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6-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolf the and -- For those were. I'm glad I don't know you're not. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- you're the most annoying -- of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything October. -- -- -- -- Yourself and it's live it's local -- -- and you know it's Tom hourly. -- Mercury news radio 930 W. Rory has set at a work -- Jesse moved. And I'll play a lot because -- limit the Jack has died. And we. The people of the State of New York V -- and -- Jack. Wrongly convicted her of killing her daughter and robbed her of the best years of her life. She was out for a few years she died at fifty. Of lung cancer. -- but we gave over a million dollars in compensation. Get. You know -- and deal. For all those years knowing you were innocent and yet being denied the basic freedom. That every human being craves knowing that you work innocent. And having to wake up every morning and a hell hole prison. It's not like the women's prison movies on Cinemax. We're with Dennis the Leino former. I'm sorry retired buffalo police detective -- Beverly former -- it's always going to be in his blood by the way. I technically speaking the proper pronunciation will be Delano. And in fact -- is a relation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt way back when but we'll -- it was yet Realogy at some future date. So talking about the -- eject case and end Dennis was so instrumental along with others -- jury's gonna credit. In making sure that justice was finally done poorly indeed Jack so you put this string of three murders and Dennis Donohue together. You have this conversation with -- Jack and you. Believed her. I'm Dennis a cop is like a psychiatrist. To the extent where you deal with so many people who are genuinely evil who try to -- either way out of it and a psychiatrist deals with a lot of people who are genuinely insane but who try to -- wire act the way out of it. What was the difference with Lynn -- Jack saying. I'm innocent guys what did it for you. -- deal with some insane people told. Well yes there are bought and much much better by the way these days -- in days gone by I think the police training with dealing with the mentally ill has definitely improved dramatically. On its. I'm not sure. It was a combination of things. You know we couldn't. We couldn't prove. Carol reed case because the evidence was destroyed three years but -- homicide one more look pretty evident -- in Germany are. No. Technology which it views on that that was gone. And in the course wonder our traditional metal -- -- as well -- case. Was a matter of finding the evidence that was located the government's record double Clark the match. Are you an old technology at that time it was Comerica collected. The united every six that existed -- they do know a great job local and everything anyway just in case. It's amazing worst. I'll look back -- The job that these guys did in audio and mr. Courtney evidence -- Like street -- it was just in its intensity at the more would you collection executed -- brought the united albeit they are trucks but. They did to earn thankfully your later come back and use that spot on. They stick technologies are somebody's grunge -- couldn't so for. Was when it was. When. Mare our moment was when I looked at the French people's. There and saw -- crushed when will show discovered. It Jewish. I could not picture of a mother. Leaving her -- In that condition even if she did. There is debate also mentioned. The -- it'll it just didn't. And that was kind of worker our local red wagon and understood due to start. Looking into some of the -- circumstantial and tried. Two up a multitude of inflation you know people cherish. We're talking with Dennis delayed only and eject Peters who is wrongfully imprisoned so many years wrongfully convicted of killing her daughter freed. In large part because the worker Dennis Toledo with who we're speaking exclusively right now. And others at what point Dennis. Did did you and the others approached the guys with the collar -- and the guys with the suits in the DA's office with real evidence and what kind of reaction did you get about pursuing. I'm not sure at what point we did but eventually that took place and that's trying. We got. Quote lackluster response -- at least what. It was determined that believe it kind break our journey he was adamant that it was but we try to. Yes or number and and we were saying at the time. There there she could not have done them you know and we said that right up front once we discovered. The timeline of what. That was virtually impossible for her true. Do it and are answered that the trend in which I founded. That it would be physically. Almost impossible for her dual armed crystal -- at the time was was bigger than when when was small -- or heroic time. And crystal when was. Over and over power her usual. All lead to actual hey look I I understand my my daughter is texture is smaller than five minutes of that she's like a bold she's very strong one. Exactly I would find it hard hard pressed to believe. We're in with him the first place and what are into graphic it takes. Good -- -- -- six -- and strangle the operating under the -- would not have been able to history by the -- minutes. Waiting hoping young. Girl of course it -- -- There -- just don't -- she physically could have done and that and the governors didn't show that you couldn't. There was other stuff. In very useful role of crunching. Evidence collection. That. With our daughter didn't really targeted to put our. It it was it indicated arts it was pretty clear that she could not on. And the timeline just didn't match or her time her her -- was accounted for all bought. About maybe turn managed and that can Milledge. -- at the time of the homicide novels. The prosecution put all that does homicide was committed between the a quarter true like 1145. And midnight. Been married before. They don't Tuesday -- order to keep that would have been born into fortune. There was only -- small window that we're included aren't even if she did it. -- Prosecution put up that that's one crystalline. -- and and mares researcher are researching thoroughly your time of death and and I read to try our transcription and everything to me. And our own opinion and it was that -- articles are at 6 o'clock or. That they're mourning not felt midnight one a little there. It's amazing good professional medical examiners could have been so. Off on any given rigor mortis given -- bit idiots that are. Well Barack in -- wasn't ours don't even today. You know aren't aren't -- today with today's technology you can't. There's not a it's not much better first time -- schools. They don't have. You know it all depends on. When temperature and humidity all and it's -- -- in two cartel. Along portions of the industry. Dennis at what point just just to advance advance the story at what point am hi all were you able to convince the people with the collar brass and the -- in the DA's office that she was in fact not guilty needed to be freed and expropriated. Well it if you go back. And we never do it. Because stable -- -- rapper. Or. I mean it was always a big question and that's why I also bought -- -- it Thursday they were edited yet. I was wrong and Tom if you remember correctly. The only way that they are actually east. Was. -- are called in Michael Baden Michael Barton Kamen at ruled hurt us. Accidental overdose as opposed to a homicide they went and there was absolutely. That was a total that's the day. Just talk and so -- trailer that was that David Justice. In Western New York was that -- we allowed them to change her. -- certificates. From Ericsson are from a Harlem soul to an accidental overdose that was all falsehood they -- that homicidal. But it let everybody our of our problems. If they did that Michael Bodden. All of Michael Baden a pathologist who is very well -- anybody who watches court TV these documentaries Michael -- basically which -- saying he lied about the drug overdose thus. Thus covering the -- The DNA. Absolutely that's my opinion there are only my opinion which makes sense to me usually do deduce that you only way to put. It's and my thoughts are that if he was an average everyday schmuck like myself. And one in there and looked at some tissue samples and looked at the trial. Said that about what better person external -- I could say OK he just he got it wrong but knowing that he was re not alone. Medical staff with years of experience she had. Thousands of autopsy on the belt for him for a person with that kind of credentials. To come into this area. And look at a couple of tissue samples. And some photographs not even speak. He's not gonna wonder if that had access to an original evidence. And for him to say that to rule it accidental overdose is beyond me. It just it is it's. -- you know our Barbara doing the show a lot of when -- when I was -- warnings are Barbara doing a show and be apoplectic about it. I'm Dennis hold on because I I don't wanna take up too much for your time but I do wanna ask about your first meeting with -- and what it was like for you to see -- wrong. Now that she is no longer with Pittsburgh manager traffic without -- -- whether unsettled clouds break yet tonight but a shower or thunderstorm in the southern tier 58 the low tomorrow 77. Less humid so let that -- talking about. Meeting -- for the first time and then her getting out and you walk us through the emotions especially now. That she has just died after -- robbed of the best years of her life. Well I went to an old son are shocked in her and I had a meeting wouldn't want she -- a -- -- And our shoes and Jerusalem and we are done. But actually share the commission should probably. It was a it was a personal. Just opened our wonderful wonderful moment and our could be a part of our bureau demographer -- -- wonderful person these despite the original the initiative as she did the past. She did not deserve and aren't sure what they say you can. Orders people -- -- I don't even know werder breeze -- tomorrow which in somebody's statement. -- the bottom line of and that's what I'm about our. She did not. Children daughter should not deserve to go to prison. But don't change your general life wherever and -- -- -- under our store which are well Peter. This Gary just remembered as just stuck -- her all the attention what the president he raised for racial and boys. On and and she and her other son -- -- -- did two tours are believed that was corrected the time -- -- -- sergeant in the military did to street tours. Order. You know and -- stuck -- them all all the well you racial publishing and people are. So that they wouldn't forget to monitor religious used to be just special -- -- -- -- Amazing and now that she is gone knowing that you played a role in at least her being able to savor. A few years of freedom to -- You restore our mutual remarkable -- it's better which I guess you would call the harsh we. -- discussing what were on at the time and what Strasburg Sharon's what it is some satisfaction in knowing that you leash got. To be a -- credentials were children -- children got to have them over in a grand charred -- to. Genocide I just have one more question for you and you are one of the very few people in a position to answer various. Can you tell me and the audience what it is like. The pressure that is put on you by the establishment. When you stand up for justice and to try to do. The right thing. What it does to your insides what it does your family life your personal life knowing you are right and in some cases being ridiculed for being so persistent. Well it's that it's unexplainable wanting a bullet does to me nor shall people. I -- on the big board architect shops are all well and in this city and on the street. And I it is sure that when they're extremely when children are actions. Are involved and they get for. Politically that politics are dirty. Politics in this area that are beyond the incursion on the world's cardinals there's a Washington. What it's just when an infection in her and -- these people are no rules mr. articles. A little interest. Politics is quite important and those who stand up against politics as usual do so at their own apparel and it takes a special person I think Dennis to do it. And to take the stress and the Valium and all the stuff that comes with just dealing with. Who are doing what some are next to medical issues as a way to try -- get straight -- A lot of risk is known for a reason. -- -- -- -- -- well but no more importantly. What happens is when when there's an and they don't what's sad about it -- the our local meeting shall lacking that people are launch on the instructed her along all right you know. Because. That this state. And I found out hardly the state there's probably the worst whistle blower protection. -- in the country one burning hours. Shall there be 11 and any time this happens it deters anybody else from standing. There's a lot of good people out there. That there won't stand up there nordic she is for you don't want to jeopardize and I can't blame them there -- what at what they did the media and and our approach in all -- you can't blame them for for -- for a cause there's nobody's there to protect the. Well Dennis I must be I must be crazy or stupid because I go to shut up cut and is gonna do what I'm doing. I'm glad I think it'll people listed do what shall be our Burkle. -- spot on our. What -- on our -- your -- is no you're quite right Fareed. And that's steps to be commands and which which an inch or two -- wanted to most difficult that is approaching could be -- right now. So apparently take so -- And then and we are which are. Double amen. I I cannot begin to thank you Dennis you are really one of my heroes and it's just it's an honor to speak review and instead of Lou -- may be Kennedy's goal would be a better choice. All right when your body. I need to sort -- -- -- I got to go many thank you Dennis Toledo for the exclusive interview I really appreciated and everything you did for the DJ expand its 427. Put Dennis Delano said -- as spreading live DJ act. From prison a -- and a bunch of other people but frankly epic -- does a little bit too modest. With respect to his role. And I think that the -- I I think that toward the end of the interview what I talked about the stress the whole situation plays not only on him better as the land though. But on his family. And it really showed that Dennis was the driving force behind the proper and just free. -- Lynn -- Jack who became -- To which she was wrongfully sent. After a wrongful conviction. Dennis was the guy who took the heat and -- was the guy who took the crap. And Dennis was the guy they tried to discredit. And -- he's absolutely right about the actor Michael Baden I thought it was disgraceful. Bad ruling he made and it was simply a politically expedient move to get the DA's office off the hook. By. Well. They didn't have to admit they dropped the ball. By convicting the wrong person. If they said it was an accidental overdose. And it really wants is that -- -- that they justice died in America unfortunately there are more and more of those days liked it for example if I may. I'll -- don't. By the way. I think image of this earlier but on my FaceBook. I have put up -- posting items supporting Andrew Cuomo for governor and sometimes they put up postings that are so far from where I am. Just how closely people pay attention some of these are absolutely. I got there vicious -- You are an idiot get your head on straight hourly. Doesn't have the -- the balls to say that to be -- person I wonder well they'd ever do. What else. -- -- Didn't let it take John can attest jobs seen me make it now working in my garden so he twice so he can -- in my upper body strength. Policy. -- that here's something else. And Tom's body has been taken over by one of those pod people body snatchers. But -- Pop -- he said has a great response to my own supporting Andrew Cuomo for governor -- are banning new premier all on the edge. That I like that one Scott says this is your break. This is your brain on drugs. This is just great people accusing me of this -- hitting my head of being high. What else April fools out but that's kind of a competent government. And there are some other ones of people but I counted them -- They hit it it it it it now flag was Smart. Frank. And he was right. There are errors if folks have done this every now and again that do you ever times where I've gone on the year and I'm actually played liberal talk show host. I've actually done that. And it's so easy to. Because all you do is just basically say everything based on emotion. Not a bit of logic to it you just appeal to wait five girls emotion and you can be -- liberal talk show host. I'm sorry I say liberal and progressive Communist because liberals have a bad -- It is liberal. Is yesterday's conservative. That's how much this country is proof that the left. Don't you guys get it but anyway don't they put up on my FaceBook posts. It is just obvious that I actually put a note underneath it. TV I just put it up for blanks and giggles which sometimes with FaceBook. Don't feel like -- say I'm announcing my engagement to. John sure. Well all. No no job no up and so I. It might happen now out Gloria. Ladies and gentlemen. I I really do not want to mention the name Donald Sterling too much because I am so sick of that hole. I'm sick of that whole sordid drama. With the Los Angeles Clippers hey I don't give a rat's ass about basketball. The I don't give a rat's behind about Donald Sterling C I think the woman he was banging was a slot. And -- this honest dis honorable -- Two record conversations. And to accept money for basically sleeping with the guys what else what else would you call somebody who takes a Ferrari -- a Lamborghini. Opera guy for sleeping -- -- -- -- excuse me in the street it's called by a criminal off its. And she's a public persons like caller whatever -- -- the one who made yourself in public -- I think she's disreputable dishonorable and a whole situation. Just is just nauseating. Not the least of which of course was sterling news you know obviously ignorant racial comments. And if you will remember some review at the time said. This -- the freedom of speech issue it's a free speech issue and I should know it is not a freedom of speech issue. Well it's a free pass to issue this guy's being punished for what he said as well alt edit it -- it. By the way those recordings were illegal. California is a two party consent date. To illustrate two parties must consent to a recording before the recording can take place shortly before reporting can be released. And it in my old house my secret veteran cameras you know. Capture like cats sleeping on my -- anyway. And that's about it anyway. Yup -- that are derived all right so. Well. We have a situation folks that is a freedom of speech issue. And it is the government stepping it. -- the liberals. Arms the progressive. Communists. And son. Native Americans. Not all native Americans. Have had the big hard one for the -- Redskins. As a name for football team. Since I was -- high low poll we've. All right Washington Redskins apple we -- -- attack cop so anyway. Long story short. Others have been an issue. Now there are some people folks who wake up every morning you have to understand -- most of you don't you voters here's my world. I know every morning when I wake up. And when -- come on to get behind the microphone that there are people. These talked about mr. waiting for me to say something that could conceivably. Be. Perceived. As a career ending statement we will take it out of context they will do anything they can. To remove me and anything and -- anybody else who -- and I do from the air winners. You know that there are people who day. Wake up to record every show. Even though it's outlined by the way. And WB Ian about I suggest you listen to sandy -- show today on the Orchard Park police situation it's available as all of our shows are at WB Ian about count and then there's a group of people who listen assiduously -- Trying to say. Hey did he just say the N word did he just say something racially insensitive. That we can now. And make -- hashed and fire power. That they do that this is what they do. They're obsessed. They do what everybody. On -- was not a progressive Communist. OK there are grown men. Some other with law degrees. Who literally listen to every word I say. Who would just fall out. To have hash tag by our leaves are racist talk show host fired his ass so I always conscious of I do not let it dissuade you from speaking my mind. Because I speak a message of peace and brotherhood. I speak a message of inclusion not exclusion. And I think that speaks for itself on a daily basis. I supported gay marriage before Obama did. Your big gay hero Obama. You can take that anyway you want. Anyway not that there's anything wrong with -- now. The federal government. Has just launched. You have to appreciate the significance editors. Eight back -- or attack on the First Amendment. Saying the government has rule. The term Redskins may not be trademarked. No that's wrong. Thank god Rush Limbaugh. Again folks I think he's starting now to grasp. As span of the seriousness of -- what's going on number here right now. Because I was kinda. Make and that he was just getting a lot of touch you know to an EIB jet flights not enough thinking about what's really going on in the country. Hannity. I love Sean. I've corresponded with him on numerous occasions I love him dearly he's a class act. But I think he's too much up Karl Rove -- and the Republican establishment butts. To speak is nice break. I really believe that. I don't think he is taking what's actually happening in America as seriously as I am. And frankly as Michael savages. Now that's not to say I'm disparaging Sean or rush I love them dearly understand. I don't attack other hosts. On the same side -- hominem if there is a specific issue. I -- pointed out. But I don't want anybody to misinterpret that you know and to say well you're just jealous you don't have a private jet I've explained before. Money and what it is and what it is our right it doesn't buy happiness believe me I know. Now. Just -- Big government. In a back door attack on the First Amendment. Is going after the term Redskins. I cannot over emphasize what this is going to lead to. It is only -- pray loot. To the introduction of Canadian and European style hate speech laws. Which are antithetical. To our constitution. The only speech in the United States of America that needs to be protected by the government and by our rights which were promised to us and enshrined -- natural rights enshrined by our constitution. The only speech that may have protection is controversial speech. Don't you get. I heard that from liberals for years. I would bet that some of the same liberals who told me that hard this past that with the state this attitude of this dictatorship under which we now live. And I don't use that word lightly nor do I use it without justification. I'm not gonna play beat snippet of the State of the Union Address again I played it so much you should or by -- art. Whenever and wherever I can congress up yours it's my country -- my -- that's what he set paraphrasing of course in the state of the union. But what this is folks is a back door way of getting you used to the idea that the government. We will begin. Regulating the words you can use. This is only the beginning of what will be an attempt to initiate hate speech not hate crime. But hate speech legislation. In the United States. Why would you be surprised. You shouldn't be. Cheryl Atkinson what she worked with CBS had a her computer hacked by the government which she pursued Ben Ghazi. And fast and furious. First Amendment in addition to guaranteeing freedom of speech also guarantees freedom of the press. And what do I said all along it as what the Second Amendment the other amendments toppled like a house of cards -- thinks I'm a profit board undue. You haven't heard about the story I show and like you further and wanna get your thoughts on it. Because I just get out -- I cannot overstate the significance of what's going on to. No it's not what the autograph your original ones know somebody else somebody orderly and measured on the year went spice. No. I like Alan I don't know I mean I want his -- I'm politically we hate each other. But it I pizza with him all right anyway at a few other daughters another guy. Anyway AccuWeather clouds breaking tonight a shower or thunderstorm the southern tier 58 below. Tomorrow less humid with sunshine and clouds 77 -- or 75 at who's ready at 930 WB -- affect them often joke that I go on the law school. And had -- been admitted to the bar I think the irony of -- we have today Carol attorney laws would have been funny as -- it be funny -- now actually. But that's another story. You know what you know if I decide to work go to law school. As you follow up. Events were not events in in my life. And by the way I am absolutely of sound mind those of you who have made -- comments on my FaceBook page and a unlike you -- can actually prove them. Anyway. Well I can't. -- and say it was normal. Normal years. But let's get back to the discussion at hand here about Redskins. OK you know if I were native American. I can understand that I might or might not be offended by the term Redskins. I don't know folks I know what. I don't know about you. But I've got better things in life about which to concern myself. Then what somebody refers. To my ethnicity and it's okay. I don't care if you call the French surrender monkeys for talks. -- AR. You can insult the French all you want you can say mean nasty things about French people you want that's a considerable part of my heritage. You wanna call German sprouts. Part that bothered me at least whatever yeah profits. I understand the origin of that term. Droughts. I'm so offender. And my name is a German certainly. Within -- out over VA which I do not use speakers in English we don't have well what's except of Elizabeth room from a law and order. But that's another story I ever trust a woman uses -- -- Now -- I just know that even revenues -- good enough for her but the out. The other part the Asian part. I mean you think I get insulted by that you know good looks and I. Really and better things in my life to be concerned about. That what people say disparagingly. About the various ethnicities that comprise. My biological and genetic inheritance. ID DGA. Half basically is my approach some people however get very offended by this stuff and in fairness to. I seriously in fairness to you if I go along to your group unless I've been adopted by your group I am not going to take liberties just out of common courtesy. But -- me. I would never dictate that the somebody else to finish our. I wanna share with you coming up after five because there's a reason for that people are just getting into their cars now as they get out of work maybe blow a lot of few minutes early. I want to tell you what happened today with the Redskins trademark. In a lot of explain to you again that this is only the beginning of what will be an assault on freedom of speech in America. And if you wanna call me you know the guy who said it I was a tree which. Who's not. You know if you believe what you read in the newspaper. I don't bite me that's all I can say bite me. My logic clarity of thinking intelligence. Wit and level headed -- speak for themselves on a daily basis. They did in December they did in January. They did during the Malaysian plane crash when other people were saying it was landed off loaded of cargo and then some. Really okay. So. We're gonna -- coming up on WB.

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