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6-19 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- coming up at the beach and now we're talking about yesterday's. Announcement of the mine audio okay that's better when what happens that there's something wrong with the feeders so I had to give an original well. Honestly your jiggling it in there I'm. Are a little while that's pretty exciting watching your journal again -- -- but -- but anyway singles -- argue about yesterday that the US Patent and Trademark Office that I have canceled registrations. Of the Washington Redskins. What that means is it's going to appeal and while it's under -- they still have the trademark of the Washington Redskins. But if they -- an appeal and time away the ruling went against them popular one okay. So if they oppose this than anybody in Washington Redskins T shirts hats things like that. And I find it outrageous intrusion by the federal government. And I'm asking. Should Leo relies on government intervention or the marketplace to make a decision. I'm saying government intervention has political always has been always will be. And the vote 21 thing about that. 21 this has been an artist names and anybody can remember. And suddenly one person makes a difference. On the other side let's look at the marketplace. That'll work -- the guys though that some of Asia and we found out. -- season. And urging congress. He -- -- -- awaiting its long waiting it would be in the hundreds of how does he remind Washington. It's. Horrible there that's OK leave like that. What happens with things -- disappears. All right if you got to stand there all day holding that holed it thank you very much. Got remember Washington. And and and in usual market because you have a lot of Irish moser from a corporations and you also have. Government should -- there -- known as lobbyists so those tickets are -- high demand. I'm saying the marketplace will decide now you're saying well. What if it's a minority of people that it represents in this case the Redskins how would they ever have a voice I'm saying I have enough faith in Americans that if there were truly offensive it -- be offensive whether you're a native American or not. And I don't think most people considered offensive as witness the fact that you can't even get a ticket to see the Washington Redskins. -- so to take Daniel Snyder's investment of over a billion dollars and substantially. To evaluate. Because of would be a trademark cancellation. Is beyond. Bob my anger. I that this is the way this country's going -- you know you bet they always talk about the war on women in the war on minorities the war on business. We CNN New York State -- certainly seeing it here in in Washington. Let's go to my friend Don gone are our -- word but he blume writes a Bloomberg high school nobody nobody objected to that. No absolutely I think candy we don't -- a little -- remembered. I I don't know who that should have been affected this somebody is. -- the other day you'll be -- made the armor now what do you think about this thing I mean it's it's did Daniel Snyder big time and very hard. And devalued his franchise I think. It absolutely the did that. First of all. The way that ruling goes isn't this going to put a lot. Counterfeit. Material or apparel for the Redskins out of a market view me and anybody else get in the business doing it. Absolutely. Absolutely imperative Packwood will get the press will get via T shirts -- get him from a cheap overseas company. Fifteen cents each will print a mob Washington Redskins. And every every team that they play on the road will sell right outside the stadium shadows. Right now that that that they may get the conundrum I mean they're trying to get rid of the day. Name Redskins is is gonna put it up there are more supplies. You've got that right that it'll work directly against them if you thought people want a Redskins before I don't want them even more now especially collectors. And and so they will flood the market you know anytime you go to a major concert. There's always people out there looking for counterfeiters a counterfeit everything and they'll be counterfeiting T shirts and and hats and all kinds of merchandise. It's correct absolutely. Also. -- that you wore -- he might remember it some years ago. I think the Major League Baseball. Was upset and Little League teams that we use -- might. The Jeanne nicknames on their hat and be called light is Red Sox but Red Sox and yankees. I don't recall whatever it. Took place from that. But I remember it was a big to do -- that time. Well you know when I went anybody whether as a sports camera business protects their trademark. It's because if they don't protected. It's it's like a quasi IA approval. And then if they try to protect Saddam -- they have less chance so they billions would protect them vigorously look at how big National Football League protects the term Super Bowl. You can't even use a local pizza parlor commercial that says. We have a Super Bowl special on our pizza they'll come on them they'll give -- season this issue have to stop that's the reason they go. That's right at -- I mean that's. Precisely the little -- destroyed do an aunt to. Now and that. All so you know they make a lot of money these teams from this merchandise that they selling lots of money in credible on price you know I mean way overpriced. And I just wonder collectively. How they. Whole NFL will look upon this and may they may apply pressure to. Mrs. Snyder that changes name so that this won't happen to them. Well that's a good point because it can be very much a slippery slope but remember this if they do change their name I think all sports should be nervous about this. Certainly all professional sports definitely. Because it will impact of their -- their dollar value of the franchise the rest of from the high schools or whatever. They wanna change of -- change and they don't wanna change it on the change -- probably not going to affect the business side of the highs of high school sports but it certainly will affect the pros. Absolutely and one more thing I wonder if -- government. They had eventually have to change the name tomahawk missiles with something else. Why he had no idea out there is there's a lot of -- a military names Blackhawks tomahawk. There's lots of that stuff -- we're Apache will get a more generic -- column the browns are attack of brown helicopters. All right thanks Don banks -- the target gigabyte. How what do we all gonna turn into the browns. I mean when you have a logo it's meant to inspire. To it to Jews under fans come -- -- got to get them the Oakland Raiders he had the patriots we're gonna go my way got a cannon. What are the browns were percent blah. Okay we're gonna turn into -- legal blog now. Because everything has to be politically correct we don't want a -- -- and -- mini in Minnesota. The speech that the page gambit will name them all after collars. Except black we won't Buehrle was that the news -- plant this weekend accountability exactly you know what I'm thinking they -- -- -- blue streak. -- -- This is ridiculous. I don't I don't hear rush as much as I used to one bit on this ship but I heard him yesterday and he was right on point with this. This is basic fundamental change of the -- of America and that's what a Barack Obama promised. And it's one of the few promises he's really trying to keep. In this case leave us alone the US Patent and Trademark Office by a vote of who won that was the vote. So essentially one person. Made the difference on this. And meanwhile you've got thousands of people line up every Sunday and every Monday and Thursday to play a lot now. To watch the NFL and I don't see a ground swell of negative activity there. And I don't see those empty seats as we said you want -- familiar won a season ticket for the Redskins you can get it you're on a waiting list. Too bad will be back after this we're asking regarding the Washington Redskins yesterday. The US Patent and Trademark Office rescinded. -- -- -- cancel their registration for their trademarks. And so once this goes through the appeal process. If it's held in a vivid holes anybody will be able to print up whatever you want this as Washington Redskins on -- and because there will be no protection. So I'm asking this question. Should government involvement be involved -- this or should -- be the marketplace that decides I'm saying the marketplace. Because if there as I said you don't have to be. Involved directly to be offended by something that is offensive. And I think people of good will feel that way. And we certainly haven't seen any groundswell of people not going to NFL games because of or Washington Redskins and as the president nickname let's see what John McCain has is that a prominent voice in the native American communities that. A Mohawk and that ties to the Seneca nation to John always welcome on the show a good bit. All they come out and I appreciate it. Now what what's so what's the thinking now your -- mark you grew up the whole time you're growing up they were called Washington Redskins. Did you ever get any feedback because of of those sports teams nicknames. God -- yeah iron back I want I want I want I explode one area. The only native people in the old school enough that letter like it was such Ebert ER they were the chamber Indians and and I are part. Into it woke up order a comfortable and and an ad market you have been. Very very supported by a native issues. I've never want tag you are -- near the red. Erica the fact of the matter -- it is it's a derogatory word -- it and it is all Britain and and it when you say. You'll what is the general public feel more general public is OK with almost the general public aren't eight we are a small minority of people. Within the within the overall scheme that they. That's really been a certain level operations -- it is toward -- people that policy through ER. And and part that yeah you're you're a caller talked about the United States I'm using you know. Using our weapons when they went after a -- in a lot nicotine Geronimo about how insulting you know and I I think I -- that the Patent and Trademark Office. It is no longer protecting. The troops or racial slur for a while seeing when you -- the government be involved in changing their. While the government -- involve big and providing. Our special privilege to gain tighter and that and it's predecessor for interracial order for a fourteen day. Well first John all -- Obama and John. Brody John John John relax for a minute take a breath. I got okay first of all they're not giving any special protection Dan Snyder the a patent and trademark robbers is there for a reason whatever your business uses as a symbol for the business. -- obviously has to be protected from your competitors so that -- let's separate that from this. OK I think where most people. Where most people will can't understand including myself. Just simple terms. -- Warriors. Braves aren't they not terms and aren't though those terms not positive terms regarding native Americans. Well they're performing Muqtada about the -- in which is the derogatory word they're no different than you think. -- you know -- and worker -- stick you know went back were. Do Korea and the other derogatory it's org or opt scored a goal or -- or any of the others. But it was not on the other issues you -- the problem. I'm that you're you're you're trying to appropriate -- imagery for upper income -- still here we're we're not the vikings weren't gonna we're not up. Other using a John. John -- using it in a positive sense and this is where I think will disagree if you're if you're talking about the imagery you judge used. That stands for what we what we pride in America you don't hear stories of native Americans putting down their arms and running away or surrendering. Which we thought that while they were getting screwed witches at the beginning of our country. By the way we're still getting screwed by the government and different way while they would deal what what second John. While they would doing that. They fought bravely. For everything that was righteously there's so it's star for bravery it's good for carnage. Now if if if you think it's stood for cowardice or something like that I could understand it. But these nicknames represents strength they don't represent weakness. Well the market would be American. And support that. They are fascinating guys like Sitting Bull -- women and children like this a barrel -- no -- We're talking we're talking about we're talking about the coverage of the native Americans not the government. -- -- Nobody nobody. But the American people that -- and the American government didn't. Didn't didn't rave about how great we work. The fact that you -- appropriate flight like after -- welfare or cool girl and there're lower you know whatever. It it it won't believe you're probably maybe YouTube and it's great that that they're putting these noble images up. You know your cap and a guy from the Philadelphia Eagles being social capital -- a home game against a lot of -- in. Widow with a wooden Indian it is addressed. Would it wouldn't write in -- as -- a federal these equal wrecked in game. And -- the patent that decapitated. You know what would would launch or Honda what would abandon that. Now you are propagate it right into it in fact being that mural needed you most football game and that imagery. -- John John. John you made the sale on that because there's an idiot white man doesn't mean that there's not a comparable idiot native American and other words we can't be responsible. As as groups for every single person who happens though genetically falling into our into our -- our group obviously a bad -- that I should be -- -- -- -- should be tossed out that should be tossed out for obscenity. More than anything else from Georgia just description so what I'm saying as. These these -- sports teams and as sporting events are contest and the in the names now Redskins well we can talk about our offensive that is. But generally these and any of these image of the imagery of these things. Are for courage and and embrace openness and it's certainly not for anything negative because if they -- I think other people would be against that now not just a native Americans. -- -- -- opponent to be in black ball -- and a high school football playoff speed then there are or separate it into. -- high school that you payers because they're all it was played at its incompetence and Indians little warriors damages and it better prepared. Get ready Indians -- other trailer here now you that you're -- that's why do you like people -- -- sub but it could be able its offensive and that's what happens when you went up. It isn't it it's appropriate. And so what are. John. John where does that end where does it and eyes every reference to native American might -- -- -- that's simply means the position within -- within the community one would assume it does it ever does it ever and then John. -- Why god is part of your era we're out we all over the country to -- other world Americans all people. Though only one. Other. And word is all. About the fire how Bob's idea about Notre Dame about the fighting Irish when you -- that. So that is well conceived well it was a chief UY ho is a caricature to know you have to understand. It's the intent of these things if -- if you really thought that the intention was to disparage native Americans John. I agree like the idea that what you but I don't think that is the intent as got to go thank you for calling you're always welcome will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Now we're back live -- region governor of sandy beach and we're talking today about the US Patent and Trademark Office yesterday canceling the registration. Be protections essentially of the trademark of the Washington Redskins. That means that while the process is being appealed a base nothing has changed. But if the Redskins lose of Washington loses on appeal. Then anybody can print up anything you want that says Washington Redskins -- there's no protection. At all for the trademark. Which means this essentially. Remains that there will be a lot of counterfeits. While while the concept actually. It won't make -- because you'll have the right to do it. If the government gave us the right to print our money than it wouldn't become threatened to. But in this case it's they trademark is not -- protected after. The appeal process is over if they do not prevailing get overturned. So I'm asking you is this something that would government intervention that we need or should the marketplace decide. Now targeted John Cain is is always privileged. Because of his ties of the senators and he's yeah he is a Mohawk. By birth and I like to get his perspective from time to time. The part that though because I'm I'm not native American obviously. I I find that most of the most of the terminology. It's just total descriptions. I mean that it and this is where I don't get it I'm sorry. If Kansas City names they're at their team the change is that not a position within that we have India. Community of native Americans which if is not a war error description of a Alba a young fighting a person like we have people in the armed forces. It is not a brave as someone of the same basic thing. And of course he's just -- -- not -- them depict cowardice running away at the Avery cheating negative or positive. In naming a military things after rodent. Like he said. I think in World War II when they jump out of a plane they yell Geronimo why because Geronimo Geronimo was an incredible warrior. So to me. They're not meant to be disparaging. And let's use a common sense check -- way. Nobody is going to put something disparaging. As a symbol of their business. That will -- will drive people away from their business. You're you're in business to drop people who your business not away from a now obviously a huge John is a very up on an Indian affairs native American affairs and -- and is very knowledgeable so you have Morgan and settled on that than I would but I'm just saying that. In all my years of watching Washington play football. Now one negative thought it's ever entered my mind by -- but I think that if you're going to put a pecking order together. -- Redskins would probably be at the top of the list. However. Even if you took that off. That's just the beginning you know you know the term slippery slope. The lawyers are gonna go after every single team that has a native American referenced a wouldn't be surprised if they went after. The names in the military for missiles and helicopters and things like that. Just remember none of them shows weakness not one of them. They show strength and courage and bravery I do don't wanna be don't for that you don't wanna be known for that but these are terms. Simple terms when you're looking at at racial epithets they're not terms. If somebody uses the N word that's not a term that doesn't nobody has that printed on their masthead. Okay that's just a slur. Plain and simple. But most of these others would be -- Redskins I can understand that you might be upset about that. But the all the rest of them are simple terms names. Now -- then not racial -- -- to my mind. And I don't think here again. I don't think you have to be a member of any community to take offense at something. And and and sometimes it's generational through. I told -- my grandfather. Came here from Sicily. Would not allow my mother and by by extension us because there was only one televisions that it was a my grandmother's house okay. We could not watch. We we couldn't watch the untouchables. Because Eliot -- was going after Italian criminals. And we tried to explain to my grandfather that the people -- nets went after in real life where Italian criminals but he don't wanna hear about that we couldn't even watch it. Now to me I can watch that and separate that OK let's go to them to -- -- may you know basically. But it might be partially generational but I'm thinking if a person of good will you get offended whether it involves you or not. I would like to think -- myself like that. Doesn't have to be about me in order for me to get upset about or get very excited about it. But and we're gonna attack you can't tell people watching get excited about or not and when he described that famine -- the Redskins game as this and yet. So -- to -- an idiot make decisions for the rest of us okay insert Obama jokes here. You put enough from there good throwing a policy. Varied guys satellite that will come back well about a lot of calories combine I get married. Guys satellite that will be back Lamar with the each governor and newsreader and I'm thirty WB let's go to -- five that would be Joseph and Orchard Park Joseph here on WB again. Yeah Leo -- early to. -- native American caller John and every article I've seen a short being native Americans. And 85% or higher. That they cannot find. You know ultimately it in -- and last year I forget you -- Had a poll of just native Americans and their poll showed 90%. Found in -- -- and not a and so. And if you look. Indian reservation. That at school football -- A high percentage of them. -- -- call the red skin and a lot of them use a colored bitumen watched these the sort that offended. You know the -- used. In the old but Paul wouldn't be reflecting back and there was very the -- that would. It looked. He's probably the more famous native American column secretary Eric I mean now are -- -- know instantly. He said that Rick and is no more. Racist or offensive. As -- that they use in the native American culture they like lightning and -- light -- fair article we got to stop using those terms. In the -- and think -- right -- especially. The -- the football team has treated it racist know nothing about history out. And and what he put it out is. American spirit that don't give -- bits about. Apple football that normally wouldn't. Don't live out west will sort paper football. Not wanted to -- -- western midwest all the we're close achieve achieve in Washington all but one in red. Yeah I did it to me. I may resolve. The native Americans and -- monolith like you and I and and the blacks and any individual group so they have individual -- individual people but I've not heard a lot of people or even a significant amount upset about this I think this is more. And an issue of Washington meant political and as anything else. Sadly sadly that is just the perfect time in our history that's when mr. Steel hammer a social drought that's about where both ultra. You got it well said thank you very much very well said and when I can't understand some -- drives me crazy. Okay there's been criticism of Florida State. What do they call the seminoles. It's just a name. A group of native Americans settles there's a tribe called us adults. So if you call yourself the seminoles and I I think they're most of them are in Florida. Blacks I don't understand what the problem and it's. Really don't know there are some things where it's easy to see the problem this is not want them to be honest with -- Because not one of these nicknames. Translates to anything negative. Cowardice. Running away giving up surrendering. Nothing like that. They stand for bravery courage. Those kinds of things which sporting events are supposed to. Replicate they don't of course of their sporting events. But -- in the real world. When real courage was was needed the native Americans had so if you if you're saying things. Like that that that kind of told they're connote. Courage and I don't understand what that what the problem is. If they -- negatives. That's that's one thing and I achieved while we mentioned they said that Tony and and Chris of their phasing them out that's Carriker tour. It's a character sure it's not meant to be. -- comment to be an accurate portrayal. It's meant to be a cartel which is what it is and a character chore I have. You go and look through my audio broadcast memorabilia. I have several Carriker jurors have me. Their drawings made from pictures in fact that's one of them right up there sit right there the Jeff Simon article. Thank you Jaffe writes very nicely about me and I appreciate that. And we problem especially me and Tom. But anyway it's a picture as a delegate jerk. I don't think I would like that what they go Thursday exaggerate highlights in a Bob Hope -- they wanna Bob Hope. With a huge he knows I mean that's you. It's meant to be a caricature is not meant to be an accurate portrayal which look like. So I mean. Sure anybody can get offended over any thing and there are some people who are more offended over things that I'm Tony and I have both Italian heritage I'm half. Have finish ever tell Euro -- -- okay. Bureau I'm sure there are some things that if there were brought up now Tony might be offended by that I'm not or I might be offended by the -- not. Where individuals. So you heard the passion in John cain's voice -- where we -- respect them. He's he's very much actively involved well aware of life in and it's a time period when native Americans. But it may not affect it may affect him more than somebody else's next door neighbor for this is the way it works. And that's called individual opinions individual processes. But the first time that I would here's something that would lead me to a negative thought. I was peca there's no question I was -- but I haven't seen that. Let's go to mom who's next into August would be Joseph in north tunnel on rejoice -- on WB again. I think -- -- I have breaking news there are twelve black tinted window suvs. Circling the -- -- quite -- right now and I just wanna make everyone aware. Whether it was a nickname again. Rat and -- Redskins. Though OK I'm glad you got a -- Davis that advance warning there. I'm slightly nervous also because I live in our -- -- dot com. And we are called the lumberjacks and I'm kind of wondering if we're gonna have all of our -- cut down later. I'm Izod -- Timor are looking in your window. Kids no thank you very much. Now I mean there's all kinds of things around as you brought up the fighting Irish. OK and there's all kind of character it sure is don't all have to be. You know will drawn. For a instance what are what are the other six holes of different things also. It depends I mean if you wanna get offended is funny I guess we'll look around and find something offensive but. If it's not meant to be offensive and dozens doesn't there is not derogatory I don't get it. Edinburgh college the fighting Scott's. Okay and then there was one Chris you saw was the fighting Swedes yeah and remember who they were over there -- the fighting Swedes utters the. Well you know what they used to call I don't know maybe they still -- I'm has some half finish. A Finnish people are good with the track especially long distance running is the big called via the flying fins. In fact it was a -- -- -- was on the phone and I might -- a -- there was a track club. I'm which -- they did longest running and stuff and they use that jackets at the flying -- so what's the problem -- people who run. And their friends. And co Ed I'm sorry I don't -- there's nothing negative about that. And there's nothing negative about -- war is braves. And I don't know all of the neck all of the names you might have a little traction we're Redskins but -- think and that's a terrible slippery slope. Because if that if that goes down their armament and down. And you might know this better than I would hope you would know this I was any outcry over -- acts. Symbols. Average farmer called us. Right merits of native American and about the -- -- The old -- The buffalo head nickel I -- upon upon AGCO hood ornament is a native American news CNET now. But I guess in this hyper rage. Where we're looking to be offended -- -- -- -- and candidates I've spent the whole -- government offended yet. Some of -- is legitimate some of it isn't some of it represents a larger number of people some a smaller number but the bottom line this getting the government involved -- this political correctness stuff is a big big mistake. Meanwhile it's a guy who's invested a billion dollars in his team when he bought it I don't know how much is gonna now. They have significantly. Cut into the value of his investment. Your government at work you know we welcome business all right. Talk about offensive. US government is very offensive to business -- -- of that will be back after this.

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