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6-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello what is Beijing governor sandy beach I'm trying to earn a few extra box anybody wanna buy my Leino Jersey. It's quite a few Bible I -- Jersey I'll throw in a while Patel skewed to Tom Goss announced I got I got. All I -- I'm all right air Rob Johnson who wants that Johnson on that zone ruled. Goes no wants to -- -- can -- who wants to goes you know you can't do who wanted Johnson anyway and is Beijing government's. I like to thank Tom -- for the emergency situation that we have roadside assistance here -- our equipment I gave McCauley came effects that thank you very much Tom. Are a lot of stuff to talk about today. The first of all I am surprised. How much trouble with today show. Okay now The Today Show for years and years and here is did very well -- Good Morning America to run and it. And Albert said today show has been in decline for awhile. And their desperation. Is showing you know I know there's nominee industry insider his elegant you know. It's easy they don't put out a memo about this -- I got a great show here right there it's on the monitor right now. They want edgy programming. They want -- to they want The Today Show to be must see TV you don't wanna mess anything exciting here is how edgy they are today. Al Roker. Is wearing white pants. Now I'm getting I'm thinking this is the guy that visited the president and had an accident and is France. If you do that you can't Wear white pants. I mean people are just waiting. Yes and there are there one chi -- mile away from excitement your arms are gonna pop pop up. Mr. advanced as wife sons and there are you are shocked desire when you see him eating T cheese on the set will look like can't. -- -- is absent comparable to bad. Catch key is perhaps his best scholar. He's a vision and khaki yeah and so that's that and -- and wow so a lot of really Atlanta on their up finally dumping him. It's about time I could have scored more goals -- the Orlando and I -- -- -- he's been missing in action and is in -- career at least he had outcries you know you know a lot of -- hockey -- surprising Pryor's home. No cause and effect there is speculation that they might have even gone through that buyout last year but they decide to hang out a year and he soared zero goals this season he scored Israel fluid it got its act we. Dual weekly dual and on line polls scored more this year really know or Tony Caligiuri and I'm just -- and only know violence. Oh I thought about getting a bite out of let's. -- laugh because. He's gonna get millions and millions of dollars in the buyout and people were concerned that he might replace the play anymore well really I call a play at the bank yeah that's our planet in a parking lot in the was driving through the drive there resting for my current balance that's what he's going to. But yes Alain is going to be gone by by a lot of money for us libertarian for Golan its launch basic question United's earlier. Tirelessly doses are going on in them. In the Amherst but he and the reason I love the university is that they publisher of the difficult cases with the -- PD has to deal. And there are great -- police department and no longer when they cracked down on crimes like this here on Tuesday June 3. A man and -- -- four door vehicle was reportedly driving through a transit road parking lot. While exposing himself to everybody as they walked by so that that's -- that's pretty I mean. I think he if they get immunity cholera and yet you've -- that. -- on how goofy would you have to be that extreme I mean really a parking lot get better mileage on the way. Because people drive by you with 65 when you're doing 65 isn't time you know -- -- about why you're watching a different way is that somebody -- -- him in the back this -- -- T -- the are you gotta get a better place than that that can't quite understand -- -- -- Punto Lanka are handbook so to speak. A did you -- that cop gets you a publisher for people are out of town. I'm here to put a sign up in the park you like do not do that now must must see. TV. All right let's see what's going on here last night. Lewis. Scary scary scary thought oh my cat Ethel. Was not afraid at all of thunder but see many of the bigger more dominant one. She crouched down -- what they do miss. Crouched down right to the bottom of the floor. And kind of like a jungle cat. Who may -- haste for the of -- seller she feel safer in the cellar I had a cast is due to -- in the -- when they hear -- You get much rain. I was we were. -- -- league wild look how dark the skies kitten and -- looking for an you know and I see the trees were real trees. A lot of way we're gonna get walloped -- when it started bringing me out on the bit -- funder in couple minutes later it was gone. I'll tell you one thing who is really good at what they do though of the long guys. Video camera in my long last night and it looked like it was going to rain within like two minutes. And they got like five guys whizzing around on the standouts on the sit thousand ending Ding Ding Ding guy comes out with a blower in the week -- a very amazing it's like watching a surgical team work. And they got it done before it rained because after rains. You know grass gets clump dug up you know like that so we both survived and how about -- Chris -- get much rain must. -- it we got some but I didn't notice. It was so high yesterday we put the windows down and got the he's he's going. If it gets really bad you can still hear the -- over the air conditioning but I didn't notice much of yesterday we did get some rain but nothing like Vegas tied -- record this guy looked weird I hadn't seen this. I look like that since I was in Texas. As the sun was setting. And the storm was coming and it was a yellow sky write it did not look like a -- you would see very often and a obviously I heard Susan this morning mentioned there were 111000. Homes without power in north tunnel want to believe lost now last night if people were posting incredible pictures of this guy this guy look really good. All right though we come back you think this -- I was creepy when you hear about this deal going on Orchard Park. Where was good news item thirty WB yeah. It keeps me informed of all the things or go on no you know like if it's a birthday he'll say it's always those birthdays that we know you -- -- -- birthday. He gives me a points of interest during the day that's why he's the executive producer but now Tony has turned into -- The master of fertility watch. As though we want to find out which Entercom employees are having sex. And and now I did very. A surprise entry in the fertility clinic. You just gave me information that who's expecting. That would be Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas pet less miles of these they're expecting what their third child yes congratulate congratulations. -- -- guy that has the get up -- in the morning apparently it doesn't handler bees sexual politics must have found a way to get the kids out of the house exactly yeah you know you'd call a locksmith and commitment -- And I can't have a -- -- -- -- one key on that and that's that but congratulations and it. And I'm very happy because the state rescinded their law they had a law against. He him reproducing -- if you knew about it and didn't bother trying to you know keep the quality of New York's -- All and so but I guess he found a loophole you have congratulations -- And mrs. -- And now we have by giveaways here -- out one thing I like journey faithfully isn't right it is in my top five of all time favorite songs. In fact I remember one time I was at a restaurant eating alone -- -- pathetic is that. They had music on the background and I hadn't heard faithfully you know it awhile and it played immediately went home dug it out. Make sure I was on my iPad and my iPod put mumbled and I really enjoy that if you wanna see a journey. We have tickets right now caller of the usual numbers -- twelve -- 9875. In random caller will get to see Johnny and Steve Miller Band. Tuesday July 24 645 at the Darien lake performing arts and the value -- a hundred dollars courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply. They always give me a little extra in rock legends. Jury the Steve Miller band and special guests are of our. Tickets available live nation dot com. So I asked him it was good to soda that's -- concert I've seen journey in concert piano or the eighties and they -- me -- It was a special one journey. A few years ago on the on the lead singer it was really good very -- I guess Stephen Perry just came out and perform for the first time in. And I don't know how long but there was huge rift with him in the band then. They they didn't get along he he went his own ground in his quick and what was amazing is they were able to find any -- replacement saying. Who sounded amaze -- like -- I rarely of course very was busy with his ice -- business yet in -- I was so glad -- settled -- I think he's -- -- so yeah it's a concert at concerts so see Steve Miller Band that the economy wasn't as good bands and of the long jab -- those both those taxes are pretty amazing you know I can see that with today's artists know nobody's in twenty years anonymous -- Justin -- yet now we got to the got to see Justin -- know mark. -- you have have you heard -- latest Robin -- known always and do not gonna happen now they're disposable their most. Disposable artists they come and the like Kleenex. They come and we have -- -- house for awhile we may use them here and there and then we throw them away and get new ones. That's just the way it works while the legends just keep on staying alive were renamed the stones and oh yeah so -- grain accident these these bands -- never be -- jagr comes out what -- later from you know I think he's a rock and -- later back and -- them a good name for the next door. The stones and I'm bridges that babble on stuff like that about the rock and roll waiters. -- the -- grandfather -- exactly grandfather of a -- I have no idea of the -- tendencies of his descendants -- a -- I think if it's a long line. -- but -- -- -- it's kind of amazing now look at Dylan. Been touring for ever. Can you imagine I mean there's going to be a reason he has more money than he could possibly spend in ten -- times. But he tour is all the time and I just enjoy I must. And his fans go from the you know the early sixties all the way up to now. And he's still -- around and see what 80% -- 63 -- the out right around there you know with the of the album cover -- Yemen is Susan -- solo found out later after we talked losses Suharto would you bestseller. You know she's holding guys wearing biker jacket the war and civilians in she's holding onto his arm classic now. I we ought to talk about today sometimes. The world is nuts. It really is and though when you lessons of a news and you hear talk shows and whatever. How many times have you you seen an article are heard a news story on radio or to evade. And you say -- does this crazy. Can't be right. It seems like well to our Bob Dylan and his classics on the first now will later be last for the times they are changing. The times are changing we're wearing the -- they used to say that the only things that liberal leader of our hands. That would survive a nuclear holocaust but I am thinking and some lawyers. -- would would do it and here's an example down an Orchard Park. Where the taxpayers lose but the lawyers win big time. And this note you talk about frivolous I'm sorry it is absolutely frivolous. When you go to work. What are -- note you get up in the morning take showered shaved -- achieve whatever you're gonna do and you put on your clothes for work. And go to work and start working whenever -- is supposedly there it's 8 o'clock here there and 8 o'clock dressed ready for work and that's the way most of us do it. Now sometimes you might have to every uniform. And most people it would where it would happen at home and they put that uniform on India and dump go to work pretty simple. Not very complicated right. Some people would go to work and change in of their uniforms there. Pretty easy not complicated as -- just says parties. Not in the Orchard Park police department the -- park police department have finally settled a years long lawsuit. In which they claim they need to get paid. To get dressed. We -- not making this stuff up because you can't make it up. If they didn't get paid to get -- one would ask what they arrive at the precinct naked. No I have some close -- I think they should make a uniform at all and then at Eldorado where you don't wanna leverage or cop a big an idea -- don't you think with a belt -- good stuff on the badge. Silly silly silly and the real winners of the lawyers the two lawyers. One on the side of the town on the side of the bullies -- they rake in the big money and now the cops who get paid. We're getting dressed for work in poultry will be back activists. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Back when Beijing governor a sandy beach rather than go out that there are analytic on July 24 looking for road journey. -- legally -- -- it's June -- report is next Tuesday -- seems to -- -- -- the promotional announcement here. So that journey concert and a with Steve Miller Band and to our power. Will be next Tuesday. That will be June report instead of July 4 and that's the way it goes that's under -- heading no hopes. It is every governor and now we're talking about some I was not even aware of this story. -- Orchard Park it would like to thank George record we love George record from a news for. This is his story any channel four story. And it's about the Orchard Park police department now Orchard Park police are -- fine police department as a matter of fact what appeared down there on the stage -- are priced at all. A larger part policeman escorted. I'm Tony and myself to our cards for safety reasons. It was the teacher is doing in our face and I think you really is -- us out of the way for his that it beyond Israel but there's a thanks Orchard Park police department. He has the guy put his hands on his hips and that. I just feel obligated to talk to -- -- -- don't feel obligated you can you know -- or infamous. That's the Smart way of saying. Don't push out a -- -- but anyway we like York's part B is -- -- it however are. In this day of impossible stories in his date of -- It's it's that every day I'm sure yesterday when I heard -- Pamela brown. Got a quarter of a million dollar package is they go by after he failed to hear is that while. What -- gonna say what that this story true auto Orchard Park here it is channel four. The Orchard Park Tom board has agreed to spend 2101000. Dollars. To settle a five year old lawsuit over the issue of whether police officers. Should get paid for the time it takes to put their uniforms on. Now I know many -- -- out there Wear uniforms to work. -- you get paid to put your uniform on police say this is different. We got to put on the uniform we're gonna put on the -- and all the good stuff on it. That put the bad Jordan takes time Kansas throw ourselves into our clothes we need to be paid for that. They want to be prayed and there are obviously now going to be paid. To put their uniforms on. Now I don't know about you I'll get back into the story in a minute if I had to Wear a uniform to work and that's what the policeman has to do. I'd put on home. And then drive to work and you're already ago. And after work I go home and change is not the way it works I guess if you did if you ago -- address that at work. I assume that you're. Firearm is secure in your -- or whatever your caring advertisers -- secure and some lock up facility locker. The bottom line is probably is easier to put on your clothes like you would going to are obese instead you go to work. Didn't seem -- you know your jeopardy contestants. Answer. For that one. The supervisor doctor Patrick team who just became Orchard Park supervisor in January said our Tom board approved -- -- because here we go. We wanna look forward not backward. -- In his career against Sosa kinda crap relate -- it -- if it's not let the healing begin. It's we wanna look forward. We wanna put that behind us or your country and we wanna put it in the rearview mirror. I mean please. That's it that's your answer when you can't explain the reality of what just happened okay we're gonna pay people get dressed for work now. That's what it's gone -- taxpayers -- gonna put the money you're on the clock now you can get dressed and getting paid for ago. He is relieved to put to rest -- -- brought by 26. Present and former Orchard Park police officers. Also the ones that are even retired and I get paid for putting their uniforms on while -- while -- and their retired now okay. The idea that they fought to be paid for the time it took to put on their uniforms that bulletproof vest their gun belts. I don't get -- the address when I was a dentist I didn't get paid to get -- all part of the jobs that a team they asked VAR. -- all million dollars that was the originals so that was in 2009. And we got it down to 2101000. That's the quote so you tell me. You can keep a straight face as a lawyer. And in the final lawsuit that asked for two million dollars for the employees that you represented get dressed. Come on I mean maybe if your mascot. You know you know one of the the dancing winners up there in Wisconsin. Or are your are your -- their -- season where it's you know a big deal to have Maggette and all the and you can't drive to work like that. -- maybe got some kind of a case even with that though it's a stretch as I would assume that's coming to work ready to work. But they ask for two million would have settled for 2101000. Now here's the fun part. -- -- I guess justice was done. 2101000. I don't know they didn't get 2101000. The town has to pay out 2101000. A 138000. Of that goes to say it would -- now the lawyers. The lawyers got a 138000. Dollars out of the -- tan you do the math the cops got 72. So that's and it's quite as what is -- cops got seventy true. So they be of people comedy that I say are dividing up 26 on the like that. -- area 26 present and former officers. They get to divide up the 72. Who lawyers get to divide up a 138000. Just that's the American way are we proud yes we are. Only a 72000. Of these settlement actually goes have a voice another 85000 angles of the attorney who represented the town. And the remaining 53000. Goes to the police officer's attorney. Police attorney Paul Weis says it's not about top federal labor standards act. Which human and municipalities have been required to follow since 1986. And he said that schedule was and cutting. -- -- -- -- -- They had the report early and that was part of a work once they show up a police headquarters that are at work. They left late that was required so in other words they had to address. At the the police station they had though. I wonder are they going to reprimand you have you addressed at home and showed up in your uniform I don't think so. It's ridiculous. What it is. Weis has officers were being paid for that time. The lawsuit was also about full compensation. While on overtime for most people means time and a half. Auburn's -- municipal workers are entitled time and three quarters if you include long jab but he paid sick -- -- shift differential. In some contracts I'm just thinking at the opening day. Should've gone on strike and appeared naked in it in the squad cars. Yeah I put the lights on come out you're totally naked stroll up the -- and -- -- -- going. And the dynamic markets is that your Billy club officer now. I refused to Wear my uniform -- and they've scored -- Billy club yes I know what's called up but I've got to make a stand somewhere here it is you're gonna get a ticket. Unfortunately the education. Is sort of -- lawsuits that -- Who reach similar settlements. Before you start laughing with Erie county. The town of -- Wanda. And the NF -- So there are all paying their people. For the time it takes. Get into their uniforms. In this case Orchard Park police now come to work fifteen minutes early to put on the regular reforms. But they're compensated. For -- wondering. The female officers get more than fifteen minutes because I don't know about you but any woman I've ever been getting ready -- before we go out to a big event takes a lot longer to get dressed. That it does me -- -- on the bottom up there and doing makeup and eyes and hair and you know but he sure does make me look fat -- kind of stuff. So or -- in your general thoughts. Of having to play policeman in Orchard Park. To get dressed. -- have to pay them to get dressed. In this case they thought it was worth two million dollars. They're gonna get a bill to divide up what their lawyers 2101000. Dollars of which the cops get 720 and the lawyers get a 138. Like there's -- we'd like your opinion -- 0393018061692. Exits and start 930 we're working out of -- channel four story where by George record. Here's what I would have done and I've been handling negotiations via -- I would simply said this. Here is how much time your car contracted to work. Well I would fit the schedule inside the agreed upon time to work. And I would say that if you -- I'm gonna make -- -- as I don't know what the ships are gonna say is supposed to be the shift starts at 8 o'clock. At 8 o'clock QB in there change in uniform and get in your car and do what you have to do and get back in time to change out of -- reforming -- home. It should not exceed the amount of time we're already contracted to and the airport -- doing on company time you don't have to be paid extra which are close on. I mean you know this is this is lawyers. This is absolutely lawyers. Went when the lawyers get a 138000. Out of the 200 and found that only leaves 72004. Of the 26 people. That area claimed to represent. So it's it's a typical bull you know lots and they did it with the Erie county town tunnel -- -- -- TA but you know peso that's. Oh you -- -- that taxpayers. You have -- same ones that in some cases that pay for Pamela Brown's quarter million dollar exit visa. I'm has the same thing when you describe the taxpayers why not. Getting paid to get -- you've got to be kidding me. As long as the agreement -- for X amount of time per day schedule it within that X amount time per day. No -- no -- put your clothes on you're getting paid for it we don't want to hear anymore about it instead. This is insisting the settlement was for 2101000. But what's going on now we will Libya continuing costs of course -- well if a settlement out of it. That of that means that unless there's something in the settlement agreement that says this is a one off this is at one time only pay off. They're -- go get paid for. So something is something is amiss because the taxpayers at the pay for so the next time an Orchard Park cop. Stop Schilling gives you a ticket. Just remind them hello this is. -- just remind -- that you paid for the time it took to dress himself today. Ask if he needs any help for you going into the precinct and helpful when things maybe maybe pin is handcuffed -- was sleeve that's ridiculous. It is absolutely ridiculous and that's a point 120 in this country -- a lot of things like this. -- what it would seem normal. Is no longer than normal. Let's go to kept going and see which -- thinks NC a log Kathleen on WB yeah. Good morning and you actually. Expressed adamant that it I was just I mean to who we are outraged about it. My brother works were one of the county police department and they were dressed and ready to I should pick each other up before they're shipped to elect there that left homes in their uniform. But you know the buffalo police are taking a lot of -- now. Orchard Park you know the babies were just yet and respected -- that they covers yet. It would this -- just in the you're talking about you mentioned also. They had in the settlement if it was what it was one time deal isn't this means there's an average of two and a half hours of overtime now week. Couldn't they get too -- How childish immature in shame and I can't believe that there were so many challenges that you throw out. -- it would frivolous and ridiculous. Trouble went through and what they did that court it never went before a -- I don't know I get all the details I just -- so. Angry about it and I didn't wanna read anymore. It was five it was five years so it got dragged out and dragged on dragged out. But it doesn't give it any more legitimacy because it took five years to come to a settlement. My -- -- the lawyer plot to drag things out because I can put it to its hourly work exactly. These guys believe me I probably -- BN yen cops. -- And Orchard Park police officers. Me. I will -- him you know world -- look a little wrinkle to it. The -- sure little portable iron out why aren't -- here -- minute you know. Thank you are threatening -- that is true it's an outrage in hand people now it's so they had. Instead it being so great -- in the horrible trying to beat you with a horrible unemployment. That they have a wonderful chat with wonderful benefits. To do something like this is re -- you in the should be ashamed that. I -- your -- went out with a on this one thank you very much. I mean what he thought things like that shows. It shows a total disdain for the people that they work for which would be to taxpayers if you're -- taxpayer in Orchard Park. You can you know you don't mind in fact you're happy to pay a policeman's salary video they -- do very important work obviously. They may save your life someday. Certainly have been there have been there to be praise no question about that. But when they dig this stuff up what does that say. And you still want respect right. OK maybe you have to respect the bad which is certainly don't have the respect one would guess that are there is. A lawyer involved because the lawyer for the police. God jealousy. 585000. Also the attorney who represented the town so he was representing the town against the -- The 53000. Goes to the police officer's attorney okay it was a five. Five year deal. The -- a video attorney for the police got more than ten 101000 dollars a year for five years for -- McCain -- for that. At a B 50000 the a 53 of these results 53000. Dollars. To tell the boss which is in this case the town of Orchard Park that they should pay their cops. To get dressed. Unbelievable of course we go to. The stripper bars where you -- them get undressed but that's a different story. Under read -- -- -- it will be backward region go.

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