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6-20 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello does region governor -- -- -- got a lot to talk about today. Including for those of you looked on the World Cup you may enjoy watching it you may enjoy your rooting for your favorite same. But I don't know how much fun to be playing in the World Cup simply stands some other teams ban. Sex. During the tournament I. What card game is that anyway. Mean I have the information here aren't -- to it in a moment but somebody -- some other countries do not allow their players have sex during the tournament. Now right now we know why you Tony is a big fan I'll vote a soccer. I know why don't -- play soccer. Oh yeah I did where you allowed sex what you were planning or soccer or you band you're gonna save up all your energy and well as the difference between -- Albion and engines and just -- yeah like the stock market you can either be all and or nothing -- you know it's funny is about you know these coaches are going on the assumption that -- the rumor that. Sacks weakens Yahoo! and -- -- -- -- -- just somebody I noticed. In fact they say testosterone levels rise after -- sex. So we're gonna get into that. I had no kinda know kind of suggestion here that. You should or shouldn't have sex from from our microphone that's up to you we're gonna leave it to you yeah however I have something. Some that this story. May gather some cheers and some people may dump them that's a great idea. But the more I think about it I don't think it's great idea and I think Harley-Davidson are really give us some spot aren't. What you gotta know is a Harley-Davidson's. Been around forever and ever and ever. And originally. They were driven by bad passes OK and and and we're going to and do bad -- things on their Harley's. Whole thing changed that another call the 1% -- -- there's 1% of people are so bad yes but most people are just regular people like you wouldn't Meehan. And your uncle -- all right. And they're very you know very well respected people right -- now there and there are good by accident and I had one for about seven years. And -- address -- totally enjoyed it worked in Milwaukee. Where Harley is located in fact our radio stations on capitol drive which is where Harley is. And so it's on the same street. And they love there is a bear and they love the -- around the world and but if you're gonna wanna enjoy good motorcycle that's a good motorcycle enjoyed however you've got to know. What people like the bottom first of all they like the image. Harley-Davidson very well known okay. They like the attitude -- always had an and -- -- And they liked the sound of them Harley wants tried to. Two a copyright or pat and I get those two things mixed up. The sound that -- exhaust makes and the way it was described in the court case was potato potato potato. Once you hear -- Harley yeah it doesn't sound like anything else and nothing else sounds like that. It's not like a super bikes -- with a high you know. I kind of sound it's it's totally germane to Harley-Davidson. When you know the coming out with. And electric motorcycle. Now let me say this. Because it's an electric vehicle doesn't mean it won't perform. Allow me in a Porsche Gaza as an electric car very expensive but they have won -- mock anybody's socks off. But the bottom line is I don't think people by Harley's for performance are really don't. They've -- because they enjoy -- they're comfortable. They -- sightseeing and soaring in things like that they don't buy them to bring him to the track and race them although you can race -- and and I knew a couple of people raced for Harley when I was in Milwaukee and that's fine but most people don't okay. And here's the deal the sound is going to be different than potato potato potato because it's it'll be an electric engine. The -- -- performance numbers are pretty impressive. Zero to sixty in less than four seconds. All right to give -- an idea. A Nissan GTR. With Asia I've had. Very fast so blow anybody's socks off that's two point nine seconds okay two point nine seconds. And this is fortunate and so -- its -- That that much difference the sixty miles an hour okay. But it's going to sound according to miss a report here like a jet plane. Now something sounding like a jet plane may be cool I think our performance cars summing like a jet plane might economical. But motorcycle is one of the things to worry about if people don't seal and they don't hear you. It has been about yeah yeah yeah it's on the run off the road on his on his -- And his motorcycle and here's what happens here is what happens if they don't. Here you and they don't see you accidents happen. So this may be cool and a second finger it's not gonna make it cool. Is that you're going to let's say. It's a limited range. A 130 miles before you have to recharge but the recharge things faster than with cars the recharging is thirty minutes to an hour. So he could certainly do that a break except if you're in some rural place you might be a Montana. Somewhere or Wyoming or something trying to find a charging station -- your. Your Harley so I think the combination of them not sounding like potato potato potato. Of the fact that they have a limited range. Yes sounding like a -- -- -- with some things but I don't think it's gonna work remarks I really don't. I think they'll get people wanna have something because it's new and different. But if there if they really think that the future of their motorcycles are electric I think they're making a big mistake when you. Huge mistake I was reading up on it last night effect -- tell when my friends and posted the article on there it's not a bad looking a bike it looks -- sharp. My curiosity is the weight. And how much that the battery in that battery -- compared to. A regular assignment unit -- and they had with the sound if this sounds not there people are not going to flock to hide it. Of motorcycle part of the fun of a motorcycle. Is the sound of the exhaust and when your (%expletive) going through the gears. And I mean that's that's exhilarating. Especially Hartley -- has a very distinct sound so if that's sound is gone and the you can only go so far reported the recharges. I think it will be a novelty item but if they're putting big bucks and it RE I would not if they asked me to invest and I wouldn't know a window because a special Harley if you wanted to some full full brand may be given -- try it doesn't make -- different than everybody else. But not with our Davidson Harley Davison has roots. And they have expectations. And people wanna hear -- -- they want to hear -- like it's supposed to sound an electric in it and be like Jack Daniels coming out with an alcohol free you are now exact -- something like interest and now. So that's that I mean that's amazing. And so if you think going without the sound of the motorcycle is bad how about going without sex. Yeah that's what they're talking about with some -- playing. AMP World Cup. And apparently be World Cup is not running over with something. Will be back to tech talk about dedication wanna grow to be a soccer player you may -- reconsider it. Will be back after this now does this feel like things go by so fast once we get warm weather will what we're in the lousy weather than drag power. Power power but as soon as we hit but warm -- days and weeks go by you know what's coming up not that the apartment now. Taste a buffalo I mean I can't believe this there's just flying by. Brenda a lacy from -- is buys that's what she's writing about on the this week's blog if you go WB and outcome. Taste is a July 12. And July 13 that's it and they're gonna have things like -- -- a little different funding by the fork full that's an -- that's a good title. Sixty eateries seventeen new restaurants all kinds of good stuff. What else is new this year the family freebie. I'm Tony is a veteran high school I'm surprised she still lives there I thought she'd go run on somebody by the police but. That's going on. And go be sure where your next year and you're expendable pants bring a college Wear these again lie down after after digging out. But it's a lot of vote lot of fund a taste of buffalo July 12 the thirteenth Brenda has more information. On the on her blog. Also he could hear her show from mom mostly it's an attempt 3211 o'clock on fifteenth when he on Sunday morning check that out. But taste already. Now here's the deal oppose that you'll love soccer. Some of the teams have rules governing. These are countries now they have rules governing sexual activity of their players. Now woods don't you say they it's a myth even as a method doesn't -- -- Chris what event. I've heard that it was also met some of these teams though. Some teams like guys that I'd have a piece up about the Brazil team -- They can -- sex is no acrobatics yeah I don't know -- there -- our climate and -- you would think retail is a -- of acrobatic -- next that they want to that is all stories and Mexico -- the flying you know opposed. I would think that that would be -- the -- sex is permitted on these teams. Germany Spain. The United States Australia Italy Netherlands Switzerland your way and England. However it's -- you can't have it at all on these teams. Russia Bosnia. Hers ago her card are newer and we Herbert goes arena -- Herbert Charlene and her -- -- who wants hold of their again six. Chile and mix and Mexico no sex at all. -- the rules are complicated. In France you can have sex but not all night. Tony you'd fit right in France and you can look and see what people on the on Tony's wife wants him to really on the radio. So she does not allow sex before -- Or after -- but I'm just saying sometimes in the weekend -- during the show. At least that week to watch but I meanwhile went our weekends are days where the suns. A whole birthdays when there are stars in the sky when it's cold down with Brazilian can have sex but not acrobatic -- Costa Rica you can have sex until the second round. Out of I don't watch. Our car. Is okay gets does that around and it's them. -- it's fun fun fun. Nigeria. You can sleep when your wife but not when your girlfriend. So that's edit your married. I hopefully you're on both of them but if you're married you can sleep with your wife. But if you're -- from with the -- on the trip forget that Kendra -- The rules for the remaining teams are unknown. The two most common concerns about pregame Sachs are that it would make a player tired and weak. -- affect him psychologically. Or job. I think a lot of it is more likely to affect you psychologically. Or let's say like I have wild crazy sex agreed to -- generic. Rio de Janeiro or I can put these shorts on and kick a ball on the field and maybe score once which is more than I can do have have the team doesn't allow. Docomo on what kind of a choice would that be -- no choice at all. Many coaches and athletes believe that abstaining from sex bills up aggression. So that's I mean that's the fun. Should I study showed testosterone increases after sex. After three months without sex which is not uncommon among some athletes. Of the testosterone. Dramatically drops to levels close to a child's level. So yeah -- I think -- they should have a new campaign sex for now. You know what I mean you know instead of them milk moustache how about guts -- Like that -- like -- -- -- models Wear -- man that there. The note but they work for I think the -- A natural promotional tie in what it thank. I think so there was April sports science program on I'm not too long ago and tactical boxer. And they put that theory to task and they found that. After sacks that his numbers were much batter you know they were able to test and is so different ways that if he didn't have. But there's also you know as well as do all he surveys there's all kinds of asterisk is it would Pam Anderson and Joan Rivers I mean it makes a difference. While we'll do some limited access somebody they showed you did have an attractive -- life that he yeah they usually do yes but it was a I know I I don't know I don't I don't I think -- bare room they're off of their normal. Ruled -- this idea I think patiently -- what -- and I got a feeling that the players are probably not paying attention you've thank you think maybe who signed a pledge and then you would violate that Blatche then you look at somebody like he scores the winning goal in the game. Yea he's probably gonna meet somebody after I thought this no honey I've got to save myself for the second round and what do you think that. Makes buying. -- I. Like that. You know we have that deal and our -- from the original and didn't yet have you gotta do three newscasts in a row. Would do without any mistakes in order to have sex that day did you that's a that's a new rule. I think that's good and evil and now -- -- -- -- and put it. He's gone. To close -- what went backwards moron beads and nobody hang in there we gets on the users are allowed. Well I mean not having sex differences. Maybe get used to it. -- I don't think that's something you wanted to use. Back remote beach company under great and I thirty W via. -- home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WB yeah. We're back where did you go -- -- this story before it gets started. It's amazing people often question cats verses dogs the united doesn't have to be either or are like dogs but I like cats better OK and I have cats. A pet dog so now I've cats and and -- the these cats are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for OK I have Lucy and Ethel -- -- Bengal cats are very athletic cats. And their pictures are all over our FaceBook page and you can see them. -- is the older ones she's nine. I have though is that we weasel and and their very very intelligent. How Smart -- yesterday I was sitting in the sun room in reading and getting some stuff done -- selling some electronic equipment. And so I had a receiver box. On the floor and there was nothing in it because the receivers -- up to the speakers and then -- about asylum the whole thing okay. So there's an empty receiver box at its heavy duty cardboard. And it's got four flaps on. And I'm sitting there and I see I see -- goal over to the box and she's looking at it like cats are very curious curiosity you know. And suddenly I see I'm not making this up cause you can't make it up. I see she starts -- head getting it under one of the flaps that she puts her pawned it there and lifts the flap public it was a hand. All right then she jumps up while the flap is still behind her body now she still got three flaps there. That would get a keeper from getting in the box three flaps are. Now she uses are taught us to keep that one flap that she's already open open and she's facing the other three. Now what does she go she puts one -- on -- Wright flap which is under the other side. And one -- under the last flap and lifts them up I'm making this up. She let's come up and gets in the box now if you think that's good. She's a box now and one of the flap is still up OK the other as a kind of come over. She -- it now. She got the box and if I did not see when he and bush was in the box she was totally in the box she lifted. Four flaps to get in there three of them kind of flat back and you reached around him and took the fourth one down. Now I didn't wanna get up and try and recorded because I've got to might smoker and she wouldn't do it. But that's incredible. I mean -- and there might jaws dropping because you know you could see it was a monkey or somebody that cat doing minutes. Have you ever seen anything like that no. I was just amazed and I was so sad I didn't have my phone. And have my iPad would make as I could have easily shot video on a and posted it but. Knowledge I don't do it again and a hundred years probably not but while I was. So whether a lot smarter than most people would give them credit for. Are I'd I'd do have a void now for journey and Steve Miller now that that's going to be a good concert in this next week. If you like to go and see a 6449875. Random caller will win. Tickets to see Johnny and Steve Miller next Tuesday Jones -- bar at 6:45 -- -- am -- performing arts center. The value is a hundred dollars courtesy of live nation general confidence. Rules applies so that's the name of that -- that Doug good doubleheader concert armed conflict and did we hear anything from Backstreet. A boy. No he didn't it was why nobody who's -- who's kind of chuckling when he came in as you're talking about it that. One the other employees was probably going to give him. -- -- Time and we're hoping he would -- now we're hoping that a -- beamer. If you just looked at Joseph -- America. Critical. In us or against us walks around sandals insurers look like he could be -- Miami Beach and up the -- you know wears pink shirt is pink shirts. Want to say and he's big into sports huge market he went to see The Backstreet Boys. And and not only that we're gonna keep a secret because we think that's pretty shameful but -- -- -- a secret but he put it. He posted it and we're hoping that the person he works with Tom would really get after him for now I don't know if you didn't. No matter I have in her I'd like. And Christian thanks very cleaver -- leave -- comments on exactly picture now he never replied to them again understand it ranged. -- you maybe it's a susteren transplant I'm willing to donate are you planning to Christie's. I would gladly -- yeah. If we -- to donate your -- or eight testosterone. Blatant males doing this show. The least we can do is help on our afternoon counterpart. You have to define more testosterone than any Paul Graham and we have to -- -- they really -- -- -- they requires that I. I know with me it's a personal issue with me I demanded otherwise it is too hostile. That's that's where I -- permit idea I could play soccer. I don't do. -- -- -- -- -- Ball or run. Or anything like that had metabolic trap had the ball over our head the ball yeah I don't know that know so -- us. -- now there is and I conversation for a long time and it looks like it's a done deal about medical marijuana -- in New York State. Now first of all let me -- just them would always do our disclaimer. I I'm not so much into information on drugs whatever. I don't do drugs never have I don't really care about march. I understand people's arguments on on all sides of the issue regarding drugs but. But -- certainly am not a knowledgeable guy with this however I am -- a logical guy. Medical marijuana in the deal that they -- that they've struck here with the governor. Is strictly medical OK it's not recreational. It's not taken for pleasure it's taken -- for treatment. And I'm thinking that there's no opera or when any drug company brings a new drugs on the market. By the time a new drug comes -- a market. It's already been clinically tested. It's. Approved by the a drug -- BA. So that it comes at a market and it's assumed to be safe for -- under most circumstances and there's always an informational packet. To tell you what the side effects might be or what have you. Seeing that this is strictly medical marijuana I don't see and I've heard a lot of compelling cases. About people who have children and they could very very much used part of what's going to be legal now. And and there are there heartbreaking. And I'm thinking if it's medical. What's the problem there is -- in my mind a problem if it's strictly medical. And it's governed by the same rules of medicine joins our -- recreational marijuana that's a different story but this is medical. So I would have no problem -- this at all and out from the heartbreaking stories and I've heard. I can't see how somebody could say no I'm against that it's like -- singer against penicillin. Or you're against that the commonly used -- drugs do to treat ailments of mankind. To me it's another medical. And other medical source and other medical avenue for treatment of people who need it. And I have no problem with that at all we come back we'll explain what the state law -- say -- also. The Pope is being heard. The from the Vatican about. Legalization of marijuana he's talking about legalizing a period so it can be used for anything that's a different aspect of it than this. But we'll get him to both of those we come back on news radio I'm thirty W via and the right to collect cats -- what what surprised me was best. The whole thing surprised me -- Usually when you see that cat trying to do something -- one of its -- it is pushing down. OK they're pushing down on pushing it toward them. You very seldom will see a cat. Put his or her paw underneath something. In lifted up but the way she had -- set once she got her -- underneath those two sections. And have her head down their true as she would move forward. Just the fact the positioning -- applause opened up those flaps. So ingenious I think maybe it wasn't a grand plan. But that's Sawyer worked out and I wish I hadn't done. And video it would be one of those things that people don't like to see nationally. Are right his or talking about an agreement has been reached on his consigned to dispose resigned this morning. On no medical marijuana. And so we're going to look at two different issues one -- medical marijuana and and the other is just legalization of marijuana period. One person that's against that is -- Francis who just came out and you know not that long ago he's mentioned it before obviously. Condemning it. But this medical marijuana thing as I said before. There's never any a furor about -- -- drugs that have been tested and approved Vick come out to treat different ailments. But for some reason just the word marijuana. Spokes and enough people that. Even though you've seen children that desperately need the extracted comes from it and and things like that. And they still don't wanna but let me give you love Tom precious is view. It says New York -- from above one of those will become the 23. State in the nation to legalize medical marijuana. And -- He assigned are probably as we speak. But some advocates people have been pushing for this say it's too limiting. And we'll take too long to implement for patients who cannot wait for a couple of years. It could take a -- for the doctors can be prescribing it. And in fact we've we've heard voices on the early morning news. Saying that the agreement expected to receive final approval bans the sale of smoke global forms of marijuana. And limits its prescription to oil based -- Pills. And vaporization salt pills will be okay vapors would be okay smoking not okay. -- experts say will be more expensive to purchase because of these things the program will not be effective for at least eighteen months. And by the time growers and dispensers -- selected. For competitive bidding programs in the plants are grown Colombia's longest three years before can be just that's one thing half the realizes that when you're talking about. Any kind of medicine. And that has to be approved the approval ramp up process is incredible. The approval process that takes time. So even though. Obviously if you had a child is only needed and now you would be very impatient and I can understand that absolutely it would be too. But the bottom line is it's a big step forward for this and and it when it does come to market it can be very helpful. Over the initial objections of legislators. The final of the the final piece of this puzzle. Was when governor Andrew Cuomo I'm tired of kind of a bit of realism -- him. And he sharply limited the bill by design it covers patients who fall within a short list of covered diseases or health conditions such as cancer. Aides epilepsy. Contains tough penalties for doctors who knowingly prescribe marijuana for patients not on that list. The last -- along with a clause that has the program ending in seven years. It's got to sunset clause on at seven years unless re authorized. So another words the kind of thing that after seven years. You're gonna have to give it they re up for it to continue otherwise it will blow away. Couldn't dissuade some private marijuana growing firms from entering New York to participate I would doubt that'll tell a -- First of all a seven years. It is a good head start secondly there's. There's a demand here any time there's a demand you're going to get some people. Who have the ability to help satisfy that demand getting an even for a short time I can't seem sank. When are gonna grow plants and come to market if if it's only seven years. I I doubt if that'll happen but you know stranger things. The program envisions five company's growing and dispensing marijuana from twenty sites around the state. The governor said the agreement strikes the right balance between helping patients with certain medical conditions of protecting broader public health and safety issues. In this case although I think Cuomo's a weasel generally I think he's right on this one. And I idea. I think that I am glad they did it. And it's it's helpful it's a medical situation. If if you confused that would have been recreational pot smoker. You know it's not -- -- time. Of this is for a medical purposes and I think they've limited -- severely and some will say he's too severely so I'm okay with that and I'm asking if -- -- -- it. The second -- Tuesday. I hope the first part is still -- Pope Francis has condemned legalization of marijuana. Now let's say as I go through this -- If he condemns it for all uses or just recreational okay. Pope Francis Vatican City byline. Pope Francis came out strongly against the legalization of recreational drugs on Friday today. He told members of a drug enforcement conference meeting in Rome and even limited attempts to legalize recreational drugs. Are not only highly questionable. From a legislative standpoint but they failed to produce the desired effect. He has frequently railed against the evil of drug addiction. And he's met with addicts on several occasions just last month your way next door to Argentina where he's from. Approved selling marijuana cigarettes in pharmacies and recreational marijuana is legal in the US in Colorado and Washington. Now it does not saying -- what I believe I could be wrong that that the Pope would be against the man and some additional -- in this tunnel. Process of marijuana I think what we're talking about as recreational. Marijuana but I like your opinion about the Pope getting involved -- of that something that represented that them. It is not that being done in Italy by our legislature is being done here. And so was a good Pope obviously has an idea spiritual voice where people. But one thing about laws in the United States they're meant to affect everybody and there's nothing that forces any one. Is to work through it if if say we made it legal. Well it is legal most of states nobody's forcing anybody in Colorado Washington. To do who recreational drugs they are available marijuana is available almost -- states so what I'm saying as. The Pope represents Catholic Church people. -- members of the Catholic Church. You know would do would be very very -- what do you say I'm sure others would too. But what I am saying is -- wondering forced to do it so. Religious figures have always taken positions. On on various laws passed but it doesn't make them do it so how much gravitas is there was this if it forced them to do something better be different. But it would be by their own choice and certainly. They can preach to their own flock but should they be preaching to people aren't there are -- that's the big question. They don't trailed Montreal 1806 point six -- for six start I'm very medical marijuana is coming to New York State are you okay -- that what about the Pope. Against legalization of pot as as we have it in two states now Colorado and Washington. We'll be back.

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