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6-20 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Always and everybody comes in the work every morning walk like a man my son nobody agency whose shows you're giving the city's animal bobbitt's. Show I've never understood that song I mean of course oh. -- -- listen to the radio all my life so I'm very familiar with Frankie valley in the fourth season's twelve to it but walk like a man. He sang walk like a man and he sings like a little girl never made sense. It's a Bob -- genetics does -- woman yeah that's as -- villains -- you -- Out. He made -- an issue should try a little to help them out. Always -- -- and they said -- course from will be opening days yes yes Jersey able to guess -- bucks this bubble when he got what do you and number one at the box office 22 John Street the sequel to 21 jump street. Opened at 57. Million dollars this is the biggest opening ever. Foreign. 54 million. Terrific reviews very broad audience polling. Big big hit with folks Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Insist there will not be a third film. I would imagine that every single executive at Sony Pictures. Feels differently and their filling up truck loads of money to go dump them on -- -- is to see if I can talk them into a third. At number two. Train your dragon to open with 49. Million dollars. I'm a little bit better than the first one box office wife and actually. Pretty similar which is is troublesome because usually when you have a sequel especially to an immediate filmed. The sequel opens a much bigger because it's to build more following this has gotten outstanding. Use some of the best reviews from a from audience -- year. Little darker than the first one. And word of mouth could help and have have longer legs but the folks at DreamWorks have to be a little disappointed in that opening Jeffrey Katzenberg refusal one USD card. Had he should also tried to walk like man. And usually your job more liberal front. And another nineteen million dollars is now at 163. Million dollars it is on its way to becoming Angelina Jolie's highest grossing film. And number -- the edge of tomorrow it's seventeen million dollars it is now at 57 million. After three weekends here in the US that is where a 180 million dollar budget so it's troublesome. But overseas. It's performing extraordinarily. Well. It's done a 181. Overseas so far. Tom Tom Cruise as a movie star still holds a bit more cash they overseas then. He does here it seems like his star might be cooling a little bit here in the US. And that number five. The movie for folks who were like. You know all teenagers in -- -- dreamy but. She dangers involved with terminal cancer -- just the best. For those folks were rushing to default is in their stars -- -- fifteen million dollars last weekend. It is at 81 million. After just two weeks it went from number one to number five. In its second weekend. But with twelve million dollar budget every one at the studio was there a year ago problem by how it's doing it's -- -- doors close tells them. Yeah the market arcade. Cinemas. Had their last showings. Left night actually Thursday night it was the last night of showing sport now Juan. This is the cinema seven screens that it was downtown kind of kitty corner from. Shays. Usually people part commander from the Washington street and turns. And it really is much him buffalo downtown buffalo especially. Only real movie theater I mean -- -- you have as the north park over on hurdle which is in north buffalo. And the Amherst. Theater which is on the order of hammers that's barely in buffalo there. But it is closing down the the seven screens. The biggest problem is that they say they they are just not able to -- 35 millimeter prints anymore they would have to switch over to digital projectors. Now the city has been giving them a lot of breaks to keep this cinema. Opened downtown and they they went before. The mayor's office and they said look. Can we please. Have you guys pay for the digital. Projectors so we can stay open. All we need. He's 400000 dollars or digital projector -- -- And for some reason and yeah Byron brown said you know I'm good with -- to realize what I. I he he didn't feel there's enough money and the budget there. It it is a darn shame there is talk that it may be able to eventually. Reopen their hoping that once main street. Is open to traffic once again that that might be reason to get that theater going again not only. Under this the are often over the years and is very nicely -- the people down there very nice. On. Not only has it been a good place to see movies downtown that's the only place downtown where you can get back. Gibson theater popcorn well is the finest popcorn union. I threw my arms and to hear our big code cheerleader for -- I love their popcorn I love their -- -- I will never apologized for about assessing our Cuba. -- -- -- -- Jersey boys tells the story. Frankie valley and the four seasons what recurring role did the real Frankie yeah we have. In The Sopranos. Did Frankie valley play -- Carmine -- -- as a junior. B rusty nearly all or seat to a bush -- all the Italian -- I. -- out there who paid your little bit harder because -- drove or 9875. And I don't. I have no parent was they would get a moment that's -- steroids of some that are valid through December 31 -- -- fourteenth. What about policy that it sent -- pizza pub and grill on Miller sport or on transit -- expiration date total value 43 Dollar General contest rules apply it will take a break we'll be back with a big movies hitting the big screen today the most second question -- don't film biography tells the story of Frankie valley in the four seasons. What recurring role did the real Frankie valley have in the surprise. He played rusty Emilio. Okay it wasn't double OG Asia was not gonna solve all -- -- oddly Frankie Avalon played -- gee Jack on the super big movies and a big trip we've heard a lot about this this is sort of four seasons. For the -- Jersey boys. That's birds was announced and some people thought well finally. Clint Eastwood musical which at first glance seems a little and to many people but keep in my. He started. One -- first movie's big Hollywood move it was -- wagons awful. Well yes but it was a musical I did bird he directed now which is very very eager little out of our pocket -- man not a big hit them good planned eastward on that music and it. He is written the scores for nearly a dozen. His films and he's got a lot of hits holes all every which way to loose -- easy in the bronco -- soundtrack a couple of hits off that. Now this of course is paying about the first memorize your you know that made -- and that was a big big monster play misty for me -- play misty for me and he really. -- you talk about. Somebody. Really taking that song and showcasing. It and -- big way -- murder blacks and again our job because you didn't have a whole. Here's a music video in the middle of the movie -- situation that much -- that was somewhat unusual -- This is based on the Broadway jukebox musical in which they take the story here Frankie valley and the four seasons is currently. The thirteenth longest running musical in Broadway history. And they have not one but two. -- companies that are on the road all the time playing to sold out houses. Now. Negative screening. Earlier this week -- could have attended. I didn't go wrong I opted not to go is usually. Eastwood movie when there are and I enjoy Clint eastwood's films very much. And I thought okay this is about a musical group and all that should be pretty interesting. That I found out. Before -- songs throughout the whole movie. That kind of put the kibosh and like dramatic tell you I I respect their success. I I respect that they had a very distinctive sound right. With the harmonies and all -- songs like she. Right whenever I hear that I think Frankie. Maybe you might want to call -- solutions that are brief. -- just. Mom I I find their sound a little on the green side I I think I would have to sit there and have two and a half hours. Share. But -- new. Has been so successful there is a real possibility that this could be a big surprise hit like -- meal was all the oldest. Power in this movie. Isn't really no problem he had had Meryl Streep and -- -- -- and also -- then separated and if I freed all sorts of and teams that you knew in man in there. The biggest name in this is Christopher Walken. As as a gangster now this is really much. That the approach if they go -- this. He is good fellas -- walk a line over yeah they're very much going for that Jersey mob situation. And in good fell as you had a case. -- -- Israeli ought to care here. Talking talking directly to the screen. Henry Hill which all my life I want to be gangster well in this movie you have individual members of the group. Talking to the camera and they do well and when they were gathering the immigration is Marshall Brickman who wrote the the play. The book for the musical wrote the screenplay -- well most people know him. As woody Allen's co screenwriter from movies like sleeper and Annie Hall. He found out when he was interviewing the individual members of the group that often their stories. Probably contradict each other so we decided. We'll use small cell you'll often hear differing versions of what's going on based on who is telling it. So Clint Eastwood tries to go for a dead greedy New Jersey goodfellas. EL. But. The film also falls into. All sorts. Musical biography. Cliche. -- the first time. You've got one of the guys has written -- song each other's radios around the piano they are all looking at the very first time. And they -- it perfectly absolutely perfect complicated harmonies from the very get ago. Our own there they're all watching an old movie on TV actually watching we welders ace in the hole and there's a scene in there where. Kirk Douglas. Slaps the leading lady. And one of the guys shirt he had that she cries now and one of the other ones as big girls don't. I'll go on now come -- and then the guy writes the song employees he looks at the Cameron. A little like well aren't they don't do the little. -- Particularly how much credit I didn't. Which is fine I guess it just me that's very old fashioned in the way they do as Alex -- -- movies where. Had mob ties but. So gone. Are really nice mobsters. And do for a living my guys I'm going to comment on it last night worked flipping channels around my house and we came across Hogan's Heroes. Which always amazes. My sons that the show got on the that one out and here it was topic for seven years and -- global Nazis are lovable concentrate and this is one of those situations where they're just theory nice guys. I mean there are a few a few odd things here the movie is. They use a lot of I don't wanna be by any of the four seasons note. That well that -- lot -- not had a situation here. Many Chicago audio. Well enough. But they're gonna have him be nude in the winter -- -- -- second straight day and new Internet expertise and but it's great because the language quite frankly I think it would have been better off. Getting around the language and making him work sensible to appear older audience which states it is gonna be a lot of people wanting to go see it. I'll tell you one thing good -- half of the joy of goodfellas was the pace that the music provided it's just swept -- from one scene to another with why did you have memories I mean if you can use that effectively help it's good great addition. That is one big complaint though that many people had about this film that moves very slowly it just does not have a quick pace. It is not as much a musical. As the state Cheryl was he'll he'll see that non performing songs onstage or rehearsing it. But it's not like it stops for being collaborative. Frankie valley interestingly enough is given very little personality. You hear about a lot of fairly interesting thing that happened to him but he just seems like bland likable guy which kind of makes you wonder. I'm sure I'll address today. As to what well very well thread I'm wondering how leaned up. It actually was this is also one of those movies. That ends. Again and again and again it'll get to a point where feel like it's all over you start to get up and let you know stoke on an. Managing lightening up that was nice note still going to -- -- clips from the actual four seasons. I don't believe so I don't believe so. Clint -- though. Does make an appearance in the movie. Himself the 84 year old director. Your old actor. Appears in the movie. In a clip for raw hide from let's face it certainly a lot rowdy Yates sat around watching rowdy Yates in. And he goes about his cars and his horse gets the good parking spot now well yes they're gonna -- 84. However back -- more big movies hitting the big screen new release show titles are kind of good stuff on the movie shows and above stills and -- sandy beach. Here at George Noory overnights well until -- news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and. It is the -- shows cinema Bob still tsunami sandy beach big movies hitting the big screen though we told you about Jersey boys. Next up things. Think like a man true T Ole -- And here's where do work on from walk like a man to think tank like I had so it's not and shall I am telling you. Amanda think like a man now. This all started. In in 2009. Steve Harvey wrote a book. Called act like a lady think like -- man. And successful a very nicely animated and -- fell in 2012. It surprised. Everybody including Steve Hargreaves content. It opened to 33 million dollars and actually close to a hundred million dollars very successful now. To the sequel. Was that wasn't obvious choice the first film was very much an ensemble. Cast. And all of the ensemble is back for the sequel here but something happened. Since the last film. Kevin Hart and huge hit with alarm. And about last night so they decided to hold this is about the ensemble but. Picture Kevin Hart is front. And center at all times you know what can narrate the movie Q let's just as well as all Kevin Hart here. And with -- adjustment they've really expanded so that his scenes go on a lot longer. You kind of get the feeling they they didn't really have enough. Material made sense to have become so Kevin Hart focused but that doesn't seem to bother them. All and unfortunately kind of hard in this film my guess is working from the concept of if something doesn't seem that funny. -- -- Maybe that'll give it the energy. That it needs -- in the first film you have all these these Mary's topples all of these -- assessing the people. And they all learn. Important lessons about relationships. And about themselves. So what do you do for the sequel -- They had them forget all of those lessons so they can learn them all her dad and as you know to come up with new stuff. Frankly that would be exhaust. They have a really counted. Last year arena Michael. All -- really really talented people Wendy London -- Gabrielle Union. But they're not given a lot to do we basically have a lot of lame hang over wanna be type jokes. And the movie as far as showing off to Vegas as the fallen in. At times it does kind of feel like it had been directed by the Las Vegas chamber of commerce. I have no doubt though that this movie is going to be on top of the box office. That this weekend. It may not be as big hit is the first one in the long run that this is gonna open big. And if you think boy I hope they make a third one don't war. 'cause the ending of this film is practically opening scene -- and third one -- law. Yes getting ready for our pronunciation guide and when you do these things Bob the next title is LO CKE. Is that law isn't blocking -- might you know. It's it's actually pronounced. Key. No not now. It's just lock or just -- any shock and chaos to British multi -- -- husband is named lucky. And there's an airline that a manufacturer -- Lockheed. One that spelled Pelosi yeah I guess very confused so this is just walk. This is the spelling portion of the show thank those of you working order geography when the bell rings yes. All you have geography -- I get your GPS units I. They do but the problem with geography now how to handle that with geography now -- it's actually. In in Europe and Asia and things are changing it hello. And you hold onto held under any maps. But. This film. -- star Tom hardy. Who is. A good actor he was in inception he was mean in the Dark Knight rises. He gets generally triggers in just about everything he's and and he's one of those actors who has been on the verge of major stardom for a for quite awhile now. Now before I explain exactly what this movie is yes. -- tell you. This -- very dramatic. It's pretty exciting. -- dramatic -- gotten great. Review fabulous -- Ending right over the top and there -- also this is -- tour de force. Perform a lot for Tom party. Based on to. Does that sound like something like you trust me it's absolutely. Now here's what happens in the movies in the movie itself this is I think some people might start to have a little problem. In the film. Thomas -- at a construction site. He. Gets into his. Car immediately. You don't see anybody else but him to construction site gets -- the -- -- -- talking to -- And then he starts driving to London. While talking to somebody on the speakerphone on car you know and spends the next ninety minutes. Driving and talking to various people Tom -- It's the only person you see on screen that's -- time there's there's no surrounding cast well. There is a moment. Where he in many engines. He's talking to somebody who passed away and he sees -- images we're no longer. So that's you get to see their head in the -- Annually to see Tom hardy from the chest pretty much because he's geez he's driving head and chest moving as he's driving. For this in 1980 minutes his entire life changes as ours Mary Wallace on the relationships his jobs. Everything everything. And it's all just him driving. And talking a threat and it's getting great. Great of a stage show I don't know if you need to see this in -- -- are -- are not necessary I'm pretty surround sound pretty sure two not 3-D. Today what do you like all he's not only I think he's driving at night so -- I don't see everyday. Even not even seen in that to go where. A similar situation with a movie that Ryan Reynolds did a few years ago called Berry. Where we are it was buried alive and call and is on the cell -- holder which also but it claustrophobic movie. And that upgrading interviews. And quite to the box office they wanted but. Everybody's seen it. -- I would check it out meanwhile take a break we will return of the movie show cinema Bob May sandy beach the movie shows cinema Bob and he sandy beach. Big movies hitting the big screen we've touched on Jersey boys. Think like a man who who lock and next up the rover. Yeah this. Pretty interesting picture here this is. Takes place in Australia -- stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson and of course was. One half of the the loving couple from the twilight movies and I think Robert Pattinson. Like. And Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter films. Has really worked towards finding interesting and challenging roles after the huge success of that franchise and this one is no different year. This movie has been getting mixed reviews some middle of -- really crazy. It other that is really now. Not like it all but both guys -- Robert patents and -- -- and especially are getting excellent. Write apps for their -- For their performances in this movie -- takes place in the Australian Outback. It's ten years after some sort of worldwide. Economic collapse it never quite explained. Guy Pearce is an ex soldier. Whose car is stolen. He decides. That's. I'm going after my karma stuff to people who took edit that I think that it's just for Tim off. And it's he achieves up actually with Robert patents and as a an extremely mentally challenged. Individual. Who's actually brother to one of the guys who stole his car. And a lot of it is the relationship between -- heady guard pierce and very simple minded yet still dangerous Robert patents in so. It almost has a mad Max meets of mice and men kind of thing going on has a very Aaron. God to I five almost like Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns were -- eastward. And lots of gunfire lots of life I mean people are are crucified in left for the buzzards to pick act. And war bitches brains blown out at point blank with a shotgun until almost no reason at all. Very rough violent film but to us an interesting. Interesting. Maybe the next one would be more -- liking so wrench. The alleged in the shed garden he's not just the -- she's Superman over. Man this is a documentary. That's it was my ears. The comic gotten kinda Austin Powers an inch rack and all that and he's done a client of Shep -- along with many other people. Shep Gordon started his career as a probation officer. In the late sixties just wasn't happy with -- -- visiting Hollywood. He dropped acid at a party. An argument with Janis Joplin who punched him in the face and then he started chatting with Jimi Hendrix. Who hit it off with -- pretty well. And Jimi Hendrix said to him you Jewish you should be manager. So. It sounded like -- great idea and immediately. Became Alice Cooper's manager said. -- I think that could work for you one on the committee's second person. He was managing Alice Cooper and having you. Success with Alice Cooper so who's the next person he takes on the handle and Murray. That's some merit and money is hugely successful. Underneath and you although that worked -- had Pendergraph Michael Douglas Sylvester Stallone Willie Nelson. And -- adoption he's the first person to kind developmental celebrity shot. Type thing. Relentlessly. Upbeat fellow and it relentlessly upbeat film Mike Myers. Is obviously just a huge fan. On this guy and the movie may not be that pastor -- did. Or -- structured documentary but the absolute affection for the subject shows. I'm gonna ask your question this is unscripted Bob you know -- Shep Gordon went to college and because I do. For -- All you know I know we Weatherford on him we were doing and Alice -- show -- KB were sponsoring a nymex Shep Gordon and he said that the when he was in college he was hooked and maybe -- listen to KB all the time. So you never know when when you turn the microphone was listening. But that always impressed me that Alice Cooper's manager was a big fan of warriors and that's what made him more than manage and that and Matt Silverman she asks next day because something we wish we all or Bob young and -- go to. Polls speak for itself on a shot all night. -- -- This is a film by France while. Oh well I know you're -- -- -- France -- oh yeah it's made the movie swimming pool like jewel like that over at Charlotte grant lay it back to their group and I am only pool boy -- In this film. Our lead actors here is a seventeen year old girl. She's from an affluent friendly. And she decides to become. A prostitute. All kids doesn't have a all the time here he's used to have Kool Aid stand. Yeah how many people are comparing this movie to billed as you're with. Catherine Deneuve. Except for Simon who -- no no no it's yours projectors and this one. But this movie has lots of sex lots of nudity -- school the film opens. With our seventeen year old gal taking off her bikini top and the beach and being watched closely through binoculars. By her kid brother. All the old -- and acknowledge that's a little sick. Sell a lot of people have wondered. Home verge on soft porn or just. Plain old warrant or -- I thought that she. She actually she doesn't work with the pan or anything like that she's up her prostitution business. With the site. Online -- this is why every kid you'd ever cure her that's right with a camera this bill is really. Not that interested in passing judgment. On watching guys. Just wanted to be watching as acts if you'd like to do there while she has sex to go any -- and handed out -- at all. For no reason this. The artist the cartoonist Ralph Steadman. Who. Actually was kind of -- -- Thompson's partner in crime. When he was doing fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Analog to start he -- for Rolling Stone in the seventies he has a very grotesque. It's stick on shuttling. Style of cartooning this. Saint at least circus horse newbie here. You get a nice bit of footage. Obstinate men actually at work here which appear an artist is they're always very interesting to see if there's Oprah Stedman. No no routes that this is Ralph Steadman Johnny Depp is the narrator here. You've got a lot of Talking Heads talking about like -- described kind of as punk rock. Type of cartoonist. And and one of the things you do get to find out in this film is that Ralph Steadman. Hates. Absolutely hates. Being called. A cartoonist. And what is in oh sure as a cartoonist my fellow that I just won a -- Ralph Steadman no I don't -- much money you get paid I don't care how big canvas that you worked on. Your cartoonist pal deal with it yet. Actually these are really talented guy and he is the sort of guy that you look at is his illustrations and you either call. That is wild and pretty awesome or you go oh my gosh that's disgusting outward from there are a lot of easy stuff that. We'll -- much they never had to leave it be used.