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6-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. You with. That. Hole. -- And welcome to the New York City if they -- -- -- -- conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. No. Including. His ball club. Tom hourly. Column in the whether. Now look at him and not making enough. I've got covered up like -- look ma it's life gives local capital. Home. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her recent. And -- thirty W yeah. Yeah I think they're getting better and better business to help. All postings on FaceBook they're realizing how many words are misspelled because I try to type quickly and I do and I type things. -- -- -- A dead at spelling incorrect. I'm just felt so welcome I don't know what happened. Problem anyway eight thanks to David Bellamy. For joining us now I I do want to -- guys tomorrow. It gives. Us all sincerity. That I don't understand. It. The willingness. To accept the decisions. Of commander in chief Barack Obama. Who. Just within the past few weeks decided that releasing five of the worst of the worst of the worst one. Of whom was directly involved in the first American death. -- Why you would trust that guy with any further decisions visa -- your son your daughter or yourself. Escapes -- It truly -- We in the United States as it just my opinion of course. We should be held more concerned with our all the border that we are with Iraq. As far as. Iraq itself and the Middle East in Asia. There is only one reason. Why would we even give a flying -- About. We would care as much about the Middle East as we do about ordered away or Ecuador. Although they do make some pretty the end of cigars stretch Ecuador's -- cigar Dave the general but. If. It wasn't for oil we wouldn't year. Seriously. We would not give a damn. Because like it or not. Our economy. Is fueled by oil. By fossil fuels and despite the naive article in the local -- today because I don't know where these guys what the school but. Our -- out my weekly reader in first grade talking about solar power just around the corner. Providing all these jobs and getting us off of oil. Folks the world runs on oil. The world runs on petroleum products and will for the foreseeable future. And folks when you follow the logic here if it doesn't make sense to we have a president who refused to sign the Keystone Pipeline. We have a president. Who does not want. America to be oil independent. Because he fundamentally believes that there is something wrong with fossil fuels now let's not forget about the fact that his vehicle known as the beast that's ironic. Gets about two miles to the gallon. And his own jet. Trips. Put five oceans of tons of bad stuff into the atmosphere and burned how many gallons of jet fuel every hour forget about that because he's Obama he's the kid. The rest of us. He doesn't give a rat's ass about what you pay per gallon gasoline. -- apparently fails to -- but then again you know what. Obama's smarter than I think a lot of you give him credit for BI. Fell into this trap three weeks ago. When I said I've never seen a more inept president and a caller called me out on. And I'll be damned I keep say this every -- the caller was right I was were all. The caller did meet a new way of looking yet. -- up Obama's inept. He wants to drive the country into a wall because he believed it fundamentally. Needed to be changed. And why. It. Would trust a daughter a son a husband or wife with this storm rule. In the Oval Office is quite frankly. Beyond. It's all about -- I don't think oil is a dirty word by the way. Please don't miss and please do not misinterpret what I'm saying. We need to -- our economy runs on memorial. This administration has consciously decided were going to leave are all oil uncapped. In terms of the Keystone Pipeline in terms of federal leases to lands the federal government owns two oil exploring. Companies. If we could talk about the teapot dome scandal but I don't feel like going back in the my 1920s history notes. Right yeah we did do there at one point -- history believe it or not. I. I have to say it. -- this whole Iraq situation. Andy wrote -- Iraq situation in the Middle East in general would be so irrelevant to arts. If we would simply get our own oil from our own country. And our own natural gas from our own country -- by the way we do with the natural gas a lot. But instead. We play this game. And you know it's it's it's not funny to. Those are funny the year. And I don't like the idea. Of our men and women dying in the name. And from the heart folks got to tell you. That. If the Iraqi. Men. Refuse. To fight. For their own country. If I were president I would not expect your child husband or wife to fight -- Country. Now. Let's also consider various logically. And rationally. When it comes to. Terror training camps and the terrorist underground. Basically folks terror lists cannot live work communicate in a -- And there is technology. Out here. Available to our intelligence agencies. And it's not gonna surprise anybody. Folks. There are drone dragon flies and drone. Butterflies and bumble bees that can literally fly into a building and beat the fly on the wall. And get intelligence that way you can control these things remotely from miles away. That's one way to deal with terrorists that's one way to defend America. You listen to -- that terrorists are. You're in to their computers. You're into their cellphones. And get taken out I have no moral problem with that whatsoever. Minimal risk to our soldiers. Minimal risk to the United States maximum bang for the buck. When it comes to take him out the bad guys and turning them into spots in the same. -- Folks how do you think the French would have reacted but what about a friend I guess former for. Said you know -- the French. America would have wanted to independents. College career. We -- it would have taken longer. -- folks Mel Gibson was -- finance. And the other the French came they expedited things but eventually. Britain would have given up the fight why. Little guy named a poll you it would have taken longer eventually Great Britain would have retreated and amber who would have had its independence but can you imagine. Being a Frenchman. In 1780. And it sending your guys over to North America to fight the brits in North America. And hearing stories about the -- -- about the colonists throwing down there must gets and running away from the brits. And how you would feel about your French man husband. Fighting in their stead. And can you imagine how that would have gone over with the French at that time. No there's something fundamentally wrong with. Guys stay at that we have bases all over the world I get that. And if bases all over the world are in America's. Best interest then we have bases all over the world. But you rock is not Germany. Folks not see -- them collapsed. When Hitler killed himself it was already on the verge of collapse. Hitler suicide of course made it a permanent end to nazism as a political force. In Germany and then suddenly by the way all those tens of thousands of people Nuremberg as shown in the -- -- install film triumph of the will subtly. Enough fire in April of 1945. We couldn't find us that's for sure. -- supported -- suddenly. With the Japanese. Now that's the closest comparison of which I can -- to these Muslim religious fanatics. Who are willing to die essentially you know this is about guys. Why the Sunnis and the Xia. Are brutal beast to each other do you wanna know what it's all about. It's all about -- the proper successor to Mohamed wants. Going back to the earliest days of Islam that's what it's all about. Which branch is the branch of true Islam. And by the way as stupid and his primitive and its tribal is that sounds. People in western civilization of the on the same thing those of you know your English history know damn well. That. Henry the -- Cause a schism in England along sectarian lines and -- so called civilized Christians burned each other the state. Over the same thing actually over -- and substantiation. -- what are folks out I'm not making this stuff up so. We hopefully have advanced. Today. Have a different mindset. I can't explain it because I can't they as they do but there's one other thing don't wanna point out before we go to traffic and that is there's there's one billion Muslims in the world today. Most of them haven't killed anybody and are going to kill anybody today or ever. Just like gun owners. Every time a gun owner kill somebody the left loves to talk about how evil drug czar. Most gun owners are gonna kill -- -- -- and most Muslims are gonna kill anybody. Now granted in the case of the restaurant which -- daughter works they were giant pain in the -- and that even -- but that's another story they didn't blow up the place let's find out about traffic. Sorry I activists that do you regret traffic here is Allen. -- -- -- -- Up -- for today. We're looking at our I think you could ask for better night for the case corporate challenge this is perfection this really is chamber of commerce weather low humidity the temperature is just warm enough to be comfortable but not stifling -- -- -- -- it's a beautiful day at tomorrow's going to be just -- -- with a 575. So suddenly start to feel sinus infection. Sinus infection -- honest. Anyway it's 74 degrees news radio in my thirty WB. We have a different take on this Iraq situation. And -- somebody. Again whom. If you wanna convince me that a war is worth going into. You have to define. Victory. That was one of the lessons of Vietnam folks. I'm fifty years old I was a boy when Vietnam which rage. And that was one of the big issues then and by the way it was one of the big issues during the George Bush the first rain when Saddam Hussein of the question at the time office. Do we get involved and how do we declare victory what is victory that work. Weeks of debate over what is victory with Kuwait verses Iraq. I will be -- If I want to see our best and brightest. In our armed forces. Sent to die. Or be maimed. Or psychologically scarred and you know what -- for life. If the idea of victory cannot be concisely. And clearly defined. What was victory in the civil war. For the union it was the defeat of the south militarily. And the south. That's agreeing to the peace treaty that -- medics. Which by the way grant relief had no authority to do but somehow they work things -- Our victory. In the Spanish American war Spain surrendered. Victory in World War I. Germany and its allies surrendered victory in World War II need I go -- very concise here's what you win. Here's what we're trying to do -- one of the big gripes of the guys in Vietnam was -- -- two year what's factory. My dad was a career he had to say he he this viewpoint. Hey. Nobody ever told me why the hell we were there and when we know we want. So I I think the blood of our young men and women is sacred. I don't think it ought to be just tossed around Willy Nilly. And if you think that makes me some kind of up pussy or -- you know what I guess I'll just have to live in the shadow of your newspaper. It's 525 -- WBE. Backstreet Boys that's why don't -- -- was off yesterday and -- -- in a month -- Why would I did you know keep up baby. It's not me. I love Victoria park. Some of them are using road game. Of the good things wrong. And I should be done over the song here all right judge -- -- picked -- the music today there will be no mocking of Joseph beamer for going to be. Backstreet Boys several Libyan show not at -- -- There were a boy band granted and back Kid Rock once said in American bad ass boy bands are trash. He likes. Grandmaster Flash and Johnny Cash. But boy -- a boy bands are. Relatives talent. Can't take it away I thought I'd get that watching a dance recite. The one -- couple weeks ago. I saw these young ladies at Sam Smith recital. And I was blown away -- young ladies and a couple of guys. At the talent. And the ability. And the fluidity with which these young people movement express themselves through debts. I regret I was born with the answers likes a bully you know about an inch long but. I appreciate the people's -- now. Shall we move on to some lighter things. I fear. That we've been far too -- late. I told you a million times. Despite what some people might think. Talk radio cannot change the world. Folks if talk radio to change the world there would not be President Obama. Hillary Clinton would not be your next president. If talk radio can change the world if talk radio can change the world our borders would be sealed. Any rock would you have to fight for itself. Cardinal inside baseball. And lighten things. So are you there. I can't lighten it up how ever quite yet because I just have to -- something with. That's got your attention open -- I have to do a double take when -- -- others. Who started the election drawn butter with that now. I lost my front page but I don't because they memorized that. Today's headline in the local daily liberal propaganda sheet. Today's headlines. Number it was. It was five year olds in buffalo may have to go to school. Let me repeat that. Five year olds in buffalo may have to go to school. Now. Apparently have been under the mistaken belief that kindergarten was -- mandatory. I don't have the article here but it's immaterial because the focus of the attention was. Five year olds in buffalo may have to go to school. Meanwhile. Actually saw this article beat or read the headline is it very rarely used local rag as resource for my show because I don't believe too much of what is written in knowing all too will be many inaccuracies or contains. I'm. This is from the Huffington Post. Americans colts of ignorance is no match for Asia's cult of intelligence. Now I saw this story. Before or -- the time I saw five year olds in buffalo may have to go to school. I'm not -- read the entire thing because that would be boring. But for those who don't know. Asia takes education very seriously. I don't. Mean to generalize your folks put certain cultures take education very serious. And nobody ever criticizes me for making a positive generalization about groups of people. Jews have long been known as huge advocates for education. Okay. Muslims. Have long been known as big advocates for education. The Indian subcontinent. Very much. Education is a part. Of what the the Indian people I'm talking subcontinent. India. Education huge in the culture and Asia as well. There are some cultures where education is of the utmost importance. Now. This is an article -- read the whole thing Carter told by a guy named John trap big. Professor of religious studies University of Texas Austin. Yes Charles Whitman's replace. I've been traveling East Asia and other parts of the world for more than 25 years and over that time. One of the things that has always struck me is how intelligent. The general public in countries like Japan appear to be. It's not that there aren't dummies in East Asia. But it always seems the average level of education. And ability to think about the world intelligently. And critically is impressively. Widespread. In Asia I've often thought about why this is the case and why the same seems more difficult to say about the US. The answer I think. Can be found in a -- science fiction writer Isaac Asimov made by the way the chance to interview Isaac Asimov when he was alive. Here's after he was daddy. Kind of -- one way interview Tom. Isaac Asimov in the 1980s was interviewed and he said. There is a call of ignorance in the United States and there always has been. The strain of anti intellectual lives and has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life. Nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my. Ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. -- I told -- didn't have. The wherewithal or been really wanna read the entire article on the year I did linked to a on my FaceBook page where I posted a five year olds in buffalo mesa and have to go to school. Underneath that I put -- ages cult of intelligence. By the way. Regiments. Guys out of this makes sense to open does. Intellectual tourism should never. Be mistake him with a intelligence. I think intelligence and intellectual -- are two different things. -- intellectuals do you know. Who can go through calculus like a war knife through butter. And it can't figure out how to operate their DVR. About how many intellectuals do you know who can write a brilliant paper about fission. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet. Yes and has changed the oil in their car they did get all eyes. Look. Let me give -- my theory for what it's worth. Intelligence. I think is the ability to take what you have. Learn from your mistakes and learn from the good things that have come your way. Intelligence. Is the ability to think on your feet. Intelligence. If -- -- steal a phrase from Kipling is the ability to keep your head when everybody around you is losing Bayer's. Intelligence. Also must. Be aware. Vet handiwork. All electricians. Plumbers. Guys who empty trash. That there is there is still involved well maybe not so much for the trash emptying I mean that's more ball work but. Plumbers electricians. Auto mechanics now you might not think of geysers intellectuals. But it you wanna tell me how that makes somebody stupid. Do you think -- the plumber is a stupid man because he's a plumber and he might not have read any of Isaac Asimov writings are sure hoping so. See too many intellectuals get hung up on being intellectual. Well I first of all have to run by my tweed jacket with a leather elbow patches. Baloney. I think that the proper balance between. Intelligence. And the ability to think on your feet and the ability to actually be mechanically. -- it and intelligent I think these are all important components. Of being a a human being. And I haven't even export. Or begun to explore emotional. Intelligence or emotional intellectual lives and if you wanna call up there because there are some people and some of these people. Who are yet. But you know I joke about -- and twelve. Because I -- dumb and dumber. Is one of the greatest movies ever made. It's a tossup between that slap shot and the hang over. Are so. I am twelfth. But how many people do you know work 405060. And emotionally. They have absolutely. Zero. Intelligence. They cannot keep a relationship. They cannot hold onto a relationship. -- Submarine and sabotage. Their own relationships and I'm not even talking about a romantic sexual relationship. It can be a friendship it can be a buddy ship. How many people do you know who are emotionally. Still but even though intellectually. They might have an IQ in the 160s. And I have to confess it in many ways. I can speak to that because. At -- time sometimes I don't feel emotionally stupid. I gotta be honest with you. I don't. I'm not a stupid man. And I enjoy having a twelve year old right -- sense of humor. But -- times and they happen from time to time where -- say to myself. Today no -- so it. Now here's intellectual -- There's mechanical aptitude. That lets not forget the importance of being -- emotionally. Mature. You know life is all about balance. It's Sunday I'm gonna put that in my book that I'll eventually get around to writing a verdict -- the title for a I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I'm also gonna use as -- title of the one man act I do. I'm going to IA I I have to reportable to work on on vacation. My one man show. Because I think you'd be funny as well. If I get to drop F bombs in everything else now. I have a question for you. Actually a few questions for along be lighter -- I don't think I have time enough maybe I do know. Try to cram things hadn't seen maybe ever shows are still but I. I'm trying to fit too many things and we're very small box. And one thing you learn in life is that. You can only fit so much into a small box. Before you simply run out of space. -- usually don't have that issue. But when it's 545. And I've got two great topics I wanna get to its surfaces. So I've got a couple of things here number one. Language. And how people speak. Do you have things that drive you up all wal. They'll offer you -- of -- I do not claim first of all let's just get this out of the way. Why do not claim linguistic perfection I do not claim grammatical perfection. All I will -- of myself is I care about the English language I attempt to use it properly. July succeed every time and every day the answer is no I do not. The English language and it's grammar is such that the best I can hope. To do on a daily basis is holed it at bait like a lion Tamer for about five minutes before I say something grammatically incorrect. But. There are certain basic words. That RV linguistic equivalent of two plus two equals five. Well that's the new map by the way I think that's in common -- But one of those who use the word -- year. Which can mean hey Joseph is over bigger THE RG. It can also indicate. Possession up. Like let's see. John and Joseph are sharing a telephone it's bear -- TH. DIR. -- it can also be a contraction for they are. When John and jolt go to a concert together. Bear showing their friendship. TH. EY. Apostrophe RT. Folks I can't tell you the number of awesome means you know those things on the Internet people post that are kind of like what's accessories used to do. We started mocking of but they are so brilliant. And they are sold. Spot but I don't share them because of the confusion over Bayer THE RE. THE IR or TH EY apostrophe RG. Because I think it negates the point. Would such a basic mistake is made do you have pet peeves like that how people speak you know out of sand on WBE. Actually after last winter I'm not sure we have any regular streets anymore. It's it's still a game but dodging that rough spots you -- does that. AccuWeather basically guys this is perfection I mean. This is mother nature's saying -- all I'm gonna be nice to the chase corporate challenge gorgeous overnight low tonight 49. Worked 74 right now at WBM tomorrow we should be up to 75 degrees partly sunny and nice and you know -- goes off on Monday it wouldn't feel all are hot but. You know -- started to maybe have a relapse I don't -- -- I start to feel like you know maybe tomorrow -- might be good dated just. -- the only problem -- taken Friday off is. Then if you start feeling better at six and you go out. People know the two worst off sick and then they see you out -- six and the W and your boss who inspires you and you wind -- on Medicaid. Actually getting a better health plan that if you stayed working -- so that's Sox are an hour coming up a five. 550 fighters ready at 930 WB and having a little fun don't let it bother you all right coming up on the show. Coming up on the show look we all make errors when we speak and when we right. But do you have pet peeves people say that drives use guys up all wall. And I'm gonna introduce another topic. That is a happy ending topic. Only as it tees. I will not finish you off with this topic but it's a tease for tomorrow on WB -- it's. It it it's it's it's nothing contrary about an appetizer.

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