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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>6-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

6-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. It's. Wolf the look he would write. Them. India the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- Right for the short yeah. I don't know you're not. And and and just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- over. -- you going to do so. -- -- Yourself and it's live these local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. They. Well I've -- private unemployed people -- that's the wrong idea but. Has disconnecting. Yes have a -- cabin and living without electricity I guess the only thing that would bother me is no running water. But. This 24 sevenths connectivity. That we have now I don't think it's healthy. I really think there's something amiss with it I truly do. This has been one of the gains of my existence. This 24/7. Ya gotta be on the yeah got to be on the radar and got a you don't set a tweet out once in a day. The world is gonna come to an end. Yeah now I know call me old school I really don't cure but it's just. I don't know I don't think human beings were meant. Unless your doctor. I think most of us were meant for 24. Hours. Being in touch 24/7 365. Somehow that log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Sounds more and more appealing every -- about you -- -- -- -- that now I guess the obvious thing would people can't just do it with your computers. Well unfortunately it that's the -- cash wanna do that comes with the job. So. Yeah. I don't know how it goes -- your job. Are you -- 24/7 are you expected to be reachable 24 sevenths with your job. -- -- -- maybe a show topic in -- because there was a time. When. You work eight hours that we're sure worked it was done. Now how many -- -- your own personal time at home doing work stuff. Which of course if you read your own business comes with the territory but if you're working for somebody else really. All the way I want to thank the Muslim family. -- -- -- the restaurant at which my daughter works after closing. And no I I mentioned Muslim because there's a point fingers there's a point -- its. -- -- -- Morons. They come into this restaurant the restaurant closed. But. Being nice people and want to accommodate. Base that really gets -- -- were closed but there were still cleaning up come on it. So role it was already past closing right. Would you like to order. Well. Yes we would but first do you mind if we pray. Twenty minutes -- up for a year. Our restaurant was already closed they did them a favor by letting them in the GD restaurant to begin with. Then they take twenty minutes to -- Then order take out. Oh and by the way cheap Muslim family thanks for the tip -- sorry the guy did give my daughter a bit of advice is slump is the truth. That was her -- So thanks a lot cheap skate bastards. You can't afford to tip the local little restaurant. Or go to would drive through a rude inconsiderate family. Well I want of the poster picture on FaceBook but I don't think work would be dealt with that seriously. That's just rude. It's just obnoxious. Because these people at this restaurant not just my daughter everybody who worked here -- other way to a comedy. To keep it open so you could grab each now. You hold up -- extra minutes to pray that you don't even leave a gratuity. Really. I -- is that. How things work. So. Of course I suppose if they had let the men there would have been some federal civil rights lawsuit out of. When -- have gone on here thank you to have Michael Capuano worked sitting in for me yesterday -- -- Took a vacation day. Yeah I'm entitled. I took a vacation -- got plenty more left to take and I'm going to take them except I will take tournament. More bunched together and at a time. And I will be off the -- 100%. Off the grid. No I would not be a log cabin in Montana. I will be solo in a destination. That I've never talked about before on the year at all not once. Sometimes. Don't know when still have to make the reservation. You know there's places I I could go to topic wise. But there's one thing that I do want to mention and I hope you'll forgive me for sounding like. I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning but I'm pissed off about a few things right now. First of all the flood of illegal invaders -- continues unmolested. To invade our country and the -- strategy is so obvious it's the destruction of America as we know. It is the basically train at the fundamental transformation of America from a superpower. Into Guatemala nor. That's what this is all about. Fundamental. Transformation. That's what this is about. I told you at the time. Many of you said well you just don't like black people that you must be a racist. We're talking about the election 2008. Fundamental transformation. That has me very upset now of course a New York by the way. Somebody sent me an email on this unfortunately every time I open up the email. For whatever reason it just seems to locked up my computer. To try one more time. To see if I can get it to ago please go please go please go OK this is from -- Bloomberg business week. Now is it actually gonna work this time. -- in my office I got -- reboot my computer every five seconds. In New York a bill to grant on documented immigrants states citizenship. You know what better way to phrase undocumented immigrant would be. Illegal invader. That is the more appropriate term -- one uses. Now here's the story. And this of course is from Bloomberg. And he isn't uber liberal. Just another cheap -- billionaire. While congress drags its feet on immigration reform. New York State lawmakers are mulling an immigration bill of their all. It would grant states citizenship. To some non citizen immigrants. Including undocumented residents allowing them to vote and run for office. Folks. Allowing them to vote and run for office. Folks do I call this stuff or do I called this stuff. Me thinks I am a profit board undue. Do you remember what I told you about the next presidential. Candidates and presidents in the United States that I can see Hillary Clinton marching to victory the first president. Then it will have the first Latino president. Then we'll have they first -- late president. And then what I say after that will have the first illegal alien president. Now in New York State. There is a bill that is actually being considered that would allow illegal. -- people who got here illegally to run for office and to vote. So you still wanna call me nuts for that prediction. It's only a matter of time. I wish I didn't see things as clearly as I do but I do. And by the way. Let me give you further proof that something it has we have real sad booed. And sometimes when I get -- I get very very angry. Because. Last Friday. Let's just say I happen to know the guy who is the chief accident investigator for the -- of Amherst police department. -- And he sent -- attacks unfortunately my cell phone was not handy on Friday. It was buried and off and it just it just wasn't handy. Bat he basically said -- Anything you can do to help the situation at -- -- and flip this is really serious we've got to cluster blank on on here so we did do it. I just didn't know that I had been specially requested to do it by the emirates DP by the way. If you are a PD if your chief anywhere. Let me know your private cell phone number I'll give you mine any time you need -- -- with something like that I'd be happy to do my part when I'm on the year. I don't want anything in return I never got pulled over I don't -- paper. I'm not looking pretty. So anyway that's that's the deal if your chief that you think perhaps at some point I can be of help do you let you know. But getting back to this story. The accident was -- the student died. Right. I don't have time. To go back in my FaceBook postings. And FaceBook I have to tell you Sox. FaceBook is one of the least friendly. I user friendly interfaces there is have you ever tried to find a post you put up on FaceBook like. Six months ago. If you post a lot it will take you twenty minutes and you know how much I post on FaceBook. It comes with the job I use it as a tool for my job I didn't have this job I would not be on FaceBook and I sure as hell wouldn't have a Twitter account. If I did not have his job. Now I tried finding what I posted back in the wintertime. But it went something like this -- I talked about it on the year. When. Will a pedestrian overpass being built. So that students can safely cross Miller sport at Flint. By the merry -- and that they can safely get across maple from Flint to the UB campus. I did. Up fifteen minute monologue on this. And I said these students. Not only are our children. But they are guests of hours. They are here as our guests as they get their diplomas. You mean to tell me. Bet you -- couldn't take some of that student activity money they rip you off out of every year. So they can bring an ultra Communist speakers to help further propaganda as you take some of that money. And -- -- for a pedestrian overpass for the safety of those students go to UB or probably UB. I told you this was an issue. Again. I see these things happening before they happen I'm not saying I'm -- I'm not. But it is just using previous experiences. To look Eddy current situation and say. This is going to be a problem there is -- real potential here. For a tragedy to happen on Friday it happened and I'm not sure how many other people have been killed and flipped and -- -- I don't know. But frankly if some of our local politicians and UB had gotten off their fat overpaid s.'s. And started working on a pedestrian overpass when I first am suggested it back in the wintertime may be missed and what about all for fun. Thursday. Well I -- much -- a pedestrian overpass cost. A 1000001. Point five tops and that even seems excessive. You put two of those up you have increase safety exponentially. For the UB students. And there will be other fatalities. For as long as UB and -- Miller's port Flint area continues to be. Crossed by -- college students. And in the wintertime which is when I posted what I posted it's even worse because those students have no sidewalks -- flipped. It's a curvy road going from -- -- to maple that's a lot of these students walked to UB. On eight curvy road in the wintertime -- I need to go further -- to the potential for tragedy again. I'm just kind of surprised it took place on Friday. I mean granted the weather wasn't great but it also wasn't a blizzard. But. When will you you be students. Protest that's what I -- now. If this can't have been killed because of the draft and sent to a rock were sent to Afghanistan and killed. You all would be all over the place that you -- protest held well we won't goal. What did he die for. But this was something that was prevent the -- this is something that can actually benefit your 20000 plus other UB students. What what are you off your asses I know it's summer session. But. It's just it boggles the mind. If you put up a flyer for a rally UB. Against global war. You're probably got a hundred brainwash students to show. You put up something saying hey let's put up on pedestrian overpass of students don't get killed anymore. You hear the sound of crickets. And frankly if you -- a local politician. In a position to have done something about this before it happened you have blood on your hands if you heard me do that show if you go to my FaceBook page. You know that I called this its its document. I called Davis. And that really makes me very sad that the wanna targets up out of pocket giving his name. But the guy who is the lead accident investigator for the -- top. A police department do you do you think that he had a good Father's Day on the face of the Gingrich get a crappy Father's Day you know why. Because he was at the scene of the accident. This guy is a better and it plugs veteran. I get the -- bugs it's just did trust me. He is a veteran he has seen stuff that most people are gonna see in their lifetime all right basically the same kind of carnage that happens in war happens in a motor vehicle accident especially if fatal wondered serious injury one. And he was shaken to the ball in the -- By the human tragedy. And I don't think I'm telling tales out of school to tell you that. We both found it especially tragic. That this happened just before Father's Day because that student had a father who will never see that kid again alive. So. You'll forgive me for caring about UB students. I went to UB I graduated from UB. And I realize that you're being indoctrinated. Into the liberals -- actually I candidacy liberal. Progressive slash Communist camp. I hope that someday you'll open up your eyes like a puppy. And see the world is it really is enough through the ivory tower clouded eyes of dill -- overpaid professors. And starts to -- for the real world that is. But until that I'd like to keep you alive. And you you UB students watching off your asses. As you can do more than I can do and as the guy in the radio. Or is it just okay because. Well. Mostly Chinese students anyway who gears. It's 325. And by the way -- -- by wanting this has nothing to do with they'd fractional part of my ancestry -- carry out here. It's a -- And the kid is dead. I'm I'm in a bad about -- upset and angry. And as I told -- earlier the guy who investigated the -- it. You have no idea how much it affected him. You know he's a human being he's one of the most decent people I know on the job. You know he -- I feel the same way about him as a feel about -- -- and this is a man of honor. And he really was upset by this and I and I was too. And I had a -- -- -- downer here but you know I didn't have a chance to talk yesterday and you'll forgive me for having a little oral diarrhea. And -- -- insurer like the sound of that who. -- Understand that to me. It's a good ball the show. Town Hall & Oates live 76ers. Like Tuesday. At -- park I I forgot end well. Concern what -- following the the weather we've got some may ask the thunderstorm activity that could pop up by pretty much any time. And if you get one of those messed the storms and you can safely take a picture. You can do so at the taxis to take the picture and then sent it to meet Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB ENN dot com. -- -- -- Nasty weather pictures. Because. One of those days where we're gonna get I'm sure a lot of information from the National Weather Service basically re telling us what we already know that the weather's gonna be very changeable today. I always stepped outside injured. Yes it it actually you know what when you breathe outside today I think you get enough precipitation in your lungs to actually cleanse them. I don't think that's actually scientifically were medically valid but it sounded good. Well -- -- to get it a couple of things here. You know my original thing was to talk about doctor Pamela brown. Who is now the former superintendent of buffalo schools. And the fact that she gets 238000. Dollars to quit her job. This. Does she deserve it. Seriously an incompetent. Inept buffalo. Who is going to be fired when the new board took over. The old board. Yes it's been called the sisterhood. Decides we gotta give a golden parachute our girl. So she gets 238000. Dollars to get out. Here's what I get. Should I turn in my resignation. From his radio station. I get a dirty look for my general manager a dirty look from my program director. A reminder that I signed a contract to do a job. And a memo saying it. Tom -- that would be the subject. Tom Bauerle is no longer an employee of Entercom buffalo period that's -- get. I don't get 200000 dollars. I don't get a year's pay whatever that would be eight. I don't get a bonus. I don't give a consulting feet. I get enough. I quit my edge up of course there's a fundamental difference between doctor Campbell brown and and may actually a couple of number one. Private sector vs public sector especially education public sector. And that number two I'm competent and she is. So I think the key there is to be incompetent. That's how you get money. In a lumps up. I I find this obscene. I think it is an absolute slapped in the faced every single taxpayer in New York State. Because -- sandy beaches pointed out over and over and over again and I'm glad he does buffalo school funding. Most of it comes from you and me and she looks in Schenectady Troy skinny at least honey -- lake. That's what comes for. Other state taxpayers pump that money in the buffalo schools which have one of the largest per pupil expenditures in the state and fail miserably year after year after year after year. Ranking after ranking after ranking. Now I can't blame all of it on doctor Pamela brown in fact. I don't think I play even accurate or is that a doctor Campbell Brown. I don't I think the system is broken. Because you've got this functional families. And I have had now to my beloved black Brothers and sisters I need your guidance on this because you have told me. 'cause. You know I don't live in the -- You have told me what it's like to live in the hood and try to make something of yourself. And the fact that for whatever reason. Quote unquote black culture frowns upon education as being a white man's thing. And to my beloved Brothers and sisters who were black please understand. I'm about bringing people together not pulling people apart. And I wanna know if that plays a role. In the failure of buffalo schools because it really made the schools are still standing the school buildings are standing five. So what does this school a school is the students the parents of the students the teachers and the administrators that's the school. And there's the larger community context in which that school is located. And if you -- it a community that looks on education as on black. Which I fine. One of the most moronic argument I've ever heard. Then. What hope could there possibly be for buffalo schools or any other school. In an urban setting that is mostly black. So. I'm more interested in knowing. Air if that is a big part of the problem that education is seen as a weighty thing. Is education a cracker thing. And I'm not look folks I'm not doing this to separate people please understand. The reason I'm doing it is -- cars I think if ever gonna make progress. -- understanding people. We have to be honest. With what we are thinking. And this is an honest question I'm asking myself and I'm also putting to you my Brothers and sisters who were black. Is that a big part of the problem that nobody wants to talk about or is it in a problem at all. And I have had over the years a number of people will identify themselves as successful buffalo black professionals say. It's a miracle they got their degrees and live in East Amherst now because of the pervasive. Education is for weighty thing. Mentality in the -- now is this true or is this falls and if it's true then. They could bring in Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday to run buffalo schools and it won't matter. And then and we got to think about reallocate that money to something else like a pedestrian overpass -- Miller's pork and -- and what across maple so we don't see any more students smashed to bits. Bio phone number -- 8030930. And my intentions my heart is always good when I asked this question. And I I always like to make that clear. -- 030 my thirty -- 3180616. WB EN and by the way. When buffalo hires a new superintendent of school. I -- be apoplectic. If it is only going to be. Know white men apply. No we need somebody who's black and preferably with a vagina. We need a black woman to run the schools. Because if that is the mentality you go into this job search work as opposed to we want the best available person for the job. If race and gender and symbolism are more important to you -- results. Well. Now does that mean that there are black females -- Are capable of bringing about substantive change of course not. There are. Are -- available I don't know I don't follow the education draft picks. But I do know this if they're available. Just like any other superintendent there either working somewhere now earning a pretty penny so they're gonna have to be lured away or they've been fired from somebody else in your -- somebody else's used car. I don't. Everybody's been fired in their professional lives except for your humble host who hardly an abortion what do most unstable businesses in the world. So that's one of my areas today. I don't know interest that you are in the buffalo schools. And a lot of people who don't live in buffalo who frankly don't give it. It's like you know what it's Buffalo's problem I worry about my -- schools I worry about my sweet home schools like -- on -- Cheektowaga might marry bill might lack -- My Niagara Falls my star point. And I understand that because schools are local. Those school board elections are local elections and they are important and by the way they should be moved to November. When people actually go to the voting Booth. -- in a better position to do so. But that would just make too much sense. Of course it would make too much cents that's why we don't do. But there are some other things here there are also. Getting my attention. Like the article I just shared with few at least in part. About New York State. Man. She's -- had to reach over and get my beverage -- -- get the phone over to second but I have to take a sip of my. Naturally flavored lemon water out of the -- -- water coolers which you've just been restock them. Then. You realize. I could actually have liked Hungary and -- in this service and nobody would ever know. Seriously. Guys you actually did very long time ago I won't name names but they were pretty popular. If you had -- estimate made for Soviet all right but this article here from Bloomberg. I won -- all do you think that New York. Our state should grant. Citizenship it's. Our citizenship. Two on documented immigrants. First of all I object to the term undocumented immigrants criminal is a better work. Illegal invader is a much more. Accurate description. New York State lawmakers. The clowns we send Albany. Are considering. Granting citizenship. To show -- non citizen immigrants by the way how long do you think it's gonna be some. Non. Citizen immigrants -- really think that's actually hold no it's called a starting point. And then you start chiseling it. Because if they -- all right now they're the opposition but if you're a little bit at a time. You can rationalize it in people's mind -- -- give citizenship to this group that we understand. And then behind closed doors. Six months later they decide -- extended to another group. And then another group and then before long whole enchilada but no racial or food reference into -- is is allowed him. But the article it would grow our granite state citizenship to some non citizen immigrants including undocumented residents. Allowing them to vote and run for office this is insane. Why would you want. People who have no. Legal business right now being here to be able to vote. And to run for office I think we all know the answer to that because it's expected that they will vote Democrat to keep the goodies coming under the New York is whole act. Non citizen residents who have proof of identity. And have lived and pay taxes in the state for three years could apply for legal status that would let some apply for Medicaid coverage. Medicaid you do know that New York State has the most generous Medicaid program in the country. We in New York State outspent Texas and California combined. You know that right. We offer services to people on Medicaid nobody else cuts. Medicaid people have better health plans that you do. That I do. If I told you what I pay out of pocket with medical stuff when -- say this much it's been about ten grants so far this year. Yeah Nokia between me and my kids ten -- out of pocket. Medicaid. Is startling better better folks. Professional licensing to wish and assistance and driver's licenses as well as state and local but not federal voting rights. And they'd also be allowed to sit on a jury. This is actually being considered in Albany my friends. This is nuts. But I would expect nothing else from Albany. Michael leave us a professor at the University of Houston law center who specializes in immigration laws says. It's mind boggling. I don't believe there's ever been a serious attempt to codify so many benefits and opportunities. Now whether he means mind boggling as in that he wants to put his head in a meat grinder or mind boggling as in. This is the best thing ever since sliced L Cohen right -- I don't know. I panel like L -- right -- You know three all -- thirty is the phone number. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. W via Democrat state senator Gustavo very bad. Who's sponsoring the legislation sees it as a precedent. We have the -- here that could be a model of what we need to do across the country. Guys I. Don't even know what to say anymore. We are under a -- -- federal government. We're under a rogue unconstitutional. Federal government. Eric Holder and Barack Obama are criminals. They are traitors to the constitution they swore to uphold. Hot well why would I say such a statement. It gets back to the state of the union 2014 speech we played the sound bite a million times. When you do when you take an oath to uphold the constitution. And then you slapped lawmakers across the face basically what he said was the constitution the separation of powers doesn't matter anymore. You have a rogue and criminal and traders government trader is to its own people traitor to the constitution. To which they swore an oath of allegiance. Now in Albany in addition to Andrew Cuomo who wants to out liberal Obama. We've got this and we're gonna pay for. Money will be taken from your pocket. It and put it illegals pockets for Medicaid. So not only will I continue to get worse medical coverage as a full time worker the people on Medicaid -- taxes will go up to pay for -- And yours -- We lost our minds in this country it makes me sick. 803 on -- thirty star -- 3180616. WB Ian. Are OK I just gonna hit an -- AccuWeather forecast four today showers heavy thunderstorms in the area this evening. Now we might see some hail and damaging winds damaging winds -- -- -- can lookup was that are pertinent that I forgot last week it was all the notes Ringo is next week. Forget -- tonight I anyway cloudy maybe a shower later tonight 68. So basically it rained and maybe Lowell and more rain and and a tomorrow variably cloudy and humid a couple of showers and thunderstorm and eighty. Right now we are looking at any. Five at -- were 85. -- is ready at 930 WB EN joke that master control. And John -- your call screener Joseph I'm sure has an interesting story is it's all about airlines and flying and I've often told you guys flying. Is a giant pain in the -- only do now if I need to go internationally or might have to take a trip that would take more than six or eight hours driving. Because frankly by the time we get to the airport are you -- -- you go through every BS that you got to go through hell literally drive. It go to New York City take the trade Albany get off of Albany. Park at Albany's a train station and take the train in the Manhattan best thing to die anyway we have to break. And I apologize -- rambled what are ramble -- I spoke intelligently Cogent -- concisely and frankly brilliantly for most of the hour. -- double take calls coming up I also wanna get into a lot of other things to -- folks. So. If I haven't touched on something interesting to you yet wait because I share and that's a promise. Its promise to you. Because you must find high fructose corn syrup in.

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