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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>6-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

6-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would write. Then. Go to the whole movement. On the weekend and Brooke. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- -- protest with the because -- guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. An hourly and I don't know how to put this. -- -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. They're wet eyed women that news radio now. -- -- Hey it is that our industry and I thirty WB and things in my little world and -- vacation days. And we have very many things -- to get into today I ordered it to the topics ever gotten into myself number twos -- number one. Ineptitude. Pays off doctor Pamela brown a -- But -- right people on the board of education supporting our until July 1. She gets 238000. Dollars to quit her job what do you get when your quit your job. On maybe. Like if I turn in my resignation tomorrow and just explain look guys I don't wanna do it anymore it's not fun I just want. Go to bullies and live under an assumed name. The most I'd get would be -- up they'll all pubs to pizza and wings. If they -- at pizza and wings in the conference room after thirty years and a memo Tom Bauerle is no longer with Erica we wish him well. There will not -- a year's worth of salary there will not be a bonus there will not be consulting -- There will be pizza and wings. They're bigger -- that. You if you quit your job I guess and it's the same thing except you might not even get the pizza and wings. Boy. I think after thirty years usually skip caviar and -- -- young but you know what do you fancy. Life is too short for cheap champagne and cheap cigars by the way you're gonna drink champagne drink the good stuff. Bad stuff we'll give you an -- We're also talking about that Albany. And the fact that some politicians Albany. Wanna make criminals. Voters and basically leeches on all of us I think it's abominable here is Tom in the. You're my my -- -- like -- first up on these topics I've got many more to come. Top on WB and welcome. This past Saturday without breakfast without one of my good friend and I'm assuming one of your good friend David DiPietro. And he didn't do all of that really ought budget and audit its birthdays in June -- respect human -- of -- card. Because that's. We know about that you know what -- a couple of other elected officials but anyway. He was telling us. About how bad it is and all but he under Shelly silver he says you wouldn't believe he said this circus that goes on down there and that I encouraged. Any but from this area or any part of this state. -- founder and C. What a circus that is down there under shall we go over how he rules like the king -- monarchy block bills from coming to a world. He will do anything within his power and he's always -- what's in it for him. That basically which -- overdoses. And this is now with his voting with the pretty illegal aliens everything again Shelly is looking what's in it for him. Okay but here's here's the thing Shelly silver would not be in this position without the consent and conspiracy. Of -- fellow members of mean. The Albany hierarchy. Direct and simple right and you know David said to a and I don't you feel about Republican Party. You you -- Why not leave I left -- I loaded and I think it's dad I know it's dead it just doesn't know. Well anyways it -- there's approximately a 150 members of the assembly a hundred of them are Democrats and most of them are from the New York City area. Bronx Brooklyn had malaria and you know what how they operate is entirely different than. What people in this part of this state to have any kind of values or anything like that they have just altogether different. And the way they -- think and he is they look at us as a bunch of -- If they do. There's very famous cover in New York magazine have references before the New Yorker Magazine which basically shows a New Yorkers view of the world. And it stops. At the Hudson River. And basically goes completely over flyover country all the way to California that's -- New Yorkers sees the world as new York and the West Coast and nothing. West of the Hudson means squat. That I have better way to make a quick one question if they know somehow grant citizenship to these illegal. How could that be distinct granting that because our our federal laws in effect sort of federal laws -- trump this state is being abused citizenship to these people. Well there will be a court challenge on what grounds I don't know whether they would be the -- you suggest that it is not within the states are jurisdictional authority to extend even state. -- citizenship or not. I believe according to the tenth amendment the state could offer state citizenship. Officiating and it's the other some of the people I'll let you look US then. Who Shelly silver is wouldn't even dole but he used the third most powerful man in Albany maybe the second most powerful men opening. Okay I would say the more powerful men in Albany I think he's got more power they call ball because -- Sheldon Silver can command a lot more votes than can call. Well both of them can generate much money is that a concern. For people on this side of the -- -- love to bitch about people who make it but to more than happy to accept contributions from those who have. Or the unions that donate heavily such as the teachers' unions December. Outlook -- so this is patently bad idea. But again this is all part of why I believe the only chance we have in our part of the state. For any kind of progress is to detach ourselves from the rest of well from New York City. New York but here's the problem. We would still be in Erie county to I have to tell you how stupid the voters in Erie county are. I have a very good priest friend -- the voters and parts of buffalo would vote for an empty suit has long that'd be behind it. I think there have been many precedents for bed already but why quibble. Tom unless you call thank you very much -- at all -- joining us in Albany you're never gonna believe this politicians there's actually a bill now. That would grant state citizenship to some illegals and you know that's just starting point right. Some illegals so they can sign up to be on the up public T eight. To -- on the public -- so what you're working two jobs to do right by your kids. Some -- the country scumbag Leach. Is gonna demand your tax dollars that ought to be in your pocket to support your family. And divert them to Medicaid so their family which isn't even here legally can live off the back of your work work. You realize there's -- people who don't like capitalism can't stand it when it's private enterprise it says that when the CE LR starts a business makes money. And the old expression it goes back to Karl Marx and predates Karl Marx. In other workers are doing all the work and the guy at the top he gets all the benefits of well guess what. I could turn that around and say that's also what communism news. Other people living off of York work. -- -- it really does become a point where you have to wonder if working is -- suckers bet. Because I have laid out ten grand out of pocket so far this year. With my out of pocket health costs and my kids out of pocket health -- my -- tuna and gripped. Periods but. I don't wanna hold out as unfortunate and it just about to go to him I hate it when people pull that trip sorry about that dude I was just gonna take her call and now you can. All right 803 Odom thirty is via phone numbers start a thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EMI sandy beach by the way. He is a lot more passionate about buffalo schools then MY. I have to admit that he's got a special passion for buffalo schools. And I'm more the mindset. That the students the parents. In that district. Deserve. What they vote. Unfortunately I've got to pay for just like you do as a state taxpayers. But I have a hard time. Getting emotional about something. Over which I have absolutely no influence voting or otherwise. You wanna listen what's eighty page that say about this Pamela brown golden parachute. Is just amazing to me how somebody this incompetent. Can walk away with almost a quarter of a million dollars for failing. It's it's amazing to Darcy gear broke her hand. Wish you -- to Ville Leino somehow I'm trying to figure that out. So there's that. As a topic. And there's also the idea in Albany that the state would grant states citizenship. To illegals and the goal here of course is to make sure they can vote -- are gonna vote Democrat. Had to make sure that we can sign them up for social programs that you and I are going to pay for. Well we sit here and struggle. To do right by our kids. The state takes money from us steals it from us and redistribute so well to people who have no legal authorization right now to even be in the country. It's preposterous we're the only nation. On the face of this planet that is not allowed. They have a border is that debt that's how this game is play and I told you before folks. It's obvious. And I would not have said this five years ago. It's obvious that there is an agenda at work to destroy America as we know. Obvious it is it's it's so obvious. And you can say anything you want about me there's one thing you can't say however. Is that I have not nailed -- spot on. And I have. And going back to the 1980s. I have nailed things spot on people said. -- right the government's gonna tell restaurants how many calories statement right there -- -- -- public restaurants post calories sure they are Tom. You're a whack job. There are. Sure. I'll be at that doesn't get on the whack job but. Harmless one. Let's find out about traffic which often there has been known -- and most cantankerous and unpredictable way. And sometimes violent here's Alan Paris. Here's the WB and AccuWeather forecast for today showers heavy thunderstorms in the area this evening thunderstorms can bring hail and damaging winds cloudy. Maybe a shower later tonight 68 -- no. I'd guess trigger on who's in our park tonight. It's Tuesday. You guys in -- gestured out. I don't -- it's 85 degrees right now news radio 930 WB -- -- about one computer screen carriers are so what you can do so many places like Morgan. Widespread panic and are part about it. OK I don't even like the way that sounds. If the weather goes bad how would you describe the story widespread panic at widespread panic. I'm not -- beater tonight for widespread panic. By the way that's the name of the band for the Tuesday our partner. To great name for -- not quite as good as evil -- but it's close. There's a local band by that name look at up it's 422 at news radio 930 WB Ian got your attention though didn't it. All right that's our phone number at that news birdie at 930 and are we ready to get these guys on is that computers still isn't showing me names towns or anything like that. On line one. All right here's -- insult awful WB and Mike talk to me. -- In there who. Are you turn your radio officer plays. -- sir please. Yet turned your -- -- departure on hold an -- Jon work the situation with your idea -- call into radio show. Like -- we operate on a delay. And what happens is if you're radios on and I go to your call. It's gonna confuse you because you're hearing me on the phone live and then a few seconds later you hear what I just said on tape and a lot of people find that confusing so. That's why since time immemorial on these kinds of shows we say turn your radio off when around hold so we don't go through things like that which probably inconvenience Mike. And certainly inconvenienced me. Are we gonna go back to like Israel -- but it might -- your two cents -- on theirs. Well I was pretty consuming you I got a statement that I'll put the reform all. Bottomed. Out I'm not been nobody really curious who are in this blueboard a lot of that. Well what I'm really kicked out it is that. Back in at peace. It did -- it in the -- Gordon who didn't. That's -- they -- people they never. Ever. Which argues that this money at these people they'd be moved Webber's one. So I'll admit. Does that stop it without crying. And ornate -- It we'd be better -- Without without anybody. Well let me ask you might explain to me whom you believe is crying in the educational system I'm curious. -- Hopefully want to look at it I don't know why it. Always talking iPod definitively -- -- it depends -- -- not Camelot -- everybody -- they're not doing that that they dot com. Well. I think -- I think doctor Pamela brown. Is and was incompetent but that does not excuse the responsibility of parents to played their role and students to played their role. In the education Mike I like you I liked I liked the way you sound -- I like your passion to wanna hold out until after the reduced Andrew's records have liked continued this with you if not that's cool but if you do I'd be happy to talk to further and get some thoughts from here. And I noticed that as well. And is so widespread panic but there Ringo Starr who according to my calendar will be at our park one week from today I will not be working one week from today as I plan on seeing Ringo Starr but I just have this feeling bad -- cancel or he'll get sick or something. Because I'm convinced it's my destiny never see a beetle alive what you wanna bet that'll be some might have some breaking news. You know what that's why my phone will not be done next Tuesday I will be sell off the grid so off the radar it will be funny. Yes I'm going solo to Ringo Starr I don't want in eruptions thank you. It is up for 36 at news radio 930 WB and let's get back the money might you are on hello. Michael we're talking about buffalo schools and I'm talking about the different people. Basically shirking the responsibilities especially parents want to continue with that thought. -- -- -- All right Mike please don't ever call the show again because I don't like being teased and then you just say -- I mean we kind of went through great efforts to. I didn't wanna be a mean guy and hang up on you when you have the radio on so we kind of put on hold and try to accommodate you conflict if family that came into my -- The restaurant at which my daughter works and it was are closed and they decided to open. And they'd asked if they can pray. And again on the floor and prayed for twenty minutes knowing the restaurant was already closed than they took take -- food and didn't even leave a tip except the one guy told my daughter. I give you some advice. Islam is the truth. My daughter was very close to kicking him in the balls. And applauded that I I would have -- It is. And a it is. He just make an anti Muslim statement willow at its -- to go to a restaurant. When when they're doing you a favor by letting you end to grab something easy you know like RT -- The night of the big storm in The Sopranos let The Sopranos in the EL -- good time. Amid the restaurant with a good solid you know in this written than this family is so -- Anyway why did you just -- your car. And they go to McDonald's or something seriously. Itself for 38 at Ted WB EEN. About my daughter too broad -- get -- started their marriage she's strong she's she's started I am it would hurt John it would have hurt. What are intercept an -- that is that is on my mind other than this nonsense about immigration that we have going on. Because as I said folks. In the United States and I did I don't know how many shows actually did last week on this a lot. I told you that our government is aiding and abetting the destruction of the United States. All part of the fundamental change. That the rogue dictator. Barack Obama said he would implement. And I don't use the word rogue dictator actually two words rogue dictator. I don't use that without reason. The president put it in his own words in -- state of the union speech I have no need to explain the ramifications. Of what he said. Even though most of my colleagues on the in the media. -- of sub standard IQ in love with Obama and everything for which he stands and wouldn't know how to end the -- for the. They failed to grasp the ramifications of what this man set. Whenever and wherever he can appear as congress. And congress to do anything. Nothing. No fight back no blowback known enough. Here you have for the first time the title. In this nation's history a president in his state of the union saying. You don't matter congress it's all about meet Barack Obama. And where fuel or without you. Or wit that allowed you to documents are even quite Cingular bought. Then again neither did not but for the first time in history a president basically told congress up yours I'd you don't have any power anymore it's all about me. And congress set back an acquiesced. Like the rights died under Adolf Hitler all what you want is what you get. Like the Russian. Legislature under Stalin or any other. Banana republic totalitarian regime and a president race speaks at the legislative branch hours. It's disgusting. It's utterly out of control and disgusting why must I be the only person. Well other than a few other well informed analytical talk show hosts to say. Exactly what that speech -- is what we are seeing right now taking place. Clearly this administration has sent word to the underclass of central and South America a big picture -- to the United States gets signed up. To vote gets signed up for health programs just get into this country so we can legalize you. Because. America must be made to pay. For its unethical history. I would like mr. Obama to -- it for me one country that has been 100%. Right. 100% of the time without any blemishes in its background I'd like him to start with countries in Africa. I'll be waiting mr. Obama to hear what you have to say. The United States on balance. Has been. A great nation on doubts. Have there have been things that the United States has done that are patently wrong of course. Absolutely. Beginning with slavery and going all the way through to. Well the fort Laramie treaty and 1869. Promising to black -- to the Indians and then immediately screwing them wants somebody found goal. This country has committed crimes. Absolutely no country on earth has not committed a crime. What part of that is hard to understand. On balance however. There was a time when at least this country offered. -- And was a nation of laws. And not. -- nation of this. Man who was elected because a freaking TV talk show host said he was the one. A guy who couldn't I wouldn't trust them don't let our equity. Not that running to Derrek Lee is easy don't get me wrong. But it's obvious what's going on a year. Flood the country with -- another underclass as if we don't have enough for people on the public dole already. We don't have enough under employed and unemployed people already let's take the refuge from Guatemala. But they're human -- stomp -- guess what we have our -- human beings in this country who were legally -- years. Why are we gonna import Guatemala's problems honduras' problems el Salvador's problems why. Because it's good for the Democrats and the long range plan. Which is an accelerated dramatically ladies and gentlemen is the destruction of American sovereignty you must understand it. I never would have said this five years ago. But I take facts OK I looked at the facts here's what's happening. Why I asked myself why is this happening and I'll go back to something I said last week. When I see a situation I don't understand I look to the financial interest and that I look to the political interest and it's obvious. They're they're being brought in because they're going to be expected to keep the progressive slash Communists in power. Forever. And the Republicans. Are buying into this notion first of all their debt and there actually buy into the notion. That if they stand up for America's sovereignty they'll be trounced at the polls. Eight clueless bunch of empty suits is the Republican Party. I -- pour it. And I abhor what it has become. Ronald Reagan Barry Goldwater would be turning over in their graves. Looking at what we have now. As the defenders. These so called loyal opposition in congress. Never has a more -- -- -- worthless testosterone. Lacking bunch of idiots. Occupied such positions of power in what should be a party that lobbies for American sovereignty. For law for borders. Never have we seen such quiet. And again folks I just get back to the State of the Union Address. And I said at the time. Ladies and gentlemen just like I hold you in 2008. What fundamental change meant. Okay now IA. Didn't realize. Until the past little while. That what that really meant was the destruction. Of American sovereignty. And the end of America as a first world country. And the beginning of America as a second and then Third World country I did not recognize that part of but bill Tilden a famous tennis skies that never change a winning game always change a losing one. Barack Obama's that I fundamentally want to change America fundamentally being the key word. Didn't say needs a tune up now fundamentally. Change and this is that this is the result of what you guys voted for because you felt guilty many -- -- about being white. And you thought that somehow this was your reparation for slaves you'd never old and your family never owned. Most southerners did not owned slaves. Those who don't know that. It's alarming and here in New York State now we see this situation where our state lawmakers want to grant state citizenship. State give -- our citizenship to illegals. Folks I I don't sometimes realize. I sometimes have a hard time comprehending. Everything that is going on at the same time. And this is not Obama's ineptitude. And I want to stress that this is his plan. Anybody else it would be considered in that why are you guarding the borders how inept and incompetent are you the answer is. It's not his ineptitude this is what he wants. And it's hard for most of you to grasp because it is so far away from what you believe. Especially if you're listening to this show. And Obama believes in border is as long as it's a perimeter to White House. You wanna see how borders matter you try across the White House spent Sunday see how far you get. But if you're illegal for El Salvador and you wanna commit a year. Come -- -- -- here here's your -- Would you like to free taxi ride to the hospital for physical. It's disgusting and it's plan. It's planned. If you don't see what's happen. I feel sorry for. Maybe I should feel happy for because ignorance is bliss. Because I'm very depressed about office. Not not specifically because of me. But because what I walk in the cemeteries I see all of those men and women who died. For America's sovereignty and freedom. And I realize what this illegal rogue dictator is doing. And gets away -- without even a whimper from congress it makes me sick. -- -- by thirty east on I 3180616. WB yet we showed that other stuff as well don't you work. All right and obviously were giving and I had showers and heavy thunderstorms we will let you know these things. You know what update update on baby come on you can do it you can do it and you Bill Gates. That is not updated up. Well guess what. We're announcing any showers right now over Western New York. There's double over. Public areas in Canada need to via northwest of Toronto but not seeing anything here but it is sticky outside. If your thighs rub together when you walk gasoline good idea today seriously. Right now it's 85 degrees at news radio 930 WB yeah. Would also be good idea to check out lose it dot com 83 weight loss that website no disrespect intended. The way. I just wanna point out -- thank Lynn for finding it post I put on FaceBook on February 19. Don't know if you're aware of this but to the accident at -- -- and -- last that Friday was a -- days before Father's Day. Here's what I posted on February 19 this year you -- your. Here's what I posted. And again folks I see things before they happen I don't claim to be a psychic I don't claim to be an impact. I take data I analyzed the likely probabilities and I react accordingly. Such ads when the Malaysian airliner crashed. I was not on the -- saying it landed in the ocean in the off loaded car ago. I was not on the ears and went into a black hole. I was on the -- in the most logical explanation is planes crashed the ocean is a big place and we got ships at Lake -- bigger than that jetliner and we haven't thought of it like it. One example Marquette and Bessemer number two still on -- now since 1909. So I take that data. And I apply it. Logically. I don't have time to read the post now but I will. Also coming up folks wanna talk about vet bills veterinarian bills a little bit. You've got I don't know how some of you afford pets. I'll get into that next on WB --

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