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061914 750am Robert Gioia

Jun 19, 2014|

ECHDC Does What It Can With Skyway - Robert Gioia

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next guest on the W begins lifeline to talk about buffalo skyway. Is Robert joy as chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation mr. Joyce thank you for the time. You welcome glad to do it. You don't since there's no shortage of ideas on what to do with that end we've been debating for years now whether to keep it or tear it down. But in an official capacity with the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. To have a position on whether it should stay -- No we do not have a position. -- we shouldn't have a position that really should be -- community discussion I think your. Your efforts today certainly hear a perfect segue into law or very public discussion with the other harbor development. Committee. Coming up in July 9 and the twelfth so. I think it's a perfect opportunity for everybody away and then let them know let us know. What they think about the Scott. With this -- way opera right now it's not going anywhere in the very near future so in mind as well utilize it while it's still here. And talk about some of the things you're doing with the skyway in utilizing that in. And the increasing efforts to make canal side to destination. Well it's all part of the insider. Outdoor theater and outlook harbor and buffalo river activity in connecting people true. Each of those bad news weather speak I acting on the ball or wherever -- feet. About tonight's concert on the canal side. Or whether beat people like all of that on the skyway which was a quick went for utilizing just shutting down. And loading some 800 bikers out what process despite of this social. The other option the other things were looking at is whether we like. Underneath skyward many communities. Have taken advantage of -- significant infrastructure through illuminate at the Bay Bridge is -- for Cisco the Eiffel Tower in Paris. To name just a few. We talk about lighting the sky -- lights don't seem. All that exciting but then when you look at something like the peace bridge when it's lit up at night it looks like an entirely different bridge can things like lights really make a big difference on people's perceptions. Well I think if Bob for being the city of lights and the Pan American exhibition that that could turn of the century. I think certainly. As an indication that light can have a significant impact. It can be Abidjan to an area remember what we're trying to accomplish. We're trying to create a world class destination. Poorest attraction for this community and for the citizens of this so Western New York so light and have a significant impact and I think. If you have ever been that we're back to see the real city lighting of the kinda of the various silos within the harbor. You know attracts 400000. People during the summer so it can -- he has significant. And we've talked about lady in the grain elevator still in buffalo now are you. Providing any lighting yet for the underside of the -- We are we aren't there we have to. Ages of lying. Out. The -- horrible. The first phase is lighting the files right across from the horrible. Where across General Mills plant as well those should be up and live within a year. And -- were in the design phase or this highway because again this is the bulk creating. A real. Destination and and -- traction so that people can see the light and follow the light incumbent attraction. I would urge people to go online and look at the beta version what they've -- what -- Leo VO rebels works so. -- system. Fascinating. Fascinating. -- opportunities that we can have -- lighting not only under the skyward but. The silos and all the bridges and other buildings and Western New York. You mentioned you don't have an opinion on whether to tear down or keep up and you're working on utilizing the skyway. That being said. Do you think there's a novelty of the skyway. When you look at it. Not many cities have a roadway that is up that high that scrapes an arena and goes over water. Do you think there's a kind of a novelty factor there. Well I'll I'll let the novelist try and figure that out but I would say for -- most important I don't I don't need to have an opinion I should have been and my goal as chairman of Erie Canal harbor development operation. This to seek out the opinion of this community because it is a public. The uniqueness of -- -- many cities have elevated highways this one -- those pretty I must admit. But when you look at Brooklyn Bridge park there's an elevator when when you look at that a -- holders but there's a Gardner expressway. I think that you know it is what it is there I don't think it's going anywhere quickly. Let's use the assets in the -- so we have now we're rebuilding and restructuring media or -- street. Stretched to the outer armor that's going to be a magnificent our way through -- -- to -- one point two miles to get from the city to the outer -- So not too far so we have ultimately gets real. I will certainly an interesting subject to talk about mr. Joyce thanks for the time. Thank you Robert joy is chairman of Erie Canal harbor development corporation.