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6-17 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Going forward and quality netbook. -- -- like the resignation agreement that student government trench. That is now of course Carl Paladino. I mean it's highway robbery is what it was. Two superintendents ago we gave superintendent Harris a 100000 dollars on the bus ticket get out of town. In the last superintendent was James Williams we gave him -- 100000 dollars. -- at a bus ticket and lifetime health insurance this one this time this superintendent were. Others would. Coach kills the time it approaches the total agreement approaches a quarter of a million dollars. And it includes among a year's pay it includes a 101000 dollar bonus. A 2000 dollar consulting. -- All right a consulting fees for taking calls from the district. Also unused vacation 9167. On that. Now you tell me why she should get a 2000 dollar consulting fees to answer the phones through our targets as anybody got a caller. Just another way to throw more money in there and this is that it was rammed down our throats according to Carl Paladino and he's exactly right. And I think it's a disgrace. Paladino said according to send -- article he's most upset that her letter of resignation -- or her resignation agreement. Includes five letters of recommendations signed by the president Barbara seals never goal. Which speak below and she was reelected the board violent which speak glowingly of Brown's character skills and accomplishment. Well when are gonna argue about her character -- nothing to make -- believe that she is not a good character. Her skills obviously are not well home because she didn't accomplish the goal. And it may -- the skills were not applicable to this location but I don't know if we can rave about her skills and -- -- -- Accomplishments. Why the -- do you think she's going. What kind of accomplishments. Are you talking about her posture has improved since she's been she -- time wise I mean come on. One question about the letters he said this is Paladino he was not happy that she presented five letters. A recommendation. And too hard. To hand out when she was gone that she wrote you can't make this stuff up. When he questioned the letters he said he was told directly of the letters were drafted by brown and her lawyer. How ridiculous is that she -- never gold. By the way did not return a call obviously. I'm too busy too busy doing favors for is somebody that she obviously likes. The resignation agreement requires the district provide one of five pre written letters of recommendation to any prospective employer who asked about -- service. But it does not prevent district officials from providing quote other truthful information. In response to any follow up inquiry so another words. If they send if they ask for a letter to board is required to give them one votes. But they haven't muzzled the board in case as a a follow up. Oh really how Washington this and then they can answer truthfully. But why would they put themselves in that kind of a position paying the kind of money they're paying for the year. Our failure. This is what we pay can you imagine success this looks like the golden parachute is somebody like Mulally from Ford should get. Somebody who came and have a great job and improvement of every area every aspect of the business this is not. The severance package for failure. This is just outrageous. OK let's go to John on a cell phone John -- on WB yeah. I'm a member -- or our port. Five. At a comedy white more. And ordered up well. You know she's a black. But he -- but you like this but you're right the right. I'm thinking bit of a -- are they -- her personally. And they're letting their personal opinion on their personal feelings for her. I'd get in the way of their rent their duties as a member of the school board especially the president in the school board I think yeah I think she and her personal relationships were reflected in this package. Well. Yeah I think your your you know I -- idly -- and I admire your thought because I think it has merit -- you. Remember nobody wanted to talk about it but how is aboard divided before July 1. Okay there's 99 on the board -- -- -- boys and girls this would be a good math lesson for buffalo schools system -- students. If the board had nine people. And five of them were black females. And four of them were white males. And they voted along those lines. Would everything they voted on be dominated by the five as opposed that before. Not hard to figure that out now this vote was seven it's true. OK so at least nobody of staying. It's seven to two and though we don't know. Who those other toolbar that crossed over to voters have voted for this but we -- hear that they have the new guys the temporary guy. Said they had -- drag this out. It's it would have you know not been among I've been good for the district it's better to adjust move forward that's what they always. They always say that in our -- OJ said that after -- kill those stupid well you know this is a terrible thing for -- to do but. To sign -- move forward. That's it -- next time he let the healing begin. That's that that that's the most applicable statements it's easy to say when it's not exactly. That's exactly right. Don't they have a responsibility to guard the taxpayers' money. When they're handing out money like this they're saying screw the taxpayers and if you're wondering if it's any of your money yes it is. Unless your your your you know from another planet 80% of that billion dollars is paid for by state taxpayers. I think that the city only praise -- I'm not -- around 6%. And it comes from all governmental sources so that's the way it is that makes. I I've always contended that the reason they handle money like this. Is because they got too much of it if they were really watching. If they are really watching the pocketbook which they should. They wouldn't make a deal like this they would have gone. Two of a just cause a section find out if there was any applicable money besides the accrued vacation or things like that. And that's the deal. And your fire. God -- a nice person got a nice smile but Europe failure. But they won't do that they won't do that simply because maybe they feel she was wrong. Maybe they felt she didn't have enough time who knows what the excuses are but that's what they are excuses. But as I said if you really wanna enrich yourself. Become a failure in Buffalo's educational establishment. And you're gonna get Richard -- 'cause they'll find out eventually it just by bumping into the wall which are not working out too well. And then -- shower you and reward you with parting gifts. Great deal if you can get it will be back -- more -- beach company. It is a game gumption moving ahead will is acceptable to me back into the -- good job. In fact that like each other extreme emotional. Out on site. Actually go for the next three weeks you'll be there alone July 7 will on the -- in. I have to laugh and a couple of things. They're they're giving her -- she asked for -- mature and additional 2000 dollars to be available. To consult by phone until August 16. Now that is let's see this is a problem -- June 16 that's actually the seventies solar orbit close. So you go from June to July 2 Argus leader at eight weeks there 2000 dollars. For eight weeks answering the phone anybody ready to answer the phone for eight weeks for two -- and I've later date as is outrageous it really is and you know the rest of his deal especially with the letters of recommendation being written by her own lawyer in her. Not even edited by the yeah by the school board it reminds me of you know when your cousin tried to fix you up with big girl that nobody wanted to take out. And he's trying to make all -- the best points he can come up with the make the sales and you'll say OK and finally when he sees is not working he says. But she's really a good dancer when you heard she was a good dancer you know there was -- she sure gonna do it. Why why don't they put that a lot of letters of recommendation. She really is a good dancer and that -- say at all won't it. Nobody has any problem whether character very nice lady I'm sure but inept not competent. Did not do the job and now we got to send out letters of recommendation glowingly. Are. Got to -- me as a city have no shame. As the city of no liability is a question I would ask if you knowingly. Send out something that you agree -- and it's under your name. Barbara seals never gold says this is the best thing. I think it's Barbara seals never -- a version of saying screw you know here's -- a giver. And we're gonna do it before July 1 -- a new boards it's and they wouldn't prime apps do that's the attitude. I'd stand at Rochester stand on WB yeah. Most -- Well it seemed like we never. We're talking about school districts you mentioned -- in the context of government. And I watched it being. Industry corporation. How in the world can you hire achieve old. Without citing your country at three million a year a million dollar bonus guaranteed at the end of the year. Five million dollar severance and yeah in this article -- yet. Well outside you'll usually ago when your hiring somebody by their past performance. And you look at the records and it's important to talk to former employers if she had similar he had similar jobs. And you you roll the dice from there because you never know with the same chemistry is going to exist but with best. She's leaving for a reason she's failed. And I'm putting those the cities okay on this package by even sending out her. Her letters of recommendation that she wrote is just totally irresponsible. -- -- it is strange because you know it would cooperation de -- board of directors -- are actually yields. We edit CEO here that all of whom Motorola I can make in the name lived and -- -- took the company plane home every weekend his wife wouldn't be caught -- here. And you also rolling codec again and now we went and see what another corporation and rolling up. Welcome back isn't a tough spot I'm no expert on this -- especially with the advent of cameras on telephones. And an ability to work as send the pictures. Through the Internet their home when he got there it was a tough smug what I did best job they -- -- The times had changed thank you Pakistan. Yeah so I'm I'm asking former superintendent Pamela brown is this Groundhog Day. When we said goodbye to superintendent Harris we gave them a 100000 dollars. And the Boston. And they always said by the superintendent Williams we gave him -- 100000 dollars and lifetime health insurance for him and his family. And it was 80% of it actually but that's and that's close enough for or shoes. That's always good for him as a jump deals accidents one. I think this one does have some racial overtones so -- really do it's quite obvious it's not judged on merit how could you justify this judged on merit. Tell me how you could do that -- I'd like to inherit. I'd like to -- Barbara seals memorable stand up and say here's the reason we think she is worthy of this. And day and enlist the merit of what has what has improved. Under or a watch I'd like to see that Atlantis. And they -- can't. Maybe it was the way she told the state she was gonna do something to give money in them are now the that alone would be enough to get her disqualified and probably fired. The state at a program which they said OK if your sign on for -- a valuation program. We can release all of this money to your school that your. So she says okay will do and and that sends the information back to Albany. And so now the school district's gonna get that money from Albany because they promised that this. And she sends. Information. To the buffalo teachers federation teachers' union saying. We said due to give the money to them or when they'll -- That's fraud as a matter of fact the war. By Andrew Cuomo said that bordered on fraud. He used the word fraud. And maybe he said bordered on because he didn't feel like getting into a big legal battle as the weather is technically it was fraud or not but if you promise to do something for X amount of money. And then you'd take. But money and don't do it you have broken and yours a vote the letter of your contract and in this case you broken no law. So that's how she started she started like that I wonder if they're putting that in the letter of recommendation. Don't you think that a new employer. As the era has the duty to find out truthfully what they former employer thanks now I know in today's litigious society. Most employers won't even give you. A recommendation yet urinate the -- Lola confirmed yes -- Joe Schmo. Worked for us as -- -- blah blah -- from this date of his statements although -- Because they don't wanna -- caught up in litigation. So that's exactly what happened here is the fact that she rolled around latter's. So you tell me how -- Legal especially since if we send it to somebody and she fails miserably and there on the hook for it -- thousands and thousands of dollars. If they look back at that letter and then -- and find it was knowingly. Knowingly. Not. Not the opinion of the person who signed off on it but indeed the opinion of her and her lawyers that fraudulent so. So what kind of what kind of precedent are we sending here. It is a very very. This tasteful situation. Because to me and you know would you say Davis and not many people would say it. This is away of her saying. Look. We think it's personal we like her so screw you that's just the way it is. Certainly not responsible governance. We'll -- back we're more -- between company or asking. Former superintendent Pamela brown as it's Groundhog Day that we keep doing this over and over and over again what we're looking for for the next superintendent. -- -- more than mess. It's good for her what about the taxpayers and those of us them just have too much money they're blowing it like they got more money than my -- will be back up service. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- that call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Adult killer blow -- we surely payment higher here it was fiscally irresponsible. I believe that we should try to negotiate the -- deal. Especially now that -- a lot actually. By the way the incoming board president James Sampson said he thought the agreement terms. Weren't worth further debate it would've dragged on he said and we couldn't have spent our time focusing on what was going on in the schools on the transition. I thought it was in the best interest of the schools to a pro service and move forward so every time -- I get in front of a microphone or camera. They always poor mouth they need more money need more money may need more money but we're giving this woman a package worth nearly a quarter million dollars and I guess we just have to. Move on oh by the way are meant to tell you that those is that Bob if you allowed cinema Bob he'll be on channel 7 tomorrow morning. About 615 -- Mike Randle. And -- for their longtime friends and go get a chance to do what they do channel 7615 tomorrow morning. Cinema bobbled Mike Randle and may I say this. Cinema Bob is one of the noted film critics of Western New York. He is a long time well thought -- film review work. And his children are extremely Smart and his wife is beautiful and the dog never embarrasses them. On the couch when companies there. He told me he wrote that facility is just so that on this thing. Well as either the dollar -- on the dogs incapable of its. And. -- so audio like the fact that I think with the outgoing failure of a superintendent wrote her own letters I mean patio like that. And maybe when they're talking about great character issue. If they weren't talking about her accepting the deal from Albany and then telling the people who deal's most affected don't worry about organs -- money but we're not gonna do it. Are made me hiring two people that were not qualified by definition. I knowingly hiring to be able not qualified for definition giving the impression they weren't qualified and that spending thirteen thousand on their college. Catch up classes so they can become qualified. Or maybe it's -- and assistant who made more money than you did so she could do all the work. Mean maybe those are good character issues don't you think I wonder if there in the letters or when she says she couldn't handle the job yourself -- or when she went to see the president and today's social function. In here at UBU instead of going to Albany where they had a critical. Meeting on education. She went and got her picture taken with a president maybe that's a character issue -- you know what I'd like to -- a bicycle letters. I would love to see the letters now I don't know if that comes in Libya confidential personnel file. Or if -- as where her employers. We the -- taxpaying public I'd like to see with the letters I'd like to see how she wrote about herself would -- be great to write stuff about yourself. When that it's called -- -- and -- lot of little enhancement but let me ask your. -- employer. That should -- straight stuff and their employers should disclose that was an annual letter by your request per our contract. Agreement with her written by her and her lawyer but the disclaimer and there's other networks. OK let's check with Isabel and Toronto Isabelle you're on WBM. Hi Andy. In story is fuming about this for ages. 'cause you know some woman got on and -- -- rationing. Over years station. And it went on and on and I'm and it sounded like. She and her husband talks collapsed all across the country. And I thought to myself good grief didn't anybody wandered just being on. Yeah I while she was very an astronaut -- I have it I have a few years ago policy issues and astronauts use on the Mickey Mouse club to the mosque it's here. She you know was a champion swimmer -- dog just make you know. She's been all all over the place. And I guess you know all -- -- tax -- at all these previous employers with the same feeling you're getting. Now it seems like she's simply she's good at it because they didn't have to take that route but you know I didn't want to do I think they didn't want to because they didn't wanna be labeled anything while you -- desert 'cause she's a woman or your pick an answer because she's a black. Woman I don't -- -- bother with. Robbery. I think I'm a mask pentagon were probably. Because nobody gets a deal like this without that the Roosevelt at duke. -- -- I mean I don't like us today Keokuk Iowa day waiting Indo us superintendent. Guy just got this resume at this moment. Okay -- pretty impressive credentials. Let's go let's check what the buffalo school insurgency -- what -- cover because that she might be just personally and so they ave you make an inquiry and they get. A letter. That'll do that now that it's one of five letters. Written by her and her lawyer. Surprise surprise surprise and then some Keokuk Iowa talk show host. In about two here is going to be saying the same thing we're sitting here. Okay it's a traveling traveling show that traveling circus is what it is. Well let's hope that they don't just go on the letter that they make a few phone calls. Maybe talk to some people -- actually in the district and then find out that their letters -- -- by a scam. And I've I think they should do is a contacted the educational establishment and Albany. And see what they think that we variances thing because they're the ones again. Scammed on that yeah now we'll give you the money if all you agreed of the evaluation and and ever tell of people missiles to be evaluated. When. -- adjustment or are well -- out we have this huge conference goes. It was a disaster what's going on Wednesday and she and come she had her picture taken with the presidents. I'm sure you'll see at her desk if -- ire. For friends are gonna go with two and yeah I'll answer the friends and family discount. And she -- for 2000 dollars. For answering the telephone. Through the fifteenth. Now I just it's a -- through the fifteenth of August here's the -- All right chances are that calls would be if there were any they would come during Monday through Friday okay. You know that is it's fifty dollars a day. To stand by and not beautiful and bring. I don't -- I did if you give me fifty dollars I want as -- opponent either and I probably could give you is good devices. And and I'm not even an educator. I'm not even -- educated actually welcome back what are with the age W but when it does seem let my resin makers I wrote it will be back after this. I'm happy it's over I'm happy week and will not. Happily let -- election center -- Just reminder if you miss the -- the newsmaker interviews with Susan and Tim Tim and for John today. There on demand on those WB and -- com also we post every day of my show occasional if they hear it here that's on the man and and Tom -- show as well. I'm Tom returns today after a well deserved day off so he returns and if you wanna check here as. -- -- and that's where nobody that's a good part we are available at your Beck and call. It is that Beijing government and I'm sandy beach or target about this deal that I believe it. Think the conclusion I can come to is that the school board as to whom much money and buffalo too much because they just throw it around and they don't care they don't care they just thrown around and this is a good example. So I'm asking good example good example of a good deal for her but what about the taxpayers. And does the system have too much money if they really really were tight on money they might use it more appropriately. Let's go to John in -- and John here on W via. John. And you said. -- -- All the time and am raptors to -- -- it just really glad that other board members that. Through their political identity chickened out because another local. I don't know -- period that Mike -- No and that's about it and the gap -- but it was. Well you'll and I are both getting frustrated -- thank you very much a guy never -- I mean how can sign off on letters of recommendation written by the person. How do you do that. And are you telling me. That if they said no we can't do that we'd like you personally but we have to be responsible for anything that comes out under our masthead. And when I sign off on these letters people have to know that's my opinion -- that's shameful. It's just shameful never gold doesn't care she you talk about the pass through she doesn't care she was willing to accept them on face value I wonder she even. Who now is I'd like to rate -- tell you that. If this politics in this was something that the Republicans. -- pulled off you would hear. The good old boy right now -- -- themselves. -- -- you're not gonna see that now simply because people think you're racist. Because remember. The last superintendent Williams said that the next superintendent. Should be a black because they understand the culture. A more of the predominant number of students in the school system. Well all I can say is Paris was black and it didn't work Williams is black and it didn't work and now Pamela brown is black and it didn't work. So apparently back culture arguments carry -- way it is. I want a person they can get through and get the job done on a person who maybe has expertise and in the management and handling the right people and things like that instead what what kind of people would she handle. People that were not even -- qualified by definition to be in the job. Of people that that they let go on one day and then in the middle of the night -- back. If these are character letters of vision left behind let's go to bar in west Seneca partner on W via. Yes I don't find I obviously -- even the next school district. -- -- these letters from were probably bound. To do and no letters out however. I'm sure -- girl and then. New administration at least a particular phone call from a effective. School districts. Where bounds -- -- -- we're down to hand out a letter that you wrote. However. I would check with state Education Department now you have wanted it a little paper that's a good point. Good to see -- Another school district -- -- organ. Educator kids and help them take this as a good example we should not so true they're -- that it is written. -- yeah I especially in education that's a bad example to set and she started out right away when she first or provost thank you Bart thank you very much. Now okay -- US the buffalo school district for a letter because your interest in -- hiring. The you know this woman for a job in your school district. When the letter goes to the new school district. It can't be signed by her. It can't be signed by her lawyer. It would have to be so assigned by Barbara seals never goal isn't that inherently dishonest. If you didn't write it should it be notified so there's some disclosure that this is not your thinking. This is the thinking of the person you're referring to. I mean that that's just plain IST forget all of the other crap about education and culture and that's that the other crap is this the coach anyone -- that -- on for so. The dishonest culture is this what you really want. If the letter goes out under her name under Barbara seals never -- that's just dishonest there's no other way to describe it because sheet and -- unless. -- had a dream I have a dream that I wrote me Barbara seals never goals I wrote a letter I'll vote recommendation. For Pamela ground. When she presented her letter. It was a miracle. Was exactly the same. Word for word. I thought I thought. This is an amazing coincidence. Yes I Barbara seals -- -- wrote this letter. But she had the same thoughts. You you -- -- that I don't think so is that the same never gold who believed Pamela brown and didn't bother to check the certification. Exactly employees got more qualified. Ever even said publicly she was led to believe they -- certified. Its on now she's setting out a letter under her name. It says that you can trust this woman she wouldn't trust there. -- I mean I think that short about being. Taking a wagon with snake oil on it. I'm happy to say she's moving on to another district and let them go there but we shouldn't be. We shouldn't be at aiding and abetting. Idea the farce. That is Pamela brown. Plain and simple that's the way and its she failed. She shouldn't be rewarded handsomely for failing this the kind of package of somebody who's successful. Not somebody. Who didn't get it done. Will be back what more would be agent company a wanna hear from you. Does bubbles have too much money and a school system to be blowing like this remember the package together came to nearly a quarter of a million dollars. You gotta be kidding. No I wish we -- will be back.

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