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6-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know you're not. It's. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- -- the most annoying set -- world. Tom hourly just when I think you couldn't possibly be anything -- There have been told. Yourself and it's live it's local -- -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Gets. 60 about it is ready at 930 WV EN yeah. Joseph the problem is I have some great lines that I wanted to put in from other hangover but it probably wouldn't be good idea at this point. For several reasons I'm. Also the one I really want. References the Asian guys tiny Chinese. And that just that's just awesome. Anyway I forget whether it was two or one. -- was one yes thank you. Anyway it is that nine minutes after us exit is ready at 930 WB yet our gang -- -- lighten things up I think they've been guilty of being where the accuser is slightly. Am working hard to hard. End. Falling into the trap of believing talk radio can change the world which I learned long time ago it -- cannot and will never be able to do. Now before I go any further -- like to make somebody very happy well least of your journey man and a Steve Miller Band -- I have up pair of tickets right now to give away. For July 24 645. Darien lake featuring oddly enough journey and the Steve Miller Band. Value is 100 dollars courtesy of live nation. General contest rules apply caller -- at 64498756449875. My first what are these today it was a Daniel low tech of Lancaster and we'll see who the winner this time is going to be. -- get to the topics at hand. First of all. I know. That certain things people say. Drives you absolutely crazy such as you know. You know all. You know like hockey -- hockey players after game. Like you at all we got like you're not looked up lockyer -- and while we can't get up the eyes Jamal and report the pocket than that Jamal. And -- then you're an all week we have always had a victory and well and I it was a good deal well. Drives me up a wall and those of you were paying close attention. I used the word like. And teenagers. Got the ladies and gentlemen of teen years. I'm gonna make you. To help yourself for the future. You should exercise. The word like from your vocabulary. Are the last you say. I like oh. Light jail. Or are. It's high like a while. Totally acceptable uses of the word light however. Since the 1980s. And the fun novelty song valley girl. The overuse of the word light. Has increased exponentially. Like you -- -- ever like you know talk to teenagers like you know like whether or not like taking southeast. Like you know like liked I liked. And I'm basically I try exercising this demon from my -- Kids by eight punching them gently on the leg whenever they would say. And believe it or not that help low begin training. Actually made something other threats old -- will be the word but not nearly as much as they used to. And it's a trap into which one -- easily fall. Like you know if you're not like paying attention. Like sometimes it's better to like have dead air than it is to like say like you know or. Alden I'm not. Sometimes I'll say a home for dramatic effect. And sometimes people text or dramatic affect the work of UNM and -- usually as sarcasm. You were -- NAS sarcastic texting conversation with someone. And when they whip out UMMMM. That's usually sarcasm. All -- Joseph. I think I remember telling you I wanna -- sound bite. Mullah. Joseph did I not see usually it's a sarcastic thing to say I was -- Joseph I didn't really need it at that point I was just busting your coconuts. So there are things that drive you crazy something else. And I've brought this up before. And I hope you guys don't get angry with me. I hope I don't unnecessarily step in a -- heard on a hot day. But. Used guys. Used guys. Should never be used in a restaurant. We're the final total for a dinner for two will be in excess of sixty dollars. Used guys should never be news. And folks. I don't cook a lot. And a pretty stupid. About the general. Sometimes or go to places. That are on the fancy -- But. I have my eight moments. Of weakness in the Niger. Nothing says. I've made a bad choice for fancy restaurant. More than the person coming out the host guest or host and saying it. Our use guys here to -- We use guys like a table for -- Drives me absolutely. -- now for those -- joining yours. The last thing I'm trying to do is communicate the idea that I'm some kind of a stickler. Because unlike certain people who have been on the here in the past. Do we talk radio in buffalo. I tried my best not to correct people. When they call in and they make grammatical mistakes A I realize you're not professionals at doing business. You call him a New York time I get that. Sound like. I have liked but the right way sound like a nasty person. And I will tell you bet I used to get turned off when a certain person who is no longer winners. Would correct people when they would miss speak. Almost every time they would mystery. And there's also a selfish motive prevents. The selfish motive is. Have I ever mentioned -- that I'm not perfect. I've ever made that point to you. There are times I make mistakes. And there are times where I actually make mistakes with the English language. And nothing. Screams. What any self righteous piece of crap. Then correcting somebody as a talk show host. And then making a grievous blunder yourself with the language and not correcting yourself. So that's what I don't do it a I think it makes me solid a tool and V. I'm not perfect and I don't want people to admit to me like I would that pick that does that make sense. And what I put my posting up on my FaceBook page today. About certain means on the Internet that I will not Scherer. Because I think it makes our side look stupid. When words are misspelled. Or miss -- you can't make up the last possible political point. You can go down and -- explored. Cranial -- You can come up with a fought nobody else has ever had. That makes you seem absolutely. Phenomenally. Brilliant beyond the capacity. Of the IQ test to measure. But if you spell THE IR. When it should be THE REU. I can't share the post. Because no matter how brilliant thought. If you make 83 grade mistake. And I share it reflects badly on the cause of freedom. I don't know if that makes any sense to you. But there are a lot of people on the left. Believe being who were very intelligent. In fact you know those intellectuals. About whom I spoke before they are a lot of left wing intellectuals. Who love to negate. The power of an argument somebody is making. By nitpicking. A misspelled. Or miss applied word like THE RD. When it ought to be THE IR or vice Versa. So please keep that in mind. The other one by the way that is commonly done. -- I have seen people do this who are shopper brilliant. Should of instead of should -- I should of gone to The Backstreet Boys last night. No you shouldn't that would be the contraction. Should have HA DT. Drives me a little bit there. Now granted folks in the great scheme of life. These are minor incidents. For example if you've just got diagnosed with a brain tumor today. Or multiple lesions at the base of your brain. Probably the last thing on your mind right now is whether somebody -- spells a word in a -- and believe me I get that but. When you're trying to make convincing. Arguments in social media or for that matter on a podium. When you miss use words sometimes. People can use that against you to defeat. The -- gas city and the brilliance of your arguments. So I just want to point them -- Are there are things people say words people misuse. Phrases such as like you know. Or you know what I'm saying it. Which by the way took place you know. In a lot -- by athletes' brains and end mouse. Because I think some of these athletes got trained when they first went into professional sports by speakers who said guys you can't say you know you know you know you know without -- stupid. If you must say you know follow what whip you know what I am sick. Unfortunately that then became a crutch you know what I'm saying. Language has always fascinated me. -- do you have linguistic pet peeves. I know you do I cannot beat the only one. Especially -- interview with teenagers. I think they invented linguistic pet peeves just to ignore their parents. 8030930. Is the phone number should help with the give up the phone number 12108030930. Sorry gang. That's the landline number 8030930. The cell phone is free star and I'm thirty. And the -- for number those of you listening from east Jesus new Yorker elsewhere is 180616. WB EM. 180616. WB EM. And mother nature is smiling happily upon the chase corporate challenge you could not ask for better night to run not humid. Not too warm not too cool it's just right. At least with the -- corporate challenge it's not like people are gonna be soiling themselves like they often do in a marathon which is most unpleasant. Partly sunny and nice tomorrow. And 75 degrees -- you soiled yourself on a marathon you were a YouTube star forever. Are right now 74 at news radio 930 WBBM. OK gang. Delegates and calls on. I was also think it -- whipping -- coincidences sticky you for tomorrow's show because there are so many coincidences. That have been happening to me lately. It's almost getting freaky and weird. But let's just focus right now anyway I'm linguistic pet peeves. Here is he in Hamburg on WB EM keep what -- have -- what drives you a little battery. Eight I don't. This -- one wants explain it it. You could hear it everywhere and little -- totally happy you know Eric. People -- saying. They use the contraction. That are. Out there is. Are you -- -- -- THE RE apostrophe S. Correct. Move that she used over and over for something that's. Plural. For instance. Subtle say there's ten reasons why right. But it should be an error there are. -- Yes I sometimes get hung up on that as well especially with the use of the word media. And you know that drives me a little crazy registered you know that drives me a little crazy because technically the media. Is plural. But in most of our minds its monolithic it's singular so I don't know quite what to say the media is or the media are. Well I understand that that problem to -- you'll see. Television commentators. Very very educated. People throughout the spectrum that. Used there is it if it is music contraction and you -- say there is. Five football gains on tonight you would say there are right I definitely hear you. And don't hear that everywhere aren't sure looking forward and that all right great. You do realize keep that simply by virtue of my doing the show I will probably commit more grammatical. Errors and -- more words in the next 36 minutes but I have in the previous eight years right. You're damn right you will that always happens how I met thanks appreciate the call love -- But. It's -- hit the wrong but there by the way I thank you very much for avenues are part of your life I I appreciate that more than you were more than you know. I don't really have any friends so you guys are the best I can do well Joe's my friend John's my friends. -- ability is my friend Ross Thompson is different. But after that and kind of -- you know. I usage you know again. I was gonna happen though three on my thirty starlet 3180616. W. EEM. Linguistically. What drives yet. -- rule. -- beamer experience. Listening to The Backstreet Boys not only is Joseph saying it along. Joseph is dancing better than any white man I have ever seen with the exception of Sam -- students. Dancing is something you're either born with or you're not you know say if you know what my -- my life. That I've been born six were four and black. I wouldn't be able to dance that would be kind of like you know what I mean and I its socket basketball player. I would defy every single stereo type of a black eyes they looked upon days and I suck it meant. And the other stereotypes are all true I didn't don't talk about short into the aspect of when I meant to say wives. I'd -- move on some calls. And I hope that my black Brothers and sisters got a little humor out of my little model order. Let's go true. More calls shall wait and quickly. Roger in Nortel -- -- -- a pet peeves people say it and drive you nuts. Well good evening out. Yeah well the word like I'm trying to get my lights up the best. And I think she may have picked it up in college but you know it's like they're essentially a blank and you know what I mean like getting liked he liked liked. Sir may I ask how long you've been married to an eighteen year old. Should be sure no big theater I'd wait all you. I am 39 you dog. While well if you -- At 37 year old baby. And so it was that I -- yes. But I I don't know how to get off slowly up. Coming down from that. Being out of college a year now but anytime you get together with -- current college. It's it's I can't even be in the same room like be like like like everywhere all -- on the table and. That would be agony today. Well let me ask you notice in the great scheme of things do you love your wife. Or that didn't sound convincing that sounded that sounded rehearsed and perfunctory. -- do you love your wife with all of your heart and so all. -- That is more like it may I ask you if she is trustworthy. And not bang around on you and you trust everything she tells you she's doing at any given time. She's absolutely the most trustworthy. Woman I've ever known in my life that library here we are other -- prior to being married. My dear friend you have truly hit the jackpot. Nonetheless it's my job in your job to make a tough -- There are a little like you know when Elijah. Here's what I would did you wife wants to change. Yeah because -- caller out on the like every time. Yeah and -- -- -- the year regular found out should not listening I know not let me now because she's that the be a court challenge with a rather. And says she's with a mother. Me you know she's been an assembly the officer -- -- It until I think oh my gosh I'm so -- I -- it -- idea because he's just sounds like a week to be Brothers resentment armed here's the thing. I think you should ask her what. She would like you to do -- she says like even if it is a quick follow a gentle bump on the five. That's what I would do that my kids and it actually work. Well I'd give it a try and I took that at that point it out yes. They actually don't yeah where. Somebody of that and expand. My brother. Your brother yeah they cleared out. Well yeah. How nice as Stephen Wright would say it's a small world and I'd hate to paint. Yeah well I. My brother is actually one of the few people on Buffalo's music community who will talk to me without going on my FaceBook page and colonials -- to names. Because they bought into the bull crap that's out there about what an evil. Nazis. Not C hater misogynist. Nicole. Over person mind. Consider these things are obviously all true. Well exactly I mean that the most. I'm here now. All my sympathies are. Look I'm glad you called and I would definitely leave it up to your wife if she wants to change you can work something out. Whereby you can penetrate her like apple. -- you call me back next week and I'll give you advice on how to talk into a three. Thanks very much a magical. Don't I'm kidding I'm kidding folks trying to lighten things up a little bit with the so morbid lately. I don't thrilled at thirty starlet 3180616. WV EM c'mon have some fun wipe them out there. Here is an -- Janet. In Lancaster on WB and Janet hello. I have. I'm probably about he told -- lack of grammar used and the television program. -- star. Yes on what used to be the History -- Well yes then what other her. There are very historically -- now eligible. They have a great deal -- not like sick of everything except to grammar. If there's a mistake. Can be made they won't make it. Do want to be brutally honest. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to the history. -- And shows like pawn stars I think ought to be on discovery. I think they should be on lifetime hell I think it ought to be a hallmark. To meet the History Channel should be about. This is the fort Laramie tree this is -- the United States government broke its obligations. All look here's another documentary. That's what the History Channel -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- but it largely is -- basically reality TV show with some historical element to -- my brother loves it my mother loves that most people like no love it to me -- a snob. Well I I tend to agree that you most of them but they are very good. That particular program they're very historically knowledgeable. And then I do agree with you on the other programs I would watch -- -- other programs. The worst people for grammar on shows like that ghost hunters they have modified and changed it to some extent. But there were times I had to actually turn off the TV. Because they were so grammatically atrocious. Well believe me they couldn't be -- and -- part of stairs. Yeah but the old man is entitled to beat the old man -- I reminds me in my old men might. Recall the old man he's an all -- the old man. -- -- out all right thank you very much yet that I thought I noticed that with pawn stars and you know I want to watch the show on H two. I have not been able to fight H two sets I watched -- Recorded the last 48 hours of Lee Harvey Oswald which -- I found fascinating but also infuriating by what it left out. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB EN. What is or are your grammatical or linguistic -- when people say blank or miss spell blame it on line. You want to reach through the computer and smack them silly. I don't encourage violence. But I will pay to have it done on my behalf to somebody yodel like here's Dominic and -- time. I -- -- and I thought a forty year old young man and I got a call your relationship advice at Gartner -- caller but now. Will it handle it I Taylor walked out of my next -- it in college and some random hit. We're waiting for class and this literally happened at every single guy out sick I go without Barack. Like every every single question that if they grow. If that's what's up bra. And it's it's just our reply I don't even know the candidate is really freak -- -- annoying. It's the same -- or is that every dude. There. Wow basically it is a cultural phenomenon with which you must roll. Well there's no stopping it it's like fist bumping. And -- bumps. -- what what what what they thought I was on the city did you get -- that they hired the the other day at the troubled joke for you my girlfriend that you want to go somewhere -- never -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And all they -- getting what -- grateful thank you for your call. -- all right that arise -- of another similar joke involving the lack a lot of with a totally different punch line I cannot tell on the radio. 643 you know I had days guys in the next room know exactly in a kiss me yeah -- -- -- got at 643 it is ready at 930 W. I hear is Christensen -- get a Chris. -- May bother some people what I say hey instead of closer to being. Show I have three of them here and I love China is in the morning. But we don't pat sport we have sports. We don't got the weather coming up we have the weather coming up. I made. When I worked mornings and I was actually conscious at that hour I never noticed there. Okay here tonight there's two more but not necessarily the sort of but. And the poll numbers 803. Euro 930. And I know the reason why people say that all because -- one syllable. Incident to put -- is its own letter -- number. And I understand that and I'm not going to change it and I will tell you why. Because there was no better or more cunning linguist and John Otto. And back then in the old days he would give the phone number as 8866450. So that was good enough for John -- is good enough for me. I agree and I -- and I love that guy he was he was great. The third one. Plus I'm lazy and that's the other reason I should mention great. Hit a great review what it really does count and basic. I -- I'm not as scared of the dark I'm afraid of the dark I got they can't come -- scared me last night. But I'm not a scared of the dark I'm afraid of the dark people use. Scared when they should be saying parade. That is something I have never really -- I thought when somebody -- are scared something. They were trying to be. -- C and colloquial I never took it as linguistically ignorant. That. Summary domestic economy over Miami well that's interesting because it's like what they've never heard me say you all. Yeah but I think you're using an episode that you all. It is it's it's like up abbreviation kind of a thing. Yeah only lived in Florida for nine months I cannot play in southern heritage. Thank you very very much I'm glad you called. 803 on I thirty starlet 3180616. WB EM. We're finishing with happy ending I think tomorrow -- spent some time talking about coincidences. I will set up the topic maybe in the next segment but -- Focused that I am the things people either right or say that drive you crazy the overuse of the word like being one example. Mike pet peeves linguistically -- line in these come by the way from highly intelligent people should. -- it should be should -- All M -- G that goes through me like a knife through my skull. Which are sometimes all happens when a -- read -- line. Also folks there are means. Those. Internet things that people use for political points there are teams out there which make these incredibly. Brilliant. Points. But I can't share them. Wind they miss use THE RE or TH EY apostrophe art he. I will not further. The misconception. Of the left the people on our side. Are a bunch of ignoring mrs. I'm sure people on the left who it is well. But oddly enough I don't spend a lot of time and MSNBC's FaceBook page I know that might shock you. Here's Greg in Cheektowaga on WB BMI. How our -- I don't Ali larger well anyway I had to -- you give up an orientation. -- and the orientation they are oriented. You are not already indicated to. People all eyes and orient. I don't know where that word originated. I can guest seat that is a pet peeve abide by the way -- I don't make a big deal out of it here's another one. You regardless. You're. And you know exactly when it's that springs people. Mean either. Regardless of or irrespective. And they combined the two wrongly as irregardless. Right it's like when you combine dramatic and drastic to make it from testing. And -- I love that word. To domestic just fabulous. You're artwork that they are. I believe. You may have a point and I'm going to have to look that up I think it depends on which. So -- -- are you. Proud that the word respect so often. That -- deep in the heart of the alternate candidate to the dictionary I believe. I'm talking about a dollar adequate. You may sir have a point what was the word you used to drum attack stick out yeah. Drill mast -- which is a combination of -- -- -- I love that word I may have to trademark debt to assume the Obama administration can say that it's racially insensitive somehow. -- good -- magical. You know what I probably won't but I'm glad for the thought that you know. George Carlin a -- where he would come to the supermarket and he wanted to act it would be to -- our birthday. -- like what you'd call. Are -- I generally appreciated the thought. I've I've shale just I like to train wrecks and it is 649 news -- 930 WB Ian black hide it well. Drugs helped -- radio I'm thirty WB Ian. I just looked it up on line and -- Merriam Webster does have regardless. In the dictionary. As a non standard words that's their out. They put it in the in the dictionary as non standard. One must -- well. Language is dynamic. It is constantly changing. So while twenty years ago regardless would have been absolutely positively. A linguistic felony today. It's acceptable. And tomorrow may very well be considered standard English. Language always changes folks -- we'd all be speaking like Shakespeare's. Cuba here is John in Niagara Falls on WB and actually he's on the same -- job. I'm media and make that hockey towns and I think of people -- -- date -- regardless of the -- mistake. Irrespective. It's set them. Yes or appropriate. Your irrespective. Or regardless. Arnie combined the two. That's right theory anyway. Yeah I'll I'll when people say here. Needless to say. An -- and say something after attacks. And some don't view that. Guilty but it. Up together you know -- you know it just. We'll -- little -- you don't have to get we get into without realizing it. It's a filler that's what it is right I can only speak from talk radio experience it's a thriller. -- -- -- Learn something new every day on your shell like keep on my friend -- that. Well it's very kind of view if it makes you feel any better I learned new things every day for you guys so. It's a symbiotic. Relationship we both get something out of it. Now thank you very much out there to help. I will try. -- three on -- thirty start at 3180616. WB and your linguistic. Pet peeves. I know that some of you want me to do a show on ghosts. I don't see that happening in June. Nor do I see it happening in July. But -- -- -- That I'm pondering for tomorrow at least as a two hour happy ending which if you've ever had. Mean due to our happy ending radio show could be fun. Coincidences. One of my all time favorite coincidences involves electronic. Voice phenomena. This voice which are recorded roughly twelve years ago. Appears to say blue flame. Great great grandfather. It's a very high pitched voice after I say the word grandfather some of you may have an issue here yet. I'm wearing headphones it's easy for me. All right today wearing headphones and even back at the time I recorded. When I first listened to it. It appeared to say blue flame. The coincidence. Surrounding. That EVP. And the later role. Of blue flame. In my life. Stuns me. To this day I don't have time to tell the story to -- the before. But we always have new listeners who've yet to find out exactly how insane I am so sure that tomorrow. Our guys I cannot believe the shows are already over -- it has got here thanks to David Sylvia for his time. Always appreciated. Thanks to John Sherman for as usual outstanding work -- call screener or -- -- buffalo won those figures to the Steve Miller band and that journey. So thanks to John German and thanks to Joseph beaver. I shall leave you with two very important words. Those words are. No yourself about.

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