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6-18 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Working up -- here. Tony I want Ewing Chris -- a back me up on this I wanna extra money -- -- -- because -- rumors too far from the studio. I've calculated over a sixteen years I've been back sixteen years here. I know we have men in this sixty years but forget about that lets taxpayers and it takes an average of three minutes ago at the -- men's room. And maybe two minutes while you're there and another three minutes back. I'm thinking six minutes travel time I wanna travel allowance and -- besides. -- is bad and I can't walk that far. So I I need to I need to roll later -- -- better yet a scooter I mean that's it any disorder. And we're gonna calculated. And will -- will contact a lawyer because we know lawyers will take virtually any case. And I want to I want my money I just want I gotta have a I want to give pain that is back to the bathroom -- got a kick out of it you're in the men's gets -- because when Google always made that they don't appreciate that I -- -- as you can tell. If there's a couch in there. You're right -- you're on the wrong one I'm. -- -- -- out because they wanted to -- You know IMF the gulp I see that damn yellow sign him. Man I gotta go downstairs. Okay and it takes longer oh well let's let's finish and I'm awesome yeah. So I need at least a six minute today. Because I go at least once I would think yeah it's fair ones six minutes a day. At times five days a week that's thirty minutes times -- is -- in twenty minutes a month. Times. While monthly charge for sixteen years I expected vehement next page yeah there was settle will settle out of court nominee going to Gordon clog up the courts. Is that we'll just take this. And if -- the use the yacht downstairs -- -- province and two bad knees. -- gonna need to yell -- and it's hazardous travel in other form in the uneasy because as a slow over there it's at hazardous so I'm thinking and I could Dem I -- worth 8101000. Dollars in just of them easily and so that's it. So before my final go by on this microphone I expect that check of 800 and them all testify are right. I'll bring -- urologists will testify how -- the average person. -- how many times he has to go a day and they'll back me up I will pay urologists do. Because the paid witnesses of the best ones that's the angle three to four times so really you know -- -- -- If you're -- building and you're caring. Chris is like a camel I'm in the middle and you know all man yeah you should you missed -- -- -- of the story on their fear I've asked and they won't do onto it. General far thank you George record willow Georgie are used beer and a guard are a good reporter very good reporter. And he brought up a star galaxy and aware of because -- about these things and the that are bubbly needs via the headlines. The Orchard Park Tom -- has agreed to spend 2101000. Dollars. To settle a five your lawsuit over the issue of whether police officers should be paid for the time it takes. To put their uniforms on yes to get dressed as we several always set this up half hour ago. If you Wear uniform to work chances are that you probably. Change you probably guards are changes to it when you leave the house. Word to work and come home and you change out of it in some cases maybe you don't change at work it's not it's not a long lengthy process. But the police wanna be paid for because they say. You know it takes time to put on our uniforms bulletproof vest gun belts and whatever now my thinking is as simple. It's -- just know where you're a -- work. And when you're done when he got home change out of it seems like a very simple solution if you don't wanna do that. If you don't wanna do that here's another suggestion. Figure out how many hours a week that there that they work for there for Orchard Park. And then put the schedules out the schedules say you come to work. And then you're on the clock you change into your uniform you go out and get into the squad car goal where -- after ago. And that at the end division if you come in change. And go home at the end of the -- -- therefore there's no overtime there's no extra pay it's just part of the shift. Seems like a fair solution to me. Only 72000. Of the settlement actually goes that we officers 85000. Goes for the attorney who represented the town to get a settlement. And the remaining 53000. Goes to a police officer's attorney. The -- Paul -- the police attorney. Said that it's about the federal labor standards act. And which there was pass in 1986. A they had the report early it was part of their work once they show up a police headquarters are worked they left late that was required. My suggestion keep it within the -- -- and the hell with this kind of -- nonsense. Wife said officers were being paid for that time self. If you think that that's a right if you think that's right would like to hear from you you think it's outrageous we'd like to hear from you the that this settlements. Have been reached with Erie county now I don't know if that includes the sheriff's department or anybody else that works for over our colleague has to Wear uniform. Town of -- Wanda and NF TA. Orchard police though Orchard Park police say they come and award fifteen minutes early to put their uniforms on. But they are -- compensated for. Now so the deal is I think should be to keep everything within the confines of the ship -- address within leadership can get undressed within a shift that's it. Because when you get together and you're looking to scam the taxpayers and I consider this a scam. What's next how many times yet eternal light on in your cruiser during the day maybe you haven't over and under of five. And yet turn on the sixth time we are regularly get more money for it is ridiculous. Your professional police officers act like it. I read I respect for the taxpayers. You know police always complain about lack of respect for them I respect them -- but I don't respect this this is nonsense. But the bottom line is if you wanna if you wanna get respect you have to earn it and want wherever earning it is is giving a fair days work for the taxpayer's dollar. Getting dressed and getting paid for it isn't part of it I know the rest of the job is dangerous. And it's it's definitely something we absolutely essentially must have but I don't think we should be obliged to pay for the time and take shooter get dressed before -- come in the war. There is no respect for taxpayers whether it's from politicians. Or anyone else there's people look at taxpayers as does trough just keep by. -- the -- -- keep on feeding at the drop screw the taxpayers that's what they should -- called this. This settlement because obviously if they settled. Unless there's some kind of agreement that this is at one time settlement and is not on going to be on the table. Or is not going to be or changed or anything like that this is a gift that keeps on giving. Because as far as I know. What happens. With -- undercover cops non uniformed cops you know suppose around drugs thing or prostitution sting on hookers in our department. They brought you bring them in from out of town of the -- a -- convention. But we got what about non uniformed guys today that they get extra money. I'm I'm wondering if they have the dress up like like a guy looking to buy some drugs or something there in -- sting operation they get paid for dressing up like that. What about the females that they do anything else things on -- -- among them prostitution. To those women get paid to dress like hookers and I'm feeling you will see that north of the if these are all police duties I'm just wondering are the patrol cops the only ones they get paid for this now. Okay it's Orchard Park I know many years saying -- can afford it that's not the point. The point is this is disgusting as the next report. Will be back after in his speech and company does nothing to do with how we feel about the police I think most of us appreciate the hard and dangerous work the police does that this is just open as the nicest way to describe it. Orchard Park police are -- are getting paid now to get dressed for work. To actually put on the uniform. They just have a settlement over a five year old lawsuit. Of the settlement was for 2101000. Of which -- a 138000. Went to the lawyers 72001. Of the 26. -- present and former. Orchard Park police officers who say it takes time the blood on their uniform. Their bulletproof -- their gun belts. And they don't get paid for. And I'm just thinking that's that's a screw the taxpayer move a really is. And everybody knows and as Tony says. There's no there's no concern about the taxpayer just don't let. And never even if we get a settlement in this case -- -- about a like this. The lawyer that represented the cops. That are over 101000 dollars a year for five years to do. A the lawyer the represented the town got 85000. Now over the five years so big a lawyers -- really cool job. Let's go to Tom on a cell phone Tom what do you think this settlement is this the right thing or not. Oh absolutely not this is you know it's ridiculous. But they're but they're getting into our pockets and the taxpayers again. So what we ought to dual as a they have a picnic every September which I don't -- usually end bite. Or five tickets for my kids and I'm not gonna do whatever boycotted not undertaken. Everybody boycott not get into their pockets a little bit and see what it is to look. You know not have that extra money for their private -- you know what's a boycott them for but there are heightened state picnic or. Family picnic what do they call it now. But what boycott them and they are a bit like a little money out of their pocket. Yeah I guess like a person like -- who is obviously a supporter of police as I am. Just a disappointed and angry over it because it just seems like a money grab simply because he got lawyers involved in the town doesn't need the hassle anymore. I hear you Tom loud and -- -- thank you very much. I keep in mind now what I would do and I think it would make -- no matter what federal laws out there whatever. I think you simply say OK year contract had to work X amount of hours a week. Here's a shift and you put the shift each day that are required to work. And the shifting close if you come to work without uniform you put your uniform on them and get the squad car that's larger job. At the near the end of your shift you bring a Smart Car and you change the clock runs out and you've given them they are -- the time they're supposed to get and you got dressed. The thought just sticks in my craw of somebody on the clock. Changing into their uniform. Now how many of you out there Wear uniforms. Lot of you do me go to Jim Martin's they'll Wear uniforms Motorola many places they Wear uniforms. Even Roger is usually have some kind of uniform -- -- you know some kind of information on -- Everybody. Lots of people have to Wear uniforms and is the first time I've ever heard -- like this but it's not the first time it's happened. A settlements have all already been reached with -- economy. No I don't know if that includes the sheriff's department and but -- -- tonne of tunnel Wanda and that nasty guy. So this is -- you know how lawyers get involved with class actions stuff. They round up -- clients from all over the country the same Lego lawyers a dream. Probably knocking on on policeman's door and every locality saying. -- you sure you're getting paid enough to -- you have to Wear uniform. The you have to put that uniform on and take it off on your own time that's outrageous. While let's finalists note meanwhile five years later the -- at the biggest piece of the -- and you've lost a lot of respect from the public and that's worth that. I wouldn't think it's worth let's go to Scott and emirates. Scott on WB. Well -- -- I I know from listening in the past. You've -- Union president representing communication workers you've been on the other side you've done in management. Arm and I can understand. Playing -- bad. And then you're aware of the fair labor standards. Okay that's what they cited in this Islam. Right it is you know I I -- -- I'm not a civil service worker. But I don't think you could write a contract that violates federal law. Well I -- I mention away that easily would fit within that. I'm sure federal law says that if if you're not working more than the amount your contractor for the journal violate any bank if there are -- lunch periods in their X amount of time I can all be figured and and that way you know -- unit anybody's -- which are not paying people put their uniforms. -- -- exactly I agree with you there I think I think there's there's more to this story. And and I I I think you and bullet solution would be well served. Try to avoid that the terms in London and as such is that. While attacks there. The -- -- -- attacks and I don't pay taxes Orchard Park. But I am a taxpayer or we do a lot of texture issues and I simply field of this is a screw the taxpayer animal they don't care who praise it as long as it gets paid. But it if you violated the law. That and then -- someone has to -- If if if you don't want to violate the law again you'd you'd you'd change the contract language and just like say you have them have them show up. I addressed perhaps there's some reason. That that Orchard Park elude police management. Has determined that they need to address that were. Well I don't know when the next contract is but it should be amended to do what we were just talking about. It's got to simply because it just beat. Easier I think it would it would keep more respect for the police department people don't like to feel they're getting ripped off they know that money spent on a police department as money well spent. But money spent to get a dress that's a different story. Well if you don't perhaps they would have to bring on. Overlapping ships they have officers are on the streets. If if they had the standing issue and it's actually cheaper than. And to -- them to show up and -- Perhaps circle a -- kind we're there yet to be inspected before they go out on the street I think there's more of this arena and that's what this has and then then settled inside. Yeah there's a bit busy arisen because obviously a lawyer. -- got a group of 26 people some presence presently a policeman some retired. Going to be part of it I mean I don't know about you but I regularly get things in the mail saying. Did you eat this grape jelly where where we've got this. A group of people for a class action suit I mean there's lawyers out there trolling for salutes all the time. They probably see this as ideal because you're talking about taxpayers. You're talking about police which most of us appreciate. And it's got a goal on notice but unfortunately it hasn't it thanks Scotland or call. We'll take a break we'll be back remark would be to and company -- if if indeed what they were doing does not fit that that labor act. Then indeed change the change sort corals. Amend the contract if you're in the middle of a contract you negotiated under one negotiated to fit the terms of the contract bottom line is the bottom line. I have bishop started a certain time and and the concerns on that should be inclusive love meal times. Whatever they have built and and getting in and out of your own uniform but the thought that if you got dressed at home. That was like extra because you showed up at work ready to work how amazing -- that that's pathetic. It's pathetic. Is what it is. Everybody's -- less drove -- taxpayers why because we can. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 80309. Security cell calls are free in star 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. I don't watch -- -- swallow that's all right while this -- it was going I took five years before the settlement was agreed upon. Via the policeman's -- lawyer. Got 53000. Dollars for OK 53000. That means for the five years. It was approximately 101500. Dollars a year. Every year for five years. There at the top lawyer at 85000. Ms. child's lawyer for the last five years is -- 171000. Dollars and a year just for of this. Just for this it's amazing. So a lot of the a grand total of 2101000. In the agreement a 138001. Of our fellow lawyers. 72001. The cops and that's divided up among the 26 or part of the lawsuit while I would guess are present and former OP a PD. But I am asking you your general thoughts this isn't a referendum on police work and Orchard Park it's a referendum being picky. Is -- about. If you can't show up to work dressed and ready to go to work I mean I can understand that if you're you're costume. You know a -- mascot there you guys have extensive makeup put on for a play or something like that. But a policeman gets dressed yeah they put their belt on surely but the pants -- pants shirts shirt. You put a bullet proof vests on and the Belton yeah right that's fine you could do that at home. And I'm surprised a lot of people don't do that at home but apparently they didn't get paid for it they sued the settlement now says that are Orchard Park was pay 2101000. Dollars for this and thanks for channel four for the information. Let's go to a Phyllis in a car fellow -- on WB yen. -- -- I am not I think you're making that point I don't think that the about -- conditioner is a big deal. I think if you multiply out the overtime over the court should be -- teen years. An arbitrary numbers thirty dollars lecturer at -- -- but Beckham back to a 107000. Dollars to get -- Okay most -- OK you're doing you know you're doing along maps which I didn't have in front of judges had him on the settlement. So it's it be at the concept of getting paid to get dressed for work is a little -- a grating to me. Well -- sitting as well I mean who who you know dictator 100000. Dollars a court career at fifteen year. And I don't know anybody that would make it -- kind of money and a lot of money kept her out of there. So I don't think the 53000. -- that they can share their peanut that you -- everything going for the criminal. That's why I think they've got auto adjust the end of the deal that they have logic stay within the federal guidelines of law. And and get rid of this because I think that this is symbolic. And what it shows is we are supposed to have respect for the police and most of us do. But this also supposed to have some respect for us to protect and serve OK we understand the protect part. But it doesn't look like they're doing much serving down there in this in this issue thank you. So she's as the goat into the overtime numbers it's even more outrageous awards are choosing media the settlement numbers. It -- its significance on giving. There is some are just grab our group of people said hey you know not to follow the law we could get your money for putting your uniform on. It costs at what. Sign up for that that's sounds good and -- six of them dead 26 former and present so that at all are active duty now. But do you talk about it slap in the face of the taxpayers that's what is a maybe you don't see that but they should see that. Maybe they'll wanna see that but they should see it this is really this is what you get. So that if you don't get the respect you think you deserve and most police departments -- deserve -- all but most of them certainly. -- then this could be a reason. That may mean they figured this isn't anything that your really committed to. This is just another person trying to grab another buck from a taxpayer's. You're right there with the politicians. Are politicians. When I'd do it today certainly about it by IP maybe for tomorrow. A new rule. And BC and this is important remember NBC Wall Street Journal is said to -- A new NBC Wall Street Journal poll came out about the president as well not changing subjects and just mentioning to. And Chuck Todd who was the biggest cheerleader. That the president had its okay he ought to Wear big -- on his Jersey for Obama on. The results of his Paul. Todd only word. About it is that it looks like the presidency is over according to this poll. As far as those of the people having faith in the ability to go forward and lead amazing when NBC says that. Now you're in big trouble. Let's hope that it gets straightened out let's go to our friend frank and see what he -- frank you're on WBL what do you think of paying a police officers to get dressed. Well I kicked a taxpayer ought to get -- lawyer. Stick up for -- -- At -- -- the outrages I made its way. GUKY. And support. For. Wait that -- gap that they show. That -- career per charge it's a profession that they Charles you know what they wanted to deal with their lives. In a medical profession. And cheaper for 37 years. Short Circuit Court jitters. But cheek Olympic key number -- have been paid. Hurt hurt hurt hurt. Her outstretched stick she word to court work you know problems whenever an outrageous that they are the warriors. -- splitting hairs. On the court. You know I. Wouldn't stock at all. It by about that. At all and -- -- -- I would be impaired. Split -- system or work for a public everyday here you are -- somebody over your character. -- -- It well then choose their partners are prepared they are not going to be people there of course about law college community apart. Not wait till I'm done writing the ticket reporters who -- -- -- Frank can you imagine can you imagine somebody -- a hospital visit man's. They say well would you would you like the doctors and nurses to be in white or in the street clothes. I'm -- have got to a -- change is gonna cost more. Yeah I mean like there's like saying it's a pretty Google professional. All it will pay extra money reporters certain try to go to work in -- Next thing you notice strippers over charging extra to put -- G strings on. All right I hear -- A prank your share a week Jared thank you -- that we paid strippers to take a -- and in this case we pay to Orchard Park police department put -- I say simply at the next contract whatever and as. Make the adjustment. Makers chef started a certain time and under the stars and I make sure -- that meets federal guidelines within the shift you have to get your uniform on. And get off within the shift got it. All right if it means less time on the road shows what you care about the people of Orchard Park and people driving through Orchard Park. And that's the name that -- you rather have the money then than anything else I I think that in the last what you have to Wear to work is a costume. Or requires you know a lot of work to get into -- it's just you know the cops Wear a -- easy short easy. Bulletproof -- not hard put on pants sure underwear our zone and the belt okay bill have lot of stuff on it. But it's not bat man's jet -- you put it on a stupid stuff that -- -- belts. So you need to be paid extra -- -- that I thought that was part of the job is if you're uniformed policeman he got to where he form. Will be back after this we're asking your thoughts on the Orchard Park police. Having a settlement with the town. -- floor what is it to 200 and at 101000 dollars over five year. Lawsuit. Because they wanna be paid while getting dressed. In undressed when they put the uniform on the wanna get paid when they take the uniform off they wanna get paid. And a -- the decision was -- as settled as it was a five year a deal. And our big 2101000. A 138000. Of the Tutu and -- of the attorneys. A 72 went to the cops and as the caller just said if you're talking about ongoing caustic it could be in the millions of dollars over period. A -- -- -- little outrageous that's like -- charging WB and because I read the paper. Well I have to read them wherever I've got a long form stuff that I need to know from time to time I watched two. Yes and and even the special periodicals and magazines I should be paid for anything I've ever read in the and you know I hear things. And when somebody's talking and they're talking about a current event I listen I should be on the clock because that's all show preparation. Now when I come here ready to -- -- show I'm ready to do our show and I get paid a certain amount for being here five days a week. But that's extra because there are lesser our show those that don't do any preparation. You know they ask you -- rye bread or white bread and that's about it. So why should I get the same money as them I think my preparation deserves more money give me a lawyer. -- -- -- well yeah you deserve a raise today at McDonald's if it so basically. This is coming at the same time as people are talking about it minimum wage of new York state of thirteen Thursday. A okay -- so we have a lot of FaceBook posting blister problem is misses from -- she says my husband is a retired trooper he would go to work its scheduled time be dressed and do his job he never got an X percent to be addressed. Who comes somebody's crazy ideas lawyers. That I can tell you right now it's lawyers it probably wasn't even the cops idea. But lawyer starts rounding up people who are willing to be part of a lawsuit so that they can get. The proceeds. I think that's the new American dream it used to be the American dream of being successful and having home and child and you know husband or wife or spouse or whatever. Those days are over now the American dream is winning the lottery are suing them. Those of hindrance that's what it is you're looking for a rug you can trip on. Our attorneys are ready if an icicle falls off a building on your head I mean and now this in not getting paid to to get dressed. You know are getting paid to change your clothes -- its rate. -- -- -- record to back to Oracle's this one comes from George -- as you don't understand you were to park police are scheduled for an eight and a half hour day and only get paid for eight. This is a matter fair labor standards are right change it to eight. Change it to eight if their contract -- eight. Have a headache and have been changed within their contract time that it and the story they can't bitch about that and if it takes some time off the roads go -- That well and any pretense that they are actually there to protect and it's horror. There's supposed to be serving the public not themselves. It's code to bomb -- -- and hammers failure on WB yeah. He macros -- what do you holders. Who went and worked earlier that you. -- You know current or early in the parking. Why can't work a little early. Or -- you have to do it you weren't on chin on the clock. And your honor. And what you get off ordered. And he punched out and what are -- PGM and -- -- To say it's just an issue of respect if you -- the job deal of the job do you have any respect for the taxpayers we appreciate that good hard work you're doing it's dangerous and we understand all of that but this is a -- it's up. Move -- we don't so yeah I an -- I mean what -- -- mr. bubble in a -- I think we should have a -- I think that we should have a dress there and each of a policeman stepped Robin and I have Raoul dress them. Yeah you bet your throw -- you very much. If it's about respect. It's respect it's more than the dollars it really is -- most of -- time when people say it's not about the money it is about the money but what I'm saying is the reason people are angry. Is it's like screw you. A lawyer told us we can get more money out of view and where are going to do it and now we're doing it and if you don't I get to bat. But these other people would have to deal with every day on the on the highway and in different places. And what you want is mutual respect. You want them to respect you in the badge which most of the time they do. But they also expect some respect from you two of them. It's a you know the residents of the community whether it's village town city does not matter. It takes. If there's a ship to the police department they take pride and it is that a good police department. So now you you wanna think that oh yeah all this time we thought they care about us all they care about is the last stink and dollar. Can I get an extra fifty cents a by have to redo my tie during the shift because I jumped over a fence. I mean rarely. Where where does it ever end -- something like that I said as being totally facetious the they have an over under on how many times have thrown their lights on during the course of a shift. Well the contract here's a guy driving erratically. Is all over the road I should light a -- and pull them over but I see by monologue here. I've already done that five times today so if I do it I expect overtime that fifth. Time with the light is the magic won those lawless streets in Orchard Park exit actions is just -- zone here really has it's like. Is it's like. No other street you've ever seen. So you've got a good job people like you you like them. Don't screw it up. By doing stuff like this and if they if it doesn't fit the confines of law changed the contract change it to make it fit. And then announced to the public by the way. -- Adobe you know it's on so of a fewer minutes on the highway. I'm protecting and serving because they have to get changes other costumes I'm you know if it's will be back costumes I can understand. Police uniforms are it's getting dressed to go to work will be back after this yeah.

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