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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Minimum Wage Issue Returns - Sean Ryan

Minimum Wage Issue Returns - Sean Ryan

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next we're going live to Albany this morning we'll check in with assemblyman Sean Ryan this morning the minimum wage. -- live and good morning. Well good morning how are you this morning. Thanks for the time -- find hundreds rallied at the State Capitol yesterday for a hike in the minimum wage we know we're in the final stages here of this legislative session. Where is this going isn't going anywhere. Well it was as a very big and noisy crowd yesterday of people demanding a higher minimum wage. You know really interesting demonstration to watch and the folks were were very pointed -- -- -- walkabout resigns him based would stop and say you make more than them away. Why shouldn't -- Is there. Is their support -- do you think the the legislature will actually at least in in the assembly where you are going -- with us. You know whoever and wherever a lot of talks we're we're trying to figure out pretty good company interest it would in our house. Well a new features are looking at in this week's proposal. Is of course they wanted to the indexing the wage to inflation. But the real novel -- people are pushing now is -- all municipalities. Or economic. Sectors within the state. -- geographic sectors to raise that a minimum wage themselves. So you could potentially have a different literally agent or forage. I -- buffalo to New York City. And you think that would be. A better waited to introduce this. I think that Libya a better -- -- it's unrealistic and it's I think that you'll want to wage should really cover all of New York's. Certainly there's areas in the state or you could live on a dollars and -- But New York City you're a Long Island it's not one of those areas. Sort of think it is a different way to look at the problem. -- Washington State they just gave did municipalities. Power to raise a minimum wage and you are seeing different ages throughout the state. What ways are you looking at what higher minimum wage 1010 an hour. What -- intended -- Google we passed. What I hear Lugar graduate into that -- the next two years Kamal. But that the advocates now are pushing for a fifteen dollar wage. In New York City. And that's what they have in Seattle that they're going to the gradually going to. That's what they're aggressive they're going into Seattle area they determined you you can't live in Seattle. Nine dollars an hour. Without being -- government assistance. The bulk of the jobs that are employing people at that wage. Not the moms and pops. There is the big box stores. I recently that are in sort of informal Serbia on whatever you businesses. I've found that none of the businesses on -- what. Hated it weighed the all printed book the only exception was the rated pharmacy. And rated -- all the workers the minimum wage. Address some of the opposition and they say that this would make the cost of business higher. And would ultimately be a job killer. Yeah I mean it's undeniable that'll that'll make the cost those of doing business higher. But you based out of my informal survey the small business owners or over concerned -- They're not they're paying above the minimum wage because basic and good quality. Dependable people that wage but it was ironic that the radiated that makes more money probably that all those as those combined. They're the ones paying the vehicle low wage not to small businesses. Sean let me bring in something else that's pending an Albany to with this final legislative session winding down here early beer sales. For the Buffalo Bills where's this going. I think -- -- bitter -- -- is dead for this season. What you really hard to create a company Elian that. Everyone from the senate will say yes we we agree we should allow early Briscoe. And then the rest that -- trying it says yeah but we want to. You know six days a week restaurant and -- Alcohol spirited either clock except on Sundays. They have to wait and so there's a big movement around the escape and they called the -- bill to -- earlier beer sales on Sunday. However that movement of moving anywhere very quickly and then you've got rich stadium hanging out there. In with all the new -- record but it appears there will soon be brought in rich stadium. Or to make those Bible. We can't have a bully and sell alcohol an hour before the game so they're looking for. 11 o'clock sales which I'm a portable beloved parks in the stadium only and also be supportive. Of the 11 o'clock on the state. But not supportive of doing not -- And ever so quickly before we go here. His medical marijuana dead this session. It's not there yet but boy it is getting very close. We can't seem to develop an agreement that could governor the year earlier in your humble -- he. Want and we certainly owe it to the people of New York State. Who need medical help Kamal was a very sensible. And strict approach to medical marijuana. I still hold out hope that we'll get there this year. John thanks for the time is when we appreciate it. -- good pocket book you have good day. YouTube that's New York State assemblyman John Ryan that compassionate care practice called. Do not included bans.

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