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Mentholatum - Made In Buffalo - Dave Debo

Jun 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How it's made in Western New York today -- the mentally to plant in Orchard Park WB and Steve depot was just on a tour in there and I can smell -- -- Dave the aroma from the mentally of the product with the company name. That and there are deep heating -- both very aromatic. Both both of area old fashioned products. And then neat thing about this company is yes it's got the old fashion heritage. Leo plays piano and mistreat they were -- back in 1989. And they do have. Fletcher -- Astoria. Deep heating rob and the mentally -- mowing man. But that's only part of the story I brought it back. Larry large -- -- tag team here let's just pour some of these out. These products he would not imagine that same day. They have. Let's just look like soft lips soft let's we have oxy all the acting their -- and an image and I made that. This thing right here hot allowable. It is the number one selling out clean. In all of Japan number one over there you're just starting to logic here. We have this they were really proud of these little soft flipped cubes. How many in your -- -- arm maybe John and and like -- how many -- bombs to you does your wife -- -- campers. They did some research they found on average every woman has six of them. So that is let's make one that's not shaped like all the other issue. You know my daughter and all her friends loved it down to. It's made here in Orchard Park and mentally -- never -- example. They they do all sorts of neat stuff. So they have all these products made at this Orchard Park plan. And this huge huge -- hold. Into Japanese markets and Asian markets again this on screen is number one in Asia. Part of that and their world headquarters are here absolutely world papers here you know. Are all these products made here right here in which part or all of them it's somewhere else and they're distributed here -- They have 26 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The world headquarters mentally and it's actually part of it now a larger global company. Founded in buffalo eventually couple years back bought out by Japanese firm. So they're part of something bigger with 26 factories across the globe but the world headquarters for mentally and much of the manufacturing that you just spoke of all right here. 200 employees and you know when you're in Kmart to Wal-Mart they have what they called you numbers those little things on the -- That denotes different products by -- size or brand name mentally -- says they have 250. Different views. So this one bottle of -- here in this size might be one of them. In another size might be another but in terms of product offering and they put on themselves they get 250. It's amazing and it's yes and there. Really nondescript building a little bit how big is building. I don't have the exact numbers the facilities city block I I think they said and it's my story on -- it could look it up a 1141000. Square feet. Compared to say the time on Monday and and plant where I was last week -- small. But it's it's certainly. Has enough capacity there where they can shift things around and make that bomb today and something else tomorrow and just keep churning out all these products. I have to say going through the photo album that you posted on a Caribbean that come in Melanie favorite picture. Is the sixth one hand and it's Dave with -- mask. I figured that a parent that they put lab coat on if only fit well but that that's not their fault it's my belly and also us who covers because some of these products at least aero. -- -- can Astoria is one that people actually drink they don't just put on their body castor oil after oil years I don't know if your mom my mom back in the day. A 2 teaspoons -- every morning I ran for the -- when a man and let but because that's ingested into -- area that's Errol let me ask you this I was in San Francisco earlier this week -- -- -- little friend I know it's gonna say a -- friend you know he said to me. Hey you're from buffalo. Does find ultimately it them still makes fisherman's for an throw applause. And I hate us -- they don't as they never did your friends around it's different company it looked up this morning and an aspect and they're very similar companies they're both really old line companies. Mentally impounded an 1889. And buffalo. By one guy who was working with pharmacy or two. Fishermen's friend similarly in England back in 1865. Both of them very old fashioned companies that are also moving into the modern age really neat thing about mentally and sister and it was -- time here but I guess squeezes them. The founder and -- and Alexander hide. Was so excited about his mentally appointment product that in the early years he started to donate it. To charity groups nuns and and folks working in Asia. And then he actually gave a chunk of the company. To those charity groups -- different groups in Asia. Ultimately the family bought the company back and it was under family control until they sold the Japanese. But because of his early interest in Japan because he was pushing this cold -- out there between Asia. And that's why they have such a huge footprint there. They weren't international trade long before anyone else was they have plant in Shanghai about a year after the founding back in eighteen. It's scary scary interest and needs to of the series we're learning so much about things that are right here Dave thanks sort of from -- well. Well there's a lot of -- -- in there deputy begins Dave -- visiting the mentally an implant this morning.

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