time Joseph touched me when I was -- bomb. I said it was a false memory joked you can't -- -- question is these militia groups do you support them in going down to defend our reporters I don't. As long as they don't break any laws I support that as long as they maintain the moral high ground I support them. And I want to make it real clear here folks I believe. That violence is only to be used in life as a last resort I don't like violence. I like the guy. Like so -- in godfather one. I don't like blunt now I don't like violence Tom and blood as a big expense seat that's my philosophy. If I'm going to be act violently. It is only going to be after all other options including running away. Are exhausted. And it -- -- coward I don't care I would much rather walk away from a fight. And engage in a fight just for me it's a no -- I'll get sued either way I'll get collared either way it is so it's a no win for me. And plus the last time I almost got in a -- at a bar so psyched out the guy he just walked to -- mumbling to himself that was fun -- itself. But that's another story altogether. Joke over that story. You do doctored it up there and it was fun I enjoyed it was a total psych up but anyway that's another story for another debt. The bottom line is. Is what does it militia guys aren't violent and don't go looking for trouble if they're simply defending our borders what is not why. What is they're not like they're doing. I am if I'm a steal a phrase from your government. They're doing their job and your government just won't do.

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