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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>SHakespeare in the park - Lisa Ludwig

SHakespeare in the park - Lisa Ludwig

Jun 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shakespeare in Delaware park opens its season tonight. And Lisa lovely is the managing director she's with us now the WB in line -- morning Lisa good morning how the world are you opening. The same night as the corporate challenge in Delaware park. Well the corporate challenge changed their date to two weeks later this year. Outpacing him that you're on the calendar first. Really out of I'm not upset and concerned about it the corporate -- actually had a totally different part of the park and we are. Yeah I tell our listeners exactly where you are. I -- we have adequately complied to a behind the Rose Garden by the casino. And decrepit -- just totally on the other side. The only thing people have to look for if you like to drive down Delaware. To go to Shakespeare in the park -- -- quite common -- are -- a different route but these -- Often -- the events -- the other side of the big beautiful Delaware park and. -- Shakespeare in the park a long time tradition. But I kind of wonder I think between the time Shakespeare put down his -- And 2014. There's been some other people writing plays in the meantime why Shakespeare still after all these years. And webpart that that's our mission statement that's what we do we're very question about well. To have I think there's 23 now professional theater companies. That would Shakespeare in Delaware park was founded by artistic directors how can. 39 years ago. That was his dream his goal -- was kidnapped from New York City where did you bring a Shakespeare festival. I was similar to the one in new York and other places I played here to western new York and we announced the -- one of the largest free outdoor Shakespeare festivals in the country. And new arm I would obviously be introducing Shakespeare to a lot of people their first time in all to see Shakespeare is at. About Shakespeare in the park for free. So on top of the fact that we might be the first time people experience Shakespeare or -- to a lot of the time the first time people who experienced life either. Because they can bring their families can pack a picnic and sit out under the stars and homestead park. So we're very proud of all of those factors that Shakespeare in Delaware park brings to Western New York. Can you give us a quick review Henry the fifth is the -- it's going on first tonight. What can we expect from Henry the fifth are we going to laugh cry. Both. -- a little bit of everything coming about a 150 idiot about it Shakespeare's history plays so. You know when that Henry himself that -- a little older. I mean off to war. It's so they're but they're the thing that's really nice about it at the end there's a lot disoriented as well. So I think there's a little bit of everything for everyone. OK you always do two plays each season right. Practice and our next play is comedy of errors and that opens up on July 24. And that is are lighter comedy event in the history played and generally do we know about almost every year as we do have played. -- traditionally which Henry the -- will be done in traditional. And then we do depend on our second place and economic affairs as -- -- -- -- to -- it repercussions in the batting -- and a lot of fun as well. Comedy of errors I'm guessing that's a comedy how can step it up it's fun choosing. If I'm choosing between comedy of errors. And twenty to jump street what are going to be the main differences between Shakespeare in the park and the year regal movie -- yeah. I'm no different did you get to feel loud actors went right in front of it was I don't think there's anything like that he kept a pack a picnic. And stood out in a good product. Among the stars and it isn't it a totally different experience and I -- -- prepared to not pay hikes can't live the other. Sure are well -- got a beautiful night to start with this forecast is it every evening. Mountain -- dependant on the night on Monday. And it hasn't read our. They had three opens tonight and then runs through July 13. And then -- of an old opens July 23 through our commitment is gonna get there every night except Monday it's showtime -- seven big. Have a great season Lisa. We're very excited and it's going to be a beautiful night tonight and I think you have to all the -- in buffalo. They the weather gods are going to make sure that we have the most typical summer and that's not good. Are at least a lovely thanks a lot and good luck this year. Shakespeare in the park Delaware park kicks off tonight with Henry with it.

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