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6-17 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm all for work. She's worked in the district of all right up to administrator. It was an associate superintendent under. William G as to call and is sure college. See things on which it's the most important thing. They're -- about the new and -- superintendent will -- eggs and bill will be talking about him as as time aggressors but. My basic. Problem within this whole change of power thing. Is that we got hosed again. Times we have details before we learn we yeah we got pose with Paris. Cause is under grand and we -- -- with -- Williams. Causes underground and lifetime have 80% liked them actually. Health insurance for him and his family. They never remark that the move here now getting holes with Pamela brown Pamela brown getting to write her own golden parachute. There she had a contract that had page after page of of of cause reasons that she could be a while ago. They didn't use any of that she made the presentation they accepted it. And it was one of those things nobody wants to talk about race here but as one of those things are five black women and four white man on the school board of 07 that true. And that was that as they did it because they could and if they waited and stolen July for July 1 and border be sitting there and -- and gotten. I doubt very much that you would have gotten. So bad that's we have and I I -- the conclusion to be drawn is forget it it's -- you know just like the good old boys network is a good ol' girls network. And they gave her a good -- shopping spree at the taxpayers' expense. For those of you came in light. Yes here's what she got according to standard sent. Her separation agreement exceeds. 238. Thousand dollars it's almost a quarter of a million dollars to say goodbye. It includes glowing letters of recommendation for future jobs five of them. That she drafted. Her self. Her self her she and her lawyer drafted them. And -- the school board has them -- inquiries have made their required to send us and forward one of those five latter's. She got a hundred policy she got her -- or her rug -- -- pay a 101000 dollar bonus. A 2000 dollar consulting. Fees. For taking telephone calls from the district. For a two months. It's 250 dollars away for two months -- take a telephone call from the district. Like they're gonna caller anyway right. Except let's go to lunch. I mean why would you use somebody as a consultant that the couldn't do the job shouldn't consultants being able to a -- performance record that is impressive. And hers is not. 9167. Dollars unused vacation. And their Carl Paladino said it was rammed down our throw. The point is the money is bad enough but to let her dictate the terms. Of her own note letters of you know somebody once a character issue or whatever let her draw those up. And for those of you who don't pay attention. The character issue showed up right away I don't think there's any inherently. Fatal character. Sure but certainly. Dishonesty. Plays a part of it I think it's dishonestly -- dishonest this honestly. When you tell our Albany that yes you'll follow this evaluation programs and now we release all that funding for the buffalo school district. They say yes signature until it no problem were released the funding and she sends out -- and tangible the buffalo teachers federation saying. Well we sent him do it for the money. That. Tell me if that's not dishonest. About lack of judgment. While lacking going to a very important educational conference and in not Albany so she could never picture taken with the president here at UB. How about that for for an issue of of questionable choices showers today. About hiring an assistant that makes more money than she did. And the assistance that most of the other jobs. The assistant Donna Derrick got her through the job performance. And then Monday assistant was let go because of various reasons she was brought back in the middle of the night basic. About that about hiring two people. For jobs that by the nature by the definition they didn't have the qualifications for. But hiring them and then a presenting some aboard the impression that they were certified. When they weren't. And then spending thirteen thousand dollars to get them certified on the road -- certification all of these are big issues. And and it was it a failure it was a cluster and that's what it was. And exchange for that she's gonna get a quarter million dollar package and glowing recommendations. Which makes that linger. So not only do we have to put up -- -- -- where accountable obliged. To pass the word of one agree employees she was this some unsuspecting. School district in the future. I have no doubt bit of a another talk show host and another town's going to be having those same conversation we're having now. Except just change the names of the school districts but that's what it is it's a traveling circus. And the of people on the board thought it was better to pay her and say screw you to the rest of the board because they know if they didn't -- July 1 it wasn't gonna happen. -- Russia throw we got the votes let's give away taxpayer money they don't care debate it simply don't care they got too much money. Let's go to Joseph buffalo -- you're on WB again. Andy and Joseph what do you think. Well what. I think there's. Highway robbery I think that is that. -- There he wouldn't dispute money for a -- From the taxpayers. This whole process is outwardly. Racially motivated and at that -- to alt though. And I felt that -- all the law. They had they're higher. A doctor -- Over. And and -- and -- -- actually. It was obvious that she's not I it's obvious that he's the odd person she's got built here. Well the thing she did where unless you just didn't have me. Knowledge to know they were wrong were absolutely wrong nobody ever called Iran that occasionally we'd find out about the stuff hundreds and drabs. I'm sure there's stuff we don't know now and right to the bitter -- they were determined to give her golden parachute because they wanted to stay and it wasn't in the cards after video elections. -- hit at all and just you know. Really -- It doesn't. I think -- the best way to characterized Joseph is the way you just did and that it does stink thank you will be back with more -- breaching company. Well actually agreement -- books and watched some incredible should global. She and her lawyer wolf a letter attached to the resignation agreement not a -- we didn't like the. So Pamela brown got the right she lawyers wrote five letters of recommendation about them about her they wrote them and the gorgeous talk them. And at face value except that them and I am one revelers here. I I I hope she's not stretching you know her credentials or her accomplishments NC. All while she was one of the golden knights parachute team did you know that. That's fabulous earlier -- issue is before her weight class we have the -- resentment she was the ultimate fighting champion and then this really impresses me. She was up for the role that Barbara Billingsley played yes in Leave It to Beaver she was originally beavers mother. In fact in fact they cast her as the beaver. Until they found out that the latter recommendations you go from last casting director also by the fact that she was not a do you believe that she wanted bigger issue wanted to icons Erez is that you've. You know and so that's where it is when he gets it right surely does get the put your own content and there a step right up. Oh my god this is a circus. In July 1 get here soon enough. And get the change of leadership on the school board what this is obviously. Was a good old club they liked her they were rewarded her for failure with the or money got it that's the way it is. They probably thought she was the -- enough time. Always put upon because she's a woman put a bomb because she's a a black woman and in -- same old drew Drudge. Stuff instead of affected she couldn't do. The job and couldn't follow the simplest rules and that's the way it is -- -- what are -- looks like you know one would question. I wonder they've been looked at terrorism today because when credit is very impressive. But I think it's worth checking. A little late for that on the horses are left the barn but. Might be interesting if they did the due diligence and found out of it were true -- -- A storage they -- a -- JR what if thing. The -- is standing alone. A -- that. This ordered a lot linked via special misfortune -- don't know their names chair Laura they did a good job but one that you know the ones that are. As far as what yeah. -- Iowa. Are up in New York area I want the ball almost all I never numerous superintendent was what I was going to school. Good job I believe education with really good back in the late -- -- it's gone down a whole lot. Well I hope I hope that this is some kind of wake up call what I wouldn't count on that simply because -- usual cries -- -- come out who want to use the same pattern follow the pattern of failure then and then. That vision visual of people on the board of education. They just know what they like and that's that. What are -- more fortunate are another rock and -- what are you got it all right now. Negotiate with the almost also word about the ball or public com. -- -- more -- -- the Bible teachers federation. Media. He's gonna get are what -- what contract actually finally get -- -- importantly what a year now. Yeah I don't know what. Yeah I don't know the status of of of the teachers' contract with -- BA TF the bottom line is the -- TF has their own constituency and it's not the kids it's the teachers so that's what they're looking for. But meanwhile who's looking out for the taxpayer and who's looking out for the children certainly. Not the school board. Nobody had about Iowa and exploit this woman goes to -- If they do not researcher asked that they are. Yup they're gonna get the same thing we got because that they didn't do their -- -- diligence thank you thank you very much. And if you buy it if inquiries about her for future employment and we send out that letter. And Barbara never gold assigned it. That's fraud. That's fraud there has to be some disclosure in that letter. That the contents of that letter were not we're not put together by the person whose name appears at the bottom of it. Now obviously. LeBron can't sign the letter about herself. That's not odd that you can't do that. Her lawyer can't sign that he has no standing in this. So we have Barbara seals never gold signs that. She has made a date of the person receiving it is making in the assumption that these are her thoughts and her words and they're not. I'm not so this deception. This this kind of working in the margins kind of deal. I would I would think that that Barbara seals never go with would understand that and see it and not want to be involved with -- because one of a quote she had. Barbara seals never goal as she was led to believe. By Pamela brown that these two people that were hired that didn't have the certification. Worse certified. So she was deceived. And didn't do her job then why would she put a letter a glowing recommendation letter out under her signature. On top over signature. Because she was the city. Is there no pride are no ethics in this thing. In -- you talk about education department of these the lessons that are coming down from the school board. That yeah I like it was so you right up your own letter and I'll be happy to sign you know anybody that's on that I don't. I don't I was in management for seventeen years I would never do that. That ever anything -- my name on it had to be my thoughts I wouldn't sign up for anybody else may think kids should doubtful the report cards exactly -- But in -- there yeah and their own evaluation sheets. Not -- good teachers don't show. But the teachers. Old right there on a valuation and sign it by the principal. Does that work. So it's just amazing to me it's a shameful as what it is Chris and no wonder you're on WB yen. I think the only time -- when your. You know I'm I'm. I'm gonna try to make this brief I'm not gonna say anything out of line definitely on the radio. You know if you a couple of months ago I called in the Michael computer when he was filling in her. I count the -- and they were talking about the possible school system. And. And that with the gentlemen I don't know if it was a practice so I guess I'd call over the alone there were seen yelling going on Beckett -- -- school board meeting -- -- Or something called Carl Paladino that you know the white he doesn't. No you know eat it doesn't -- -- adults in this -- education kind of thought it was a board member. Or I believe the media was a local activist I think it was a local I am pretty sure. And that -- and movie bad and so a lot. In in Western -- in this country. They have nothing to do with the character of Michael it is because I had mentioned -- you know I really like help out the buffalo school there even though I -- -- I don't want to. I used to live in the city of buffalo and and and you don't want to do what you hear. That they ever to coming from people why do quite ironic only their to a hostile environments. What you bring up a good point because it's us against them we've got the teachers against the school board. We've got the school board really in Adam the superintendent against Albany. And we've got a hostile environment and all of those fronts so it can't be smooth sailing. And and android. A lot of the black people in America don't understand I believe anyway this is just my opinion. Of course is that it's not it's not a white trying to keep blacks down what it. It's the Democrat it is its liberalism. Is keeping people look at -- book our -- -- successfully. If they rit yeah if they really thought it was a racial wouldn't the school board trying to bring him worst people and and not care about the failure instead of holding them to a higher standard and hoping for better results got to -- thank you will be back governments. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- told free life is 1806169236. Game ball to move in a war wounds acceptable to -- and truthful good job in fact sell equities -- it will slow and so I. And fall for the next three weeks. -- or around July 7 what I'll do it. -- Thank you very much. Got into the equipment I was there I was ready to know but -- microphone like it was on but no sound and load testing one's country. Yeah you know it's funny though the -- -- guy. Says that that he was trying to be nice that Pamela -- them mark will be will be felt in buffalo for many years and that right of the next and it exists. A lot of those things though she did in the last few months let's get rid of them a caught our -- that I amazement because we're here. Is in step for instance. In his first request there's a certain leader and he said he liked the board to rescind its vote to close Smart -- the -- school 39 which would displace more than 500 children. Instead of -- MLK into a new medical campus. High school he said into as the -- other acceptable options -- into high schools relocation. Finally -- the board to resent its controversial decision to put middle early college in the same buildings as math science technology prep school. So yeah he's a good we would remember her. But he has. Probably made several surprising announcements -- -- -- that would undo many plans brown had lobbied for in recent months so he's a dish is going to be remembered about. Not buy this stuff. And that maybe he was making a subtle statement that went over our heads. But were asking -- there was this just another sucker deal. In the long line of -- deal for Harris sucker deal for Williams sucker deal for this not for those people but for us. The taxpayers. I think Iowa. Let's go to a re man and see what he has -- -- they -- Emanuel on WB again. The I guess you didn't really well get that -- true. I mean she also didn't feel it's up about. They're prima ballerina or early theater. And it gets darker or are. Nazi at infect this one really amazed me she was Roy rogers' horse trigger. Yes yes I would never have guessed that. Al-Qaeda that accomplished woman doesn't deserve that. Didn't order evolve our. The departing bridge the golden parachute and her -- or -- and improbable. Just amazing to me because all obviously she's -- she's got the power of persuasion and the board. Had been the numbers until July 1 and so a giver what you want. Every I don't know this for a -- and dust that don't yet. But is it possible that maybe she and her lawyers. We're putting out the idea ago offshoot of the complete picture of this. For a long aren't. And so in order true you'll caught the deal and to get it done. They decided to you know give -- like -- what she wanted to secure river. Bed and so. I mean. I don't called that's a possibility. It's sensible guy you're probably -- it sets a bad example we'll tell you why. First Russia as a contract so. That contract was drawn up -- have her lawyers -- the school board lawyers. One would assume that there were several pages. Of a just cause reasons. One what is so immutable looked up to see what was of acceptable. Made that payment instead of this because it these severance wouldn't have been in this generous identity of that because. Her failure guard chain -- has not improved anything I don't know exactly what the languages in the -- but it can't reward that kind of performance. Jim in any broke our trick of morality close. That says it all of a couple players. You know true could really be a judgment and editors. It'll also behavior that -- breached via -- will to note that it's that and itself to be -- true. Took part way it would arbitrage. Even even. The producer of the law fall well. Even a great -- even that letter she sent to the buffalo teachers federation. Saying in essence yes we said we would were we would evaluate you know so we will get the money vote don't -- what I gonna do it that's fraudulent. Big governor himself said this borders on fraud that -- she was just here she had just started they -- fired her for that. Well -- -- quote that -- diagonal ball because before prediction. And unfortunately. You know do fuel the powers -- around here. It's you know it any error any stipulation. Where -- -- involved all should've had a. Just surrender all of them. Put your hands up in the air surrender because you don't wanna be labeled as a racist when indeed these are legitimate issues about job performance. And -- and character you don't write a letter. To the people you're supposed to regulate saying we're going to reg we've said we're gonna regularly but -- -- when aren't going to that's fraud. Are gone good history hey guess what else agreement. Or does it include anybody else. Errol what we be doing the same thing -- and so. No I don't think so either there would be not meanwhile will keep paying off at a 900000. And quarter of a million. As a successive. Failures as superintendent. Because that we feel we owe it to home and I don't feel we -- at all thank you -- Nicholas who threw him a break we'll be back after this under his right and I've voted every via. Adult feel a little we should retain an entire year I think it fiscally irresponsible. -- believe that we should try to negotiate the best deal. Especially knowing that after a lot actually X. In the bubble and it was as a time line here. Budget drew Williams on things that have happened in the history of Pamela brown. And on Christmas see this the problem. We've got to any extra is -- There are away from the actual. Performance. Of the job. They deal with the peripheral the itself males into it and hydrants and ordered him but anyway they deal with the margins they don't deal with the meat of the of the problem instead of concentrating on. Is she doing a good job is she competent is she following the rules are the kids getting I'm getting a benefit of this superintendent said they worry about other stuff. September 19 when he thirteen several women's groups organized a rally on the steps of city at all. In support of brown. Tell me why why would women's groups support a failing. Superintendent of schools because she's a woman. That's it so in other words she can be fair I think it's because she's a woman. Followed by im sure she can't be fairly it's all because she's black we get people. Focusing on the wrong things and she do the job or can she do the job. If she can do the job nobody's won -- Your body will keep your long term deal okay. If she can't do the job you don't want her around but this stand up for because she's a one what's the point what is the point. There's no point to all of that and this is -- fans this is now in the hands. It always ends like this that meant when you get your iron off the prize and you forget that this is about education it's not about a person was not about race. It's not about color creed or anything like that. All right it's about performance on good job he can't do it -- looked. And when you're away from that this is what happens. Victim. Angola Vic -- on WB. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is honestly okay. As far as I'm concerned. There's the governor made a statement that. And conservatives. Might be borderline for Udonis presented. Well he has an attorney general in this state that we pay a lot of money to -- New York State attorney general. Why wouldn't you order him to investigate just bozos what deflating. And from that. Result of the investigation. Here at all maker offers you can't refuse to appreciate lying in the fuselage doesn't have anything to. That's a good point whether it's Schneider men in an Albany. -- are -- or whether it's on a national level if there is something that is wrong that's why you have an attorney general I don't know why it never wanted to further than that I remember the headline above one of those he said it's borderline fraud it should have been investigated but if it was we never heard about it. Failure should not be. -- -- hello yes go ahead the other should not be black and white as soon as the ball. Our demonic okay big tax payers and the and the page. -- On the -- uses got into trouble. The the monster was they treat it like it was their own personal piggy bank and that's -- memorabilia private company went public. What that's what they're doing here -- this taxpayer supported school money they're treating it like it's their own piggy bank. They like her she's going away let's give her a quarter of a million dollar package to leave. Candy what I want to school we had -- also -- probably is a romance on Sunday at what those actors sitting over young but. You know I'm all of those city forty years ago but -- -- explosions going you know I -- select. Well I think -- video award is for over the rest of us to Vick thank you world sick about it. Guys it's a pretty sad situation. Why they didn't investigated that point I don't know but it was it was clear a letter was written for crying out. So there is evidence there but they didn't do it but who knows why it may be for political purposes maybe they don't wanna embarrass the brown administration. Even though Byron probably don't know much to do this they don't oversee the schools. I'm -- -- lot of mayors would like to but they don't. And so the bottom line is it goes on the beat goes on the same stuff. And though who knows how well along from here will be talking about the next superintendent. -- gets paid off because they can't do the job because there were hired for the wrong reasons. They don't have the the ability to do it meant when it's discovered that they don't nobody wants to be in politically incorrect so I suggest you -- robot. The doesn't have any groups or robots on the sit City Hall steps protest thing you're only doing it because it's a robot. That's always that's -- -- so ago. Now it's the twentieth anniversary of the OJ Simpson deal. And I -- -- -- two guys and myself what our thoughts were and OJ when I was in Milwaukee when that broke and I was shocked. To the core I only met OJ like three or four times. And -- seem like France and everybody I know that cruel and body was the best that nobody. That I know of a -- OJ including including. A former players. Had any thing bad -- form they thought it was a great guy and for this to break I was totally shocked what did you think when you first heard. I was absolutely -- on I think we have a softball team that night and you know found out what was going on. And I watched it in just total disbelief. That that this was happening yeah I would do and believe it -- eucharist when you -- the sounds of us when I was eleven years old. I hate to aggressive -- -- called he's and I morgue in Milwaukee I do remember a co -- I remember just watching the chase because my parents are watching the most even or completely transfixed by the entire situation. And I sat on the couch with them and I want to -- the news and I just remember -- The -- I found it fascinating because as as a kid I didn't understand why they were going so slow. And why the cops just sat back a minute there's an octagon and there was it was weird because I knew OJ Simpson wasn't -- mural that was that was to believe. When collings was saying you've got to back off he's got a gun to his head that's what made it's a fascinating here is one of the biggest superstars we have an America. And their college -- driver you know it was almost as driver. Pamela brown but colleagues doctor out of it he said not -- you don't need this terrorism. And I'll collings is driving it and when he said he has a gun to his head. That note that really heighten the detention. Yeah I was I was scared for OJ. Obviously pick and there's no way he could've done this you know that and they've they've got the wrong man he's as you know because I grew up. I don't normally I march next to him in a parade when I was playing little league football and this is one of my heroes as just totally. Blew me away -- during a Monday Night Football game on TV and I was producing it and he was on Monday Night Football which is only a couple of both the way. So I decided I'll give it a shot I went over to work to where it wasn't as it when your when he got a few minutes -- come over broadcasting. And he came -- as wonderful wonderful god everybody loved him. And at the thought that he would be involved with something like that was solid warrants and made. Because you have your heroes and he was one item for all of us because of his as it is. Ability to put buffalo on the map of football -- and then the trial. I watched every day of it because I was doing mornings in Milwaukee and as soon as -- Rama watched it. And it was very disappointing. Because there was no question he should have been found guilty anybody with any kind of rationality could see it's impossible for him not to be guilty and a lot of off. And that was the beginning of some very bad times in my mine. Yeah I want a five dollar bad habit because bad. Greg read that -- penalty would get off and I'm in -- did you collect yes. A bullet hole five yes that could -- I think Greg's -- against me and I believe in installments and the company trades and derivatives. Restaurant -- the offer trade you have to celebrate matched or. I'll argue Chris what about the trial aspect of -- about thirty seconds. Odds the trial was just a big circus for a mom my memory. You know even as an eleven year old Jett and there -- that we we even -- I was in middle school and they had the trial on during middle school. I remember watching the vertical live and there's one professor who was just obsessed with the fact. That always it was innocent. And he went crazy he celebrated in jubilation it as the verdict was right. Is amazing you the next day on the air I really had to be measured because I was really disappointed. But it's our assess -- assess them sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I that about wraps it up. We'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on news radio 930 we are WB yes. -- well. Which they never have to music these.

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