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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Opposed to Minimum Wage Increase - Jim Calvin

Opposed to Minimum Wage Increase - Jim Calvin

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about the fight to try and raise the minimum wage and Albany with us now is James Calvin the executive director of the New York State association of convenience stores. Good morning -- More and it forces and how do you weigh in. The minimum wage issue in your states -- even -- Last year at this time the assembly and the senate both passed the bill and the governor signed it into law that increases your statement wage. Increase steps from seven point five an hour to nine dollars an hour. If -- increased. This past January groups -- 45 to eight dollars. Next January it's gonna go to eight semifinal and the year after that it's -- -- -- nine dollars so. The issues -- gonna -- but I don't understand the why it needs to be revisited. It at this time that there's lots of other issues that have not been addressed by but fair collections. Taxes on cigarettes and more fuel sold in Western New York but that the minimum wage has already been addressed. The issue at least part of the issue that they're discussing this time around. Is allowing municipalities to set their own another words of cost of living is a lot higher in New York City they could then go with a higher minimum wage. On their own do you think that's okay. I don't think that's a good idea what you want there to be one minimum -- in Amherst and another. Bit of what agents in Hamburg and another one in Niagara Falls would would that be practical especially for. It would be historical position of -- multi county. Multiples multiple store operators like I would like no go in and ultrasonic and. And. Quick kill me you know it means that -- treated strategic familiar with and -- They need to to move employees around from one day to the next so. You know it is -- wage level pointed to change. 41 day to the next depending on what community this happened to be working again. Not that's not a good idea. State level minimum wage is used by the way it is it doesn't need to tinker with in this manner. You know we have a guest on earlier and mr. Calvin who I think you would agree with and he says. What's wrong with free market capitalism it's working and the lawmakers that are deciding -- have probably never worked a day in business. The -- as well would prefer to let the free market determined. -- each grade. We understand that that there needs to be some war. And and that's why and again sort of been addressed the reality in the can -- mr. business it is the third there's very few. Employees today in Western New York court at minimum wage. Those large wage usually are -- part time or entry level workers but if they. Our productive they're usually not at minimum wage for a very long. Our concern is that as you raise the minimum wage. You raise everyone's wages. Throughout the store because in many cases there. -- rate is paid to them which might be a dollar -- -- go to treat all about the problem. And when it literally goes up and be -- plea export expected increased. And that that's gonna end up costing the employer distort. -- more money for. Four labor hourly wages but. The workers' compensation insurance -- And unemployment insurance all beat the payroll taxes and and and add ons that -- just and cost. On the without any corresponding increase in sales. Those who want the minimum wage hike site one of the things you just mentioned. The idea that most employers are not at minimum so by hiking the minimum wage you're really only be affecting a small amount of them. The the argument goes that that the bad affects the business that would field. Are exaggerated because most businesses are not at the minimum wage right now anyway. -- it it it's actually just the opposite. Increase in the minimum wage. Drives up but it we were crossed across the board. -- because again. And indeed in many cases the Norwegians are tightly to what the mineral -- That disappointment. One dollar an hour above minimum wage is what makes two dollars an hour more. 350 development problems. And and so when the mineral goes up it it pushes everything -- up as well so it's not just beat the minimum wage. Our employees who. Who get -- I think it is it virtually everybody in the convenience store. I it would be if we had -- Apportioning economy. Where are we can count on growth in sales. Year after year we beat beat that -- and you know better able to afford. -- higher wages. Across the board but the reality is. The word a very well low growth and in some cases no growth economy right now and so. We're just not in the positions it to increase wages. Now we want to hold anybody back. If it's an employee who is. At minimum wager a dollar to above the -- in the field that they they deserve more money based on their skills and their their capability. We encourage them. Equally for unable to pay you what you think your work. That deserve -- lot of jobs out there go out and compete for. As opposed to going to capitol protests and that that we and that purchasing employers ought to pay more money. Imus calendar is all we have time for today thanks for joining us. That's James Calvin executive director of the New York State association of convenience stores.

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