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6-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now all of all on his region governor we're gonna do our best to do a good -- today but I don't have a lot of confidence that's gonna happen I'll tell you why Tony came in exhaust that he went to see The Backstreet Boys last night -- minute guys out and -- yeah -- Raymond. So he's exhausted. And -- tonight. I have a choice do I go to -- chase corporate challenger Shakespeare in the park closer to my favorite things happening. Now Tony did not go see The Backstreet Boys I don't auto impugn his manhood. You didn't go digits on a DO. Because -- you notice that there were some tickets available at the last minute. Here at the radio station and I thought I'd bet if Tony sees this email. He's a Russian was the going gets the decision and claim those tickets yeah but I accidentally -- it. Our rights and I got tonight it is a lot of things going on last night. So first of all week or so ago was kiss because this summer at all what are Briscoe Manning does tolerant yet to accuse your job by them under a measure -- one of those -- -- those deals. So that was going on this that's a big deal. The big wire -- -- country show was on that's a big deal certainly. And let's see what else last night starry night in the garden yeah that's a big deal. A Backstreet boy is a big deal tonight Shakespeare in the park which -- corporate challenge. And anybody who says it's not gonna do around here isn't paying attention yeah it's really what we've climbed as much -- -- while the nice while there because. Actually this year we as long as yeah yeah we have votes. Eight marketable days pregnant or not. Eight days where you can actually schedules something and they expect. It's going to be there now the scary part there are in a -- what the bills are in training camp -- -- world talk about all right somewhere or down guy and though of course I'm going to Alaska. The last couple of days of July in the on the first part of August. When I come back from that the fair will be going on. And that's the end of the summer yeah I mean it's just started this just melted. Where it's amazing and -- the winter drones on. And on and on and on what. What are right guys that we really like in this building. A guy went to see The Backstreet Boys I don't know widget out -- on our whole week and you'd think we're gonna I think we can all right let's say. If you took his initials there have been name I'll vote liquor. Okay own -- so I and I and I don't know that much about lakers but I do and all of it. His initials are quicker and that's it and I'm looking at him he looks more like a surfer kind of guy than a Backstreet Boys. He's throwing his underwear up about it stage and stuff like that I'm sure he probably. He works. It works go to guy this beloved by this company -- oh yeah I think he walks on water disease lucky to have that -- heard about an important one and I'm just sent. -- there's only got. My horoscope and your horoscope and York smokers. Policy -- says a tale for those of you like to play along every once in awhile. I read horoscopes I don't believe in them but sometimes -- -- but I think if you look at any. Of the various months. You would say that you can compare all right here's mine I'm a feces and vigilant you know. Keep things in perspective. You'll be tempted to overreact. Causing a rift with someone important to your future. Think matters carefully and usual wet. Charm and diplomacy they nailed -- one where German diplomacy. A diplomacy but. To India -- others to your side instead of pushing them all the way. About that and when you guys think -- does that fit me I think some is that it may diplomacy is a really got. That's how I nude or targets my attitude screw diplomacy and content type of talent like it has. Our rights that Sony which when you leave bro you're leave rob Libre embrace change. This is wrong -- yeah. Use your innovative ideas to outshine anyone who may be after your position. His position by the way in case you didn't know is standing company -- Otherwise you may feel insecure or this is not a day usually let it show speak up and display what you have to offer. Don't show us what you have to offer would rather sincere he didn't -- it exactly besides that I have to get glasses. I'm an aggressive I mean Leo the only Leo where's Leo okay Leo is right. Number -- -- human. The Pia Verizon. Query is where the -- is on his. Change will lead to good fortune. Now is not the time to sit idle when you should be making crucial moves that will help you manage your investments better and improve your relationship. With the people in your life that really matter I'll that's -- or on the positive track today. That's it right now I don't believe him do you believe it's actually do I think horoscopes are pretty much on target. The thing that I've found correct you know when they do profile. Of bow of a person that's ever goalie -- -- whatever. Mine. Mine is not feces obviously while not maybe not that obviously. -- -- I would -- And when when you see what an -- is described I think it fits me. -- definitely -- with -- -- -- read something that -- -- -- -- really nailed it yeah so alive that's the only thing that I believe in is that the profile of an -- seems to fit. But beyond that the database up. As them spasms I think if you go to our you know another section there could probably -- -- -- you can kind of make it fit yeah customers to see that. All right let's hope the dog at home safely from star in the garden I missed it this year -- you know it is. Visit every year that's the problem we have organized Sox last night and I idea -- deciding between -- and them. The Backstreet Boys what can I say it's -- just to organize -- even Carter Shakespeare in the park. Or the -- corporate challenge. I -- have to miss football because we have the team blogging tonight I brought mine yeah I brought my running outfit on -- skin tight outfit here like that who. Took an hour to get into it and I said if I'm gonna change in this I wanna be paid for like the Orchard Park police uniformed. And I'm in command money. Well this is the one night and I don't miss my apartment because all -- parking around there Eric Chase corporate challenge. Remember the time we're having problems with the union's new dad and -- -- a union show and the next today. Amid the chase corporate challenge going remote and what surprised that the truth about half way. The United Auto Workers yes and they came out and they they folded arms and stared at me remember that pass and I describe them. It was kind of fun little play by play a lot of fun there and what -- It was big when we got to talk Marv Levy all the Alomar just -- by a good chance at real yes it's great guy and a pervert it. OK with the -- will be back with the -- beach company I'm out we will tell you which of our staff members actually went to see Backstreet Boys. A new thread tonight thirty WB. Now here's the deal I have been. Watching the National Football League since I was in high school. And I was in high school during the Grover Cleveland administration. -- so I've been watching their their -- all along one of the teams it's always been there as far as as long as I have been. Watching -- Washington Redskins. Now I have never. Not one single time. It and all of these years of watching national football -- football. Thought of anything negative. From those -- are from the the nickname Washington Redskins. Now I can understand their might be some sensitivity if you were native American and and think that that's not a proper term I can understand that but just somebody everybody knows. I've never had anything negative thing about with that and if you -- if you think about it why would any team's. Nickname. Purposely being disparaging. Why would any owner why would any league wanna turn away business because. Sports leagues are like any other business they they rely on people buying tickets or -- buying the product. And that's that well there's been a lot of pressure on Daniel Snyder Daniel Snyder owns -- Washington Redskins and of this but the protests have been on -- about 22 years now. On getting the name changed. To something Vento would be suitable for everybody that nobody is gonna have a problem with. And he eighties and he's taken a stand he's dug his heels in an -- and are not going to infect the word used in -- was never. Change them well yesterday. A story broke that said the federal regulators this is the Wall Street Journal. Federal regulators withdrew trademark protection for the Washington Redskins. Because they said the nickname is an insult a native Americans are keep in mind it was a vote you know the vote was 21. So that means a plurality of one person decided. -- it's a sudden it's oh okay. And he said it's an insult the native Americans. Threatening the millions of dollars the team and National Football League and make for merchandise and sponsorship. Now keep you keep this in mind it does not mean. That the Washington. NFL team can't use it because they certainly can continue to visit. But they've withdrawn the protection they've canceled. Of the US patent and I'd trade office. Has canceled. The protection of four of. -- Washington NFL team what does that mean and means anybody can use. So here's the problem if you wonder why. If any anybody whether it's any business National Football League or any thing vigorously -- yeah you know protect their trademark. That is there's a reason for if you don't protect it a you know vigorously and you let some people use that. It opens -- door and pretty soon it's it's impossible for you to protect that trademark. And that trademark is all important visually floor. Merchandise. You know jerseys things like that also you want a singular thought when somebody says your nickname that they're thinking about your team. And maybe going to see them watching them on eBay buying merchandise whatever. But there's a question here. That is even larger I think than whether the Washington seem to keep the -- nickname Redskins. And that is government interference. With more and more are aspects of our lives it's getting to be news video to be ridiculous basically. And these patent office US patent and and and trade office. Said that a big they've cancel it because it's offensive. And the bottom line is from now on anybody can use that so it will cost a lot of money obviously it's going to be YouTube videos to Snyder's name. Obviously it'll be appeal let's get back into the story here and a flush it out a little more. A three judge panel of the Patent and Trademark Office ruled. 21 that the name wasn't worthy of federal trademark protection. You know it's amazing. -- dominos were -- all these years and now it's unworthy. It's because the wind the way the winds are blowing in Washington. More and more control of your lives and the and the business. And how we conduct business. By Washington. -- I mean does not that nothing to debate about that. The decision could escalate the campaign against the brand of the NFL and team owner Daniel Snyder. Have vigorously defended against increasing strident criticism we're very much into an area. Of political correctness now very very much. And as I explain my own feelings I never ever had a negative thought about native Americans. Because of that I think that's the case what most people just don't today. It's it's it's a nickname we know what we know what it means when it's said. But I have a great I've agreed affinity for native Americans I've read a lot of books I've always. Felt in my heart that they. The on their -- top of the list of of the groups that have gotten screwed. And you think about the early history on as far as we're concerned though what were you first learned about the country. And how they defended I mean think about this. How do you react if people just came over to your country and took over Virginia obviously. You would fight it vigorously and that's what they did I think there. The very admirable for a courageous very brave and very well thought of by most Americans and I don't think. Because we see that logo on the side of the Washington. NFL football team we think anything less of native Americans along I wanna ask you know. I wanna ask you about the ways things have changed. The native Americans had to go through a long period where the federal government lied to them. And then lied to them again and have lied to them again thank god that isn't happening now. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. W begins -- call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. And playback will be Jim's company yesterday the story broke for the US patent and trademark Robbins has canceled registration of the Washington Redskins all the trademark and it will be appealed obviously -- and that's what the Redskins organization is set. It will be appealed and the last time he went to appeal little lower court. Had ruled against that a court had ruled against that went to appeal and they -- Redskins won they won they appeal. So we're asking would you rather have the government intervention. Well would you rather have the marketplace decide. On and on whether it's OK to use that or not OK to use that I'm thinking that there is no I'm a logical person. There's no logical reason that someone in business would have a trademark or a pattern out of business -- its trademark. A trademark of something that would insult the customers they're trying to attract. That doesn't make any sense for business you wanna attract people you don't -- repulsed them. Having said that if you think the way I think about native Americans. As. As as being spectacular. Group of people. I mean imagine if you're if your homeland was invaded by people came here from a long ways away and just took everything from new. He food fight tooth and nail you fight to the last person. You showed great courage and that's indeed what they did. And if you look at the various nicknames that refer to native Americans. I don't understand why people are upset with some of them. Certainly like the chief says that's that's a term. -- Nothing disparaging their all of them the Braves if they did have do any of them -- pick -- native Americans negatively. Now. I think the only. The only case she would have. Off the top Obama ahead. Is that a chief Wahoo of via of the Cleveland Indians that's a Carrick mature. It's not supposed to be. Depicting an actual group of people it is a caricature or. But that's the only one I can see that the rest of them show that have been the best tendencies. Of courage bravery. In the field of battle and things that are positive not negative. And so I don't I don't really understand the chief wild thing I think you've got an argument there. Budget guys chief -- -- is there an argument there that isn't available with the chiefs the Braves the Redskins. Yeah I think. The event gets what area of Ankara. The chief while for the most part his been taken off of most of the -- has that because of the complaints there. He used to be on their hats and I remember being honored jerseys along time ago but -- -- hours just -- for Cleveland so they they have made there or not they knew much changing their name but they've taken steps to get rid of that. I've seen -- you know because -- -- baseball fan I don't see it every day but obviously there's a lot of things out there with that logo on it even -- they're not using it currently people have vintage shirts and caps and things like that. So -- -- my attitude is. If indeed the market place if it's left to a marketplace. These are business is a general cross section a vote of America. They won't make a decision if they're offended by that and this is better than any focus group. They're voting with their wallets. In other words I'm offended by that logo. So my wallets gonna stay in my back pocket I'm not buying -- or are. I am buying -- I'm not offended by the logo. That's better than as I said these little focus groups or in this case it was a total one decision. That was it so one person essentially decided this. That they would -- a strip them of their registration. And so my attitude is the marketplace will tell you if the public is offended you can come up at all the surveys and you can -- -- -- and then that tell you what the age groups are demographics like a graphic you into all that stuff. But the bottom line is the bottom line. And believe me Daniel Snyder. Says he's never gonna change the the he's never gonna change the trademark. And if he doesn't and it hurts in the wallet that'll be a decision he'll have to make. But so far I don't see that happening you know with politicians. There always grandstanding. Wasn't Harry Reid said he's never gonna go to another let's that's just grandstanding. -- them in their -- culinary. Don't go. Chances are it got some favorite deal -- gets good tickets anyway. And so somebody else will enjoy those -- I don't see a lot of empty seats at the Redskins fans and I and I and on yeah and I don't think we will. And so my question is regarding the Redskins -- do you favor the government intervention which is going on now. Or marketplace. Deciding on this I I very much favor the marketplace. As the last thing we need the government. The government which is doing to us what they've done of a native Americans. They're lying through their teeth ten ways to Sunday every time they get a chance I mean the list is long and its current okay. And now suddenly we're finding them to be the arbiter of good taste. I'm saying. It's if it is obscene that's different. Okay we know about obscenity -- this isn't by anybody's. By anybody's measure an obscene thing. If if if it's in bad taste -- things we have -- -- -- country we're -- -- them -- down. Now as I said doesn't mean that the team can't continue using it because they can and they well. Just means the now anybody else can use it to. Which is a big bowl to the -- Let's go to repeat in Ontario -- here on WB yen. You know that. Let's not kid each other here this it directly coming out the -- We only Israel and each want -- automatically transform America it's not any different or. And we are watching it right in front of our -- and you know I'd I'd I'd like you're the sort of the trial can be used bright -- I'd been. Now -- at all. -- In the city as -- appear but does it. I actually talk went on -- all parents are a couple nobody care. Block nobody here but it's just so rapidly get our know all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ought to be electric car. Well and it went attribute points -- I think I think women every tipping point where a very survey from but see the Wall Street Journal and NBC news yesterday. Even Chuck Todd who was the biggest cheerleader or Obama has says. That for all intents and purposes. His reign is over as far as having the ability to get his agenda done. You know what can you are taught -- the biggest cheerleader no question. Politico quoted well portrait and a or credit they're open about it Gator Q and that -- right back in four. -- you can we get comfortable with -- again yeah you're exactly right point. -- -- -- -- -- The other way all Americans should be up and are what world we see. Certain you are not an outlet struck the trip to. That that -- -- start at all. -- on the other side. You know people respectable and all. That there are able. A good shot and then it all at all. I think you could start that certainly has been very bitter. Debate. In history. Art art history. In their parents' history this is truly epic that they are. On. Well it is -- it is exciting to do that hey thank you thank you recall. Our guys that he was gonna try to fundamentally change the country and it seems like we see that all the time. Maybe you we're looking at it now with the children over -- flooding in Central -- and kids flooding. Via the borders. We see that we have the exchange of five top level terrorist guys. In exchange for somebody who's very questionable about their even their loyalty in this country. We're seeing it day after day it's coming it's it's not in drips and drabs is coming in and tidal wave. And it seems like every one of them. Tries to -- over power the one before and other words you're upset you're angry over something and and something is even worse than that you forgot about what you're angry about yesterday that. The problem if force is American have a short I should say if -- is what Imus show that Americans short attention span. Because we get hit with so many things and we'll talk about this yesterday nobody's complaining about gas prices right now because there's so much other things going. Exactly and at what it as it's almost like you have the sniffles or well I have pneumonia. Oh really oh well I Ayman Al -- a coma it's like one after another after another after another and that's what we're getting from Washington in this case the US Patent and Trademark Office. Issued a total one volts. To cancel the trademark of the registration of the Washington Redskins. What that means is they have no protection now days visual evidence illegals from the appeal process the last time they want to an appeal on this they want. That from a court decision we'll see where they go. This time around when I'm asking you. Should we have government intervention on something like this or is this more like the marketplace should decide. Keep in mind as I said nobody's claiming it's obscene. If you talk about it sanity. That's different that's a whole different ball game if you consider this in bad taste bad taste -- -- in America. All right if we shut down everything -- bad days who wouldn't have anything left. In fact you have -- here right now. A will be back what -- beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty W via -- you have to think realistically. How you would feel I've got. One USA today story written by Eric Brady and Eric used to -- your bubble but the headline how much heat can Snyder resist retirement Dan Snyder. This is more than just -- With this government ruling especially if it's if it holds on appeal that strips -- Washington Redskins of their -- protection. Of their -- trademark. Here's the deal. Think about it like this if you or Daniel Snyder and you pony up I I didn't see the exact drew buying price of the yeah. Of the team but it's around a billion dollars their new stadium was a billion dollars -- if you ponied up a billion dollars. That name was already on the team you -- and you come up with -- Daniel Snyder didn't come up with Washington Redskins there was already there. Are you pony up a billion dollars part of -- -- seized part of that TV of course a lot of its merchandise. And that trademark is protected so other people Kansas subtly threaten Washington Redskins. T shirts. But now they have a right to once the appeal process is over. So -- directly interfered with his billion dollar investment. And his return on investment and is that the way we're going to do business in this country now kick everybody to occur. Is that is that what we're gonna do when when he bought it with the name already attached to -- And now suddenly they take the the really important part the protection of that name. Away from them I think it's government interference and and just another whole area we got too damn much of that right now. Let's go to Guam David Sanborn debut on WB AM. -- Like my point is that all of native Americans. Objective of being called in India. At least. So people I -- what little story of about. Too well on native American -- out for. Or ran -- your own Little League -- -- about twelve years ago. And whatever what the Cleveland L bought. To get Indian local stuff -- -- they paid if they they were -- would the team. And you know achieve while we -- picture actor but. Seemed like and they put that things are all -- that we were -- -- -- and -- and nobody's. Advocating Gingrich -- -- Indians. Yeah I've you talk about Indians achieves warriors whatever none of them are really disparaging. Wobble as we said is a caricature or is not meant to depict. Actual native Americans and remember native Americans are not a monolith they don't all think alike just as any group doesn't all think alike. There are people who were OK -- their people who are activists who aren't okay with -- and that's to be expected. I think the government should stay out of that that they've got a business than and what the marketplace beat chairman of what's so locals aren't the -- neighbor. I'm -- you know well I am with you thank you very much the marketplace. Is the final focus group -- -- the marketplace says at all. Now going to an NFL game is not cheap. Aren't. By any standards if you want the NFL experience. But it's not -- And if they have the -- stadium continues a sellout. And the merchandise keeps moving off the shelves that tells me that the marketplace says they're not really offended by. Now we don't do breakdowns as to what percentage are native Americans and non native Americans or go to their games. I think that -- study in futility but the bottom line is if it's offensive. Well if it's offensive to native Americans. If we are people of good conscience shouldn't it be offensive to all of us. You should be if you saw any -- put down and being you know does it depicted as in an offensive manner. Even if you weren't a part of that group you would be offended by it and you might not so do your business there. Well what we start seeing a lot of empty seats at the stadium. Where the Redskins play it's probably going to be more likely that they got a bad quarterback than they have and they have a lot of people offended by the name. And the bottom line is I don't think you're gonna see many empty seats because this issue. And as we said. Of their not a monolith. Think about like this they have easy going native Americans they have -- people who are less easy going native Americans just like every other group. And they have activist native Americans. It's important for us not to make them into a monolith just as we're told all the time and rightfully so. That the black community is not a monolith that not everyone thinks allied. Native Americans and Guatemala are there individual human beings with the individual thoughts. And the point as I have not seen a lot of outrage from them not same as none. But I Messina haven't heard that much about it. And I think the government should keep it's nose out of its business the government can't do that their own business now. They got to get involved with somebody else and if you think that the -- US Patent and Trademark Office just suddenly. -- they're on their own you know let's look into this lets cancel that show -- I don't spend their forever but. Let's show Obama when are gonna stand this anymore where does that and where does it end I'd like to know that other -- next about the warriors. You know if the Redskins have error it's just a pecking order they happened to be at the top of it right now look out Cleveland's. Will be -- more on those radio and -- thirty Libya.

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