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6-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And with the third. Hole. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's -- it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. Hello Tom how early and guess what -- it is. Guess what day is it is -- -- live talk and I know you can hear me it's local towns and Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all and. WB. Sadly the camel has two humps. Course my brain went places it really shouldn't go on watching Barney but -- made it's ten minutes after six who's ready at 930 WB. G and met John Sherman is wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning shirt. Now ladies and gentlemen every year I find this very offensive. Ladies and gentlemen. What do you know about lightning. Tell me something what do you know about lightning. OK you don't want to get hit by it right. All right now there is a sports team call the ball. It's at Tampa Bay Lightning out Tampa daylight I should know I've used to live in Tampa Bay and believe me the thunderstorms there. I can be very bad that my welcome to Florida. In. In march of 1989. Was seeing a funnel cloud touched down in the neighborhood into which is moving pretty small funnel cloud. And then my other welcomed as an alligator -- one of the many -- for a one of the neighbor's front porches on the big Gator bit his African Gator nonetheless. Anyway. A wanted to share something with you. About lightning. They wanna talk about things that offend. Every year in this country. We lose. If I'm reading my statistics correctly. About fifty people -- thousand salaried jobs package it has to do a double checked online. We'll lose dozens of people every year. Two lightning fatalities. Can you imagine how offended you would be. If you lost your kid to a lightning strike. And his team comes along called the Tampa Bay Lightning. That would be offensive. That would be like the Tampa Bay hit and run drivers when your daughter is not a long -- that kind of offensive. Seriously how do you think Tammy -- would feel about a sports team like that. Tammy by the way Alex -- -- And the family by the way is still working on the Alice Alex rice peace park long board and skateboard park to see you know. John did you ever part 53 -- So last year we had 53 known lightning fatalities. Can you imagine. Your kid hit by lightning and then hearing about the Tampa Bay Lightning. That's offensive. I can easily see how that could be construed as offensive. Long Lawrence. Clinton. I don't even know that I wanna go there OK I went for. You wanna talk about racial stuff Boston Celtics. Which by the way properly would be the Boston celtics'. Many of the guys on the Boston celtics' I would be surprised if they have much Celtic blood that. Mostly a black. Now you have to understand do what I say stuff like that. Most of us have each other's blood in us I believe we are all Brothers and sisters. I believe there has been so much co mingling and intermingling between races and people's. That you may very well be part black and not even know. And a lot of blacks in America you know even blacks will draw a distinction you know he's dark skin he's lights yeah. Well there's -- distinction. And there's also a distinct accent which is known as quickly as black English. From which by the way white English steele's -- And that's a beautiful thing about English by the way it's dynamic and always changing and we've all made contributions to. But I just look here's the thing -- viewers joining us Obama's. Administration. And make no mistake this is not a bunch of faceless nameless bureaucrats. To finish this is. The Obama administration which I load that as a freedom loving America. Has decided that the term redskin. Is offensive. And disparaging to native Americans and therefore may not be trademarked. And I am pointing out number one. This is a violation. Of a larger principle known as. Freedom of speech. This is a freedom of speech issue this sterling situation and believe me I hate talking about sterling. I can't stand it. But you understand the difference the sterling situation was up bunch of private owners got together. Under the auspices of the commissioner. Who is put into place by that private club voters today without the government saying sell said hey. -- you're out of our league we don't want to be associated with -- That's fine. It's a business they can run as they -- as they wish they can protect their so called brand as they -- this is something altogether different. This is that government saying it is offensive and may not be trademarked. And do you really think it's gonna stop there. The next logical step is hate speech proposals hate speech law proposals and here's what you wanna know about hate speech. It's in the high an -- of the be holder. If you have hate speech law as there are always groups which are protected and groups that are not protected. For example. If -- white man. Calls a black person of the -- word that the white man would be guilty of hate speech. If the black and calls another black man shorting or midget. That's not hate speech. The protected classes will be racial. And sexual. Eric may I point out ladies and gentlemen. -- Statistically it. Shorter men earn less money and are less likely to be promoted and two BC EOs then taller man taller men are seen as. Somehow. Better suited to a job. Well let's get folks. I've never. Made that an issue in my life. And. I don't think of myself. In those terms. I know my value I know what I command on the open market that I got. I don't say to myself hey I'm 58 I think I'll take a 10% less now. Let's go to love. Uzbeks all Franken -- on that WBM frank you're on -- alone. Ultra. -- either Iraq -- this subject matter are or are you think government intrusion. Our free speech it's there's just earth so are very separated. 22. There -- character so you know people. Our complaint about the emirates. At the federal government getting involved in this bigotry you know we get about its trademark. And it -- -- city. Regal name writes in from the -- Washington -- -- Their -- out there. There not ordering the removal of the name they're saying it can't be trademarked which -- anybody could then put out any bit of merchandise with a red skin on it and the government's rationale is its offensive. I can think of a lot of offensive things then to which that -- And -- -- and Howard Bennett took scorer. Reservation -- puree some high quality cigars in the. As long as you don't buy the Seneca hawk cigarettes I'm sorry but they smelled like fecal matter. We we don't want to order. I would Arcadia proprietor of the year the out the cigars burger. -- Geithner well are we at a certain destruction about it. And that at all. Very very about it. Are are targeted by the the Redskins apparently. We know we're all out to dictate what. -- we're actually. Name. And you could argue that the problem that. Want to write regularly while we're chill between Greg and it would symbolism of -- -- -- people. Who work. That the only -- first people in. Orders a bit of destruction which we called mirror pop that. You were. You know they would be there. I could supply out people. And they sold -- -- A lot of thought into it. So when you order what will be the -- or the war in March it wanted chicken. Anyway. K. We're going to be all. Are -- -- -- -- The -- the the nomenclature. And its origins. Don't matter it's 24 team. This is a political opportunity. For Barack Obama once again to show. He is in charge. And his administration is in charge. And they can talk about nameless faceless bureaucrats in the patent office all they want you think anything goes by without Obama's say so and we haven't even touched today on the missing emails in the higher risk -- This administration should be impeached I believe it to be treasonous I believe it to be trader is criminal rogue. Unconstitutional. And those are better parts. Right now all whole lot of minutes or so let's go to traffic without. And AccuWeather forward today clouds will break -- -- shower or thunderstorm around the southern tier 58 below less humid tomorrow sunshine and clouds 77. Were holding at 75 degree is it news radio 930 WB and by the way proving that stupidity reigns in all levels of government. Governor Cuomo today you know announcing another war on heroin. Seriously. Really. And that's going to work Howell. Exactly. It won't work because it hasn't worked for half a century it hasn't worked. Legalize. Drugs. Make sure that people know what they're buying. We can educate people like we did with smoking. And you will reduce the problem. You'll reduce the cost to the taxpayer of incarcerating people who end up in prison on drug convictions. And by the way as many people -- you put him to prison for drugs somebody else is gonna take their place on the street. -- -- the opportunity and they took. If I'm a bastard -- George Washington Puckett -- of Tammany hall a book all political scholar sugary. I'm not a political scholars are her room I've seen highlights here's -- a lot of -- continued. What you -- -- you're absolutely right app and its order Croat and our free speech. And little by little to people don't realize is it's here's. Every day with this administration. They are encroaching on our freedom of speech. People like that people want to that it doesn't every that there were -- -- -- Because it is very -- attack her reports freedom of speech. They got beat the Washington red states. -- -- -- You were picked out were thrown out shelter like that it can't -- lightning or deep pleasure our goal what they're Chicago Bulls. You want her out there that they can't act out of context to say. I read it right there. And all of a sudden now they can go to law picket -- the quarter -- quite -- and they're one and some people that are targeted -- So accurate -- -- like Beck and right away you want -- remote. And it's no longer. What are some mature decision it's always the minority decision that it. They -- they don't allow -- now. No more -- that there are people are rock -- don't get that small group of people. Want to be hurt. They go out there and it went under -- all saying. And go to a lawyer. For more -- and equal all the weight which is an example -- -- what -- -- This story -- -- little by little. Well I again they can call it anything they want. In the end it is an assault on the First Amendment. This is just Digisette it's another step yesterday around this time I talk to go to CBS reporter whose computer was by the government because she was probing -- -- easy and fast and furious and I will. Link to that story on my Washington Redskins a story as well thank you for the call. One wide open hot topic 8030930. Is the form of adultery all right thirty today folks your federal government. As decides it. Bet the long standing name Washington Redskins. No longer can be trademarked because it is. Offensive. And disparaging. Prohibits trademark protection on the offensive or disparaging. Language and I'm telling you. Offensive or disparaging language is in the year of the be holder. Moreover. Our country was founded on the belief that it is precisely controversial speech that needs protection. Non controversial speech doesn't. And violate two via deuce waffles who are sitting in my FaceBook page. Sure sure guys the war on drugs has been a smashing success so you know keep banging your head against the wall and tell yourself how wonderful you are for fighting the war on drugs by throwing drug users in imprisoned. Does -- work so well. Really. You know you guys are so big and your Second Amendment Rights as -- And you don't even know. What freedom us. Somehow I feel I've let you down and failing to educate. Oregon public schools brutal time. Okay. It's. Other -- negatives about FaceBook but that is very rare to register to post -- my FaceBook page I don't wanna senior analyst your face I don't want to anywhere -- my FaceBook page. And if you get on my FaceBook page anybody wants to take a verbal shot that you go ahead. Here's our band view of deleted -- Europe for can scum bag. In your troll too. This -- so classy. He attacks -- Jack. On the day she dies. What a piece of crappy archer I hope. That the women in your profile picture Sunday and then find themselves facing false charges. Made -- go visit them at a women's prison. And then maybe you'll develop a sense of decency integrity honor and you'll note it's like to be owned by the system. But maybe there's too dumb to grasp -- rich. It's 635 at WB EM. Actually WB yet. There's out of him in there not delete and ban saying it's not just the trolls who come after me in on the big board. I can take my blows and give them around -- On vacation but. All. Well vacation. But you start attack and dead women. Who were wrongly imprisoned. You got some kind of medical issue that I don't feel like dealing with. And I just think you're human garbage. And you. Can perform it physically anatomically impossible feat. Of luck with that. All right -- you definitely over compensating for something with your rage and anger against the dead woman. Here is -- On the west side WBO idea. A lot of shutting. -- well. Yeah like Quicken Loans for one. I say a few hundred bucks would you -- -- new -- -- right on out now. Better. Married. You know one Walpole. The other financial increase air on news. Where it goes you know that is why we don't leave it. Or shortening up more. What legislation. But in what is actually going out there money for -- War. More sure actually a little pharmaceutical almost everything and I agree that at all right. America is a free country Dan if you wanna go home tonight and fire up the joint. For use god bless you you wanna go home tonight to a lot of Coke I have no problem with -- spoken by the -- -- if you start developing an abuse problem and an addiction problem just like what. All start thinking about getting some help because 10% of the people will become hooked on their drug of choice. You know -- thing as well what is what is the what what people. -- -- With any ideas about doing something else what what blogs all. They are people -- ever thought about it you know they never thought it broke up. You know it's like people that ointment that wasn't always a better luck or Ali. And not in creating. This prohibition. You've created a criminal subculture you corrupted people -- the school we are all up up. I invite everybody -- forgive my interruption. Everything you're saying we covered a couple weeks ago when we spoke with Peter Crist. A retired to out of -- a lot of police captain from leaked. Law enforcement against prohibition that show should be on line. You will never find a better more articulate compelling persuasive argument than those made. By Peter Crist during that share. -- Now as far as the Redskins. -- you don't wanna talk about the topic the Redskins I thought that it's -- I can't against military and the. How we're talking about the the encroachment on freedom of speech man. I have brought up that but I heroin thing because Cuomo is just an idiot just like every other politician and that's the problem with career politicians they're more concerned with how will somebody use this against me when I seek the presidency. Than actually doing the right thing that makes sense because everybody wants to be seen as I started. Are the heroin and New York instead of hey I was the guy who said let's legalize it. Guarantee the purity let's tax it let's get it out of the criminal hands and let's offered treatment instead of incarceration. Will be so far ahead of the game and up by the way -- also saying that one of the big reasons for -- when abused right now. Is the war the stupid -- war on painkillers and -- and again your dead kid does not trump cancer patient's right to weight gain less existence thank you very much. Yes. That -- up the last. Long long time and try to gain power over the language. You know controlling the language don't call women and girls -- -- Mulder literary issued a -- All this I don't Eric. And anger at what what you're saying about it may be a lot coming they are an end the right. Worked only gonna cover the selected few who don't yet understand hate speech laws are. Only go to cover protected classes and I can guarantee you that white men in white women will not be considered protected classes unless they are homosexual -- trends word whatever. Well well whatever they get a speech -- -- crime that you look like that it's so the advantage of the left hate I hate crime laws. What -- it'll -- illegal you know wanted to we need them all because. -- it could be -- -- pages for. Artery in and ideologues and that and you know. I don't believe -- hate crimes I mean I don't believe in hate crime laws. If I kill somebody animal racist there just is dead as if I look as they. Look I that there stupid. -- -- -- Apparently they are there but these are things that are arguably. Amen brother pay did your preach and required and you've got on topics -- are gonna become a salvage your rep with Mikhail. Put -- if you do to salvage -- we view. All right Dan always a pleasure sir thank you very much. Our folks if you're just joining us and make no mistake this is that the Federal Trade Commission this is Obama -- is in charge of everything. Every body in the government knows what this administration wants and acts accordingly he does not have to issue orders. Folks do you have any idea how erupt this Obama administration is -- -- a talking about the redskins' decision today that the Washington Redskins trademark and Redskins is no longer applicable because the term Redskins may be considered offensive. -- soak in the term vikings. Soak in the term Marlins. Lightning. And especially offensive to me is the -- Obama but that's another story altogether. This criminal administration. I say these things lightly books. Folks where -- we even begin. The IRS. Folks -- -- go through this litany every day and sometimes I feel like I'm talking to abort African wall. You do know that there was a lady with the higher arresting -- -- right. And you know. That she and her minions. Screwed Tea Party groups out of tax exempt status simply because they were Tea Party groups. And they knew that would carry favor with Obama. Now there's an investigation. Of blew out lowest -- and guess what. Her emails. Somehow. The emails of -- that are twelve other people went mission right. Now I don't know about you. But every email I have ever written in my life could be recovered. In some way shape or form. People would figure out away to track it down. Just because you're taking off your computer does that mean candy store. This administration is filled with lying to. The generous freedom -- criminals. Tyrants and desperate it's where are you gonna get it. It's that serious. Folks did Rosemary woods does anybody know the mayor Rosemarie winters -- regular Belle -- during Watergate. There was a famous eighteen minute gap in a tape involving then president Richard Nixon. The eighteen minute gap oddly enough came at a very sensitive part of the exchange involving the president. Wouldn't you know that eighteen minute gap was never. Found because it was a paper work. And you know they play good on the cleaning lady Rosemary warts. Folks that was bowl you know one and so is this -- Obama except on a grander scale. A much grander scale. And folks I talk about the First Amendment under assault. Please tell me you know there was a woman who worked for CBS news. Her name we Sharyl Attkisson. She was doing research. And reporting. On Obama is abysmal failures with and -- And the criminal activities of holder and Obama with fast and furious. CBS. News admitted her computer had been breached. By a very high tech. Technique. Means motive opportunity who do you think that. It's pretty obvious the Obama administration. Did it. I don't think most of you understand the gravity of the situation. And today came another blow against freedom. Whether or not you are offended by the term Redskins. Is immaterial. To me. It's not the government's band that's. If the NFL. As the NBA did. If the NFL owners got together is that mr. Snyder look you're hurting our brand. You know this Redskins thing is you know basically we're step in and a pileup fresh crap on a warm -- What you just change the name. Because it's looking bad for the -- I have no problem with that whatsoever that's a private group -- -- -- NFL owners making your decision here you have the federal government. Law trademark a word because it is offensive to some people. It is a split up before folks. How about. The Buffalo Sabres. Watch Mel Gibson's. The patriot. And see what that Tareq and fellow did with his sabres a saver is an assault weapons. Designed to cut slice dismember this articulate and still human beings. Somebody better tell Cuomo quick. This is -- hourly on WB on one of the few people in media making sense daily the others are. Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity Glenn -- Michael Savage when he's not busy talking about his dog himself. I love Hogan -- And there are many many others. And folks when the -- pits you gotta have our backs. Appears unconvinced. That talk radio is the biggest enemy. Of this fascism we have now in America. And there will come a time. Mark my words. Since they can't legally. -- so called equal time. There will come a time when they find a way. To Berry talk radio. Believe me. These people are all powerful they have no scruples they have no morals. They have absolutely no sense of what's right and what's wrong. Like me when I go to veto to. I cannot believe. The program news. Pretty much -- -- got a brilliance this year first of all I look at your local cop and you gotta work three to seven a lot. Or -- passes on to the accident investigation guys. Look if you want my bonafide you can talk to the Amherst -- accident investigators and -- that I'm okay. I'm if you wanna send me your card with your cell phone number on it. All -- to my conflict list in the way should you have an accident when I'm on the year from three to seven. And you need to get in touch with the like -- did on Friday. About that horrible accident at the -- -- and -- you'll be able to have access to me. And I don't want anything it is just this is not a way to gather -- courtesy cards you know I don't. I don't even get pulled over I mean seriously guys that it's not that I can help I'll be happy to help and if you don't want my help -- that's fine they're just that we reach a lot of people and if let's put it this way if I might directing traffic in a different direction away from view makes you and the other first responders Draper that makes me feel good. -- -- So to send the cards or just email Thomas WB EN dot com obviously -- right I'm not just gonna get my phone number out Willy Nilly. I was going to say something that I just decided not to. Now here's the First Amendment folks Africa I I said that the lead and -- somebody who said all of you people are so concerned about the First Amendment protecting. No racial slur yep that's exactly what it -- the center. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion the or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Or -- bridge. The freedom of speech or. Not France what the trademark people that debate is exactly that it's -- back -- attack in the First Amendment in a prelude to hate crime. I hate. Legislation being introduced but it'll only cover the special plan. It's advance came out of bring people together and know yourself.

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