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6-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. With. That. Hole look. And and welcome to the New York -- if they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Column in the -- Now what about how lengthy and -- got covered up right and welcome. It's live it's local it's far. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom -- remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her recent. And -- and yeah. I don't know why it makes me laugh I know people whoever is and that up a story had never. Why would never name names on those. Yeah no. But. I will simply say that I know somebody. Who was with somebody who knew they had her appease. And never bothered informing the other person who ended up with herpes. This person came to me in tears. And I said look it's not the end of the world and this individual said you'd know my finances. And let's just say some money changed hands and I said the worry about it get. Get it taken care of do what you gotta do I don't want this money back -- would. Ban. Tuesday. That's our little secret. Well I did not name -- is I didn't Mayweather was a guy or girl. I didn't say when there was a personal business associate. -- -- -- -- -- -- The there so anyways thank you go regarding certain NH. I'm not going there I'm not going there but -- now the bottom line is this is it really isn't the end of the world especially today. But it's not something you're one -- now let's. -- you know. It's actually -- talk show. Maybe enough for the Israeli justification. But at some point I would love to do which role on. The person who gave you a venereal disease who never bothered telling you they -- before they. Had intercourse. Because I know a lot of people herbal. Hey. It's. -- world and people can be very rude and inconsiderate. Anyway and I wrote the book and rude and inconsiderate believe not let's get back to the topic New York. Pardon -- flow. -- topic -- you -- That's our topic of the day. Sounds good. I'll have that. Anyway. I wanna share with you. From. Well actually I got this story originally from rush and I went to via Drudge Report. And I got the the more full story. Basically -- of just joining us the federal government. Which has absolutely no business doing it. Has basically taken over ownership of the word Redskins. And have -- set officially. That the Redskins -- trademark is no longer applicable. Now they say it's the US patent office. Whom do you believe is really. -- who do you believe is really behind us it's Obama. This is Obama isn't in action. Are right. And before I have any of my native American listeners in a Tizzy. Irate then I give you a lot more credit interest. Immediate. Raw emotional screw you buy hourly response. I think you know me well enough. Who is the only non native American talk show host the buffalo. Who has actually referenced on worst occasions before Laramie treaty of 1860 and I. Which screwed it at -- which the United States reneged upon I -- so look. I it's I am not insensitive. To be dealings between native Americans and our government and let's be honest. Both sides in the struggle for America committed atrocities. On each other. It was war. Atrocities are horrible. It happened on both sides. You wanna straight sides. And hopefully we've advanced now to the point. Where we can look at the past we can honor all of the dead no matter what side they were on whether it was Custer were Sitting Bull. And say those were different times and hopefully we fueled as a nation. And we can move forward together unified that's my whole. For America not division inclusion. That's my -- But the US patent office has canceled the trademark registrations for the NFL's Washington Redskins. I can guarantee you virtually every sports columnist at the local daily liberal rag is going to be. Basically having verbal and a typewritten orgasms over bears. The United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled six federal trademark registrations for the NFL's Washington Redskins today. Saying the nickname is disparaging the to native Americans and cannot be trademarked under -- federal law that prohibits trademark protection. On offensive or disparaging. Language. Really. I think offensive and disparaging language is in the year of the be holder. Know you'll. Now there's some of you being called a cracker. If you're a hockey. Might be offensive. To me. I don't get offended. Especially. If it's a black friend who idol out. I don't mind. I don't hear I don't get hung up on these. Strictly racial issues. People are people. Now what I call my black -- the N word now. I would not because that's a lie in that that you just don't cross all I can come up with -- other -- believe it. And we you know we laugh but it's body regular part of our conversation. Because if it if if that was all we talked about. The black this and the whiteness of our friendships. It would be a true friendship it would be a broken friendship. I'm always told you. If you have a black person with whom you work -- everyday you tell another black joke believe me. Eventually. Probably within a week the black person has got to realize you're taken liberties with their good nature. Like if somebody's back in -- they tell that joke well the first time it's funny ha -- a second time of and by the third time that -- become offensive because it's not done out of friendship it's done out of a sense that hey what can I get away with it. Look at kindergarten or child pushing the limits. But. This is -- certain. Six federal trademark registrations which I think might be considered private property. Haven't canceled by the Obama Patent and Trademark Office saying that nickname is disparaging. To native Americans. So every native American is put off by Redskins. How about is every person of Irish descent cousins actually in Ireland genetically DNA test. I don't know how that happened. -- really truly don't I think -- part Norman but I got -- told the other DNA test comes him. But. Folks. Is every native American upset by the term Redskins. You tell me the Washington Redskins. Don't have any fans of native American dissent. Now Elizabeth and of course. Elizabeth Warren who is like 132. Native American I'm sure she's greatly relieved by this decision. Because that 132 part of her which probably highly offended by the term redskin. Wherever you are offended by it or not. To me in my world is immaterial. Because you know what just like a lot of areas of life. And the progressive -- like to remind us of -- there are areas of gray. And it. -- yen to me is not necessarily. Derogatory. Or disparaging. Of native Americans. Would I -- Not unless I was describing the football team. Why would not. It's just it's just not part of my vernacular not for any particular politically correct or is it just isn't part of the way I speak. I'd rather swear I'm just you're so you know I don't claim verbal purity. But folks. Can we just consider for a moment. And I want you to tell me what other team names or product names you personally find offensive. I personally find the name Obama offensive. That I fine actually an outrage. And offense. But that's the guy's name I have to call him by his name Obama. Now personally. I believe that in the interest of truth in advertising. The government should force Obama. To change his name to something much more appropriate like summer's -- The panda AccuWeather clouds break for shower or thunderstorm in the southern -- tonight. 058 tomorrow's going to be less humid sunshine some clouds 77. And assurance tells me we're still 75 degrees and news radio like thirty WB -- -- -- go to great job master control working with me a giant pain in the ass. Well well -- not that's John that's what I love about my crew guys. We we. Love each other enough that we can tell each other to go blank ourselves. And we still love richer and investors that it's a great group were guys that Ryan gates' call screening fits right -- -- the Obama name ought to be changed December easy but the. Let's just think about some other sports teams and M local high school teams. May I tell you bet I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Bet I believe at Ben Franklin. Junior high school our sporting teams work the trojans. You take an eighth grade boy and the word Trojan there's only one direction and your mind goes sorry. Or if you were speaking an Elizabethan English it would be the Detroit news but. Most people don't speak and Elizabethan English let's take the word vikings. In Minnesota bike six. If you have any. Ancestors who come from Russia. Who come from Normandy. Brittany. Or the British Isles. You should be offended at the use of the term vikings. Wide -- say Davis. Ladies and gentlemen the vikings who by the way were all white. I should point that out. We're the most ruthless. Bunch of thugs. The world that saw until the Nazis and the Communists came along. The vikings. Basically we're the kings of -- pillaging plundering and murdering. All the way from the ball got. To Great Britain. To Normandy. To Brittany the vikings had a reign of error. Upon the world. Thousands of dead. At the feet above vikings. Vikings -- these happy go lucky fellows with the apps with courts. They were a bunch of ruthless. Thugs who took pleasure in killing for the sake of killing and exalted in their manliness. There are so many stories. About the vikings if you ever want a look up the mammoth book of history. I mammoth book of eyewitness history British Isles. You'll see. The ruthlessness. Of the vikings and by the way that's the reasons why king -- 1066. Is one of my heroes. He -- the vikings' pass at Stamford Bridge. It was like whoa underdog. Just destroyed the vikings at Stamford Bridge. Unfortunately you've been marked Celtic got suckered into a battle at the wrong I'm -- William duke of Normandy but will do that in a future show I'm sure will cover the entire battle of Hastings at some point in Michael all right coming up. Your calls what names should be outlawed now because they are disparaging. Vikings as somebody who has cousins in Ireland and a great fondness for the English people. I want vikings to be stricken now. You'll not find it more punch a bigger bunch of thuggish murderous cut throats until the Nazis and Communists. Miles good news and news. I work with a bunch of crackhead rednecks there. I'm John I want -- -- panels that I am. For this you've missed my show photos. -- -- You if you look at where -- Thanks guys I really need event that that it banks really thank you so much thanks thanks a lot. Do you wanna cents impacts all. Over here now. Prozac anybody. Well -- somebody please. All right it is up 535 news -- 930 WB EM. Oh by the way actually no I don't take those man it's just in case people actually believe things -- read. I don't have to because I'm western York's biggest cocaine dealer. I -- -- -- -- -- I just found that out. I just wanted to -- the -- that's how -- try to figure it out myself. Anyway it is up 535 -- news radio 930 WB BMC. We say embrace rumors and have fun with him. You know. I don't I because it doesn't bother me in the least. Anyway. What team's offense you. The Minnesota Vikings. -- five -- trip. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always evident though raiders. Really. Rate -- Months. It is -- laying. It. Air raid drills in school the raiders are. It isn't their guy holding -- Mike and his mouth with -- I'd pack -- my thinking of the wrong symbol for the team is that it. All right Green Bay Packers. May be offensive to some of the homosexual community. But I don't know how far wanna go with that one. Sorry I got to look out for my dear Brothers and sisters I love you guys. My -- listeners are African best in the world away day by transgender. And -- missing anybody. -- bi trans -- that they're pretty much covers I love all you guys are always welcome on my share lesbian. And it is 537 let's get some calls on that WB. EM all the UB bulls clearly. Dehumanize is -- -- animal rights people. They are making a mockery of the proud bowl. Now what comes out of the bull's hide and it is in the Oval Office here's our Karl on WBM -- I think -- I'd like to make a point. 88 word now you know that. Indian Americans are saying let's get out like this and I'd say they'll go along I could go wrong and but I don't under and people feel -- -- perhaps that the work. Written -- stoplight and why do they all got old pretty or shall not hundred Indians. And -- -- -- which is -- one of the reporters and actually do won't be at that things. All. -- here so why aren't sure. Don't know we are banned from ever actually in 100. Tropical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hope change -- you were traveling checker rule of law. First of all give them time they'll do it believe me this is going to be the new America can do all. OK Carl I'd like to have a dialogue with you and engage in verbal intercourse but if you're not up to speak to -- conversation. I'll be happy to monologue which is spent most of my personal life anyway. -- -- Are. There there -- are we gonna talk your pocket and just. Try to talk with the right here's the point. Give them a chance you will see John Wayne movies consigned it to planes. You will see book burnings. Any western. Using the word savages. Wild Indians. Worshippers. You -- that eventually. Folks. The word Redskins. If it is offensive. In my opinion is none of the government jammed -- business. Well there's a law against trade marking things that are offensive. Relate. People can be offended by anything you know a lot. If I ever homosexual. If I wanted to be it if or a homosexual conservative. Just -- plate with the Obama is a little bit. You know what I do I protest the Green Bay Packers. Packer what are you may. We could call actress for years. Obviously it's an assault on the gay community. I'd have fun with except that stuff on this is none of the government's business. The Washington Redskins have been around longer than Barack Obama on Mountain State. Is if the term is offensive -- Market decide let the league decide it's offensive and say you know what maybe it's time. We gave this serious consideration. It's not the government's damned business. But I told you folks. -- guys. I hate to blow my own foreign. I see these things coming before they happen. How many more examples -- -- site on my FaceBook page and elsewhere to prove that I see trends before other people do. Going back to the 1980s. Gain if you've been with me all that time you know on the apple crap. Look I don't take myself seriously. But my analysis of stuff I do pictures. This is nothing but a prelude. To hate speech legislation in America. Which will effectively ended the First Amendment. That's what this its. You have to see it for what it gets -- -- the animal -- people do you think -- offended by the -- bowl -- How about the Miami. Dolphins. How about the Marlins. And shall we not forget the Toronto Blue Jays. This exploitation. For profit of our fellow inhabitants. Of this earth. Both. Sea creatures. -- -- You think that there -- animal rights people who are up. Who are upset about this. The Miami Dolphins. -- -- is such an incredible creature you're making fun of that I already went into my spiel about the vikings. And now nobody is gonna argue with the New England Patriots. But wait a minute now hold just a moment. Because we're entering a phase now in this America. Were to be called a patriot. Is white coat I don't know if you're aware of -- If you call somebody patriot. There are people who think that that's white code. Seriously that because being a patriot for most of this means we can't stand Obama. That somehow that means it's racial. And the obvious non sequitur here is most Tea Party people irrespective of their race look at people like doctor Ben Carson. Doctor Thomas sole us all doctor Walter Williams and we recognize them as the geniuses they are. So if we are in fact racist were pretty selective in our races. The racist are on the other side folks. The N double ACP. Is absolutely. Hypocritical. You can say whatever you wanna say about a black conservative. And the NAACP. It will simply giving the sound of crickets. It's like I always say. About my beloved. Gay bi lesbian transgender friends. If they are conservative. They're not quite gay enough. Folks I know a lot of gay people. And a lot of gay men. They are conservative. You don't see them in the gay pride operate. You know why they're not welcome in the gay community. I know guys were married teacher. Current -- No I don't have sex with -- I loved. They can't stand the liberal gay lobby any more than I can because they recognize it for what it as a bunch of phonies using gay as a shield would Vance at left wing agenda. Back to the calls. Here is. Mike in Niagara county on WB and Michael. It is thirteen and or maybe out. Today that is now offensive and we should start thinking about getting a bottle -- Oh. Some -- Well aren't I I thought that's what it was because you sounded like a very nice man. We we've talked before in 99.9. Percent of the time we -- everything I agree with you this 100%. At this fail for you know there's been going on for a while it's creeping disease why. The deep water really what caught your attention to remember our child. People who were actually able. I I know there is a book called that I never read it. Okay a they tell this story little -- -- basically. You eat -- he went out into the woods but tiger was after him. He managed to trip the tiger and read it around Katrina and -- church and the border took the order hole. And mama -- -- advantage they banned the book. You can't find the little black Sambo I do know up Mike do you do a lot of them -- you've got some beautiful shops in Niagara county ever been any him. Sure have you seen all of the turn of the last century. Racist cards and posters and books like you mentioned and figurines. Oh what the -- I mean I've seen them a -- -- -- shops. And I I just think to myself good lord. How can I possibly day I would never buy it be if my black friends are over. There's no way. Very seriously that they're gonna look at me the same way because they're getting. Yeah output that but again and I think that it goes well show there's child. That being exceedingly energetic yes buried -- -- -- but nevertheless. Just because. You know I don't know why did you speak well. Maybe that maybe today forgive my interruption -- -- you -- you just gave me an idea perhaps today if they call all the book little. Barack. And instead of chasing the tiger -- to the wards to get. To get butter he sat on his -- waiting for his EDT -- -- bomb a phone it would be acceptable. IPhone or maybe a bullet the whole thing is not one. We don't talk about that was so -- LOO workers debate this all nonsense to me it's not then. Well buyout that -- you know the first of all I guess the majority of the Indians didn't care. And I don't know why it's essential -- a sense of now I need. There are just me you know I I think they have 400%. Respect for the Indian as you were caucasians. You know for what we did to them. You know they're they were basically. Mostly operable sometimes it all -- other like -- of -- tribe. Course I did thank you might thank you for knowing your history. Because the Communist progressives wanna make it seem as though the noble Redman the noble native American. Perfect tranquility peace and harmony until those evil caucasians came over with syphilis and smallpox. Well even here in Western New York. Hey what ever happened to the new -- nation all they got wiped out. My other Indians. But actually by the you're court and the your your record in a pretty good job on -- stool you're well we did a better job would -- years but that's another story. Clip or does that buffalo blood is -- -- pointed out. All right -- -- little black Sambo never read the book but yes and I can see that they can you. We're John Wayne movies are banished is racially racially insensitive. That that think that -- we're talking about the First Amendment is becoming meaningless. Government is is in the business of telling us what we can't it cannot say and you know what could -- worse I mean what what more violation of the constitution that we L I guess we can have more. Because I seem more common. Well this is done in the guise of trademark law and it's a cover story in a -- by the cover story. I can't help you. If you going to be naive enough to buy the cover story this is this is Obama doing what Obama wants to do. And it's a prelude to something else once Hillary becomes president. I got to move there I got to move -- glad you called great call. Are 8030930. Start time 3180616. WB -- -- for just joining us just you know just gives -- that the progressive Communists hate me because they cannot pigeonhole me. I have an inclusive man I don't care what you look like your background your sexual preference orientation. I don't care love freedom. Love the constitution. And I love you -- about me about loving freedom. Already AccuWeather clouds breaking tonight a shower or thunderstorm in the southern tier overnight low 58 and then tomorrow less humid sunshine clouds 77. Right. Now it is still 75. Birdies WBE and what's he says this too. And did a great show today at Orchard Park police uniforms and a on and let me I don't wanna do that show and I I'm just doing this that to be disagreeable with sandy. If I -- cup and I was a police recruit for two months before it went out openly admit that arm and I stayed on the job I would not. Have wanted to Wear the uniform on the way into work. I'll tell you why because I would want the bad guys deceive me in my personal vehicle. And there is part of about thirty years ago. There is some huge bag who had a 22 rifle he was taken potshots at cop cars from the fields behind the cop shop on union. And I remember choir practice -- you boys in the eighties drink in the confiscated beer. I'm sorry was that out loud and I used to know every -- to order -- wars. They loved me. Now on the enemy missed here's Rickie Lee and headed for falls on WB and -- talk to -- -- I was born in 1940 our sort of seeing how. And I am very very big in history. And I've seen at all. Fascism and totalitarianism. Starts. And goes from a little nucleus and to a great big. Got a lot. And it starts like this incrementally. You know freedom of speech. And they always. They always presented you know in a way that is that is harmless to other people the masters and that's a good thing. Until of course it comes you know ignorance is bliss until it -- you. But it's not -- Rickie Lee I love what you're saying because remind me very much of this really Smart funny very good looking talk show host named Tom Bauerle. Who has been saying the exact same things about the creeping insidious nature of totalitarianism. Please keep going I don't want an -- brilliance further. But. I don't -- all that before. And that the problem those -- likely and then 8080. Germany. But the people say well what you have to do many. I mean -- they're not coming after me until of course your last one on the line. And you're standing here by yourself and it's like all. You know well yeah I mean there's that famous expression first they came for the Gypsies and they came for the Jews and then get out you know what ends up. Com. Here's here's what's happening. Slice by slice piece by piece you're being ball. And it is the old fraud in the boiling water thing and I hate that analogy because I like frogs and toads. But on your spot up. And here's the key. And I challenge anybody in fact -- I want to hear from those of you came from Communist China or who lived under Communist and Eastern Europe where the Soviet Union to dis prove. Anything Rickie Lee has set because and Rickie -- thank you for the call. Everything. That I've ever heard from people who came here from a totalitarian state is I'm number one you know your history number two. You're spot on number three this freaky things that happened in my home country are now happening in my adopted country. 100%. Of the people I know who came here from totalitarianism. -- agree with me. Why 'cause I'm crazy and her crazy. That must be.

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