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6-18 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- back for Beijing governor have said they beat -- Bart police department says we're not getting paid to put our uniforms on our detect them off. So we need extra time for that we wanna get paid for it and after five years a settlement has been agreed upon 2101000. Dollars. Has been agreed upon so that the police can take their uniforms and LaMont and take a -- But probably 2101000. The cops are only getting 72000. The rest of it the 138000. Goes to the lawyers 85000. For the top lawyer. So he's the towers. I'm making one about thirteen thousand a year 171000 the year I'm sorry 171000. A year for five years of its own lawyer. The 101700. A year for five years to the cops lawyer and the cops at the rest of it. And so the bottom line is I think this is is outrageous to be honest with you why you camp which uniform on at home and go to work. Is beyond me. I can see that now obviously if if you're firemen can't do that. Agency getting into the boots on the big heavy equipment and a and a helmet and well obviously not. But the police uniforms should be obligated in -- and go to work like everybody else does. It and that's not the way it's economies are just want your opinion let's go to word Joseph on a cell phone Joseph you're on WB again. Yeah I can't be until all you real quickly and I'm Rob Hall formats -- are these guys not being paid that. You're used to being. Reserve police officer in the city. All Ohio. And I or the exact same -- uniform as the regular police stick. And we have put out and shoot pants and -- You're you -- belt and let me put a gun belt. You've got the ball over here. In Atlanta. You're sure you're handcuffed can't use your -- -- stern. At the white straps and we feel about eight steps already under all of the equipment is already on the gun belt. You simply put them and -- all Europeans now the longest part probably -- this. You have to do what you call people still call belt keepers. And you put for a month to support to the and what happened but it slightly irregular PL and that nickel per year and built. And that takes it button on the Europeans. So they don't go to Japan at all on being a lot there's a lot of weight to. Eat first. -- simply and all. It takes two minutes. That's the end of it. -- -- Well yeah when my the standard that goes or your approach. Twenty seconds to put the -- and an accurate so all I think it's. This suit is absolutely ridiculous. I'm used to go to work and I just simply. Put reaching at all which lead two minutes and. Beautiful on an you know there has to be a relationship between the police in the community for. -- to be successful in this kind of diminishes that and it's sad because it it really shouldn't that we shouldn't -- that argument is we should be talking about safe streets thank you Joseph thanks for the information Persian. -- got to give -- a lot of credit for one thing I watched every episode of cops. Our job and over fences they're catching guys that there could run in the Olympics I mean and they're there are carrying outlets up. And I totally support them and I support paying them a fairway -- that's got nothing to do -- this this is just -- As the only way to describe it it's piggy a lawyer led -- of the trough and said hey you're leaving some money on the table. Don't -- don't you need time to do all put on the uniform and at the end of leadership. Take off video on that should be worked on. Shouldn't doormat and our own time meanwhile you how many thousands and thousands of people put on different kinds uniforms go to work. Lots of people do now they may not have all the equipment hopefully are carrying guns and Mason. And and and and that things like that. But a lot of people do it's part of the deal you put it on -- work as I said some new court and -- good example couldn't. A with fireman if I and had asked for this might be different. But policemen. Now I don't think so I think that's part of a deal and the deal should be restructured so that their shift includes this hard time there and there and time. And whatever things are in their there's any time for a meal if that's a listed as part of a deal. Everything's inclusive. And if there's less time on Highway Patrol because of that put that on your conscience. Because you wanna get paid to get dressed I don't think so. And the reason I say this is true with the right thing to say and number two. As I don't live in Orchard Park let's -- to us Stephen amorous vigor on WB yeah. Can be I wanna make a comment and then try to explain -- and it's your right it is sad day indeed. But if these guys have to go book war there's supervisors. And go opera lineup in the uniform ensure inspection. In global policy and procedure. They would pay these guys lineup they would be less than overt -- But it -- for what you side and it's not a lineup today and this is really bad that's my car. All right well thank you very much appreciated. That's it and that's what it says here to visit channel four's story that I'm using. The Orchard Park and that thanks to a George worker who wrote it. The Orchard Park Tom borders agreed to spend 2101000. To settle a five year lawsuit over the issue of whether police officers should get paid for the time it takes. To put their uniforms on. Our Tom board approved it because we want to look forward not backwards a doctor Patrick team. You notice any time there's something that's distasteful. He always wanna look forward to and from it. He is now be Orchard Park supervisor turned over in January. He's relieved to put to rest this -- by 26 present and former Orchard Park police officers. -- now that department is going to be a lot bigger than that one would wonder why the others didn't join anonymous note. This is 26. Former and present. So I don't know what the division here as it is between former president. But that's a fraction of what the department is so maybe some officers were embarrassed by it that says that they -- as everybody should be. They wanna be paid through for the time it took her to put on your form bulletproof vests and unveils. I didn't get paid to get dressed when I was a dentist I didn't get radio address it's all part of a jobs said the supervisor. They asked more watch my lips. -- million dollars. In 2009. And we got it down to 2101000. Only 72000. Of the settlement actually goes of the voice. The other 85000 goes through the attorney who represented the town. The remaining 53000 -- -- cops lawyer. And according to the cops lawyer the federal labor standards act requires. This sort of action. They had a reporter early and that was part of the work once they showed up police headquarters there work they left late that was required. So I say change via a change the schedule. Make everything inclusive and that's the end of that. They were not paid of floor room at the time it takes to get into their outfits or get out of them unfortunately. Back to the article. The education is through lawsuits that Weis who has reached settlers settlement so. He's he's done this before with other municipalities. -- As reached similar settlements with Erie county. Tom O'Donnell Wanda and the NF did so one could as a home. Then attorney Weis is going to be knocking at your door if you have a similar policy. This is how attorney -- is gonna put his grand children through college. I'd knocking on every door in Western New York with a separate police department and telling them. They're taking unfair advantage of -- here we can get you money. I mean what's the difference between that and an ambulance chaser nothing. There the exact same thing you hadn't thought about. While I talk to people in the department should be paid for that that's outrageous. By the way here's my percentage and here's my card call. I think Amman. And so he's already reached AM. A settlement -- does not and these were decided in court if it's a settlement economy may be there were approved by corporate news not true that. Erie county. Tom O'Donnell on an ever have to so one could asylum that if you're not one of those three or Orchard Park that he's -- -- turning -- And he'll tell you your dreams have come true you don't have to win the lottery. The bottom line. Is that they changed the schedules. To make everything inclusive including getting dressed and getting undressed them from your uniforms and ended right there. Because if I were in Orchard Park taxpayer I would be EU domain right now will be back after well you know this one of those stories where armed. It by itself if you just put him -- in the list of important stories of the day. It probably wouldn't be up there in the top ten. But it's a story that really reaches us because every once in awhile we hear a story. And we think that's overboard that's too far they've gone too far -- this yesterday and it seems like there's no shortage of these things in Western New York. Yesterday we talked about the nearly quarter of million dollar settlement. To give to. To the superintendent former superintendent Pamela brown to galway. As a failure and they let her right she proposed and they accepted five letters of recommendation about herself. That she wrote. -- they accepted that now okay. What did you think of that we talked about yesterday before -- -- you write your -- letters of recommendation. And how can you get. A quarter of a million dollar kiss when you failed. So that's the kind of thing where it went too far and this story is a similar story. Week we trust the police mostly. Not everybody does but most of us do we certainly ever respect for the work they do. Because we know it's dangerous sometimes they have they spilled their blood over this job so this isn't about that at all. But this is about. A lawyer coming in the town. And saying how come you know being made to put your uniforms on. And the response was why. How could we get paid for putting our uniforms and weld is C we got this thing. -- call the federal labor standards act again have you taken advantage. Just because you are a good job with a good retirement while working in a nice town it's pretty safe. We still want you to get paid to put your clothes on yes officer promptly over there. Well shouldn't worry -- just put our uniforms before going to work. -- old are you missing the point you know you put on at work you get paid for but a lot of home you know get paid for. I have a question if you requiring -- brings to gain an extra couple minutes -- brings out just thanking all the things necessary. I mean if you really think about it if there were as I said -- the -- of fireman. No that's not practical firemen camp. -- -- and geared to fight a fire at home that makes sense that that would be while there was there but a policeman can easily get dressed. For his day's work at home work. Come back each what's the big deal and I'm wondering you know I wish it would talk to -- -- he was a corrections officer. Retired now. And I'm sure that there was a requirement. -- for a uniform. I think -- all uniformed and I'm wondering if the corrections officers to a lot of corrections officers around here if they get paid extra. Four of floor of the time to put their uniforms on I'm guessing not. What's next is this -- gonna go to military. I mean think about like this long term. Paul -- the police lawyer. I was that he is though policies other settlements -- Erie county town tunnel Wanda and FTA so my guess is this is Paul -- is quest. This is what he's gonna do he's found a gold mine. Yeah I remember that area. That Jerry -- son. She got the gold mine and I got the shaft okay in this case the cops got the gold mine the taxpayers got the shaft. On this one so this is on going expense which over appearance could be in the millions of dollars. To pay them to dress for work. Unbelievable to me. And so he's going to be knocking on the doors like we don't know what the contracts say with the various police departments. One would guess that he would love to get his hands on the buffalo PD. But he got 26 officers. Former and present in Orchard Park police department. So let's say it's a split fifty after we don't know that so it's thirteen and thirteen. That that's a big department. So they only got about who knows but probably no more than 25. But. As as well as maybe thirteen. Last. So it'll be interesting what the other cops. I mean if somebody comes he misses his chance to make more money. But you have certain standards. Certainly. Wonder why didn't get the whole police department. To stand up -- -- -- -- Meehan and I'd like -- to break -- would. I'm John in Akron and John your on WB yen. Yes sandy because the police forces budgeted into the orchard parks budget. I was -- yet they lay off two or three police officers. To make up this money they'll wait team because in this -- do and then after that is made up. Still lay up one more -- to make up the money they're gonna lose were future. -- out. So less police. Of -- of any safer streets and savor officers so that the other ones get paid to put their uniforms on as that's. There -- a deviant that's but and admirable thought there John I like it thank you very much think about like that. Yeah I mean a lot of -- Police departments have on their squad cars to protect and scorer. We know what the protect means we know about it and that's the we really appreciate the service different. They do things sometimes that does not normal police work. I say cops say grab a snake and get it out of your laundry room opens up all kinds of stuff. Police have to be admired most of the time I would best. Not with the best and if you sell your integrity out the -- it's so cheap actually. OK don't selling over an issue like this. Because you have the most of you have the live in that community. Most of you are standing in line at the groceries are going to the movies. In church whatever. And of people actually who are gonna know that you demanded some of their money. To put on your clothes to go to war. I'm now they never say anything to -- OK but they can think things -- about -- and knowing. And who knows what their thoughts are now. After this. They really thinking of the policeman is being there their friend and protector as we usually do are they thinking just another money grubbing scheme. Work -- when a lawyer to grab more money and screw the taxpayers. So if you're a cellular integrity I suggest -- seller for higher price for battery issue as this morning and help him much. We'll take a -- over -- -- would be in company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yet. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. -- calls are free and start angry and are told free minus 1806169236. Bad way -- -- company here as a -- is about the only saving graces this the police attorney Paul Weiss. Could only around up 26 people to be a party to this lawsuit and it says its prior. And current police officers so let's use the most extreme example. And say there was only one Pryor and and all the rest -- present we don't know that to be true it could be the opposite. So that means that they have the most they got his 25 officers in the department to sign on to the -- That department I'm -- -- I'd be assured that -- be a lot more than that. So the question would be why did the other offices not the party of the -- because I probably sought for what we see it for. And they probably thought it was more harmful than beneficial to them and they didn't they're not a part of it and good for them good for them. As I mentioned the corrections officers. Wear uniforms as I've never been incarcerated but I've seen him on TV. And Rambo -- from -- tunnel under is a retired corrections Officer Jim did you worry -- work. Did you get paid for it. You don't get paid for you before might argue that lineup in which fifteen minutes before the start of the ship now we called light up. I'm assuming the police department. -- -- not they might call lined up they might call it something else but it fifteen minutes before starting your here. And you go to you go there they check off your name in the sergeant of the -- that it. Who's ever in charge of light up for whatever the police department calls that he might -- off. -- you're working with officer of Bally to add a twelfth 2 2 o'clock this afternoon boys and girls we have. Art died escaped you like better who's with black stopped for taking women in parking lot I want -- guy. To be alert check those parking lot that the boulevard -- -- that. Isaac that's understandable because you -- should get paid for that but that you reform party's -- is the wrong idea -- that. At about nine year you'll you can put your uniform artwork or go to work and put uniform minding your locker at work but. You've got to be in uniform for the start of light up which is fifteen minutes and -- human it would be fifteen minutes but the police still. And we understand the need for a bat what you just described that makes sense but they -- the part that's the rub is the the uniform -- and and I'm sure event a lot of officers didn't sign on this thing even within that department because they saw a lot of laws. And I think something else that I heard a couple of my union reps say during. My tie mark with the department of corrections we would be talking about union businesses that we don't -- -- a lot of voters in the taxpayers are more than we. Better and my driver's attacks ago I say it's our shows is to rile up the taxpayers are -- and Jim badger badger -- much. I don't I ever robot I just try and do it to get a reaction. But the Phillies this subjects that I chose don't get a reaction because they hit a nerve. Yeah if indeed it's not a legitimate and if it's not legitimate and subject. Then I don't think I should be in a position Tryon a gin up some anger over. But on something like this I think the impression as I mentioned one of the prior segment. Is it's gone too far with this it's gone too far and you're really show your hand you show your cards. You try and present one image once the image of police. To protect and solar you understand the protection part of it. And you really appreciate that and you're willing to pay for that because not everybody is willing to do that job it's a tough job is dangerous job. But the sure. That's a little different isn't that. The -- shows means. A little extra -- you know go the extra mile if you are you know if you're in distress or you need some help. And it requires a police presence I'm going to be there for. This throws that right off the window. This says hey forget that. That's one -- while you're watching a long time ago. That's not that's not today's modern police work we demand to get paid for putting our uniform on because. If we ever decide to have a work -- we wouldn't wanna go to work naked. Now it's it took about how many people -- -- -- an average day is wearing some kind of uniform. Weather is your mechanic who has a dealership. Logo on. Whether it's -- Tim Hortons. Roads when you're getting your your ice chocolate off so good. There are uniforms I aren't a lot of others -- too I'm guessing. That none of them get paid for the time it takes to put on the uniform. You get dressed you get dressed for work. Is not a charm we are you as we used to get dressed for school. As small as our work on or install then we got a job we can address will work we dress a certain way for work. And if you're policeman you have to have a certain outfit on. When -- ready to go to work so if you if you dress like that what's the point in dressing in civilian clothes. And then going in changing their unless you have to -- summaries and you just don't wanna where it would make more sense. -- just. Put the uniform on after your shower and shave or whatever go to work. When you want to pay that it would. -- odds -- that's not right your wife or your kids don't -- -- -- -- that home but it didn't get paid to get addressed that work now your talking. I'd find it very very distasteful. Well beyond the 200210. Actually. -- that they paid in order to settle the case it shows something that I wish they hadn't shown. If you showing me how this other hot dogs -- made and I don't really wanna know. A lot of the beef concerns about having to work fifteen minutes early and after their shift good of bargaining dressed. You look at on our business for good producer when he shows up. He's gonna show what fifteen minutes early so we knows what's going on in case there's a our CBS. Up pizza you have to get to war there's a special news opened you have to use so you wanna show up early. Just so that you prepare when you shift starts you're already. Credited -- the ground running I mean look for the shift on my show starts at nine. I'm skilled enough like walking in here at two minutes and -- into a show that would be acceptable to you. And here it's 630. 6:30 in the morning. To prepare for -- starts at nine. And guess what as soon as I leave here I'm listening to news and watching goes I'm reading news -- all around the clock because it goes to show Oprah. All right now do I have to do that now. But that's just part of the deal and broadcasting -- Casting a little different than a lot of other -- professions there are certain things that are expected and one is that when you turn the Mike on your prepared. OK when the cops are ready this partnership. What's preparation to be in uniform. But it's not I don't think I have it -- to have them with their uniform on at home. Political work -- -- gonna -- is buster buys and and drive to work that addresses the copper and drive to work you're gonna Wear that uniform during your shaft. So it's nothing outrageous it's not a costume you know -- special makeup nothing like that if there was special things needed. Wouldn't talk about it but that it's legitimate way of getting dressed and spending the day as a policeman so we get paid for that now. Now at -- my tax dollar and Orchard Park. -- -- Will be back after this. Back a -- company to all the police officers and the Orchard Park -- either did not sign up for this so lawsuit congratulations to you. Georgia some integrity. Because to be honest with you this kind of a lawsuit is beneath you. Really is you have a noble profession. You have a professional people of died for and it's gotten to this. What it does is it's it's it's it just takes you -- trash from everybody else really does. It shows that may be where you know especially as we thought you work but from also an apartment. Sought for December same reasons that I just gave as the -- wanna be part of that. Because the most present cops there could be and this was 25 but there were 26 and and you have vote past and present. So the most should have his 25 current officers and there. Congratulations to you let me tell it's gonna sell out sell out big time -- -- for this this is penny ante stuff. What is your reputation worse. Think about it what are you willing to give up the goodwill of the community for I'd like -- -- Is there -- price is -- race card where you get to a point where it's worth it or it's not worth it even haven't you don't. And I think most people are cops. A -- for the right reasons surely there are some that shouldn't be co -- but most of them are good cops and most of them do it for the right reason. And they do want to protect and serve and it doesn't sound corny to them. But some lawyer shows up like a snake oil salesman is that I can get your money and suddenly people begin losing their sense of who they are. And what they represent the most people. You gonna bring your kids through a Demeter -- NC on Johnny's. He filed a lawsuit against dust -- taxpayers because he wants us to pay for him to put his outfit on network. I mean you tell me you explain. How would you explain it to your own -- Yeah someday Johnny who you'll get a lawyer Roland would you -- a loss of you get money is that what you're gonna don't. -- -- don't lecture anybody I'm just telling you that what it does is it furthers. It furthers the gulf between what some people have for any cup. And a good -- just furthers it makes it worse makes it harder makes it more difficult makes -- more dangerous to be honest way to. If you love and respect some grope him for what they do when you appreciate that. That's one thing. If you have in the back to your mind that they're just out this cameo like everybody else I'm winters ago. You expect to get phone calls on on suggestions -- where you might look for the bad guy. Maybe you'll get them anymore or at least some people drop out of that. Figuring that -- that are getting paid to make the call either. All right let's go to a thread on line one fragile on WB yeah. I'm expanding -- drug. I'm just I agree with you concerning the lawyers. They're just have been. Our whole country. Too many of them. And -- I also have two home. Say something about this news networks that only -- old. The one out of 101000. Bad cops. Beaten somebody the only only one in -- -- No I'd well I agree first all of those -- the ones that make the news. But the good cops many times they're cited and when they get a commendation that shown. And their name is publish whatever I don't think they're the only ones but the by the very nature of what constitutes new whose. A cop goes out and has a routine day. Nobody gets hurt he comes -- that's like coming on the those cop comes out and gets involved in a problem that's Symbian windows. Yeah. Well besides that to one another issue I wanted there a point I wanted to mention -- You know all of these uniforms. That they're talking about are for the air protection. That's true especially when the belts and stuff like that -- That's right in the everything that they aware in the loose that's all for their protection soul. I just don't seem noble thing it's being. Other than. Monogram lawyer lovely -- money -- You're got their Fred thank you. If you said today. They -- chief of New York your part -- Okay we're battery viewing his order -- -- order to make optional whatever you want to Wear with the exception of badgered after the match. It's -- we optional when everyone aware law on duty now. They would pick the same things that they're wearing because as Fred just said that's exactly what they have the things to protect themselves the bulletproof vest. The guns. The some carry mace some tweezers. Handcuffs. Batons. Depend on what your department as. What they picked those anyway. Because that protects them and it helps protect you oh. A -- it's not like they're doing anything different by going to work in uniform that they if they had a choice if they had a choice they do the same thing. So no sense in sowing the taxpayers their words we give -- more money out of Joseph in Irving Joseph you're on WB again. First I want to say you know you know protect and serve that I find it's more like -- through. Two server -- but. The top. -- end -- play and -- good reasoning why. You don't quote working your police uniforms because it's a different thing you know you want to have a little anonymity before you go to work. You know driver out of your. Privately owned vehicle and we're pretty -- my years you know. You're getting a -- of law by every guy I can understand that understand that are in. And as so in that regard him when he got working here it goes somewhere afterward. I gotta go home and change in America are well. I can understand exactly what you said yeah. And so. In that regard you know what would work and I hit. A line -- -- it was a state job in it started at 7732211. Latin descent. And that's when you bought your car and you -- -- saying make sure you eat you know he cannot control what. -- be ready. Before seven and that and -- paid for that. Yeah up another as I understand what you're saying also is a mindset -- of OK MMI uniform ominous start thinking Ryder Cup country think like probable time anyway but. It's is that your focus then just says well we coming into -- sure a shows it's different or sitting around in the average there. But points are brought up but I and I think you scored points -- those thank you very much -- -- -- that about wraps it up I understand that if you want some anonymity. Of course I live in a fairly rural area and icy. Our sheriff's cars. Parked in in driveways which I'm sure that's where that your legs. Ours the deputy lives and that's the problem while everybody knows this is -- deputy this -- state trooper this is. Buffalo cop I have a couple of buffalo cops have lived. During their enemy. So there're there're different places where you recognize a muzzle law enforcement offices. And usually they get a great deal of respect and and I I hope that continues I hope this lawsuit didn't. Poison the well -- but one would hope that them. We had an interesting discussion you'll continue with later without this without the show will see you tomorrow. Morning at nine under is right and I started a -- via. The Obama. Which they never has to music these.

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