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6-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolf the look and he would write this thing. You go to the -- -- -- much attention. -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd -- -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got healthcare already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put the -- People know and it's live it's local time. It's Tom how early. Away at a white women that good news radio. All right our -- David -- Is my -- for a little bit and we're talking about that the president today -- and -- gonna send us some more combat advisors to Iraq and what the combat advisors are going to be able to do that we were not able to do. Over what ten years training the Iraqi defense forces frankly escapes me. And moreover if we had a president and a culture which actually allowed the United States to become. Oil independent and energy independent what they did in Iraq wouldn't mean squat to us anyway. But why quibble just facts. David Bellamy is whether it's a David the first thing he would do if you were president right now is make the Iraqis compensate the United States families with one billion dollars per -- eight. 250000. Dollars per purple heart or casualties and ten billion dollars to the VA for care of PT SD. -- and by the way -- the quick question I know that one point. The commonly accepted statistic in wartime in terms of casualties was three wounded to every one dead what is it now. I don't know the exact number on that I can't tell you that signal medicine's changed at the speed -- which we get to the injured dismissal put on that on here. All you know that they had. Deepest cut in 2005 -- -- the we didn't have the ballistic body armor that we probably would -- 30000 dead. Evil in Iraq just in the first you know three years. Because both of so many top guys or returned to duty after getting hit multiple part in the chest and the head. Because you know the body armor also consults I don't know what that number has changed -- I don't mean to fort. And by the way folks -- body armor does not mean you just get shot you walk away laughing it's simply spreads out the force of the impact and you end up with a killer -- That will stay with you for awhile and -- every color of the rainbow. -- -- -- -- Are so that's the first thing president David -- of the it would do well with respect to we -- what else speakers begin -- your opinion matters to me because of your service and more so because of your intelligence. What do I appreciate all the secured that which actually real proposal to Melky government has. A perceived by the way it's to take back. -- the American out families and and the wounded. So that should stand up a -- that is the real proposal the first and Malkin got ago the guy that we wanted to guy we put in the power in 2004. It's big guys that should be Leo I actually think it's a lot we use the first prime minister of Iraq. -- Shia so we have the respect. The -- Ayatollah. Sistani and all the other player this year religion but he would like loyal Baptist. Which allowed him to do the -- and Anbar Province with the Sunnis. He was a guy who are adopted that that the bachelor party under Saddam he turned against Saddam but Saddam tried to kill of course but. The fact like that so you always respect him for being a parent list. Before he was -- Saddam loyalists who was at -- this source so a lot we have a lot more respectability is lot more credibility quite frankly a lot of grief. It's a neurosurgeon. And by trade and he's a very Smart guy who understands people that are the belt keep al-Qaeda Howard and that's that little insulting to do and so so allow we would you know we would find a way to put a lot executive power and and and the next thing you have to do. If you're gonna think -- terrible -- you can get accurate Saudi Arabia. And John Kerry to Arab Sunni areas to look if you have all all soon. And by the way this morning the recent -- it was. We're still -- worked hard and in three weeks mentioned Iraq publicly. Because I anxious. Just seize control. Of the chemical weapons out to -- -- Muqtada. Which lets see this was the chemical storage people that Saddam declared to the land. So important -- it was hidden weapons of mass destruction are looking for that this was what about him that he had. But the problem is it that you've got -- recruit elements such Sarin and mustard. And PX caption here and if you were hopeful stopped everything you could theoretically. Global seems very crudely. In a car bomb and the actions are. Group has yet to achieve that this morning 9 o'clock eastern time so they now -- clear out all the -- that of the chemical weapons of this is. Gone from bad to worse and a matter skills. So old again president -- via you have to make decisions right now. We use -- the combat advisors do you launch airstrikes do you launch drone airstrikes dirty use and give our guys. You're you're gonna hate this but this is what we have to do at this point it's been sort modeled. Ultimately would which and 25000 church and eighteenth airborne corps but -- exception. I would give them be -- over the radio that we've heard in this warrant here probably three times. And it makes you shiver when you're here. But it called fuel tank go out and that you hear that -- at the radio chatter for kill at all. And what you're going to do what you were gonna send 25000 troops you're gonna forget hearts and -- -- and we have to be real about sending men and women to come back. What we send -- to combat we don't care about the sensitivity of the locals we -- 8000 barbarians. So I this this -- -- and it is 8000 men and strong. And all we have to do it occupies -- five. Which goes from -- province Anbar Province in dissect Baghdad. Pick you up checkpoints. Of course it's quite an element into the cities with the Iraqis would take that flight over fight that goes away in a matter of 21 dates. 8000 troops to the American fighting men and women it's absolutely nothing we could -- -- actual rights. But the key is we don't detain them we're not charging them in court in New York we're sending them to get small they are going to I'll. And we're gonna send them there and bags and we are not playing around anymore and when Wendy -- Karen. That -- in Saudi Arabia Lebanon. Shortly. All of our allies -- market hurts. Our 303030. Transaction where Anbar Province 40% of the peacekeepers are Sunni. 30% are Kurds and 40% a -- That was the bush standard back in 2006. They need to be the standard today. And yell province where you have to Armitage has. 30% of the security forces are Shia 30% occurred 30% assuming -- you can't make that work together. You force them to fight insurgency together but -- this -- units. We didn't have black troops in agreed it -- -- troops until the Korean War. And that's when we forced. You know plot actually say if you -- America you're you're gonna fight with -- Americans -- conscious skin color. And that's where leadership today from the military from the from the US government. Mean Q are you need for these people to look -- -- are not just -- patrols Shia neighborhoods. You're Sunnis -- in particular so. You're gonna you gonna do it altogether. And that -- Arabic and nationality or whatever you want. We cannot allow. The bloodshed to divide Iraq into three different areas because if we did that by the way. Then today -- the Q did we would have -- in the fifties and Alabama. But I must ask you David for how long are you going to keep boots on the ground and how many more dead Americans do you believe. You personally can tolerate coming back in aircraft and being driven through the streets of buffalo to -- water old law -- -- That the reality is. That situation we have today -- this is able to hold that ground they're pointed out real sweet potatoes from. Eastern Syria all the way to western Iraq to Baghdad it's fault. And everything we've done since 2001 hasn't raced screw Afghanistan cute little blip on the radar. You -- now -- they'll target element. Real state and Elaine. To operate two camps and -- Hell on Israel. So what is the point in all of the blood that we built. Optional 2001. We. -- and know how this president and and so many that agree with it and you know short breaks and -- how stupid -- -- if the government they lock the door to mean exactly how. You can't go home and that the war over. But David these this this religious war the sectarian. My brand of Islam is right. So our bread of Islamist right migrated Islamist right. It is going to go Juan in perpetuity these people are gonna continue raising Havoc -- out with one another at the moment. Our guys and ladies come home. We're basically going to be back to square one. Because they've raised an entire up and coming generation of youngsters and teenagers who will be more than willing to take the places of the guys we. Key -- ten debt alpha with -- us right now. The -- you're on everything you're saying is regrettably 100% correct. The reality on the ground though is that it still on these and and perhaps in April and and everything that we are well. Our system have control bill tied up in this area now overthrowing the kingdom in Saudi Arabia. That equipment should be counted or destroyed and 08000. Individuals. The leader of switches it is what they are in 2000 and by the way people talk about it used. He'll be in that -- -- prison that was in the can't release program when we elect actually giving back to -- Because America left a racket didn't have a prisoner exchange program completed one -- -- well. We got the dark. So so it is we are going to inherit the situation we -- living today in in hindsight Iraq would probably stole your -- kicked. In content like the problems -- a lot more serious about. The men and women to Iraq before 2000 entry to that victory but the situation we have today we get our troops. There are massacring people right now we -- a civil. 8800000. Refugees going into Kyrgyzstan. They don't that the -- some people trust urged Kurds don't like this year and. It's a situation where you had displaced people and -- a racket that tipping -- and fortunately. You know we. We actually. And we'll -- to breaking to. At this point where we are actually fighting. For stability in the region and I don't I don't I don't think that -- I would look at any mother or daughter father -- whoever. And look at the guy you know what also with. August 1 deployed back you -- pulled me up tomorrow. It's -- in Iraq. I'm here because I tell you it's that important that that were able to to kick the bad guys to occur because until. There's one thing you haven't done though that's -- victory -- I want you to do that coming up but I've got -- break for traffic I want it to define victory how long it takes and if our interest ought to be the best interest of the United States when we see the terror -- setting up just take -- -- with -- that's the threat to us. I want I want to get your thoughts on that coming up here's Alan Harris with traffic could ask for better night for the corporate challenge clear pleasant tonight overnight low 49 tomorrow on I 75 right now 74 after a WB -- David Arab television is what is David first things first. With respect to the United States of America it is my belief -- -- the United States of America is the country about which we must your first foremost and frankly exclusively at this point given our national debt. As we see terror training camps why not just take out the terror training camps as they spring up like weeds. Because you know one of the things that we're seeing right -- in Yemen it's you know that was the policy the Bush Administration all but you know completely ignored. Out of trouble happening in Yemen they had to cancel you know you can make sense about that or you want but the second battery is that we haven't opened. You know a circular -- what are thrown in Yemen. And they're still not able to scrap the the bottom of the barrel helping darkest jungle Jim you -- just -- parents didn't and DirecTV satellites. These are areas where. They're able to -- pilgrimage Russia overcharging they're able to you know blend into these mosques and and and really if it's a cult of personality would be you and it's not a matter of TJ got a couple soap opera usually got these machines. Mentality that when the American. Military when our foreign policy is to run away and really in the street 83 love and -- I mean I would love to blame Bill Clinton and Carter and Obama to distract the batteries is when Reagan in eighty history. Decided hey these guys -- the hard. Let's get out but never go back. You know we had -- we had occasional -- now what was that the right -- we can make an argument all day all night but. I think the problem is that this enemy response to one thing and that this force. That's what they respect. That who we elect their leaders -- they have a democratic poll. That's what they like in their king and that's what they like in the tribal leaders this force and power. And America should not skirt that responsibility. Okay defiant victory. When you were dealing with people were willing literally to fight for a thousand years and for whom this is the crusades part two. What I you know I I happen to believe that our culture and our -- like this is pretty important to. And you know one of the -- that we have all -- armed military alert customs and courtesy. Of the Arab people every time we deploy. You know lit up in problem L you don't make eye contact little woman you're viewed -- when you address the man. You know you you say you -- three times before -- to see all the costs and encourage these. Of the Arab culture we indoctrinated in our military when that -- it's about trying this -- understood. What America's about. But American warrior is about how -- view it's unpopular. And week -- -- all a lot of holes but the L shot -- air base in Anbar Province. And he bought air -- we called opt out Robin Anaconda. In -- problems. Those two air bases need to be on American air bases first of all we put probably twenty billion dollars each of them. They have state of the art one way -- in the art technology. And there's no reason why -- could not be an all columnist deployment. In perpetuity. Now understand you 20000 Americans are going to be in conflict every single day outside the wire right he'd smell. -- in Korea we can't 35000 troops right now on the DMZ. We are well in South Korea that are essentially -- -- -- the -- ever attacked. We have troops are ready. In in Germany we should still in Okinawa in Japan. And election accounts a military -- and so sure. That never happens again. And I don't believe that the old architecture combat deployment. I don't think we but we graphs you'll post -- that fictional planes. And political play. And you'll reporter there -- movie theater and it'll be just like Germany. You can't you know the borders and that and that actually happen that those spaces. A very easily. Able to -- extended the problem when you start putting men women hardware and put my patrol ordered. At -- that I you know -- boy I want to take calls for you but I just don't know what your schedule is like. And all right -- if you wanna talk to David. How to keep David on for a little birdie one a question or comment for David Bell will be a call 8030930. -- -- thirty and 180616. WBM. This is one of the few times David and I are gonna disagree I don't think this work can be one. We're looking at two western eyes we do not understand the culture we never will. And it. We have a disagreement on WBE. -- Yeah. We're anytime. Soon. And mom and me. And -- Our export 35 there's radioactivity WBZ. -- David I guess that we're talking -- David -- beer. By the way and we're going to be setting or a so called combat advisors to Iraq. David I I guess what I'm still have a hard time grasping is defining victory against a culture that views things in terms of 1000 years not in terms of four or eight year election cycles these are religious. Fanatics. Nazism. Died went out all Hitler killed himself. And the war was over Japan imperial Japan. Man died when Nagasaki and Hiroshima were nuked and we left you're Hedo in power. Even the kamikaze is stopped flying planes into American warships once the war treaty had been signed. And one -- that all but one thing at all those having common these ideologies. These. Political beliefs. They all met American aggression. American aggression has held at play here and. In in countries and in states that don't -- sponsored these things anymore and that's the fundamental issue that we have. In our country today we are schizophrenic. -- out where we. We. I want to say we love the idea that we open borders people start in the border but what we're gonna keep you -- -- -- a -- -- He had to pull away and that an enemy won't like this for a while years tell all. They're you know and state you're never going to shoot collapsed terrorist I totally agree if you -- that you are pleading. What the alternatives. To of people that are hell bent on accurately. The only thing you can do and you know as a person -- profession is completely. Predicated on the fact that there are people that low fuel. And keep you on the -- and there are people that meet you and there are nothing you can do about those people see you on the it will come after you -- will make things about you they will actually you're making them accurate cure her reality that's never never. Ever going to turn those people around. So at the end of the day. And quick. Or you keep on -- well. Dividend on the edit and -- be an analogy. If had a heroic putt or prepares delicately. And it's such a way that it actually. That it actually makes cents. Com. -- are we actually had a seriously -- that that the whole victory part of Venus in -- World War II. Was one with the peace treaty with the government that replaced Hitler. The Italian part was ended by the Italians themselves overthrowing Mussolini's. The Pacific theater war ended with the treaty with -- imperial Japan left you're Hedo. In power in formal declaration that hostilities had come to an end by the way there is no such formal as you know. Declaration of the end of hostilities with Korea technically we're still a state of war with -- with North Korea. Unlike Iraq David. I'm unaware that the German citizenry today are re embracing nazism and throwing mortar rounds in the -- bases. At Ramstein or anywhere else. You're like you're absolutely right and I I would never dream to make that. Out here I think you're right and your documentation preacher talking about likes. But I guess my point is that if we killed Osama bin Laden in 200123. Weeks after 9/11. We all we would have done was -- Ronald McDonald. Fortunately our mascot these leaders. It's an ideology that we have to -- And as long as young men are being raised in a culture where they believe. That there is a -- that. That care -- will I think you know young -- 1918 year old. If that are being raised in this one hardy radical Sunni radical Shia. You don't like stop this culture that they believe. That there -- romance and -- They believe that the the how to cut -- -- Until we got to kill a ball. Let them but we we got to kill a ball because east is east and west is west and -- the Twain shall meet that's his age old is uttered fifty years ago. We made a -- choice. That we were gonna to mix it up to -- portion of toll right now. That we are just -- -- to -- happy. Should've been the debate that the White House attitude out there -- this is the debate that we should've had before we. You know before we got at all before we -- strapped down to go after that county right now if you -- they're not gonna stop. And -- -- -- look -- they're they're they're you know this more than anyone. Is that there is a different class there is 110 of 1% fight our wars. People and our intelligence community completely different. They know you know every single day -- look at least they're looking at these maps to drop bombs and bad guys. But fact is that we as a nation art books were done we don't we don't have the money effort but more importantly we don't have the -- slight. It's long and are ready to lose cities like Chicago. And and and have thousands of Americans to try and get -- just drop a bomb it'll be over. He's not going to end until we can change their civilization and the culture but actually it's not. Why it's too -- around with the United States. You can't argue with this sick mind David -- my my argument -- my argument to you at the white folks David Bell levee is my -- is an Iraqi war hero he is one of my very best friends in the whole world I am now officially have one friend he's David Sylvia all right ML and were fighting. Like -- she's on the year. And I love David David loves me I respect David for reasons we -- went to David respects me and those I have balls the size of Volkswagen's David. Yet coconuts are -- we'll start with coconuts okay. But I I think the mistake that you were making my dear beloved friend is you were viewing Islam through Western European. Eyes. And it. We do view things in terms of four and eight years and even centuries and and their viewing things in terms of millennia. And I just don't think you can argue rationally. With a religious fanaticism. That means. Adulterous women get stoned to death. Yeah like. I will freely admit that. That I am guilty of of looking at things and IQ -- -- that well which I think we can win that's. What I want you to just. Our -- out why Vladimir Putin. It's not to target. All mentioned that the union -- -- Afghanistan. Or missions were eliminated. Openly at war that religion. When they went into your bike shop and they were a match around in in that the country of Georgia and can end. Started U2 blocked kick around why is it that album based bulk Qaeda once they met -- -- and they didn't -- So be stable or school picnic Al movie theater who do you should everyone. Going to a school -- who do you want school -- And realized that there are more PR and the more opportunities to recruit like going after a plane the American people. By playing our hearts by by using -- all of we shoot against us. That's what empowers them. It wasn't very interesting it David that we did not have a terror attack in the Sochi. And it's almost flight. It's almost like they kind of knew who was likely to do it and they're just kind of vanished. On let's take some calls shall we David. -- -- A lot of talk at the I don't like it but we don't agree. On what are you. I know. But crystal ball like. And here is Spencer on WB and Spencer thanks for holding. Tom and David here and you're on go ahead. -- I was wondering if they'll be possible. If you could reflections. Hiding and who look look where they got their weapons farm originally to invade Iraq. After leaving Syria who in -- country. -- -- would be quickly whose whose legs are prone -- to whose day. -- -- -- Who would be able to afford the by the mild brand new can't colored. Four by Ford technical vehicles. To ride through the desert in a taught them brand new -- -- off the boat. And our government supplied them and keep them rolling from country that. OK who's funding -- war vet is the question and it's an excellent one Spencer thank you. I think I think you're gonna lot of people really shocked to find out that the man pants. Those surface to air missiles shoulder fired stinger and they're younger generation Greek. But those men pants. We. Part of the investigation is going to you're gonna find out that you -- to picture and it started to. While it's how we had a vested interest ticket yeah out. To the airport we want to neutralize that and then what we collected those back we had -- -- in the airport he was UT. Orbital platforms to take out rebels. And what the old weapon still meant and still. Vehicles -- all and other equipment was going to rebels to strike a shot at you know the military -- And I don't think it's extrapolation. To connect the dots that. The United States. Whether you want to you know put -- -- -- with me in and connect without a doubt you'll know about it. It very clear that there at 88 at all what it was -- What -- -- Yemen I'm sorry whether it was Libya or Syria or Algeria where we were fighting al-Qaeda elements and turned it. Didn't call so they're an internal fighting. Those -- moved from country to country and now they are in Iraq and what we can't debate. It that there are companies that help our art ballistic steps to -- illegal weapons. And they can't park home and then. A couple of. Yeah and if they get any hyper stealth Campbell that we may have been using over there. Which screwed Kazaa a stopped who's African unbelievable. All right are you -- you see -- and united it's a pretty awesome stuff all right stay with us it is 447 David Bellamy is here. Here until 5 o'clock and you know what I'll take David Kennedy's call or wherever to make up for a -- -- -- -- another nice dinner 8030930. Is the phone number -- may slip arsenic in it when he's not looking up -- another nice dinner. I'll start -- thirty and 180616. WBM David Bellamy is here he's in Iraq War veteran. In many ways he agrees with me but. He really thinks that we need to if I'm not putting words in his mouth re engaged to help the Iraqis and I'm all about letting the Iraqis do their own fighting you can do a lot of things for people. But you can't give them balls unless of course you have the surgery. And then the ties have to get involved. You know they call it bank -- reason. All right AccuWeather beautiful night and this is like perfect tomorrow's going to be an awesome day I suddenly feel a tickle in my throat and I suddenly -- diarrhea rearing its ugly head. We're happy. Oh we don't go -- now explosive diarrhea it's a paper which can ever take -- very often work despite the Specter will be sunny and 75. -- right now 74 WB at this bella -- is -- -- a man who I'm not gonna sit and I was gonna say. We're talking about the situation in Iraq in American involvement and David I've taken up an awful lot of York time. And you and I it's kind of interest -- because we agree on a lot but we also disagree. On a lot. Substantively. If you had the ear of President Obama right now the -- kind of right itself. I'll why would you say he should do with Iraq. Your mood to listen. To stop talking stop pretending that he -- -- -- platinum. And realize that yeah he's got that the title of commander in chief but you have people on the ground -- know what you're talking about they know what you're talking about years. And you know you -- know what to train and you know you can't just pick and choose. When you wanna get involved. And you know to -- to support all released again not listening to anybody. What we're talking about to get most its relation releasing people because they're taking yoga you know let's. I'd get the politics out here at commanders. -- -- good luck with that -- -- again Obama. Has this been Donald Sterling. I'm sure we would have been a much stronger response -- of that crisis but that's another story. And I'm not endorsing Donald Sterling. One thing don't like to welcome back to where we agree the first thing I existed in Tikrit. Intel are in Fallujah and then and in that ramadi. They they took all the weapons from inside the home to -- and states they think there's armed the population. The first thing that these terrorists did because the army certainly got a flight and so it wanna get -- get checked -- -- count by the local population. So they yeah I'd be all guns illegal in those cities. -- Like I mean that's ever before ever happened in human history. Your dollars are right -- we will talk soon I'll -- Frank -- three area. Right Dave ability joining us and Israel -- thirty WB -- -- interest stuff from David. Agree with a lot of bad characteristics now coming up. On the show we're gonna hips a bit of fun because it's kind of a nice day.

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