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6-17 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell all hello on his beach and governor and I'm sandy beach and -- Just wondering Tony and Chris I daughter Susan rose goes through the same procedures that we do for critiques after the show. I mean she's married to -- we have for protection. As a contract that's that I would ever get lawyers involved to have to have any Jews were -- and all I have a feeling she has the upper hand on that one and then there's region companies. Can you imagine that critique are heard that a twenty break it was a little rough on Zaria and -- Try using that Iran the I don't critical critique comes our way -- we we have that ammunition now I'm glad that -- said in today. It was a little husband wife deal and do you believe he brought in donuts today he brings and donuts yeah yeah are steamed -- traffic reporter brought in -- to show off through the boss -- -- zone I mean come on you know that's all -- job security aware that the -- during their all and if I were you like get him before pocket gets here. Pocket is like a chipper shredder. You know chipper shredder -- would -- everything including wood at times under Stalin. You can -- -- -- And now we have a guest and her name is Maria amidst the act. The reason I have it phonetically spelled out is she's never call that she's called the lovely Maria and she has from west Meyer mark and industry hello Maria. Hello I think you've been -- into production and we usually see on the TV commercials Europe there west of -- -- -- always always a pleasure to see you. And a big event coming up Friday. First of all I'm really surprised when I found out the west in my Martins of the dental practices. Eighty years old and doctors west of -- look incredibly good today announced -- Think you see -- -- Actually Lester mayor -- actually western -- don't -- started in the 1930s with -- the current doctor west of Meyer's grandfather well. And then his dad was a dentist in -- and now actor Scott obviously you know partners with doctor Jeff Martin. And doctor Scott has three kids and. They're big hearing the opium -- Andrea let's say you're growing your own practice -- that's really got I wanted to as the sons of the event as well it was like going to I'm sorry that you try to -- bureau way. Now on Friday you have an event going on west -- -- -- it's quite extraordinary. Because this is a totally volunteer event not only with the doctors about with the technicians in the office staff and everybody who's working Saturday. A Friday and everybody is working Friday. Is doing it on a voluntary basis it's called dentistry from the heart tell us about well. Since our tenth annual dentistry from the heart. We started its. Ten years ago obviously and what we do is we clearance schedules for regular patience. And we invite -- community to come over anybody who. Low income who can't afford dental care we it's for -- -- certain doors open at eight where -- till four. We have four doctors we have six I -- we have fifteen rooms that we work out of and if you are in need of down here and you just can't afford it we asked you come -- and down doors open -- people I will say people do lined up this early as four or five. I was gonna ask you that four or five Missouri the only the only solo line and these are our -- -- went well originally we started this back in February and because the lines were so line we decided to move to June so the weather is a little -- about treating cavities of -- at the same time now I don't know. But we we offered clean the check -- X rays extraction spellings we take care of pricing emergency cards -- And if if you if you are broke that down well -- over 700 patients at time out almost a quarter of a million dollars so it's a substantial contribution. To the community. As you see the people standing in line for this is this your feeling -- this the first NC they've seen in Venice and along time. Some have some -- -- yet to decide whether they want to eat or get -- to Cincinnati deal with the pain. Some innocent people use us as a bared down and so we see the same people of the year and all Erica we are -- to analyze this. Three to -- from the heart. We worked hard but we we used the early enjoy it that's our passion -- to deliver down here people line that's what we do. And you don't ask for any proof that where it's at a certain income level you just take the award for. We and peoples and let's go to bed I mean it's a wonderful thing to do. Thinking how much dentistry has advanced. In the last several decades you would think fifteenth have the teeth in the grow the same way in the things that are bad form have always been bad form. But basically. Dentistry has grown to have a lot more options and against. And I mean so many new areas in new avenue. Pain is practically nonexistent anymore. If you look outside of my two favorites. Nitrous and no McCain and I can happen. There are other ways ago how do you explain that was its research and development today we can do this would never gonna -- -- You know I think there's been if I'd been with a lesser -- Martin for nineteen years and I've seen tremendous tremendous advances in not only the technology that's available -- into history. Things that used to take two visits two weeks apart like coming with a broken teeth. Used to take two weeks to visit snow we do that in an hour using -- -- credibility and a 3-D printer. I'm doctor Louis and I told me it's a new technologies coming on board Wear dentures will actually be printed in a three. -- printer really out of material that is so strong and so beautiful it's it's incredible so it's very very exciting. And the other thing that we're learning now is that. Then when you haven't -- in an -- doesn't just stop at the jaw line it goes through your whole body suing you have a healthy amount. People feel better they feel more energetic. It affects their home -- Well you know I think a lot of people take a superficial look at dentistry by oh look at the beautiful teeth and that's all I think about but you just brought up. If you RT they're not properly aligned and things like that for chewing biting going all the things we have to do them a manufacturer your whole body and your whole general -- Absolutely if you can't shoot chief -- if you can't chew your food properly. All of it digestion has to take care has to be done in your stomach and that creates stomach aches and all sorts of digest of people don't realize that. People who are missing teeth in the back yet to choose their front teeth and then what happens is those teeth -- -- mean 222. So they start breaking and we see a lot of lot of parents like that and it's amazing. Hollow how much are self esteem is involved with -- RT. Years ago I broke the truth at 4 AM on Easter morning. In the front okay. I felt like hillbilly I didn't want anybody just pay me this is well you know years and years ago. And it was just something like that and yet when you have -- well look like yours oh or just -- -- It it gives you a self esteem and perhaps help you and your job search and all kinds of things owed good dental health is one thing the dental health appearance is quite another. All my -- -- we hear people tell us all the time. Only guys I knew there having the smell is important but I never realized how much it was going to change in my life. I can actually smile at people they smiled back at me I can be confident when I'm talking to people I don't have to worry about are you looking at my missing -- in that area. And so yeah. So first thing people tell us all the time thinking it's -- lights -- Well by New York State law are you allowed to have those -- and that and that and that appearance and smile at the same time. But now it's -- Yeah. I think. As well as -- has said it'll be this Friday eight to four. They've done all over 700 patients already country ago almost a quarter of a million dollars is called dentistry from the heart. You better get there early is that some of them lined up as early as 4 AM. At the office and these are gridlocked and I hope it's very successful again this year. He's seen as Maria emits the act that I said right yes they are kept that from last year I wrote it down just look at because nobody calls. You'll caller the same thing the rest of -- dollar -- Maria. They will be back what more -- beach and company and I have my -- my teeth were brushed it looked at it coming. And testing not a Maria's but not bad will be back after this well we're back in the saddle again or not. I'm feeling good I guess we showed them we showed those at least those guys some guy got they can't push us around not. One what was scored one total one. Over nation of seventeen a no way we -- not favored right. No no no way of couture via the -- what we want the reason we are the underdog when it comes of the World Cup in in an anybody we -- look at replay. That we would be favored like Canada mainly grease a grace and I recall it's time Japan. The Ivory Coast the more embarrassing to lose them yet even fewer people but anyway we won I'm so excited about it I don't like you remind Apple's -- I was extremely excited have been nine -- York. You're the only one I know. It's excited but they show pictures of people are excited the front page at about one the other day they showed. Eight people or really excited because we keep getting fed that this is like the thing and and I guess they gather everybody together that they can't see weekend TV knows is really interesting because they'll have these events. And -- seven people there. And that they keep a tight shot on it because they -- 37 events every weekend. And so what did you do to celebrate is about -- pop bottle of champagne or something -- -- -- pretty loud in the house and act as scared Samantha. You scared the baby -- you scared the baby because of soccer yes what kind of a father are you put out. Now I'm telling your -- is is more aligned with me I mean he is halfway between you and me. He's a fan but not a super fan like you are your fanatic yes you just play inquiries I loved look I know -- of the World -- you live for the cup. That means every four years ago real excited about something -- much like your love. Our -- And and George they play more often you should have sex more often and there's Olympics on television. I think that the court and out there a summer and Winter Olympics and it's every tour as it works better not your push to talk. Yes that well you feature the downhill and and abroad jumping -- but that's what I was a couple. As you watched that but -- not as fervent as he is so what was Europe and you know. They played well via if you look at the stats they got out shot and the possession it was more in favor got a but. Soccer's weird normally the team has the lead you kind of see him hang back a little bit because oftentimes. One goal is only it is not like hockey where you go one -- you probably only more than just one goal to get it down by dumped in soccer -- -- when one not the people there all the time. The reasons I know that perhaps more people a fervent about it than I am ms. Wasn't that long ago that there was an official. And who obviously made a call that the hometown crowd didn't agree now what do we do here we might boom. Now you -- we might throw -- paper -- that. Out of my -- ice. Batteries and -- whatever we have a handy that's the worst thing we do not think it. They -- not exactly official they decapitated. Him. His head was separated from his body now that's taking the game a little bit too serious not the first daddy's top news story other people I've been -- into the -- that means a bad call me on the all who are. More serious that I take college game. And there's a -- there and you kick a ball through it hope the other guy doesn't stop it for that they've made long ago. Was that Mussolini because I've seen those icicles warlords who documentary. It was time winners -- His girlfriend upside down biography and yes they should -- -- the way you want ago and they threw stones that even if it's free -- night I don't think it. Hijackings and try to get gas that day at. Well what's that there hanging Mussolini's by -- -- number three you have to pay in front of the lord. What is -- -- -- what I think why I think it's remarkable with the US doesn't Chris and I were talking about this one -- is that when you watch you know you know England Germany Italy. The best athletes in those countries are on the soccer is soccer -- United States were won a fourth fifth down for as far as. You breaking down where athletes call me obviously the pastor in the NFL he MBA. If you imagine a somewhat like Barry Sanders and had he taken -- soccer I would get emotional yet what his moves he would have been ridiculous. -- what is prized in soccer speed agility. I'm in need yes speed and agility are got to the first don't ask all right and so basically they height. Yeah they've basically irrelevant on the feeling that the law. Yeah that it okay. That's worth -- decapitation appointment and -- it seems like it's you can get a red card. Yeah passing a bad boy and -- sit out the next -- a red card is for bad behavior on the field yes that's better than getting your head job that -- you given a choice red card or decapitation and I'm going. Red card you know we'll remember. Go back if it was 1986. Either 86 or ninety USB to Colombia Colombia players scored on his own goal. He scored Arizona nor yet -- did you tell them they killed them. While that's an advance of our Betty and play much after an -- yeah sure yeah -- yeah this has taken a little too seriously I mean we think we -- rivalries here. You are hitting the greater friends -- intimidate -- Eric Adam come out with a machete now submit to his act and he's gone now so that's that. Are right arm I'm I'm I'm on a quest I'm trying to find the best cheese or treasure though I'm a proponent of the a cheeseburger and -- got a good -- tries very good July had a very enjoyable meal. And I at the end of the my quest to visit all five locations in I'll tell you. My opinion I'm Margaret in my opinion early but it was -- it was very enjoyable sort deserve to be harmless yet I think and street where should -- then this is -- great she's a -- and you know today is that replied are you gonna get a free cheeseburger from -- as they want anomalous. He's trying to -- a mama let us know what is this the bully pulpit -- is that you get free Fries if you mentioned the -- you know hardware of -- and don't go there for nuts and -- ago their vote right ministry okay. -- come back. What kind of deal is this. I think the buffalo school system has too much money thrown around like a drunken sailor my god I've never heard anything like this stuff. But it's happening it's happening. Will be back with more on the final -- of Pamela brown I guess it's a good -- she's out of found bundles going on at the moment I come on guys. We'll be back after us. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WBP. And. Tiger might Macrovision governor Tim Weiner said in today Johns back will be back I think on Fridays as -- he and this isn't working together they still worked together. And now they still -- the other ones on the ones off the -- there and they aren't issued and no husband and wife. -- easy working with your spouse. Especially a high profile job like this where all of your work is done on the air. Would that be easy for you guys. I know would not to and I had to work a lot with Jeanine when she was on one out here is this -- -- so why -- Know a lot of stuff and helping her and the funny thing with Tim is Susan as I produce them when they hosted Buffalo's evening news. So I was right there with them. You know every day. And then they took the -- the -- of the year because one. All pocket no me all you right. I think it made his -- with somebody you're the first person in the world has ever done map by the way. -- that's right exactly that's and they they changed just that round. They sound the sound together. I don't know how easy it is to do that Chris could you work with your -- army air. I would think so I worked their cup. Times were -- And a gas station and a dining hall and I begin again. That if you can survive the dining hall aspect is probably not sit back and forth Don Imus has his wife monologue. Deirdre. And she's a royal pain in the took us and so is Imus but I like Imus. And so that's interest thing there on the air vents are sometimes it is excruciatingly. Real. She is very different and she's one of these that tea. That accounts the number of seats Huey per day and you know -- stuff and -- yeah and this isn't good for you that is good for you walking isn't good for your area. I mean just been incredible about the divorce papers and go yeah exactly -- -- -- would -- be good for me you know I order a video. Our right of the big deal is I think overall. Are proof positive that the Bible school system. Has too much money. Because they don't take any care in making any kind of what I would call fair conclusions of works of any thing. And a good example is Pamela brown. Pamela brown is of the outgoing she's now the former. Superintendent of the buffalo school system. Keep in mind she's leaving because it didn't work. She failed that it -- -- just her or others is not important issue is she's at the top. Of the box out here says Harry Truman but apparently. The box just flows and even greater when you fail with the job. Buffalo it's it's a slight to me the movie Groundhog Day. Where -- Bill Murray wakes up and and and has today. And here's how things go and the next day he wakes up and it's the same day. The same things are happening in exactly the same order while this seems to amaze me the history of the buffalo school system regarding superintendents. Seems like we get a superintendent here. And it doesn't work out and we give them a boatload of money. To go away. And sometimes a boatload of money is also accompanied by lifetime. Health insurance for of the person and their family. After and equipment to at some sobering moments ago got a 100000 dollars to go away former piano player for Gladys -- of gloves tonight he was not. That good obviously but of Gladys Knight always has been and always will be great. But the bottom line is give my 100000 -- -- out of town. James Williams the last superintendent. Give -- a 100000 and tell him to get out of town. Basically the same package except this -- lifetime health. Now we get the Pamela brown and she says. Though last Tuesday Brenda has over chump deal's. A deal to go away worth more than the last two all come and OK you know line. Because they can't. She had the majority on the school board and because they can they did. They give away money like drunken sailors and this is exactly what's happened this time. I I would get into the nuts and bolts of this as is being reported by us and tan from the above one of those. But the bottom line is there's no logic to this at all. How illogical as that. When's the last time you heard of an employee he leaving a business or company. And writing their own letters of recommendation. How many times have you heard of -- of any letters of recommendation. Being written for an employee who has failed. It's almost unheard of it is ought inspiring. It is Earl could and that's exactly the deal they made. Here is there's some of the information. I'm by Sandra -- Buffalo school -- Will -- superintendent former -- and now Pamela brown. Pamela C brown and the C stands for cash. Cash baby it and I -- -- way equipment and so bombardment. So Pamela C brown. Made the deal with the school board and seems like she dictated the terms. Her separation agreement. Exceeds. 238000. Dollars. Now let's let's round that off because it's close enough to say a quarter of a million dollars. All right so she got a quarter of a million dollars and and and benefits and cash including. Glowing. Letters of recommendation for future jobs there are five of them she thumb. She. Looked down now what happens if somebody as she knocks on somebody's door. And they say. You your very go to the real like a find out if your former employers feel about it. And they get one of these letters of recommendation. How do you do you issue a letter of recommendation when the person. How do you do that. And argue not liable for something are you going to put a disclaimer that this letter about Pamela brown was written by Pamela brown. Anti dumping and that's how dumb do you get. Assault here 238000. Dollars includes glowing it was a recommendation for future jobs that she apparently -- yourself. Her resignation effective immediately it was followed by the board -- MS appointment of high ranking ministers. Administrator was going to be in September earlier it could be a permanent candidate. The board voted seven to sued to approve of the separation agreement and wait and hear some of the little. Things in there that don't drive you crazy it'll drive you nuts. But this is the way to school systems run on buffalo that I mentioned for the first time of many times. That they are funded by about a billion dollars a year. -- billion. Dollars a year. And they're giving a severance package worth a -- approximately a quarter of a million dollars to a failure. Men and wife is good when he got that kind of money will be back after this. A lot of actually agreement won't mention -- watched some incredible should grow well. She and her lawyer wolf a letter attached to the resignation. -- -- -- we didn't have rightful. In this region governing well Pamela brown is history or will be -- but the deal has already been made and I think if you really wanna hit the jackpot. What you do is you work really hard to fail in buffalo. Because if you fail in buffalo as superintendent of schools are going to be richly rewarded for it that's just the way it works as I said. The last of superintendent he's got a 100000 dollars the last 100000. Dollars plaza. Health care for the rest of his life church -- Jobs did -- come by. I'm Pamela brown knows how to angle this thing is he's done very well. She got there as we said there are wrote the total package was. -- exceeding 238000. Dollars and so we'll say it's a quarter million dollars it's close enough okay for horseshoes and her. Her goodbye package. -- of the board voted seven attitude to approve a separation agreement. She is going to get a year's salary. Plus this -- that at the year's salary was paid 101000 dollar bonus. Plus 2000 dollars consulting. Fee for taking phone calls from the strict. -- -- -- -- Well first of all why would you hire her as a consultant if she wasn't good enough as the superintendent. And 2000 dollars answer the phone it'd better be an adult hotline for that kind of money I'm just saying it is when your -- she should say what are you wearing. Because -- you know got undressed on this one the tax payers got to think they would this stuff. She also received 9167. Dollars for her unused vacation time. That's required by state law. Jason McCarthy and Carl Paladino board members complained bitterly and was rammed down our throats by the majority. McCarthy called the decision fiscally irresponsible it's outrageous. It is absolutely outrageous. Just as we talk about a runaway government in Washington I think bed until July and I think it's July 1 -- of the newborn gets seated. This is a runaway school board they're saying screw you we don't care she's -- she's. We like -- we're gonna get we're gonna drain the treasury for her I mean how irresponsible. Is -- Both. About a man said brown sympathetic board majority never are -- are countered Brown's initial request. To be paid her 2171000. 500 dollar salary so she said I want it they said -- about it. And they also didn't object to her request for 2000 dollars to be available to consult by telephone. Until August 16. And I you ought to be a fly on the wall and say hey we're running into some problems here. We better call superintendent brown she had all the answers while she was here and she's on retainer. She'll answer the phone for 2000 dollars answer the phone for 2000 dollars -- I'd probably know as much about it as she does. And I'm not even involved -- vegetation. Brown successfully negotiated a 101000 dollar bonus that are contract stated she'd get. From her positive 2012 -- -- thirteen year and a valuation. Guess who did the regulation does say embargo it's an eight. I mean I've got to -- can I mean this is highway robbery. But that's the kind of stuff that's going on. And disarm asking some some questions first of all. This is all of a scenario of the year. A year plus I'm thinking if she wrote a five letters of recommendation one was attached to -- Took a proposal as Carl Paladino mentioned but she row from. Wonder how creators units. You know for those interest that Pamela brown was a fabulous she was a model superintendent. Our graduation rate went from 48% in 97%. Where are thinking of closing high schools just sending people directly from the middle schools to Harvard University. Made a hell. It's remarkable and one can wonder. With some if some other entity some unsuspecting. School district somewhere wants to hire her and they pastoral letter of recommendation. And the -- sends her. Sends them one of her letters. They have to do one of her letter she got five letters there so does that not make a viable. How did -- send it without any disclosure that we didn't write it. I mean -- radio business unit disclosure giveaway to pick. You're telling me that if if I'm a school a school board member and another district. And we wanna hire her we ask for a letter we get it and the letters effusive in his praise. And we hire her because of that is that fraud. -- we didn't even write -- they didn't even did it they just -- could be swallowed it whole. To me it is absolutely irresponsible. And that's what you're getting that is what you're getting that and you wonder why the school board that's there now isn't going to be on July 1. One would go one would say this is a disgrace so. He needs to sue the people who agreed this yup I mean if you talk about public responsibility. This is outrageous first of all remember. There are page after page after page in her contract of reasons cause I was called and contractual language usually. Four road for termination. They didn't even pursue that wasn't even pursue -- They took her proposal and agreed to. So you try and do that your job. There your bosses about to fire you. And go through the severance clauses that are in your contract if you have one so you drop the proposals. To give to your boss a long lived. But I. Letters of recommendation that you wrote about yourself. It's you know. You can't you can't get him anymore on the in this. This is just ridiculous and it's irresponsible. And it's misuse of taxpayer money you know we we we have all these people whistle blowers and yes. This listen now as smartly there has spent too much on paper clips he's going to in the grand juries involve. How can they give away money like that's. I'd like to know that I'd like to know if if this is is not quite well. I mean I know they have some leeway some guidelines but don't they take an alternative to represent. They represent they represent the taxpayers. They represent the parents of the students. They don't represent the teachers are represented represented by the buffalo teachers federation. But today control the budget a billion dollars a year and this give you an idea why they have too much money so the next time you see somebody associated with the buffalo school system standing up and -- thing about they don't have enough money I watch it a point right to best. -- really do and I'm thinking that. If you let the person. That that's going who has failed to write their own. Letters of recommendation. That's totally irresponsible. As far as I'm concerned and I think it's almost actionable. Without disclosure. 'cause if I'm at another district and I get one of those letters because she wants to work for -- And I hire her on the basis of that that puts it over the top. And I find out that she wrote it. I think that's fraud I think it's fraudulent. Wanna hear from you oh okay former superintendent Pamela brown. Eyes just like Groundhog Day we going through the same disaster Europe -- year good for her but what about the tax -- And does so at the system has too much money I think that that shows that the buffalo school system should be -- funded by. By some percentage because they they got too much money that is one likes a drunken sailors will be back after news.

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