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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Other Options For Skyway - Rick Chellman

Other Options For Skyway - Rick Chellman

Jun 19, 2014|

Other Options For Skyway - Rick Chellman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome in our first guest this morning Rick showman is an engineer from Boston he specializes in the city and road design and he's take a little a look at buffalo skyway Rick how are you wind. Just your general impressions of Buffalo's skyway. What do you think of it. Well I think it's. Too much up in the sky in need to come down to grade especially along the on. The island. Extra click here. Well you know a lot of people I mean this debate's been going on for a long time -- I can keep it -- down. It seems right now like they're living with it in and trying to make the most of it in some lighting underneath it. Do you think -- making a mistake if they keep. The mistake that made initially it was constructed and the most. Mistake was endemic to most American cities where large I would facilities will run. Through cities. You know that the waterfront used to be much more. Shipping related than it is today we presented a plan that the congressman organism. Two weeks ago on buffalo and it showed the potential for development the waterfront could be an amazing. Vibrant place that. Would work a lot better if -- Sky where we're not up on burns. And -- the greatest invisible part. If you mention it could be an amazing and vibrant place people are seeing traction right now started. -- canal side in that area. Do you think construction. On knocking down the skyway could hamper that TD. Risks outweighed the benefits of knocking it down. Well short term and long term gain argument you know certainly construction would be eight. Short term painful process but a long term benefits of not having this thing looming over here four. Even them burned out area. Would be. Worth it in the long run. Will tell us about the this new street level boulevard how that would work and I'm just mentioning here I think it would probably shut out. In any -- if people I have sailboats down -- from from getting through rated -- that low. The coaches there's the bridges all over the water and -- be. I think it's still called the highway as it is -- on land. Bring it down to -- on the land portion of us who wouldn't -- so boats the question. Over the water it is should come a lift bridge war. Even it -- -- stay as it is agreed sooner or reducing the speed the -- speed. That's currently itself. We've seen some people suggest different ways to use the skyway there's still one suggest and posted on our FaceBook page turning into way. -- kind of agreeing designed boardwalk. That goes overhead. Remodeling its. If that was remodeled to maybe make it look a little more pretty for lack of a better term do you think that could work. That could work. Again I'm less concerned with the span over the water and it coming back grade sooner on the problem. The I want some pretty. Laker waterfront property could be. Underdeveloped and made it more. Of an excuse place. They removal costs have also been put anywhere between twenty million. And forty million I mean does that alone make it prohibitive. -- development potential on the land is quite significant. I don't know the numbers differently but it was something on the order of 7004. Units -- million square feet of commercial and office you know -- mixed -- office and the retail space so the potential tax revenues are -- are significant going to the future. And it's unfortunate that the decision was made decades ago that to bill the way it was -- but. It will land portion wouldn't cost anywhere near that to -- that -- costs. Money. You've worked with other roadways and other cities across the country that may be similar to the skyway in those cases. Have you seen a benefit from tearing those roadways down and and in addition. Are there many roadways around the country that are like the -- There are in there have been significant benefits in not separate Cisco for example the market or free -- reduced damage in earthquake. Basically record to be taken down and rebuilt it took it down wrinkle to this boulevard and it's one of the most -- murderers in -- today. They're doing the same thing in Seattle with the Alaska by a -- also damaged by. Earthquake. Being removed as we speak and be replaced Bible -- Something in Milwaukee Fort Worth, Texas. The easier it is that used to be. Hangouts for. Temporary workers. And things like that are now. Excuse places that are really Barbara parts of the city's. Our Rick thanks so much for joining us it was a big help and it gives us a little bit of a national perspective on what other cities are dealing with so thanks for joining us a torture -- An engineer from Boston he specializes. In city road design and has a plan for the --

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