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6-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. And he would. Yeah. Hold to. End it. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. But al-Qaeda that rush. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to it. -- -- -- -- -- It was an amendment. -- -- -- -- I think it might back bathing -- slide -- -- local good. It's Tom hourly. With cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and unused radio 930. It. Rotten in the state of Denmark something rotten that's all I can tell you something very rotten in the control oh I don't know who's on the hotline for me okay we now a variety. What -- switch gears. This illegal invasion and unfortunately. Inclusion. Most. It. I I talk about this. Guy. Explain to. See it. For. -- Be. Illegal. That refuses to ports. And it goes after states that in sports when it comes to borders. And folks we use the pattern of behavior. And the pattern of behavior be. The continuing stream. Of illegals. And to the United States. Do you think it's just an accident. You think that everybody -- and decided to do -- flash mob. On our southern borders. Or do you believe there's something -- I believe there's something were to. This is all part of destroying America's sovereignty. We will be no better than Guatemala El Salvador. Give it five years. Because we're allowed to have borders. And now in New York State. -- bill. That is pending that would give state citizenship. To criminals illegal invaders that let me share with you one of the frustrations. About. This entire situation. I I have to go to my email for this unfortunately and hopefully I don't have to re sign into it because that's always a lot of fun. And I'm afraid I may have to in which case I'll have to skip that part. We're gonna have to re login to it yes you know yes you know dealing with one computer screen no I don't -- wanna share with you something this is up. I don't know what does that well but just an -- Lou like yours. Your porch. It literally exploded my headphones. I met the love of my life three years ago. She is Canadian. We lived fourteen miles apart. We got married and had a baby -- We could not live together -- immigration laws we can visit as much as possible it took a little over a year to go through the immigration process. For his wife it would be the process as long and painful as this process process is. It is the proper way to legally live in the US. Giving away rights illegals is wrong. When the good people are doing at the correct painful and legal way sign James in or top one. -- -- Can I get an amen on that. Do you realize ladies and gentlemen. At the same time. As this administration is turning a blind eye to the invasion of our country from the south. That we've got people like James in north -- wandered. And a gazillion people I know from India and elsewhere who are dying to get into the United States but they are classy enough to do with the legal way. You've -- calls from these people before. They go through it now they spent thousands of dollars to get an immigration lawyer. They spent hours with paperwork. Because they do -- the right way. And yet doing at the right way is also the suckers got. Because. Why do at the right way when you can do it the wrong way and not have to work a day in your life. Folks being unemployed. And without any 21 century jobs skills in Guatemala. It's got to -- eating bird eating spiders every night for dinner. You come to the United States in New York State. You won't have to lift a finger and compared to where you live in El Salvador Guatemala you're gonna live like okay. And you're gonna vote Democrat to keep it coming. This is a political power grab. And it is part of the destruction of America's sovereignty. What part of this is so hard to understand. And those of you who don't understand why I load the Republican Party this is why. Days are not doing a damn thing to speak up for you. Or me or anybody who believes as I do and I should do. They are sitting back taking it. They are not in any way shape or form coming to the rescue of America's borders and America's sovereignty why. Because they bought into this notion that if they stay silent or if they acquiesced. To this invasion that somehow these illegals. Who were on the public -- are suddenly going to say you know. I think -- be better flipping burgers for nine dollars an hour then getting all of my health benefits paid for -- food stamps might EDT cards might Obama fall and formerly a bush -- Why would you give all that up we're -- incentive -- and where's the Republican Party its debt the sound of crickets. And Joseph I know you're -- or update that are. The sound of crickets we you know that's always appreciated. But. Folks this is a serious thing. And on New York State wants to import these people. And me remind you New York State spends more on Medicaid in California and Texas combined. We have the Learjet of social programs year you pay for it IP port and -- -- for our kids. Because guess what that money take it from your check is money you can use to buy your kid a Little League uniform to buy her the new catcher's -- To violation pads for hockey to buy her -- across the east. You suffer for a and if you don't see how badly your -- and screw. And the fact that you'll will be a minority in your own country. And I'm not talking racial ethnic minority are talking about. Natural born minority and legal minority. If you don't see that that this is where this is all adding. You don't get. I see this as clearly as they saw that fatal accident at -- sport and flat. You can go to like FaceBook page and you can see I called it. I called it months ago. I warned us -- a student is gonna get killed there and what happened Friday. I take data I analyzed the likely probabilities of what is gonna happen. Let's get to the calls. You guys wanna talk about this and I have another question of one add. When did veterinarian bills get so ridiculous. When. Do you know. That. I have an estimate. To have one of my cat's teeth extracted. Under anesthesia which you would need. 800 dollars. Do you know that that's gonna cost more than having my tooth extracted. There's something wrong when my extraction. Is gonna cost less. Then my cats extraction. 800 dollars. I don't know how -- some of you afford even having pets. I honestly don't if you're trying to scrape by a combined income of forty to fifty grand -- a couple of kids. 800 bucks that's a hell of a lot of money. I mean let's put it this -- That's a lot of scratch. For a lot of scratch OK. Let's go to Matthew Laporte Matthew thank you were holding I apologize for being -- -- passion but somebody's gotta say this stuff. -- Purdue we're here for good outcome. While I appreciate that what's your minds are. Well our our Barbara greater you know -- his column. And -- agree that your operation. Aren't pretty and we want our. -- your -- -- right as much as I wanna hear what you have to say because -- give me a big kiss I cannot understand you on the phone -- using. -- can you get off a Bluetooth or awful whatever phone you're using because you're breaking up. Are out of Bluetooth. Or that they better yet just stay exactly where you are and are now and start over. Okay alum I'd like say that it I can bring me and party and your acutely aware of what's going around. -- And I -- I'm -- IQ score down and down. Of this whole thing about immigration. Com. I went through a similar situation at a corporate mobile. Very powerful union very large manufacturing or you look forward. And what -- -- was giving. Traditional employee incentive to retire and bring in camps. With the ability to -- union contract. And basically on the temporary. Work at a picnic and trick them it would. Broke -- UAW. Let me temporary people comment. And undercard everything that you know people for and you'll hear he bought for Becky. And yet I have to ask you the obvious question. You union guys for home do you usually vote and whom did your union generally endorse. -- -- Or. Will Democrat Oregon Matthew a lot of continue this especially because you think -- brilliant and don't move stay where you mark I can understand -- this way. And we don't always understand Alan Harris Alan how's traffic and we have that one accident but things like and a I don't think you know geez I thought it was so quiet that perhaps -- dozed off on a Tuesday this is good napping whether Al would have. AccuWeather a showers and heavy thunderstorms in the area this evening thunderstorms could bring hail and damaging winds cloudy. Maybe a shower later tonight 68 below. Right now were holding at 85 muggy degrees at WB and if you're going to be sitting outside that I make sure you grab some bug repellent before you do if you're like I am the mosquitoes will be all over you. Invite media party you'll have to want to cut off because all the mosquitoes will be on me I'm a mosquito -- Now let's get back to Matthew so Matthew I mean you're complaining and I understand why about basically your union. Being essentially -- because it cheaper temporary labor yet you're union typically the UAW endorsed Democrat candidates. Whom we are now seeing for what they really are what the Democrat party has become is with a call themselves progressive. Now I call them -- I call them Communists. That -- a better term -- All in all it no longer my union I. Long ago -- company home. The other party without all the authority that all of the immigration bill. You know they're they're gonna on the other -- bank based what you're doing and and as far as the big -- You're in it generally guitar combo I mean if it did the door and worse and worse traveled -- What's really going out and then I think you know I think you don't cotton ball. Well yeah well you know if you're thank you bet you for stating the obvious. Is so transparent. What is going yeah. That's that's what is amazing to me. It is as clear as the nose on my finish what's going on at the southern border. This illegal -- criminal administration. Which basically told congress the constitution doesn't mean anything anymore in Obama's state of the union speech. Is now trying to destroy the sovereignty of America by making -- El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras and north -- Oh they're created. A new world order there's. Going to be about. -- Our outlook thank you very much a magical. Thank you yards I think it's staggering it's staggering to me and he's right. I don't even think that the agenda can be hidden. Folks what other it. I'm gonna introduce the veterinarian -- but tell me something what other logical explanation would derby. For this sudden influx. In July in in June may and June. New Democrat. Voters and future and by the way it courts are gonna vote who's gonna stop no ID. Well they can't vote -- SO. If we don't check ID yeah. Isn't it obvious what's happening what other interpretation would there be other than this is something that is being orchestrated by your own government. What other explanation makes cents. It's a big flash -- So yeah. I have -- just a bit of -- Be invited our part but I think Ki -- John Entwistle might have a hard time getting there and performing even if they -- appears to have it probably won't happen. You know serious chances that it would be Pete Townshend and Roger Ogletree who abuse surviving members -- -- missing anybody along the way. They were the guys scores keep -- and is irreplaceable. Plays a book character isn't. Afraid of losing. Would be like stones losing -- We can't -- -- -- cool -- Anyway it is a rookie who's accused maybe 535 at WB -- folks. So. Also I just wanna cheers something which. What I call this administration corrupt traitor is and treacherous I don't use those words like -- You are aware. Ladies and gentlemen now on delusional. I realize it. I just pull things out of my nether regions. And I'd make things up and I imagine things in just -- and I understand -- You do know don't you wrote that there is a woman named slowest learner who's in charge of the IRS. And -- The IRS systematically. Denied tax exempt status the Tea Party groups you are aware of that right. And lowest -- lied to congress about it. You know that right that's an established fact. We'll guess what. Now congress I guess somebody in congress might still have a testicle or two. They're investigating -- learners emails but there's one problem. -- What is -- no. Government computers screwed up and those emails -- stick. Up. Do you think these emails might have incriminated some higher ups. What are you what these are common sense -- Folks. If this was you. Being investigated by congress and you told congress. A I at a computer crash and all those emails you guys want it you got up they don't exist anymore. You would be found it. Guilty. Charges equivalent to willful destruction of evidence. They would. Incarcerate you if you tried this crap don't you get it. Don't you understand that how serious and -- Our border is being overrun. This traitor his administration which should be impeached. I never thought I'd ever say I -- I can't say there. No well what if say widget which -- very -- But where are the real leaders in America anymore where -- -- Our southern borders are being overrun. We have criminals in charge of the White House in the IRS. Who lose emails conveniently. Folks the dog ate my homework and my computer emails went missing because of a crash. And there's one other thing here that I always like to point out. Just to. Enlighten you further to the criminal nature of the Obama administration and the fact that it cannot be trusted to insure you were freedom or to respect your rights. That it's fundamental change of America equals the destruction of America and all of our rights. Again this goes out to the crowd. That just wants to pass in the office delusional and insane crazy whack job it's better. CBS confirms reporter Sharyl Attkisson computer was breached. By the way she's no longer with CBS she was persona non Grata because she didn't buy the Obama ball baloney. CBS news set on Friday about a year ago. Bet it is confirmed a reporter used by one of its Washington reporter Sharyl Attkisson was breached by an unknown intruder and that the attack appeared to be sophisticated. The intrusions. Were detected the while Cheryl was reporting almost exclusively. On the bad -- -- cover up. And that she'd previously investigated the Justice Department's gun tracking operation known as fast and furious. So who do you believe the most likely suspect issues. On known sophisticated. Sources who else would have the means the motive and the opportunity. To be given to -- -- computer. You know what and I know it it's this criminal traitor his administration. Folks. Do you not realize the depth of how serious this is. On every front. That this has gone. To the point. Where. I can safely say. If we're not already under a fascist dictatorship. It's coming before you know. Joseph it's only -- In his own ports which aren't recognized for exactly what they were when this -- spoke them before a silent acquiescence tigris. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. In other words screw the constitution. Lewis workers' emails which might have been credited people in the administration go missing. The dog ate my homework -- -- -- computer breached. Most likely by the NSA. Or the administration. Means motive opportunity who the hell else is gonna -- Sophisticated. Now they might have built -- a level of plausible -- ability. But ultimately. It goes back to the people in power. Don't you get it folks these people will do anything and everything to preserve power because they hate America as founded. Don't you get it. Don't know to understand this yet. Don't you understand folks. How illogical it is that we have police helicopters -- can spot a pot plant from a thousand feet up. Yet we can't detect streams of hundreds of thousands of illegals coming into our country. -- that we don't want to this administration is turning a blind eye to it because it wants America destroyed. It's obvious what other interpretation could their possibly. For all of these events happening this confluence of treason that is taking place. Here is. Well you know what. I don't understand Tom's call and an even bigger -- That's one topic. Give me an alternative explanation. To the one I've offered. I would like to know because I can't think of it. I've been very circumspect about -- I don't -- words like treacherous and trader around. Really nearly they're serious. But it's obvious. Obama said what he was going to do and he's doing. Fundamentally change America without congress. Now on a more. Practical level for many of can somebody please explain to me when veterinarian bills got so ridiculous. -- I have two casts. One of them actually came with the house's committee you may remember. I couldn't just lever on the Colbert couldn't -- -- hungry I took her. She was only not she's not even a socialized -- -- -- She's not even the social. I'm her human and she loves me. However. I just dropped 4500. Dollars. On an examination. And X rays. To discover that she needs. Eight to -- because that's why she was not -- Now the extraction I've been quoted 800. Dollars. So at the end of the day 800 plus 500 is thirteen hundred dollars. Can somebody please tell me a went veterinary Dole's got to this point. Beat. How do some of you afford a pat. Folks I'm having a real hard time rationalize spending that kind of money on a cap but I can't even have in the house because it'll kill the other. 8030930. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and I'm not exaggerating she's a nasty cat. Everybody else but me. And then me trying to get her out of the -- last week she made sounds as if Satan had disaster. I've never heard any animal make those sounds ever in my life. The only approximation would be Linda Blair in the exorcist. And I have a witness on that you can verify my story. All right let's get to the calls on the WB -- Debbie in middle port at 8030930. -- Debbie just a quick question has nothing to do with what I brought up twenty years ago. The white bronco chase to remember where you watch that and what you thought. Tell me I'm lay on front porch up and -- hurt. -- -- -- -- And were you surprised that it ended up by the way it did because I thought I was gonna end and OJ suicide which is why -- continue to watch. I -- until I thought I was going to make all my mound and bad. Back in those days twenty years -- and I cried make that don't don't -- he won't do you won't do it it. And like they have done it. Where else in there there's a guy they got there there's a guy who cheated the hang man. And then got himself into trouble elsewhere and I gotta tell -- something I think the time he's doing now for what he was convicted to do it is ridiculous. I ask people I think he's being punished for what he didn't get convicted were I think that's wrong. Now a go ahead with what you want it's gonna say about veterinary costs. OK but there area and then now wanna go back to lawless foreigners if we. And I know we're just good veterinary costs. -- Simple slide in that own. Any. Dogs anymore because I -- that even take care my medical costs my own level are when I -- in. To a doctor and then you walk into a veterinarian and and there are like 200 dollars just for a simple chuck Pope. And shot and everything like that. And then they think oh you know usually -- -- teeth cleaned and terrific they'll -- another 200 dollars. And you want to another. 500 dollars. I can't afford to have a dog I remember him in a dog twenty years ago. And it was very very simple. They. Life. Right you take the dog and for rabies shot you get your tags from New York State may be fifty bucks. Now you log in to a veterinarian nonsense and the price of 500 dollars. Within that course some may be down three months six months. Per year in Europe probably -- -- thousand dollars. And I can't afford that. Rusty this is where the joy of the marketplace comes in because I am now actively looking for a veterinarian who charge a reasonable fee to a -- that ties and then to extract. What would I consider -- reasonable fee all pop out to I think 350 to 400 -- reasonable cost to. And -- that ties and extract a tooth I think that's reasonable I think 800 is can mr. Torre. I'm glad you called thank you I don't know what. I mean seriously folks I like pets to have permanent homes forever homes. But. Guys I know what I -- And I'm thinking twice about -- If you're making 20000 a year automobile -- There is no way. How how do you justify 800 bucks on a -- for a -- Org. What turtle on turtles don't have to. And I did say the snapping turtle along with -- colonel -- moment with the United States Marines -- will. With the Marines on Friday pictures on FaceBook. And basically unsettled weather and we might see some really nasty thunderstorms. And showers this evening you might see hail and damaging winds I think the word the use is -- is unstable. Right now I'm -- that radar and there -- some rain over the Niagara peninsula in Canada but in our immediate -- -- and I hope it holds up for your show tonight of an art park. Four. Wild panic. Is that is that the group. Won't widespread panic I'm sorry. I wait until bets that because people think right now others widespread panic and park they -- people are running like Godzilla is there. It may look like Godzilla but because of -- it isn't all right let's get back to the call's. -- -- your reference sales may joke joke. Who is next it would be a little bit in the -- Linda veterinarian bills 800 bucks for extraction. Yes I know I I I have no answers I can honestly tell you that as far as what does that cost. Com modern technology I guess we don't a lot of us wouldn't give it up for anything in this world to save our test. No that's it's a lot of extra nights and have to work truck stops. OK however I do have an answer to your question and I cannot -- the -- on the air. But if you give me a call afterwards we'll tell you where you can't. -- sending email -- I don't I don't use phones. -- -- real quick and I just sent me an email just sent median worker I appreciate email. And they got talking and becoming sponsors of the show there's I'd love to be able to talk about a veterinarian who does good work who is an eight and mr. Torre gouging veterinarian. Well I. I have a lot of sources. And I three and I called Q is because I -- I can't disagree with you with the cost of veterinary care. However I can tell you up a wonderful organization out there. It's a nonprofit charity. Yes I'm not I'm not a charity case. It's no well I mean look at what might your I think we're going to be talking different languages I'm I'm glad you called all put on hold -- something else to say. Now I it's I'm not a charity case I would accept charity that's not the point. The point is the free market system that's what I'm woken deceit in place here. Because I think 800 dollars if it's gonna cost more to have my -- a distraction than my own extraction. There's something wrong with. 555.

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