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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Corporate Challenge Tonight - Dan Loncto

Corporate Challenge Tonight - Dan Loncto

Jun 19, 2014|

Corporate Challenge Tonight - Dan Loncto

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now on the WB -- on line. JPMorgan. Corporate challenge Dan how are you today thanks for joining us. -- really are. So far what do what does that mean are you expecting India any problems later on. No actually I'm expecting today to be incredibly smooth. Is that because you've done it for like 34 years or something. -- actually done it for wanting and I have had a bit of cracked. -- the forecast you can ask for better one in a lot of years you know we're we always have that threat of thunderstorms. We've had some really hot days and last year we had pouring rain pretty much all day today it looks like it's going to be fantastic. Now you have a group of people running. In this five K race that aren't exactly superior athletes may be icing on FaceBook all the time when -- down people training. Getting ready for the huge corporate challenge how seriously. Do these teams take the corporate challenge. Well it's -- top certainly take it extremely seriously. And then there's a lot of people come out just because it's a great of that and they just -- appear to participate but. Looking -- still have a chance to win and actually get rewarded Chiat day went by going through -- championship of that's been one of the other cities that hosts the corporate talent. Don't think we ever knew that. That there was to -- that kind of incentive for those serious runners. Earlier this year though winners from last year are actually going along. But now on the other end of the spectrum there are those that. Really come for the after party right. -- no doubt about it. Yup they come out -- they have a really good time. Talk a little bit about that after party -- and I imagine tents set up everywhere with different corporations. And day everybody. I'm cooking side by side idea -- ever have to break up any fights maybe someone -- someone during the race and no wants to get back during the corporate event later. Actually -- attack and the people their back to their talents they're just looking to get settled in and have a good time we've never ever had any issues. We actually do you have 275. Different -- already set up in Delaware park looks pretty amazing over here. And then about two or three hours we'll have all the cheese they're delivering they're all straight up. And teams are participating this year and how to to compare over the years. There's 400 scene -- 121000 individuals which is pretty much the same as he had last year. Probably a third biggest -- ever had. I traffic has always kind of been an issue around the rates of what should people watch out for the going to be driving around the area tonight. Well I would say by about 4 o'clock that say that when -- -- you're not involved in the event is to stay away from Delaware are. So you don't wanna be on park you don't wanna be you know on the 198. Near Delaware you certainly don't want to be a Delaware. And then we do actually we have off site -- purging at buffalo state college so. We take a lot of pressure -- the favored by having probably a couple thousand people. Park over apostate he shuttled back to the. Will any roads to close at all tonight. During the race itself. Delaware avenue is closed from Amherst all the way to gates circle at bat that's pretty much throughout the courses. Dan thank you so much for joining us here and will we wish you the best of luck in everything I hope everything runs as smoothly. As you said it would it will hold you to that. Later on very. Thanks a lot are right and don't forget if you're going to be traveling around the area later tonight or your part of the corporate challenge had to WB -- dot com. We have all the traffic info the road closures anything you need to know it's up there on the website.

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