Inside Mentholatum

Jun 20, 2014|

Our How It's Made In WNY series continues

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When you hear manipulate them chances are you think of that small green job -- mom would slather on your chest when he had a cold and smelly stuff he's our -- and or original point it's a unique product that combines -- for and menthol vice president -- -- -- the marketing manager he -- they -- -- lot more than -- -- here we're proud -- -- fact that we -- -- 1141000. Square -- facility. With 200 people. And you know we all working very hard to double the size of the company with a -- -- Mentally and has about half billion dollars and sales worldwide around 250. Individual products on the shelves. Oxley act between that's -- you're -- Much -- -- story that's made here DP eating rabbit there's. Although I grew up big in Asia and the thought that line of that bombs both in traditional fixed and I knew the ball and it -- package. What's unique about you that it's easy to find in your part to do it like hearing Orchard Park we went around so many universities -- -- women here. We've gone on and acted upon testing and found that now being rolled out nationally. How a lot of processors I expect and that's really about 24 months from the conception to the development of the mold and -- onto our life. A quick Dunham company history it was founded back in 1889. The original owners supported missionary work overseas by donating the appointment. Eventually gave way fears for the company carries major. That's fundamental following there in China and Japan that they opened -- plant in Shanghai with the turn of the century. The family eventually brought -- back -- -- -- the Japanese conglomerate in 1988. But that headquarters are still here 26 manufacturing plants world. The plant is divided into several rooms each with their own product being made on some of the same equipment at different times on this particular day it's like -- Astoria. And their tour guide is manufacturing engineer John did you. We've got our warehouse here Roma raw materials or Stewart. So the guys that department will take the raw materials and green room with a waiting room and -- -- well. -- do it by way not by volume -- it's a fancy recipes it shows the guys here all the different agrees that they need to -- this match. This is the stainless steel cattle and holds. About 3600. Kilograms product and this is our lectures historian -- -- children laxative. We profit from this battle over or -- line. The way this line it's set up the beginning of the line employees and the dictators and -- copper and net machine. Its provenance rambler it just takes the bottles and sort them tomorrow facing the same direction. We'll come down that they are there so that's filling the bottles. We went about 75 miles a minute for this product. In the coming down that if they're here. That's really gonna happen on these bottles being -- Victor in the right way it's fifteen years of labor so when you label on the front of the bottle. As a laser -- -- a lot vote next rate today. Right here in the a tamper seals on top of the camp that the heat -- feel if -- opted to carton. Next on the line today that bombs we visit that part of it and one half hours. As part of the tour -- -- operations vice president Peter -- can point to any number of rooms up a central hall. Testament to the over 250 different products made at different times in this one plant currently what we're making is for her resume market. The -- we just came off of makes quite frequently for Korea or other parts of these rooms they're set up to make different types of product manufacturing engineer John to Jack. This -- is set up to make any bird like deep heating rope type of products for China Malaysia. Canada you can tell -- premiere in just by the -- yes yet this room has a lot of the -- you normally would smell a deep heating wrote -- -- -- camper Inman this machine filled with bombs -- -- of lip balm will probably last a day or two depending in the size of it. And then we'll clean it and change over to a new product or new flavor. On this about 192. Pounds the minute. And then right after it builders it. Surface here there that he's the top of it melted then it goes through. Senate coolers and another set of heaters so that the product as it cooled and hardened its controlled. This this is a label or exploiting a wraparound label on our soft with pro product there was new regulations that came out about your -- -- a lot were drug facts on the farm so. We had to put an extended text label line that's a Sadr called. It follows I was pretty to look at. And marketing managers on the growth says that packaging is crucial especially in health care we have kind of educate the consumer about what each product does. Especially when you have more than 250 products more on that part of the story and one half hours to.