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6-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. It would. Then. Hold -- -- the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing Americans of Russia and al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened -- Gary -- Destroy -- silent. That was -- -- Tom hourly. Even though it -- I think it right back -- it's live it's local -- It's Tom hourly -- Rosie shoot. I honestly -- radio 930. Well it is Bob Sanders ready and I'm thirty WB and I relative -- start. Actually I don't wanna go to the heavy today I wanted to do something light but I I just don't think bets are going to be possible at least a start things off. Com but before I get -- topic exodus story I gotta tell you about and and don't. Don't tune out before the end of the story. But I think you know there's a lesson to be learned year metaphorically. When a mine. These. We have told you that I have dated mauled by millionaires and there's some of the most group of people have ever -- in my life. All right you've heard so many. Long story short. This -- bought her kid. Eight brand new Mercedes. I'm not talking Mercedes. You know starter class. I'm talking about Mercedes. Top of the lie in the sedan car. It is that kids first car. Well this woman. Went through driver education with her child. This lady. Made sure. That the child. Was going to be up. You're driving. In a safe manner. To maintain the vehicle. And true. Drive it in a safe manner and not to expose -- the multi millionaire to. Shall we say civil action legal not to mention increased insurance across the cheers -- really care about that because she's got more money and got. Well anyway long story short. Long story short this woman gives your kid this brand new top of the line Mercedes. How many -- you would love a couple -- brand new Mercedes for your first car. Now this was two years ago maybe three years ago I forget I've lost track of time. Would you believe. This car. Is gorges. Mercedes events. Which can't do this kid without a scratch factory fresh. Out of being -- 0005. Miles on it. Would you believe that three years later the car is essentially totaled. Would you believe that. This kid at 1718. Gets eight top of the line Mercedes. Three years later. It basically is ready for the -- All right. Now. The kid wants other other Mercedes. -- Lose be here this kid who had a brand Mercedes handed to him fully paid for fully paid for. Off the show floor. In three years managed to banged up pretty much every single part of that vehicle to the point where might as well be a new vehicle. Boy I pretty much pity the person does the car -- report on. No this same kid wants mom to -- other. State of the -- brand new. Off the showroom floor Mercedes bets. Do you think -- should do it. I think your mom does -- mom. Needs. Serious. Reality checks. Are right. Well. This isn't really about a Mercedes-Benz. And it's not really about a mother and it's not really about. A child it's about Iraq. And we spent something far more valuable than money. On Iraq. We spent. American blood. American lives thousands. Of American lives in Iraq. Why. Well Saddam we were told that chemical weapons -- did have chemical weapons now where they were at the moment of invasion who knows Syria who notes. That's when I was told he'd put him up in Syria. But that's another story and it's immaterial. Also Saddam Hussein tried to kill. The president's father George W Bush's father George Herbert Walker Bush which was a reason for. The American army and while the American forces to go into Iraq. Now the bottom line is the Iraqi Government toppled pretty quickly. And I remember being on the year back in the good old days I was doing mornings from by the noon had a life. Watching the statue. Of Saddam Hussein. Being toppled by the Iraqis happy that the big bad wolf had finally been toppled from power. So the Iraqi Government felt like a house of cards despite Baghdad Bob saying. -- -- sort of nothing -- -- what a bit of Baghdad and they were right next door actually. Be like Hitler saying the Russians are anywhere near me in April of 1944. Yeah -- -- 45 actually. Up. Folks. We have a situation now. As they do I have to get into the insurgency. The Islamic fascists who moved in to Iraq because it's just like a mountain climber why did you climb the mountain because it's there. And the terrorist mentality is why did you go to or rock of that's where the Americans are that's that terrorist mentality. So. We did the United States. Much like the fictitious mother in the story. We in the United States trained at the Iraqis for how many years. Here is how you fight. Here is the stuff with which you fight. Here are tactics. Here is are you use the term signal. Here is how you shift gears. Here is how you planned strategy combined with tactics to defeat people who want to defeat you. So we get out of Iraq. -- there's wanna -- cutting and running did you really expect the United States to just have a permanent. War in Iraq ms. network -- we all really want it every week. Do you really wanna see what we went through last week with that woman coming home. With a flag draped coffin. Being buried in the Diana and that was a training exercise. -- do you really want more Americans to come home in anonymity. To be transported through the streets of western new York and eventually to their final resting place in the field of euros. For Iraq. I don't. We. Gave. The opportunity. To be. A free. Democratic. Country. Our forces. Did that for the Iraqis. And thousands of Americans did not come home physically alive thousands more came hole with groat asked injuries. You know they used to say that the ratio of injuries to fatalities in combat was three -- four to one. Thanks to the advances in medicine I don't know the actual statistics but I would be willing to say it's more like eight to one. These days given the advances in surgery at a worst antibiotics and infection and combating techniques. So not only did we lose thousands of American lives people who will not rise from the dead to be with their wives their husbands their children their parents. The Brothers. But we also have a generation of guys some of -- by the way I know. Some of -- I know. Who have come back from Iraq and I wish I could use the word I wanna use. Because it really is appropriate. They are so. Messed up. As to be beyond my verbal ability to describe. These are people. Who are going through life. With severe cases of post traumatic stress syndrome. These are people who will spend a long time. Getting over what they saw and what they experienced in Iraq these are the people in the flag draped coffins. Now these are the people who make their way into the VA. These are the people. Who are so messed up that they are being kept as is in the patients at various psychiatric places because that's what war does to some people. And why in the name of all that is hole. Some of you believe. Bet even more American blood. Should be -- On people who have proven themselves on the worthy of our original sacrifices. Are beyond me. Absolutely beyond. And what's even more baffling to me. Is some of the very same people. Who believed that the man -- at the White House right now is just summer's eve on two legs. You don't trust them with the borders. You don't trust him with the IRS. You don't trust him with the Second Amendment and you trust him with your life as commander in chief. That my friends is illogical. Alternately. I hit the -- My opinion is the Iraqis. Were on the were. Up our men and women sacrificing. Their lives. They're utes their sanity their arms or legs their hearing their sites. All of the ramifications that happened when somebody comes back from war and family life goes down bush our goes down the toilet. And what we get out of the Iraqis. The Iraqis turn out to be no better than French surrender monkeys. Running away. In the face of the insurgency one tell me exactly. What. We can possibly tell the Iraqis. After so much trading we've already invested in them that is -- -- make them stand and fight. Instead of throwing their weapons down against the fundamentalist Islamic extremists. And run away. If I honestly don't know what world your living. -- People dessert the government under which they live and yes that includes. Those of us who live in the United States. And we could spend a thousand years in Iraq. But it the Iraqi People are unwilling to fight for their all alone. Republic they're all democracy. They're all -- self determination away from fundamentalist Islamic. Beat headers. Then so -- it. They can cut each other's heads off until the crack of home for all like year. Now why. Are we stole. Dependent on the Middle East and rock. To some extent. For fossil fuels. And by the way despite the pie in the sky newspaper articles. Believe solar when I see it I've been hearing about solar energy being the next best thing since we got the weekly reader in first grade at -- freaking elementary school. Early the boys that Warren Buffett's daily local liberal rag didn't get that message. -- heard about solar power be in the next big thing almost as long as I've been here in the soccer's going to be the next big game in America. I know soccer as its fans but in eight football hell they'd even hockey. At least in this part of the country maybe it's different Southern California I mean Mac support but we'll go -- to future a future time. So what are the problems is folks this administration has been unwilling. True allow. The Keystone Pipeline. We have people in our country who believe. -- we should not be exploring. For our all own sources of energy. And the geologists. And the Petro experts tell us that there is enough. Oil fossil fuel natural gas locked up. In areas we actually have sovereignty over sovereignty what do silly concept that is now. That we don't need a Middle East if only we would get our. But this administration refuses to do that. Other administrations by the way ever fused to do -- And I must tell you. If I were president. There's a dangerous thought. If I were president let me tell you what makes sense to me. -- Explore and exploit. And dig out. Every last drop up fossil fuel we have in the United States. Energy. In the dependence. That's number one that's first and foremost and you know what maybe at some point solar will play a larger role. But I'm not gonna hold my breath I've been hearing about it being the next best thing since 1945. 0% to a while for the last 45 years. What I meant to say it was a -- 45. Portrait. If the threat to America from Iraq involves. To host terror training camps. And well Google can -- about his pubic hair a satellite. Over the year. You mean to tell me that the American military and the NSA. Doesn't know or couldn't find out where terror training camps. Are located in the rock. And then we sent in -- the air force we said in drones we sent in cruise missiles over -- come out of favor now in in place of the drones. And we take out the training camps. If we have energy independence. Frankly we can tell a -- to go to hell I wish we would. We sacrificed so much for the Iraqi People. And what we get in return is they're throwing their guns down and retreating before the enemy. Well our guys stood there and fought for them I personally disgusted by. And no I did not serve. And you do not have to have served to offer an intelligent opinion on -- -- also did not serve in World War II. I don't remember anybody bitching about my. It's 325. Now by the way as far as I know the only person. In media in the country who set aside for hours on the seventieth anniversary of to commemorate those who died fighting tyranny. It after the show I went over to a cemetery because I couldn't just go -- I had to -- the graves of some of those heroes who died in World War II. So you wanna play the patriot game with me and you know where you didn't serve -- for your opinion is invalid. I care more about veterans. -- probably any single group of people in America. Because they're they are the people who put their skin on the line. But don't tell civilians like myself a very few by the reduce that we've got no place comment as I've sent. Not one person bitch about my. Or my memorial -- show I guess that it was OK it's OK to talk about dead Americans but it's not okay to say he doesn't wanna see anymore that Americans. Think about that. Think this makes people like -- Yeah that's -- -- Yesterday he went to The Backstreet -- answer that I am not going to -- Joseph Bieber four Barbara Levine and the next your eyes that would be wrong from a guy who is. Barry Manilow is greatest hits PGE's greatest hits and -- gold in his CD collection. That itself questionable. Manhood. I'm -- later on today. But I have you. With the opportunity to win tickets to see journey and the Steve Miller Band you know what I'm supposed to give away -- yesterday and I was played forgot. Senility baby. Anyway stimulus having Ali you know the call all the really obvious with the song. Steve Miller injury July 24 that there in late don't call now but election of the number to call and when the -- call at such time as. Were rated regular -- away. All right 335 all 336 -- right now to a guy who did serve in Iraq his name is. David -- via David -- via. I have to tell you. I don't know what you're taking is obviously I wanna give it but I am appalled. That after all the Americans who died in Iraq. The Iraqis are no better than French surrender monkeys and a proven themselves in my opinion unworthy. Of your sacrifice. And the sacrifices. Of your men we cannot fight for them your -- Well you're right I mean itself. You you're seeing today a group -- -- people that are easily. You know there would -- -- -- about just see the idea that it might sit in the middle special is that. You know I mean. In blob means to submit. And you know there is a waive that debt. Adult -- the Middle East race should completely fortunately we raise our. Men and now western civilization you know aware. You know you stand up and you know we applaud that in school when did -- -- the bully and a cute well and some sort of both schools applaud what sorts it out themselves or the -- -- That the way this communal. Yeah -- but people want to go and -- UK because he thinks he's not liable Olympian that. You just you know you you submit to your elders -- everyone sort of guy showed up and AK 47 and RPG. -- you give -- You know there's nothing wrong with getting apple to -- and so wall that's a problem they're they're up against fundamentalists who. You know they don't truly understand what they're fighting quite frankly they. They think that the -- it used to be. If -- Christian -- kill you -- Muslim your eyesight now was that she is sitting and the the whopping Sunnis it's totally different shell. Itself it's -- completely crazy. Situation you tackle not a great. Here's here's what I don't understand these people are so fanatical when there are five or six of them standing around somebody with a blindfold -- there about -- -- the head off. Where other balls when it comes to fighting for their own country. What exactly and what are the biggest you know this administration you know it's. I mean look at whether or not you for the war against the war. One of the things you have to you acknowledges that you know these these guys were driving home go to -- Their convoy was about two and a half miles long coming over Syrian border. What this -- was tricky out. Targets that -- it'll actually one car in Yemen. Was worthy of the JPM from a drone key stick out in and would -- yeah he's taken out at all. Surgical strikes are -- al-Qaeda target there's no reason whatsoever why. We could fix these guys -- as they came in -- while western Iraq. I mean it's obvious approach and money involved in this day. But you know what again the traditional. We're not special forces in John Kerry didn't and we're gonna air assets there we're gonna. At some point. Have to make a decision and that's what flights this president. If he if he would have involved -- -- early on -- Iraq's cities -- Okay David this all out by the way we and I had a conversation about this several months ago the details of which shall remain between the two of us. We're talking with David -- -- he would never call himself there's others are called him this and I know David and I'm gonna call -- is he is so one of many heroes. In Iraq and specifically Fallujah also happens to be one of my best guy friends on the entire face of the planet and I only have about two friends left and David one of them. Our David the military advisors. I remember and by the way the date was September 2 1963. I looked it up. John F. Kennedy talking with Walter Cronkite about the situation in Vietnam September 2 19632. Days before I was born said. Alternately it's -- war -- the ones who have to win that elusive. The combat advisors. Obama wants to -- to Iraq now you wanna tell me what good combat advisors are going to do that years of training of the Iraqi. Defense forces has failed to do. Well you know here's some and America -- group yeah I'm. This should really fit the Iraq War when you consider the fact that you know we have -- The gulf war. That we went in and then we had insurgency. At quarter commitment that we had this -- -- -- completely different subject. Harry Truman when you think -- recurring or to sit there you know in the oval or the Russians and the Nazis were killed each. Instruments that you know why it involved your -- killing your enemy -- the time to stand out and let them. Talking makers you've got radical over a land -- not like the United States the largest sponsor terror. And you've got. You know a radical Sunni al-Qaeda running around killing each other. Now to talk to kind of watch this thing you know plays out. And and you know picked the winner for for a stable Iraq that I don't see you bring in special forces guys and say what you got here and -- and -- they're willing to accept it. There are comparable in them because we've seen that this group. They don't. Immediately should count it wasn't just the military that -- -- -- leadership. Four and three star general that refused to fight. We got arrested decapitated -- just you know that that the pfc with a machine on the equivalent of of of having your educated Petraeus -- -- Yeah these are a huge leader in the military at the started that. The plot was -- David idea I've heard from at least one guy who says that I've gotten a reason to doubt that he is an Iraqi veteran and -- first volleys or is -- if you want their you have no business commenting on it with which right vehemently disagree by the way because -- wasn't at. But but as far as the practicality. Of the situation David again and as you've just pointed out. We gave the Iraqis. Every bit of military training. We felt comfortable giving them and every bit of weaponry we felt comfortable giving them. Ultimately if they're not willing to pick it up and use it to defend themselves. What is that hell. Why would we want more Americans dying to perpetually. It would be a perpetual babysitting of Iraq. Tom I I completely agree that. What if we stay -- we send in 30000 church right now. You're there for twenty years there no doubt about it and get away you're gonna you know loose with a vacuum it's gone still. The partially received since it ran its that it took and the -- to get -- Syria and Libya mean we basically -- military to up to twelve. -- army -- huge -- that he's using -- but here's the problem and you know I don't wanna sound conspiratorial but. That very element that is killing innocent people and Iraqi military people in Iraq right now. -- the same guys that personal Bob ball wanted us to join. And use our air force to play a solid achievements here yeah it was fighting. Now these guys come into Iraq and now the president watched what you wouldn't be in this article ran. Yeah all things just like I mean this whole thing is just such. Cluster in the -- so troubling to me. -- that equipment get left behind was because. You couldn't get a standard of forces agreement in the first place. -- you know we count. We have seen a lot of at presidency in a lot of bad decisions. And I know you've been critical of George W. Bush you have. Hell of a hole bomb times you've been pretty slowing down the line as far as your. Libertarian conservative. -- But you got to. Some of the darkest days we've seen with foreign policy when you have a president that release has no idea of how we still. Actually see here's what I disagree with you David and a -- corrected me on this. He does know exactly what he is doing this isn't ineptitude. This is Barack Obama. This all out. Now now explain that because that's -- this is where I -- I believed. That you'd think that their ulterior motive here that they don't. I don't think there's anything ulterior about a -- I think that would had a president who said he wanted to fundamentally. Change America. That we should take him at his word. And why should we be surprised that a guy who wanted to help the guys who were trying to overthrow a -- in Syria. Now want some kind of -- a -- -- alliance with the Iranians who we've been fighting over the nuclear weapon development for years. Obama thrives. By creating uncertainty. In the world. And remember here's a guy who spent. The first part of his presidency apologizing. For American power so why would we be surprised that now he's lowering himself to the levels to which is lowered himself. This is this is T. You know itself. It's four -- guys who lost you know. Good man who you know -- -- -- Solutia -- you know hundred lives just in November 2004 period two week. But the -- and people that are still doing their extra -- -- posttraumatic stress you name it. We don't have that sacrifice just -- and get that you know -- out our future watch -- on our operatives. For the first time I feel a little bit of what the Vietnam veteran -- and I never thought I'd ever say that because without that we it was all from. Well you tell someone what actually you'd do for three years away your Stanley the -- changing sore -- I'd ask you as a country can do in our name. On the war. That hurts. Well let's not that David these. The Iraqis have proven themselves unworthy. Well you're absolutely right you're absolutely right but what I'm seeing though is that when we added the opportunity. To sit there alone and get -- scanner but fortunately that was capped at least 101000. All of would have done was put a lot of air base at 22 left seeking a soloist. To attract one base and -- air assets there the president did not want that. They didn't want to pick -- the fact that he knew that if Iraq were to crumble so it was an assault would be dropping bombs again. And it would be pleased that we have forever more and I -- point it's just that I guess. When opera when a president make. We have rookie record thought that we would pretty chilly today. To 35000 troops in Europe. Did something that America in the 21 century if you think that Iraq. This is going to is it spent you know this important story you're correct to crumble what -- -- -- can -- our our complete. All the Taliban will be back in charge and Afghanistan within a year I have no doubt. David can you hang out with us for -- -- -- actually got a real job which I don't have but -- you wanna hang out. Because here's my next question for you is going to be as -- as a starting point. David Sylvia is president of the United States what does he do right now and -- Of the Vietnam a few moments ago and -- say one thing I don't wanna have to do the next time -- in Washington. I don't wanna have to go to an Iraqi war dead wall with 50000. American names on. Don't want that. These people are worth it. Fight for yourselves. Stay with us on WB Ian. See I know traffic is gonna be bad the minute I have a compelling guest I'm. That -- seriously without fail. So anyway just be advised in the area by the corporate challenge it will be a Mongolian cluster dance it always is every single year which could not ask for better weather pleasant -- likelier 49 hello tomorrow partly sunny and nice 75. Worth 74 gorgeous degrees at news radio 930 WBE. And. Or maybe. Absolutely big beautiful. The Celtics beat Miller. All right folks right now -- have a pair of tickets to -- Germany and the Steve Miller Band Tuesday July 24 645 Gary and lake performing arts and her value was 100 dollars courtesy of live nation. General contest rules apply caller nine. -- nine at 64498756449875. And regular content rules apply. Now let's get back to David Bell levee. Iraqi war veteran hero at Fallujah along with many other people and as have said I'd have liked to friends and -- -- -- David your president of the United States what do you do. First thing I'd do is -- that shouldn't happen along time ago in Arabic and Melky government. Pay a million dollars every single son or daughter that was killed in the Iraq conflict that's what -- And they will pay 200000 dollars to every young man and woman who was injured purple heart posttraumatic stress and while we're at it. I would also make it taste the veterans administration ten billion dollars because you know we don't at least two trillion and that in that country. David or opening currency which is better than our economy quite frankly. -- to -- space shuttle oil on the I would -- takes money from them for the war effort and put it into the RCA and that's how we get to be a pack up and running. David I love your starting I love your -- platform number one and -- were gonna pick you up and about ten minutes what you wanna hold honor have house call you back a what you decide author with John and Joseph but I wanna pick up on this because -- -- -- opinions carry weight with me not just because he's hurt. Not just because he was a hero at Fallujah. But because he's a real Smart guy.

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