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6-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the -- with great benefit and India the hole looked up my intentions and -- The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest with the because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it may. If you've got -- all it. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. -- wet -- women that news radio now. All right guys that we -- problem in the right that. Go to headphones good two years because I'm not doing the show which is one year working in the headphone I will leave and go home and get fired thank -- -- -- -- have to -- -- working -- it. Anyway -- Hi it's about Lleyton who's ready at 930 got. UBP. And -- -- -- said -- forming I don't mind telling you that and I'm a real -- mood. -- a real pissing Buddha on several fronts number one this country is. Becoming a -- ran a coal country. I hold -- so I told you about the despotism in America I told you. How many freaking times might have to go back and play Obama's State of the Union Address from 2014. Called it the state of the cool. And what my issues with rush is sure on that please keep in mind. I'm not Michael Savage. I'd love rush I love Sean might issue with those guys use. The same issue many of you -- with eight. Some time ago. Bet I don't think they have grasped. The seriousness. Or the significance. Of what is happening in this country. I don't think that rush or Sean had as good a historical base of knowledge as I do I'm better than they ER. In many ways I -- better than there. And -- started but idea I'm funny here I don't history better and I think I can connect the dots a lot better albeit by -- And be employed at a five -- the -- whip -- speaker protest and every single senator from every single state which I can't do. But. It's it's not about that talk radio is it about that is not a tricky game it's about seeing big events happening. And being able to put them into an understandable framework and hopefully having a little bit of fun along the way. And I just again I just wanted to emphasize I hate it when people on my side of the dial which actually. Would have a side of the dial. You know what the balcony I'm looking down and I'm thinking where is everybody else can come up to my balcony incident with me. Instead of -- down there with the -- banks that's me over the balcony looking down. Frankly it. Because I have my own way of looking at the world. It is not the Republican way it sure as hell as an idea for Communist where I can't say progressive like Gypsy Democrat with a straight face anymore well in my own way of of looking at the world. I have a great deal of respect for rush and -- -- And I won't say that I am encouraged. What I hear rush who has the short right before -- talk about the state of the union and for some time he has said the state of the cool. Let's say the problem I have again this is not lets you know pick on Rush Limbaugh today the problem I have is one minute he'll say. State of the cool and then he'll say things that make me believe he does not quite grasp how serious the situation is. The same thing with Sean I think they are so enmeshed. In the Republican hierarchy and I think they hang out with too many suits like Karl Rove and political consultants from the establishment. That unfortunately. They have a very skewed view of the world and they cannot call things as they really car. Unfortunately. I'm taking some solace in the fact that rush is starting to use words like I have been using M frankly and as Michael Savage has been using. And again hey folks I can't stand it. When talk show host who ought to be united against tyranny and despotism. Just take potshots at each are so I don't want you to misinterpret there's ads. -- we don't -- on the your bashing Rush Limbaugh he must be jealous of the money. Folks anybody who knows me knows my feelings on money and happiness and frankly. Money does not buy happiness it never has it never will I've been -- I've been very well off and you know what. It has not changed my miserable major one little bit. Seriously just means it's going to be miserable drive to work at a Ford Escort I can be miserable proportion to all of means. It's all means to your. And -- just folks I'm just telling you these things because there's always a person who thinks well he's just jealous well. I'm not I do not get jealous of people material possessions on. Happy for them -- happy for their success I've dated multi millionaires are right. Guess what -- it's almost screwed up chicks I've ever been with in my life. But. That being sent. It is encouraging. Citizens deposited here. It's encouraging to hear rush. At -- start to get it on a regular basis and talk about tyranny. And talk about despotism. And talk about this is the new America. Now Michael Savage who's on this radio station I happened to now I know that Michael is a very polarizing figure more so -- -- Mean I think that most of you actually like me some of you love me. And there's no way I can ever repay you -- do you understand that. Do you know that I go home and even if I'm having a real -- day. I can say you know what at least I got that one email. Those fifty emails from people whose animated good difference in their lives in and that that makes me feel very very good. All right. -- goal is more polarizing you either love him or you hate them for the most part. Idea I try to be more circumspect. But on the one hand I like the fact that Michael has never been afraid to call out Obama well let that get back. In recent years has not -- afraid to call Obama exactly what the issues now originally Michael misjudged Obama. All he won't be really as bad as he said he was going to be. Well that was -- that was and it'll calculation. The one thing about Michael well. I love the fact that he's willing to call out Obama and his security for what it is I don't like the fact that he is consistently. And with bent -- attacking Hannity and Limbaugh and there's just far too much inside baseball stuff that nobody outside radio really gives a damn about it to be honest with you -- Radio and I don't care about it asked me about our ratings I don't even know what they are I don't pay attention to them all know is they're excellent. That's all I know it ratings are actually what the bosses are happy corporate. Thanks I walked on water that's all I know that's all like third and and the paychecks keep coming that's all I care about. No no not -- not that that means happiness but it allows me to pay the bills. Understand I just have to say these things John so that people don't think that might criticize somebody else or if I have a lot of criticism if I offer a constructed bit of advice for somebody. -- I don't know who is. Paging me now it's really my bad for leaving by the end cellphone. Yeah up. This actually this is important. And I'm gonna have to. Yeah I hate to the guy who just page me I'm glad you paged me and no it is not too late if you're listening and I got to get back to you with the phone number. I really need some help here Ryan that's -- country right if it here please I'm asking you to come here please. Government can't type I can't I can't do two things at once here. Anyway. Long story short. Okay here's what you -- on this guy sent him the hotline numbers say yes and cinema hotline number in the bring my phone back to me because if you look at my homemade porn on my cellphone I'm so kicking your ass after the show gates on television I'm fifty you're 24 I'll put you down in two seconds flat. Anyway don't mess with me in my home -- porn anyway. Seventeen minutes after. How he's gonna be in my picture while nice it is seventeen minutes after three at WB EN. So I'm aggravated today about the state of the country and the fact that we haven't administration and by the way. Those of you who who are buying this cover story. Call well this isn't an attack on freedom of speech this is a trademark issue all of that is such a cover story folks this is all. Obama and thank god and in this that's what's put. Put -- a good mood about rush thank god rush called it for what it is this is Obama. They will call it the trade commission alcoholic trademark law this is all Obama and his agenda. I -- when I say this I'm talking about the Redskins. Folks an idea what a Saber is. An idea what -- shaver is an assault weapon. And you have seen the movie I was gonna say Braveheart. How many of you have seen the movie Braveheart with baskets known as the patriot with Mel Gibson. How many -- you say okay you remember the English guy character. You know the weapon he had in his hand it was a cavalry saved her sabres are designed to cut slice maim and kill. So your hockey team here in buffalo ladies and gentlemen might well be called. The California BMWs. It's an assault weapon a Saber is an assault weapons. The Minnesota Vikings ladies and gentlemen. Oh what people get upset about assault weapons. -- mobile. -- supporting by the way his reelection bit. I put that on FaceBook. I just put that on FaceBook received anybody's paying attention to my FaceBook just to see -- -- responses idea but anyway. Long story short right thank you Ryan. We have John Sherman master control today and I don't know why it is Joseph. I've been better Ryan gates is tiger calls greater. And he knows all the games that people play on substitute calls readers so don't even try it's not worth it. I train my people well. I have been snapped to attention like I used to when I was thirteen. Dignity. Now the other thing that really. News -- -- -- get to this whole. Washington redskin thing coming up. This is nothing but a backdoor assault on the First Amendment folks stall by the BS cover story this isn't about trademarks. It's not about. Redskins per say. It is about. A backdoor way of attacking freedom of speech this -- like the NBA owners a private club -- get together and say we don't want sterling in our club anymore there was a private. This is that I'm telling Snyder. Any football team yeah I can honor that Redskins thing anymore so anybody can just go ahead and put out Redskins year. It is a backdoor assault on freedom of speech it is a backdoor assault has rushed properly pointed out. On private property. And more over folks this is the opening shot. Of what eventually will be hate speech proposals from Obama before he leaves office. And we all the -- the Obama administration feels about hatred. If you -- a black panther. Menace lately posing at a voting Booth. Harassing voters. You're okay. If you are at a poll and you ask somebody for identification. Your a racist. You understand how this game is played right. It's that whole politics of division thing about which I have been warning you. Now the other thing that I'm very upset about. Is the death of. Little eject Peters. I don't want any calls today for anybody saying as he hasn't exactly mother of the year. Yeah you know what she was. I don't know though that we've locked up people for over ten years for not being mother of the year. Limit the Jack Peter's. Was a woman with you and I and everybody else. Who constituted the people of the State of New York the -- and imprisoned. For murdering her daughter there was one small problem though she didn't murder her daughter she was wrongly convicted. She spent the past ten years of her life. Behind bars are able to get out. Do you have any idea what that must feel like. No -- you are absolutely. Innocent of the charges for which you have been convicted and being told by society. That is supposedly Josh. That you are going to be in prison. Do you have any idea. The kind of feelings of depression. Anger rage. Helplessness that must engender would you have your freedom taken away when you know you are innocent and it. Happened to -- Jack. And guess what. Eject would still. Well. She wouldn't be because urged her soul would have been free. Lyndon -- -- never. Would have gotten out of the prison to wit she was wrong police set. Had not 41 man who broke orders. All I remember doing shows on -- back at the time. And frankly -- remember some of the bald head cops who called him to bash -- Toledo for doing the right thing. Folks this system. Has one job the job is protect the system. The other part of that the corollary to that protect the system and cover your ass these are the two most important parts of being a part of the system. Dennis -- ago who was in charge of cold cases. Dennis -- it basically cost him his career. Doing the right thing. Dennis don't laid -- through DNA. Evidence was able to prove limit the Ajax. Boyfriend. Was in all likelihood that killer I'll live DJ ex daughter and not indeed gently indeed -- was innocent and she said all law. It was not -- indeed Jack who killed her daughter it was this scumbag boyfriend that she had. Who went on to commit other crimes. Had it not been for -- to -- Live DJ act would have died. It would have been a small -- in the paper woman convicted of killing -- child dies in prison. And we would always thought of -- -- as that bitch child killing mother. Because we got the label right. Guess what there's one problem with there. She didn't do. And the other problem is the guy who did Dennis Toledo. Who put his career on the line. Ladies and gentlemen you have no idea. What Dennis went through. In order to get justice for a woman I don't think he had even met before he started looking into her case. Dennis the Leino took eight -- For doing justice. For doing the right thing. I don't think a lot you realize that standing up for justice standing up for doing the right thing you pay a price prevent. Dennis has paid a price his family has paid a price why for doing the right thing against the system. And we're gonna talk to -- Toledo. Are coming up right after the news break here. Don't go anywhere wanna get his thoughts on the death of -- eject Peters. May the creator embrace her soul in his arms and I'm so glad she died a free and expropriated woman. Well gentlemen. Live DJ aggregators. Has died and unfortunately. We the people of the State of New York screwed indeed Jack. Out of the best years of her life she was falsely convicted of murdering her daughter. And it was because of the work. This man lives DJ act was exonerated. Expropriated. And -- compensated. If there's no compensation. That you could give me to make up for those years stolen. -- eject. Has died at the age of fifty. Joining us now is former buffalo detective I should say -- detective retired. -- -- -- -- Thank you very much for joining us and first of all you as you know your one of my epic all time heroes and I wanna know. What's this depth means to you after you fought so long and so hard. Two free hurt and how sad it is that she only had a finite period and a small period of time before. I don't count on them. I you know I have mixed view what it would look let me say it up. And be you know that -- That there -- -- in particular that was upon people ought to include people. That worked on the -- saw that was a problem. And you know worked accomplished people who -- beat by any idol let's. Keep us. Bump first. Tennis I think -- being I guess we'll all due respect I think you're being a little modest because I remember you take -- a lot of crap. For doing the right thing because it was upsetting to the people with -- brass and suits. Well that that's true you know did our our -- what would you -- did. What it was you know a militia it was a it was a -- after it was shall too. Numerous other people involved at some regional problem. I won't be strong and it took -- -- -- -- -- -- There was very stressful anew and I know stressful on your family's standing up to do the right thing is not as easy as people think it might be from the outside. Are actually its storm still going to -- or nonchalant and these people live national quit you know what. There regardless I did not want worries I have not spoke tomorrow going for a didn't wanna make it. About me it was about tragedies happen to win I mean it was just. You know it's it's bridge -- her two. Think of what she's gone through and -- one -- from Archie -- had the chance to. Are we regarding our children what -- what we're quite a bit and -- and our fuel for her her family at this point. Within one she did get this. You know she was treated. That tumors were. And reduced somewhat. And our but the and they rigorously an Austrian on the problems that we are urgent -- racial. What she. She was okay well -- all on. Talk whenever she is okay. Chuck Peter -- the blessed are. Publish it in one -- issue. -- If she did diary. She going to be with our crystal -- and in Jesus Christ. Shouldn't OK with our. At that point and at the other -- stay here with similar and our visits for whatever moment sheer -- would there are. Tim you know we're worried she's she's got. Austria which are great kids Nadal and at least cardinal are -- -- -- some sort of restriction and the -- She did get to spend some quality time with. Or are fairly you know not march but but it was. It was something that I would your approach to the apartment. Dennis. Again I mean I notice -- -- just smothering you with men love that I have to admit I am can you tell us about. Up for those who don't know because of the story goes back of -- remember anything passed yesterday is beyond the comprehension. Or recollection of Americans and when he fourteen it didn't bring us back. To the league and DJ act case and her wrongful conviction. For killing her daughter and then how you became involved in X -- dating horror through the discovery of DNA evidence. Well there there was. We investigate. -- -- -- tests. English one to in the it was pretty active. Period and our school -- school in this area and down. We. We're actually investigating. Three. -- -- Together old cases will be cynical agents booked and crushed when Girardi was one of them. -- one -- I have a brother are. You sure you get orange ball I clicked the wrong. He would -- the case and Earl reed and it certainly aren't. Murdered. Some post -- -- our guardian motion as well and they can. Apartment also Delaware and make equals greater or. Then. There was crystalline art homicide in 1995. That we can agree. Aren't their arch street. She was found in similar condition -- working in the old and then there was that he aren't -- job site so all. That was also wanted to in Israel or nine months after weapons where. And what happened was I was going to church reported based our church -- are in small church and or wanted to members were -- to be challenge system she -- It was a major issue that will change just. Who interpret in English you. And she approaching one day and ideology and murderer -- Christie and work it'll opposite. Cool pages. Could you look up racist history for an. Source insurer would do their part are located -- Georgia or Ohio. Or. Are just aren't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Into what would street and then I had this the Euro -- Crystalline or change files notoriety. But what crystal crystal entries was prone terms approached the salt these conventional remote. And our -- make some phone calls and we decided. We solve that she is finished. Which you know we do -- When I started looking -- crystal -- changed. Make some calls and district attorney at the so where then they say could you miss one on the ball. I was assured that absolutely not that it's possible she. Yeah it just didn't sit. And what we did put the -- Mercury's governor. I shall similar industry people were -- -- files and we went over the course and there are trees aren't too -- And the timeline at all start the orchard governance. And it just did not it was. Clear and might mine and he has yet. Oh lead did you could not it was impossible for twelve committed debt more. Yeah. What would you -- picked -- you -- the guys with whom you work Dennis you picked up on common threads common threads between the three homicides you just mentioned Delaware and great aero. Babcock street and bad DG jumper homicide. In the common threads work. I don't started. That was sort of the remainder of pop up -- all through. He lived in the apartment in the doctor -- and younger. Partners Mori's. The his name. In the and our word when. You -- at that point. And and then in whose name was not indeed. -- -- -- investigation. Is so then the Bo. Bo Bo was it would. Which yards one. Guys been. You know in. In each three -- excellent reasons killer. Absolutely when. -- of them when you do a little bit more info on -- you. Got. And on article and prosecute. When -- -- shall ever. That was. Enlightening for me what you'll. Notice that -- egregious that it positional. Was the bassist Dennis did you call what the basis wise for granting Dennis Donohue immunity in testifying against -- Jack when he is the one who killed with crystal and of course at the time we did that but. What was the rationale they. Why would a guy who is presumably innocent insist upon immunity to testify. Although he did not. What happened was. In New York State I didn't notice. In New York State. When you testified in front of injury -- anybody you automatically. Believe this quote traditional. Community transactions. You are and it's it's not a man you automatically an Arctic are. -- case that your test. Its an automatic. So what happens is the district attorneys -- that be extremely Carol. You know who and he allowed it just -- To grand jury because of that in -- mean that that law was what -- -- make any sense to be able to ditch -- And I believe use this kind of mistaken for a -- was a payment -- -- To earn a mob day nationals couldn't get nobody asked are. These arms because they were normally involved in the car. So they wouldn't pass the cleric was they would have looked at themselves. -- that they were just. So they -- book published immunity deal. Where issue if you testified in the injury you would automatically. Warn that particular pride that you can't. -- these days we take that for -- -- you offer immunity even somebody like Sammy the bull. But back in the days of murder incorporated and guys like -- relish and the murder incorporated gang in Brownsville. A great book by Burton Turkish about that. It was a real controversial thing it'll offer immunity to a guy who act out a hundred people to put. Eventually Lewis book Alter one of the big kingpins of organized crime in America in the electric cheer along with a lot of his cronies although. Albert Anastasia with -- all his Jews he got out of by having to suffer the consequences. For his criminal deeds but you're right and -- fascinating history of immunity and the -- thereof in American jurisprudence. Well rich -- crazy and I don't know why it hasn't been addressed since that because parents have changed a little bit with them about these but. In actuality if you if I'm reading it correctly. I think yeah if I -- if I shot somebody chilled them. I can go in and testify against another person in their right. And admit that I did. Shopped for mr. oldham you know. And get immunity for. Well -- that's the way it's such great knowledge are it's my understand. Of the. Well I I don't know about not being an attorney although I could I could put one but probably would lose every case. Dennis I want to hold on because I wanna pick up from the common threads in those three homicide you mentioned read it. Kristol Lynne Angie number and this said Donahue guy. And how all the pieces came together and your first. Shall we say you're Rica moment all my god -- indeed Jack is innocent. We're talking -- -- a Leino. It wasn't for Dennis -- no both Anthony could Posey and now the late in the eject Peters who just died of lung cancer mercy on her soul. The state stole. The best years of her life former there's just no getting around it. A million dollars plus compensation. Big deal I mean really what is a breakdown to permitted of stolen freedom. I wouldn't take three billion program. And we take any money it's not worth the 347. -- -- -- Dennis -- -- coming up on WB and that fish doesn't want to anyway here's AccuWeather forecast for today we're gonna keep our eyes on the weather situation I was sorry to hear that widespread panic did not take place in our park but it did take place in our park last night. That was the name of the band widespread panic which opens itself up all kinds of interesting news interpretations. Anyway clouds are supposed to break a shower or thunderstorm around in the southern tier overnight low 58 right now. It is 73 at news radio 930 WBE. And let me Sherman John Sherman is -- master control. And -- Ryan gates measure calls -- Dennis the Leino is where this. Dennis the Leino is I think the man most responsible for -- Peters. That was her name upon her death from lung cancer within the past several hours. Got out of prison she was wrongfully convicted of Dennis talking about the read homicide did you opera homicide the -- live in the a homicide. The common thread of course was that was his Donahue guy. At what point did you have the eureka moment and at what point did you actually tell the indeed Jack to you as atop the -- story. Well. As I said we investigated -- -- -- -- Put that together and then decided to go back and of course one -- well again. And we determined that -- that is just not interest it was like apocalypse didn't sit. There and who made arrangements should. You know we called prosecutors at the time. Get everybody's opinion that the tribunals. You know what are we missing something or you know that it just wrapping it up. So what we do it was really raiders and we'll speak -- -- -- should or. Correctional facility effort there will want shouldn't you -- a -- maybe she. I'm not sure was a woman's -- usually at least we made arrangement just beat her. -- -- -- -- Truly concentration conference call yeah it was so you know our call. Like our. -- And we all just ask a question I was curious and what were feelings were what she knew with a time which uses which you mentioned about it well and started talk in the answer questions and and she sounded perjury and no I believed. And I. At least we looked into it a little bit deeper and it just -- of sex it up and and we wound up vote no. Credible strategically improve it. And -- ocean new DNA technology. -- like. He ignored our -- to his shoes do you do you know in a wish our own mixed little spot on her -- at all. But it. And then there was. DNA is DNA was found inside of. Dennis I have I have bad news I've got to break the good news news unfettered to. A chance to talk with -- extensively after the news at four to finish the story you've got the time. -- -- -- We're gonna pay your cellphone looks just as well first of all such up with a better plan -- I pedestal they know is whether to send news radio 930 WBM will hang up and we'll call that has backed what were ready to go.

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