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6-20 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back good -- governor it looks like go to New York is joining the crowd got 23 state to legalize. Medical marijuana. And of that agreement should come some time today so are you okay -- that. I'm I'm thinking there's really no way not to be okay -- that if it's used a strictly for medical purposes. I don't what's the argument there when's the last time you -- about an argument -- over drug coming to the marketplace that could help people. Once it was tested and deemed safe and whatever. Does -- and his general generally no uproar over but I think just the word marijuana was here people -- meanwhile believe Pope. Is against legalization of marijuana as a big castle frank -- -- narrative was a little Fuzzy I wasn't really quite sure if I heard what I heard. Then it would also include besides recreational medical I'm not sure I heard that right. Because if it is strictly medical I'd be very surprised. That the Pope would be against that. Not saying it's impossible but I'd be surprised recreational you can certainly understand now the conditions covered. In New York's they would be cancer. HIV aids Lou Gehrig's disease parkinson's MS Huntington's. Epilepsy inflammatory bowel disease neuropathy is and damage to the nervous to issue of the spinal cord. With the objective neurological indication of the intractable. Specificity. You know I am not a doctor -- works -- -- But that's certainly a wide range of things is matter for a diamond one album neuropathy I have diabetes lots of people that have diabetes have neuropathy. Where you can't feel as you should feel. I'm donning your extremities and that's why you have to be very careful when I first was diagnosed. But we have though -- diabetes my one of things my doctor said is. I don't walk around the house barefoot people are used to doing that and oftentimes if they have neuropathy -- step on something my human culture foot and not know. Mean that's why you have to be very very careful and part of a regular regiment for diet diabetics. Our argued checks on your chairman -- -- especially. So that if this can help that that's fine and all the other things that are listed in there that's fine I don't see how anybody could come out against that I'm sure there are. But I I don't understand that in somebody wants to try to make that. Argument you're free to do it but I think they'll be a tough sell for me the other is different it's up -- you know it says it's it's a different discussion. I'll -- including it -- this because the Pope today. Came out against the legalization of marijuana we only have that full legalization. In two states Colorado Washington. But 23 states have legalized medical. I think we're seeing is the first step towards a total legalization in New York State. I think as states start to look at Colorado and Washington. I was just reading from CNN. Colorado is expected to take in a 184. Million dollars in tax revenue. For marijuana just in the first eighteen months. So I think once they start looking at bat that that's going to be BO OK we'll start with will we tip our toes in the water with the medical but then we're gonna go ahead first well I. I don't disagree with you -- now matter at all the only problem I see is that's -- that's sad. Because the reason should be humanitarian. Should be legalization. And it shouldn't be the money. Otherwise why don't we just legalize everything in taxes means that politicians I know I don't you -- That's why we see it on a lot of things. Attacks -- raise the price which would raise taxes on something and rake in the money. I think that issues like this have to be judged on merit and not on money. But I know that's very -- we've seen -- most of our lives issues are decided on money. But with a case like this I would like to see -- on merit. But I think there's certainly merit in what they're gonna do now let's go to what Todd in buffalo Todd -- on WB yeah. -- -- -- First of I think they should be legalized. Just totally okay it's where OK it's a prostitute -- aren't going our going to be here forever. And I don't go to many bars that have people smoked pot no app. And personal smoke we. I was in college okay whatever. But it in the poll. Recreational. And alcohol -- Iowa it's a huge drug absolutely sure. Recreational like oh well. Additional. Why that why is why it is part of the mass. It's traditionally used that -- Can absolutely. Want. Didn't convert someone well there are no specific ethnic people out there and they -- you know Vatican should be. It's the most corrupt that they in the world. Can it tell us what to do. Do what's right what's wrong article wrote it worked honestly had no harm to people there -- smoke. I'm -- -- so it's all bet that the smoltz had by. Hopefully mother in a coma. Arm. Pitch at the cult murder. Worked well boy with masks but little boy or little. Problem. -- -- you know the medical side -- I think. It has a very strong case the other. And as far as the pope's concerned by the way I can certainly give his opinions will be able or Catholic. But there's nothing forcing. Law passed allowing full legalization is on the forcing a Catholic to use marijuana. As opposed to a law that says you have to do somebody. I think you you preached here flock and it's up to yielded there's a bit to make your case of them but I think everybody else is entitled to their own opinions. Just one other -- quick you don't smoke I know that you know I don't smoke -- if people like it did today. I want to distort it and we know no okay so eager for is building a circle across the street from her out that the leader Google Earth. Yeah I Dunkin' Donuts -- It could go for Duncan on a -- -- -- -- -- -- I know what you're saying and I think you make a lot of sense. Thank you thank you very much. You know what surprises me this has nothing to do with the real issue. Is that you know if if you're under treatment by a doctor for whatever. And there's a medication for it and you can't use that medication for some reason. -- usually another medication that you can use. That will get to the same results I'm really surprised that there's nothing in the doctor's bag or the pharmacy shelf. That does the same thing as medical marijuana. Then you know not a pharmacist but it seems so strange that there's only one thing that they used to treat that. And that would be the medical marijuana because if there were alternatives -- on the alternatives being used. But if you see these heartbreaking stories special -- kids who have seizures and things. If there was something else on the drug shelf or in the doctor's a bag. That could treat it why is that not being used or is medical -- marijuana the only thing that contributed. Boy if we have any medical professionals doctors pharmacists whatever listening. I would love to know the answer to that because it seems that -- Lanka after going through. Seventeen years a bigger caregiver for someone would have the leukemia. That there are lots and lots of alternative. Things used when you can use one but. Apparently this is the only one will be back and that would like hear from -- newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah well it looks like we're getting medical marijuana in New York State. Very strictly regulated medicinal only -- that's the end of that a story so I think that's a good thing. Because anything we can do to help people in need a medically we should do it's going to be very tightly regulated. Meanwhile on the other side of the coin the Pope. Out of the Vatican today as though -- condemn legalization of marijuana specifically. As they have -- in Colorado Washington. And address casino over of Frankel sounded a little ambivalent about really shore. What she said regarding the pope's attitude toward medical marijuana which is a different ballgame altogether. But will get that straightened out of that -- through. Meanwhile personally probably very pleased today is -- Deanna analog port here on WB Indiana. I'm fine is this a good day for your -- Well I have to tell -- I'm very excited. And I -- Precious son is funny your soul. Handful or funny I figured out he's been. Hitting very serious. Epileptic seizures it expects about it and he's ultimately we -- it either side -- for -- And he has and that in the areas. Epilepsy. Medications. All those. And we're planning this out syndrome I'm not saying there's amber at the Arctic. In -- The golden. Well wonderful thing when it -- it works. And I'm not saying that medical marijuana will deep but the hope that it could be is actually wonderful. And clean and limits out there and make it seems FIR and still what. Let the pulpit saint incidents that because I don't believe that he has auditors ending but just looking at it from the respective -- I don't think they are Catholics -- listen to everything the pope's intent that they anyway I mean I don't think that they are very many people that there -- actress option. I know some very wonderful coming -- please. -- you know I'll meet you guys have experience should or shouldn't certain. I don't like you go out there but I mean it's flat stop them from you know being great fishing camp but it's better -- and that's and that's -- Actor virtually nothing that I really have any business even. Well I've seen many many their cases we've heard of many cases. Where people are does that define this as a great hope. Four row for treatment but one question that I had and got nothing to do with the legalization of us. Almost every every medicine that I'm familiar with has an alternative if you can take a certain thing or it's not effective for you. Is is this like your last hope you said you being treated for other with the other medicines that were not effective. Well. Not what -- -- -- -- medicine that I need to see you're a little bit -- -- and has access mentally. Posted 200 different types to see it that day and Al hunt really well he's he's he is really really. Really serious and he -- A wonderful. Wonderful wonderful young nannies and I get. But this summer and worked at Madison that he's has made things. Better but without them lately it would be very -- severe. Side. Have you read have have you read any information that says that did this would be helpful in in the his ailments. Or is it just so hope and prayer event of this will work where others have been totally effective. It's my understanding that a lot of children attacks that out -- of -- that it is helping them good. This year -- Something that I'm praying for I at a recent discussions with I had my friend -- just. And we discuss -- -- access all the tips and -- it medications. Most of them are featured as one of the -- attacks. -- this well one of the side effects could be cedar. You know -- as far as I'm concerned perhaps I. You're worth -- -- well we. Rule we hope that to your prayers are answered and this is the first step let's hope they get at the market as swiftly as possible and good luck who. -- for your Sunday and I thank you for your call -- While it's gonna be really tough. Thinking there was there might be something out there to be very helpful she said some form of 200 seizures a day. Can you imagine that. Can imagine how debilitating that can be I can imagine and I don't want to have to imagine that it's going to be terrible. And any hope that would come into the horizon like this let's hope that this works and is very effective. We're asking whether you're OK with the medical marijuana to be honest radio I would be dumb founded. If somebody wasn't okay -- that. It will what's the difference between not being okay -- that are not being -- it would penicillin. It this would not be used for pleasure will be used for treatment and definitive treatment where other things have not worked. So I say them more power to them let's go to work Tom Tom there on WBBM. You know it it is a pain killer go don't have much time here as of yet -- -- -- white he had. With a small percentage handful of people who work in the real -- needed him it'll help some. You know what it's going to be happy that they thought anything -- -- is that -- -- their research but it's going to be you know it's really -- or not remains to be seen yet though. I don't Don clinical trials on this or not but it you know. The -- myself OK but I'm sure they said but. As I told the call screeners system that the painkiller maybe it's not appropriate but it is the painkiller as a vehicle form and it's -- You know another black market -- on the street like Laura said. Well what do you suggest. I -- carried awaited the latest -- additionally trying to upgrade -- their government some badly needed maybe you might need it. Yeah I have never -- one of the one of the things that at a zoo is Florida's neuropathy is and I have neuropathy sobero but one. Does anybody could fine but on the other and it might just be put it another go out there that can be addictive on the street. Well we'll find out I I have not read anything on the addictive. Aspect of this and we'll see where that goes we'll keep informed of orbit together thank -- People who obviously. Would be affected by medically. Perhaps are a lot further along the curb and most of us I'm not really familiar. I do know that it does it does work. With some people some people have moved to Colorado on Washington. To help improve the condition of the patient whether the child and adult. So that'll say something if think about it think about selling your house and moving. And leaving everybody and and everything behind major familiar with to get treated with of this. And now it's going to be available here think of happy you would be about that moment I may take a while in fact there are some who criticized on that too long. But every journey starts have been -- first step and I didn't make up. It does and so this is the first step. Let's hope it gets signed it's over again it's the marketplace and is helpful for those who need it will be back we wanna hear from you don't. Will be the 23 state. To legalize. Marijuana for medicinal purposes only very strictly regulated as a seven year sunset clause and it's who by the way. Would have to be renewed at the end of that clause. And the Pope is against legalization of marijuana is not really crystal clear -- means medicinal as well as recreational boat. Assume that goes so give me your thoughts on an Israeli and a thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free. It's done very original free line is more. 616. And two police. And and -- and three outs. And I'm. Good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that governor and I'm sending short talking about a big day -- New York State as -- become the 23. State in the union to. Legalize medical marijuana this is medical only -- tightly regulated it's sunsets seven years from now I would have to be renewed. On -- make no mistake about it this is not for pleasure this is for treatment. And so we -- know if you're OK with that sees no reason why should shouldn't be -- -- it went. Are you okay -- -- -- the Pope. Read or the -- little piece here on the pole. Because he has not specifically mentioned medical these talking I think mainly about recreational pot. We could find out and includes medical Pope Francis came out strongly against the legalization of recreational. Drugs on Friday keyword recreational. The pontiff told members of a drug enforcement conference meeting in Rome. -- even limited attempts to legalize recreational drugs are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint but they failed to produce the desired effects. Pope France's as frequently railed against the evil of drug addiction. And he's met with addicts in several occasions last month -- -- in next door to his a native Argentina. Approved selling marijuana cigarettes in pharmacies and recreational marijuana is legal. In Colorado on Washington. But we heard a reporter. And I'm really still not clear as to whether. She brought that position and on medical marijuana as well but for now we know recreational as a different subject for. A different than mine mindset. But if you have somebody in your family that could use this kind of treatment. I assume it's a very happy day let's go to and a Grand Island and you're on WB again. I. My daughter and -- them and I've read stories other. Parents who -- Medical marijuana for autism and it helped -- the behavior and it even around beat Kirkuk. My daughter is non verbal and only kind that he had speech it would achieve then on and about it. Don't know what the connection. But maybe that and our medical marijuana would give that same connection to our brain that -- neat. Has any idea as any doctor or medical professionals told you that. If if we do get this legalize it could be helpful or is it just from a reading in and getting that information. And -- meeting yet but I've tried many supplement let her kind of finds that -- that -- unlock her beach and I haven't found it. This might work that might not I don't know but I'm willing I want to feel right to try. Here's a little hope gives us something through dudes who were reach out for. Well good -- good -- TOY vote so you're going to be happy with his ruling on May take awhile to get to the market but at least it's in the process. I don't understand that at all. Because it is available on other states it can easily be -- and set up here within our -- particular company Kirkuk are selling well. Yeah how would that we're talking about about putting it out for bids and getting. X amount accompanies an increase of five or six. I was to start growing at whatever it's it's there if you pardon the expression a grassroots project. But as as you said I mean it's legal now in Colorado Washington but there might be laws that restricted coming across state lines here. I'm not sure about that but that would be the only hold -- like NC. It it. Ally then outlaw had been. And should be reciprocal but to give you an idea. Like even something as simple as a pistol permits not simple but. There's not a lot of reciprocity between new York and other states. A New York doesn't recognize anybody's other license so it wouldn't surprise me. If this bill says that it has to be grown within the state borders and regulators here and not imported by -- from another state I don't know led to be true. But I'm thinking the way New York thinks that usually part of a deal. Back then that means every other drug that we have has to be back here in the in New York. Well not necessarily they could be certified for fifty states but what I'm saying is New York is very protective of that kind of stuff so maybe that's why it's gonna take that long. I'll go over the information again but -- guy I I hope it gets the market and I hope your daughter is help -- this thank you very much. They covered conditions. Compartment are cancer. HIV aids. Lou Gehrig's disease parkinson's. Multiple sclerosis Huntington's disease epilepsy inflammatory bowel disease. Neuropathy which a lot of people have neuropathy by the way. Some don't even know what you may have and not know it. The only usually feel it with a tingling in your tolls and things like that where you lose the year ended a fractured balance so violent. It where you'll lose -- sensitivity. That you would normally have there with neuropathy. Ended damage of a nervous tissue of the spinal cord with the objective neurological indication of intractable and trapped. Intractable. With society OK now you know lime -- white couldn. Doing commercials for drugstores. But -- -- that's a great hope. It's great hope and I can't imagine I've seen. When they were considering this earlier in the session saw several. People whose children specifically. There's great hope for that with seizures which has had a caller ten minutes ago said. -- ever wrote a child has 200 a day. Can you imagine that at different forms different kinds. About 200 day. Our Chris we have some of FaceBook posts why don't we do a couple of your please. This one comes from -- is that we should go further images medical marijuana we should legalize all drugs entity controlled substances act. And and regulate them the same it would it would alcohol are so he's in favor of everything -- balls on the wall it's opened the doors I got another one. This one is from -- I think this is a crazy idea I saw a story recently. Retreated -- -- -- medical marijuana and that is just outrageous well to be honest with you. I here's the disconnect idea. Forget marijuana in you -- Ching Chong bill. Forget marijuana indie movies at rent the movie I'd bet that habit contrasting -- with title where the guy takes its first marijuana cigarette angles insane. I have the movie that I camp and her -- Bobble or get here into the movie -- in. In a few minutes and it's kind of like fun to watch. -- -- -- I don't know anything about drugs but. He takes like a couple of -- and he goes insane. He becomes just that an animal it's very -- thing came on the fifties right out you know. I can't think of general but I evident. And so for that of that aspect of it. Why is that it that drugs are either natural or synthetic or whatever. And people know they go through clinical trials and as and they find out if if they're effective what the side effects are Bobble block and they bring them to market. When's the last time you heard. About any drug being brought to market after going through the process of what it takes to get the market would have been outrage against the I mean the only time we hear it is like the idea of the morning after pills something like that at the bottom up. The morning after -- A son you know there was a lot of furor over the app without that came in from a from France or whatever Bob the one way video reefer madness. Reefer madness that -- -- -- moderates who gave them PNC's I'm getting to the point now where I don't even need -- tell people. The movie answer just seeing this brings it to my -- is our desire is out of fine. Fine documentary. When Matt came out because I have it and people buy it now for comedy is where it's hilarious. The first semis I I I laughed and I don't think about drugs at all. How is that received when it came out requirements. It it was treated as. -- hole holy cow on has to have an OK why this could happen to me because often in a lot of movies. Especially comedies -- Drugs would show up. Of that air aloft and didn't know much about what they were like there is in. -- 1917. Charlie Chaplin movie easy street. Somebody accidentally sits on a needle filled with heroin or you've got a -- CNET. In chaplin's modern times in 1936. There's a very funny cocaine -- what you know movies for instance it was not take him lightly Robert Mitchum smoke pot and out and it really government to big trouble. It it did that but it also gave him a certain amount of indie cool crowd. That. Just served him well in somewhere yeah a lot of musicians. And not obviously. Robert Mitchum. Is smoked enough pot that. Really that much attention to other Robert -- that might hurt his career that much I don't know Wednesday viewers. I mean that that stood out -- one but there's a big difference between being. A cool tough anti hero like Robert Mitchum as opposed to say finding out that Art Linkletter smoke or how that would have been a little more across. Some kids say the darnedest thing I'll say yeah I thanks Bob -- -- reefer madness I have it it's hysterical. It's really funny if they don't watch it tonight. Because I as soon as it was a real life I sent for. Think I got to see this numbers -- -- will take a break will be back with more with -- -- company if I ask you -- -- against penicillin. Is -- one of course I'm not. If I ask you again -- are you against and I named a drug or are commonly used drugs and now. But for some reason the word marijuana it just scares a lot of people off and sold the medicinal purposes of medical marijuana. Not not recreational but medical. And highly regulated that's so that's what's gonna happen here in New York as we become the 23 state to adopt that. I have no problem at all no problem if its use of medically treat people who have had no relief from others. The as I said the only thing that surprises me is I always thought there were lots of alternative. A medications if you couldn't take one when you have an allergic reaction to one there's another it is counter. I just like you have vote. Aspirin in non aspirin idea Tylenol and aspirin for headaches I can't take aspirin I have to take time -- these kinds of things. Are always available and so I'm really surprised are not alternatives to medical marijuana bottom dollar. I'm not a doctor -- not a drug it's a not a -- I don't know also a medical marijuana OK with that but. How about the Pope a Pope is a spoken out today. Against legalization of marijuana now not specifically. Medical marijuana because I think that will be -- hard position. For the Vatican to take if something was very helpful -- children -- have a -- woman said 200 seizures odd day. If -- help people like that. I don't see the I think for humanitarian side. Of the Pope and the church would do which show up and BO OK with that but I could be wrong let's go to stand in Rochester stand -- on WB yen. And -- I totally agree would you and the governor. Medicinal marijuana. Do you know how many people kill themselves every day and boom and it's perfectly legal. And Tibet goal and it's perfectly legal look it'll be a controlled substance -- -- -- a tax rolls. It'll be the quality will be there and there rehab can be built right into the price and regardless you'll get up and. Well it seems like it's going to be very tightly. Tightly regulated and because there are 22 states in there ahead of us I'm sure we've learned some lessons from them as how roll this thing now. Well I totally agree I mean come on and the idol I had more -- -- not more on behalf at -- It actually -- -- -- detectives -- again. Oh yeah how well yeah. -- boos of course so oh so you're taking a common sense stand as I am -- them perfectly okay what an impact welcoming at -- you Pakistan. The -- program according to Tom precious from page above windows will not be effective release eighteen months. And by the time growers and dispensers. Are selected in competitive bidding programs. And that's what I'm thinking about. New York likes to keep things internal if they can. Competitive bidding programs and the plants are grown it could be as long as three years reform of medicinal. Marijuana can be dispensed. Like the woman said why can't they just get some from Colorado. Or Washington. Where it's all legal. And I don't know the answer that unless it's there's there might be licensing issues. The might be an importing -- importing from another state may not be part of what this loss as we can do I don't know it's it's all being rolled out. In the in the near future it's going to be signed today if it's not already signed this morning. So we'll see where that goes but I'm just thinking if you can help those kids why not. It would be heartbreaking to know what's there and we can't have it in I've seen. A new stories on families and New York moved moved to Colorado and Washington for treatment are aggressively couple of a FaceBook post please. This is from our friend -- Hamilton and he says I am not in favor of medical marijuana legalization in this state we may actually save money. By doing what other states do to give their citizens the care they need. And as a busting at the states that will do -- for the well that's a bit surprises me to be honest I'm -- a position does that surprise you don't. Yes it doesn't completely disagree with them yeah that's that's really unlike its kinda -- yeah it's kind of it's very unlike Kim so. I mean if you ask me to guess what can Hamilton's position would be. I would I would not have guessed that. It was sure was relieved and Hamels and as -- Definitely was because I saw that he posted no if you think about it. You use what family wants to get away from their loved ones take you know it was sick child whatever it is to go somewhere else to be treated in there away from their family yeah. At -- -- it's -- the other schoolmates or family or neighbors or friends -- support system their doctors to go into a strange state. Of either Colorado Washington. To be treated are they to commute back and forth -- they move there it's. That's that's shocks me will -- -- with Kansas. I was she was sitting here because we can debate it we're reminding throw something. Our -- got there. This is from Amy she says I think legalization will benefit people who suffer from chronic pain. However legalizing recreational pot would be hypocritical mistake especially when you consider how heavily they push to ban tobacco. Well EI it's it's a matter of here's what it changes minds taxation should change is changing money money money money money. And you -- you're already hearing out of Colorado Washington always you know it's going to be a windfall -- it already has been a windfall. In taxation I hope whatever decision is made -- Rick beyond the medical marijuana is made for the right reasons and not just -- -- more taxpayer dollars. All right the movie is a movie show is next and -- I'm Bob will be joining Amazon is greater than thirty WB it.

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