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6-19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Beijing government sandy beach jail we're talking about Dan Snyder in the Washington Redskins end of the US patent and the Trademark Office. Canceling their registration which means that their once this goes through the appeals process. If it stands. The Redskins will have no protection against anybody printing anything lower. Selling anything we have that lol -- all our name on that they'll have nothing to say about it. And nobody nobody can be prosecuted during like that's always significantly lowers the value of the team. 41 thing and then we're we're talking about that what's offensive once offensive to somebody that made up the offensive to a and it's of a person next to them but give -- examples of how we have the walk on eggs all the time. As things change all the time and you you don't wanna be caught in the wrong time frame. Look at -- term years and years ago colored. Okay then. That it went too low policy from collared. Two native America arms governments that are from a -- to negro. To move. City. African American and two black there's four right there for right there. An ally and you don't wanna be caught using the last terminology. Instead of the latest one. And then you get confused. In the issue I just talked about we have big colored musicians club in buffalo aren't. We have that in and as a new problem our number once I got called out for. This discussing an issue regarding the senators. And I referred to them the Seneca Seneca nation of Indians and -- that you can't. Column Indians. And native Americans I'm thinking posted column Indians. Were calling them Indians until I looked down. At my idea -- my letter at the power of the public relations release from the Seneca nation. And on -- air mass that it's at Seneca nation of Indians Saul Heidi you know Heidi you know you don't you do the best you can. You just do the best you can he's trying to be as respectful as possible. But you have to spend your life weighing every single word that you say for fear it'll be misinterpreted. And somebody has got to make a big deal about it menu -- explain. The bottom line if your person of of good heart. You know jerk you're you're you're being fair and equitable as best you can. And I don't think we should spend the rest of -- -- is the next word going to offends them. Course in this business I do us more about that 'cause I told Greg read our general manager one time. -- any talk show holes is just one word away from unemployment and that's true. That's true so you wanna be respectful wanna have a good heart and try -- -- again but beyond that. I wouldn't have a jump off a cliff over. Let's go to to a German buffalo general on WB yeah. Sending a gentler what do you. What part of our support scooters there's no complaints and to bring pursue other than the government obviously because of you know chocolate the Indian tribe of their -- -- -- -- but I think -- they just wanna get this to court precedent. A future issue on hate speech. Or you know freedom of speech freedom of expression. I think it is just engineered. Who works for the future. Well I think it is a slippery slope. If indeed the Redskins. He gets it gets so withheld and they can't protect that anymore you'll see others. I have also because what it as as an opening it's or it's the president and and -- right it is I think a template for the future. It seems like people wanna just change this country basically. We can understand changing the weak parts of the bad parts why change something is not really harming any day anybody to any degree there's always going to be somebody. Who's going to be bent out of shape over something. Right but people externally and substantial change. They do they yeah they really do and go to like this. BB a business aspect of it if you -- a billion dollars for a product that had that name when you botnet. And it's and and in no problem with -- name throughout history and now suddenly they take away your copyright protection. And now it considerably. Are going to hurt your bottom line virtual business your ability to do business. I think that's says a lot we have to remember that to thank you. I -- Saddam. It's it's. The war on women I don't believe that the -- business totally believe absolutely we see it all the time and this is another example of in the president's. Tends to get involved. The way too much with some of his stuff. You know if I had a son he would look like tree blown. You know if I if I ran if I ran the NBA I wouldn't have him in there. If I had the Redskins I changed their name. Really seriously he's got to get involved with -- everything. And sometimes it comes back and -- some well obviously the Cambridge police department were what's the -- is stupid. Yes to open until we found out they weren't stupid and then -- appear with Simon and the big guy -- his friend who was caught up in that remember that. I mean this is micro managing to the nth agree it truly is it's it's the minutia of life. We have all of these things going on in our country and this is what we're concerned about going to be care. Let's go to John John in a Youngstown -- on WB and on. That's my job and thanks for calling what ago. I don't know that this is -- the United States that four and you guys that patent office who's been. It has been there. They actually do all the nations of the world. That we provide ideas. In Europe in your your intentions. And you can approach that is under specifically you know that you started. And somebody who that accompany -- actual property right. And the government can be subjective. And you. Don't like the way you portray that product. Sure you're not going to be able to add a product and making money off that -- -- -- court. It is unbelievable. The state. This country. In the future toward -- there's not going to be an afterthought and go to our the question is was named in order. Coach law -- strong page. I didn't wanna. And -- I think now the true they're trying to -- and turn the whatever political trends. Critically important -- And you know and and I'm sure. That the nation that problem in a while he tried they tried a couple of and then some people at -- -- territory they count. There. But it worked and I will have its own appointment and and percent of -- -- They were saying we're going to be voted to -- And it just an actual. Property because let me think happened to the first amid. -- point where I can actually what I would want. It okay. Every. Ounce unchanged but that we're in the nation -- -- nation -- street and start. You can and as we. -- Greater. Than we want to. You know that I have urged the senate balloons up. As Clinton you know golf -- Mean I hear you very well said thank you -- Russia I hear loud and clear. The the US Patent and Trademark Office is there to protect patents -- out there to report to protect trademarks. And the trademark of Washington Redskins has been canceled. I think there's six different ones and you know there are -- are there are different levels of this and we'll kind of get into some of our return on newsreader -- 930 W via the this is more complicated than that you believe I have club a Bloomberg. A piece here written by ia Mason Levinson. The patent office board determines only one other remark can be registered with the US government not weather can be used. The team may still have rights of the mark based on use known as common law rights. And such rights may continue to exist you benefit federal registration is canceled. According drew. The the loss so will see where this goes remember the last time. They got a negative ruling on this they appealed it and one. And this has been going on for 22. Years. And of course they've had the name a lot longer than that but that's that's when it started. And so what we're saying is it's not over till it's over but this certainly is I think a step in the wrong direction. Because the term Redskins is -- not illegal. And it's not an obscene term. And so I don't. Maybe maybe you don't like that maybe you find it distasteful. But it's not a -- So you're referring to Redskins and if if everybody. Takes offense at that then. Why do you think we called. The. Lot of people we know Francis as white people describes your -- I mean it's it's it's kind of tries still. And black people African Americans describe your -- And -- Redskins. Is a description of the same thing it's not meant to be negative there's no reason anybody would dry and drive business away. But hey you're gonna be offended defendant is not much you can do about it expert explain. The motivation. Motivation of it. As opposed to work just -- I don't like that I'm often. And not everybody is. And dozen. Everybody doesn't have to be by the way but I I think you have people who work more active and in in communities and that allows a server that. Advanced several conversations with our former athletic director and coach and Lancaster high school and whenever. The topic comes up about the name Redskins and he says it's done to honor it is not done in and -- -- you -- a stroke whatsoever. And when they oftentimes when colleges changed and there are thinking. What Marquette now when I was in Wisconsin. Marquette changed their name. And usually when they changed their name is this something just that means nothing. That means nothing like the Syracuse Orange out Oreo okay searchers are eczema Cleveland Browns. How does that mean. I -- browser named after Paul yeah I know that. I know that but not everybody knows that and I would I would bet that as people get older a lot of people don't remember Paul Brown is you know that. And that's what you have but. But lands meaning nothing -- middle of the road having no teeth and that's what we're going as a country. I don't think were over exaggerating to say this is symbolic. Of government intervention. In private business government intervention in our mind. I mean is this is -- word is now we've turned over everything to the government for their decision. Well let's start going after other nicknames and our offense and I mean let's go after the sabres that represents calvary parish murdered. Many native Americans. -- let's look at the patriots. I'll tell you if you look at England perhaps you don't like the patriots took a I mean it's crazy. It is absolutely crazy but that's -- -- -- -- a plea hypersensitive. Part of our on the history of this country. In I think it was better off when we're little more rational and reasonable and going off the handle at the very slightest provocation. And seeing things that other people bouncy. Let's go to Rome complete overhaul in a long time including Dan in -- Wanda Daniel on WB again. If any -- -- -- the see it on the line and we -- arts and that kind of wanted to warriors. Now it's to respect it's our honor our history because I want that we have to use in Niagara river were fish. And what have you here that I have that they have that held at least at Indian headdresses now -- -- -- a younger because they got rid of there. And then they ultimately want to get -- of the -- warriors. -- -- that I -- -- Indian girl who's ever been in this losses but understand that. I can read -- holes the need for a little while their history I mean what people out of school age which is has quietly calls to I don't want to warriors. You'll learn about the history of the Indians that way. If you're probably -- their crops -- -- true of the Indian -- all over your Google or other history. And I think it's sad really yes. Good point good point that you remember it's it's almost like an app. You hear a big name and that's the app and then you go to the website which is history good point thank you thank you very much. You know we're gonna -- Tony. How long before they go after row after Chrysler and say you can name that the Cherokee. Turkeys and -- native American tribe that's right and you name a far -- all terrain go anywhere thing coach Eric K come on we deserve more than being -- have a truck named after -- I mean that's how crazy it's getting. It really is. And that first of all of a I don't know names cars but some of the names on somebody ought to hold dual show on. -- of course a lot of European brands just have. A letters and numbers and that even from he gets very confusing them and -- -- okay but some people name cars especially. From overseas. Names that don't mean anything we say don't mean anything to us and you into this has nothing. To do we have though with political correctness it's just that when you're driving the car that means nothing. It doesn't bring back anything you know army and it's just the name. And I think if we get into generic names. -- teams like the browns. I know is Paul -- but the browns. And and and like that the Orangemen. It doesn't mean anything anymore or are we getting to a point where so we have to please everybody on the planet on anything that's ever done and that's never gonna happen. -- classic motorcycle that is highly sought halt in Indian Ngo and Indian motorcycle. At one time chief rival of Harley-Davidson. A -- you know chief. And Harley gunman took over as -- won them by but yeah very highly prized agreement make a mountain Indians and their good them. We should call -- Americans -- And I are great restaurants were native Americans I wouldn't ever sign on to anything that I thought was detrimental. I've been watching a Washington Redskins player as long as they've been blowing up footballs and I never had one single negative thought. About their name will be back with more on -- and I'm thirty WB. You are hearing the voice of buffalo. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- journey ever told free minus 1800. 6169236. Back when did you company now why are on the show. Eyes because I'm a great guy. Was not going to out one of our staff members who went to see The Backstreet Boys last night as though -- -- that guy you wouldn't expect to go to see The Backstreet Boys. And I was going to keep it a secret. Except that he just posted online. A photo of him at The Backstreet Boys concert. If you posted online it's fair game today and absolutely I think I have to announce the person that you would least suspect. Would go to a Backstreet Boys concert. If the letter. Beamer. Huge role beamer went for The Backstreet Boys concert and he's really excited because he heard may be new -- My head in babies and sickened and New Kids On The Block I think they combined to become new sync on the block. And that's gonna be Debbie Boone ambient sound so you think. -- I am going to. By the power entrusted to me by Tim Weiner I'm going to give beamer and official nickname because today shows about nicknames. This nickname is not meant to be offensive unless you just think that way okay from now on Joseph Kramer will be named. And I likeness. -- -- You know what I may not as ever certainly enjoy it. -- soldiers sending him emails I had some of your listening that's usually refer to -- -- if you don't -- suggestion there. Are referred rumor has Backstreet beamer summit ever settle -- as yeah also sounds a little bit iffy. An -- order a column from now on we will not column -- and will not column beamer will just column Backstreet. Beamer yet Chris and I will be very complimentary and his polls are -- -- -- are -- -- I can't picture him going to see the backs who knows anything so I guess is not a surprise not to somebody who is -- adrenaline a -- road trip. Says that his music -- is atrocious. Well yeah -- use and how and when you're driving which he was. You get to pick the music that's the good part about driving is you are in command of the music unless you have my wife as a passenger policy our vision commandeer the -- because she really bizarre music -- -- -- yours most of yes now goal. All right let's say oh wow four overall live up the basic question. Is with a Washington Redskins the government involvement is that what you want you want the marketplace decide today. And less -- we're doing something illegal which is different. OK look up the law is it worth the change fine if it's not that's fine too. But this is an illegal this is because some government agency in this case -- US patent and and Trademark Office decided. And now by a vote of an overwhelming vote of total one. Now it's it's defensive. So now we have that. That jello type of vote thought process of this is offensive to me that's offensive to you but there's always something that's offensive to somebody. And so that's the way it's -- ball meanwhile his billion dollar business. -- downside is billion dollar team. Is going to be impacted by this two way to a large degree. Doesn't mean they can't use it because they can it just means it won't be protected nationally. Now here. I'm just ready a Bloomberg -- this is not a USA today of the teams retains its federal trademark rights during appeal. Even of appeals courts affirm the board's decision that team can continue to a certain rights under common law and state statutes. Though would lose its national. Scope of rights here's the problem we're back. Instead of fighting something nationally. There wouldn't be able to do that so now you're telling me they would have to go in all fifty states one state at a time. You can see how much more difficult that would be a state laws vary. And that's problematic but there again and the thought police now. The I'm easily offended police are out and we're seeing lots of things change that week. Did not know fog made an issue a red card and news. Let's go to -- market Lancaster marker on WB yen. Bambi I agree with you today sir I would I just won the state. I think the offense might be aggregate of one person -- -- -- of Arab center. Good. It's because they'll read it ain't -- fight -- -- of the American here but damaged. And did their at bats I think there'd be applied to that you're you don't want lautner will attack and kill it and I think that were pumped them but they're about that. Well if if obviously if the words savage or the insinuations savage was involved I wouldn't think. I mean I would think that is offensive no question in my mind but just the word Redskins well then I apparently white people should be offended because we're referred to as white people. I'm black people should be offended because there are referred to as well as as -- come and go god I've been here too long as though black people. So -- if we're gonna -- adjust from -- that's that's a pretty wide the scope of bank. You know why I don't think it was about the caller I think it was about what I think they've the. Seen that in America experts see that name -- your -- somewhat read it in the context of outlook but being white wolf while you're saying. Where were really upward savages have been targeted adapter itself if I could bet with a woman listening to -- quite some native Americans. -- can understand that I would certainly understand though what you're saying their market and understand their point of view thank you thank you very much. No believe me bully me I do first wanna sign on if if I saw in my own mind as we all have to make our own minds only. 'cause things are offensive individually. There are some things that are offensive collectively -- a lot of them are individual offenses something that will trigger. In fact the -- of the thought the name whatever will trigger more information in your brain and that is offensive. All right but I think most people of goodwill. Don't have to be involved. With the community that's involved with this naming rights in order to be offended I think I can be easily offended. But something has nothing to do -- me. If it's offensive. But things that are not easily understandable have to be explained. As some of the examples I gave I don't want overdue but. There's simply not offensive. Florida State -- -- animals that's the name of a tribe what's wrong with that cinema drive. We we talked about other names chiefs Kansas City Chiefs the chiefs is the person in charge. Bed that's my understanding it's a it's a name a war year. A grave. Both of those and those are not nicknames given by anybody except native Americans those are names given by the people -- Celso. What's the problem with that now Redskins I think you -- little traction -- but the thing that makes me concerned about that. Is the fact the slippery slope. Because once they open that door it's all over I mean -- lawyers can hardly wait you know now that they settled the police in Orchard Park should be paid for putting on their uniforms. A lawsuit there -- ready to move on to bigger pastures and this would be bigger. And we'll see it on a national scale. We'll be back tomorrow beach company newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah I mean -- it is draining to even to a show like this you know line. Because you want to make sure that you're not misinterpreted. With many. And somebody could -- in for two minutes and here's something that they misinterpret and take that away and then you're stuck with that label for the rest of your life mostly from the different. That's why a relevant shows over and another eight minutes because I'm -- I really am. Trying to make sure that we're using the correct terminology when -- offending anybody. I know I have nothing to hide as far as a offending anybody in an issue like this. But people are super sensitive -- there wearing it on their sleeves. This is -- day this Redskins thing has been a 22 year legal battle 22 years. And the last time the team got a yeah you a negative. Result they appealed it and got a positive results or got overturned. That could happen here we don't know. But it whatever is coming along a long time coming simply because this is about federal long. So if we don't this is the best and easiest way for a team to fight it. We have one loss of the covers fifty states but what is said -- Bloomberg and the USA today. Is that it goes to a State's deal to where states have individual laws so that if they oppose the federal case they'll lose that protection. But they can still. Fight for each state but you can mansion. The only people are gonna succeed where of this and any degree will be lawyers just like everything else. Because remember one thing you know the lawyers best friend is. Tie him. Lawyers and Hari is not a term you hear very often and most of the time you don't want him via our special criminal. But the bottom line is the longer it takes. The more the billable hours the bigger than bill period that's the end of that. But I'm saying let the marketplace decide and Leslie and unless the federal government and say. That term. It is not and not just offensive it's illegal. Are they threatening any kind of violence is -- hate speech. Where you have to really make a threat to somebody for that would be declared it's it's no threats anyway there. -- what kind of speech then as offensive but we don't know about yet. Then maybe they can we'll win on the on the big. On the big idea right now that this word is offensive so we're going to take a significant part of your business. And thrown out the window. Is that always come to -- out the answer is yes that's exactly what we're going to. And the political correctness is them. It's going to be very derive very negative very negative because we're gonna lose but what we thought we already had a free speech. Three independent. Go to David north and -- -- what do you think about this. -- Shula was. -- emotional morning. And probably need what. -- -- people around. Awhile. -- brilliantly university on an annual access for those. The definition of a contemporary term this year firm with political correct. Political correctness is a doctor or -- delusional illogical minority. And promoted by mainstream media. Which holds forth the proposition that is entirely possible that these people material. -- -- A lot of like that that's excellent very good. Get it back there while I like that. No political correctness you know I love that definition but it's. How you're supposed to think. Have we gotten to that point where where government tells us how we're supposed to think. And did we forget one basic premise. That we don't work for the government. That the government allegedly works for us. That those people who make rules and regulations telling you everything about your life from the -- of its home our our employees. And we get a chance of firearm every 246 years. And we don't do that very often usually if there and they have a stand married note whether we like them are not that just the way it goes -- body in motion -- they emotion elected officials Kansas State electable as they screw up. Big time. But we've got a point now will we really think that we work for the government. That we're waiting for our next instructions from the government. Where can we go how fast -- we'd go to get there what are we allowed to thank. Now if you go back a little ways during the Cold War. How many Americans thought what we found out about -- the way the Russians were were living as Communist the Communist country. How many of us not while that's outrageous. Or boy am glad that never gonna happen here. Where eroding what we have it is beginning to look more and more like government control of this government control of that and worse around. During these things we're giving them up one at a time and are gonna come after all government the same time but they're gonna get him here and there slight erosion is like water on the rock. And eventually along the of the waterway and believe it or not you never think it would but it does. And I think the government. Deciding what to prosecute what not to prosecute want to go after what not to go after. Well bay. They did they don't prosecute low Eric Holder is there. Lots and lots of things. Things they should prosecute. Meanwhile. Under the under the Obama administration. The US Patent and Trademark. Office decides. What's applicable what's available what's. What -- yeah once in in good taste now. For nickname of a sports team. That's what it is. They didn't do anything illegal. And I didn't do anything immoral or fattening. But a government bureaucracy is deciding that. Meanwhile Dan Snyder what you like Dan Snyder or not I'm not a big fan of Dan Snyder this has nothing to do it objectively honestly. But the bottom line is he's addicted put a million dollars a billion dollars up about this team. And now that investment has taken a real hit. Because if he loses this in the long run and has no protection nationally. He's gonna have to do one thing or two things he's either got to. Hire an army of lawyers to go state by state by state by state and fight this thing which is going to be extremely costly costly. Or he's just gonna lose that Federer is going to be running up in their basement Washington Redskins Gerdes. You probably look forward to the bill schedules it would play Washington. 'cause you got that little. Thing down on a -- you can make -- it's. Five or six of them charge him I don't know I don't buy many T shirts -- ago while a promotional T -- usually. But I don't know a good teacher costs but basically we can sell these real -- make a lot of money. But meanwhile. It's not the real deal it's not it's not the club didn't do it some guy in his basement it'd. In that first got to make the money instead of the person -- as the actual product. So we tell me what's right about that. It would be almost like saying I don't know and no believe me nothing fashion -- As of -- lost the G for Gucci. And anybody could put that -- the same G-8 not even a different look anybody can put that G on their products. So people not paying attention -- People think I have a -- you know it paid a dollar 4204. So that's word gets down to real problems. So what do you wanna be. Offended or not that's up to you nobody can tell you not to be but what I'm saying is let's listen I'll follow the -- Let's not look ago look for things that aren't there. When -- do not give a motivations -- ruin our day and somebody else's business. I would think that if you look at me Genesis of all of these things and you find that there were they're not negative. They're not meant to be inflammatory. They are meant to be complementary. They're meant to represent something. In this case a lot of them are represent courage. And the ability to present -- And the way the attitude of this is this is us and they usually are. And we're going to be you're on the athletica field and that's just the way it is instead of running around. I'm worried a -- your being defamed when that was not the intention. Nor are the result for most people most people think. Are that about wraps it up. And none -- zone's bailout congratulations. Jobe -- got his first foot and -- music hall of fame. I next he'll be we talk about Hayley Mills that make a good big guys out of what's immediately in those -- -- -- on for -- today. -- beamer went to see that they avoid. The we'll see you tomorrow at nine under is great and -- thirty everybody adds. We'll go much they never had to these beasts.

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