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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NYS Legalizing Medical Marijuana - Wendy Conte

NYS Legalizing Medical Marijuana - Wendy Conte

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The New York State Senate is expected to give final approval later on today to a measure legalizing medical marijuana under strict guidelines. Let's talk about it our guests on the WBM live line is Wendy company. This is Connie is an Orchard Park mom and -- with a small daughters nine years world and who suffers from. Drug -- send a very rare disease uncontrollable. Seizures. But the child has received relief from medical marijuana mrs. -- good morning and thank you for joining us. You -- in Albany last night to watch the assembly debate. And the passage of the medical marijuana bill -- senate's gonna take on a blizzard warning is this good enough for you missiles -- because we understand the bill. Will not actually become law and take effect for some time even after it's passed and signed is that true. I'm outlook is still negotiations I'm heading and we came up here Wednesday morning I'll lobbying. We actually did you know meeting with the governor. Age. And they -- the negotiations. Aren't taken place at -- trying. -- it probably did I can't picture it was well after midnight. So. We're heading back up the capital. But that bill is -- -- star right now unfortunately as you know smoking is armed removed from the bill which is going to be leading out and without that people out. I'll bet it's her only mode of administration for release. But for children with intractable epilepsy it is good news is great news. I -- we are able to get them released armed with what medication. How soon Wendy could could and a begin getting medical marijuana. With this this law. Pocket now there are the minimum eighteen months to get this program and whining which then that means another -- now. Eight to ten months to -- -- the clay and carpet. -- do things like yeah we're talking probably a minimum of -- each year but there is still hot or an emergency. Act that forty children. Do not have unfortunately actually did not I have two years. Let it we had actually been up at the capitol and paramedics get to be called yesterday and number I'm pretty -- eating. It is extremely serious or eight kids -- don't have to -- too late. It does seem like a very long wait. As this disease invades. The bodies of these children including analysts tell our listeners missiles company. What you have resorted to in the past few months ago at the effective treatment for your daughter. I'm well right now I am a Colorado resident I catch you taking him out there quite good that would stretch and -- Set up new neurologist. I hear a whole. Team. Doctors waiting for me I am I'm -- -- -- with a -- caring that reduces the Charlotte's web oil. They are deleted or at 1000 children on the waiting less. And target is coming that bottle and Eric pleaded to take 3000 children off the waiting list. Start Charlotte's -- Unfortunately I cannot bring it back to New York. But I would actually go out there and lived with -- and chill. Op program it started up in new York at YE and the urgency. We cannot be two years. Now now you were saying earlier you know has for some people you know unfortunately it doesn't include smoking. I thought all of it when it comes to medicinal marijuana was the oil and and not the smoking part of it but for some patients it is it is smoked. Aren't there are different mode -- administration our children obviously being the oil -- CE OT he oil. -- people that I have been indicating that they kept -- Matt. A number of a different to beat the cancer Betemit hit immediately. And beach it don't have the ability to -- I'm in boiling it kindly -- what every eight hours. They bear a circle and expected to beat the heat it up maybe one little hot and they get immediate relief. So it really should be up to. Competition. Discretion and like different note that the administration for different type that -- Egypt and -- -- When do one more question for you Paul Francis. Has condemned the use of marijuana again and all kinds medical. Or otherwise although -- -- to focus on the Drudge recreational use but medical marijuana was included in his condemnation if you had an opportunity to talk with -- holiness. What would you say to him about should daughter. Spend one day without. She got an -- pharmaceuticals. Bad. Would knock a grown man out when I was leaving the outlet in morning literally locking out the door. I -- it she was seen being around I would returner I can't get enough medication to knock out a grown man for the holiday cheer act. How Archie has such a tolerance for these pharmaceutical. I -- no choice but to constantly. Go off on any medication. And this bill and this -- New York's davis' life or death for you. -- there's like intact are if they're certainly. Children will die if we don't get the medication and an equal leap after that -- lead after the magicians make that decision. -- look back or are the -- and we needed in the toolbox when we picked up at all other pharmaceuticals. We have at least we should have a choice to use the mechanical. Mrs. -- thank you this morning I'm sure we'll talk about this again soon thank you again. Orchard Park mom Wendy -- with a small daughter nine years old suffers from -- that syndrome uncontrollable seizures only relieved by medical marijuana.

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