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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sharing Thoughts On Ride Sharing - Greg Serio

Sharing Thoughts On Ride Sharing - Greg Serio

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ride sharing has been happening in the city of buffalo for the last couple of months by using an app you can get a ride from someone other than a registered cab driver. It's created a stir in the city and the issues going before the buffalo coming council today joining us on the WB in my mind Greg Syria. He's going to appear before the council to talk about his concerns Greg thanks for joining us. It -- the former superintendent of insurance as well for New York State we should point out what is your big concern about this happening in buffalo. -- today's hearing and we welcome that opportunity to have this discussion -- -- what I would counsel we are. Really looking view alert. The council and the public to what we think that public safety issue concerning the question of all insurance. Backing -- like sharing programs there has been a lot of discussion and then a lot of evidence coming out that shows that the you're right sharing program may not be adequately insured. And it's required by New York State law and -- pose a hazard to the drivers were involved and right sharing the passengers. And halted on the -- -- So Greg you know what what what are the potential happening you know fight if I use one of these apps is technology to go -- get a ride share. You know in in the worst case scenario what happens from your standpoint. It would happen and and by the way that we are not looking Q stifle innovation or choose say that people camped in the marketplace. What we're saying that there's a good reason for the exe in the limiting regulations that are out there that the reasons for the insurance regulation into what happened but it's in the car. But they use one of the right here and services and they get in the car and you're you don't really think about. Where they have adequate insurance kind of presumed that they do drug dealer regulated industries and they point out -- accident that. That person may not have the insurance that you thought they. That either there -- using their personal vehicle and their personal insurance won't cover which they're not supposed to frankly it's. And then you find yourself with the injuries. Without an insurance coverage to look to pay for them. Isn't this more though of you know let the buyer beware and let them know that. Now they're taking a chance here. If it's if we were in any on new or emerging market we needed some of buried. Strong set of regulations already in place. I would say perhaps your light. Well I think what we have here because -- report spire is they've very regulated industry at a properly so upset that you -- -- a buyer beware. Type -- situation. And and by the way it's hard for the -- we were able to the partisan now. And no -- for the buyer should know you know that person as adequate insurance not -- -- -- them so about it for hires. We certainly expect an -- for higher coverage and consequently. They when they don't have that the year that the fire is is really the one in not in trouble. You know Greg this probably is not a huge industry in buffalo it's not a huge industry in buffalo right now don't know that it ever will be -- no other cities where. Transportation like you know needs are much greater this this is a big issue are you seeing right sharing working properly elsewhere around the country. I IE IE this is something that's happening around the country and I wouldn't dismiss it you know given that you may not have a particularly large. Large blue green industry and in buffalo. This is kind of a anyway issue -- a lot of things that are happening in the so all new economy. Whether it is people current air PNB what you already up there -- popular the other person parts in this kind of or higher work. And I think what you're looking on the doorstep. -- new things happening in the economy. And I think what we're trying to do with the work the comic counsel whether or higher or or renting had a personal property or anything else. -- you -- either ignorant of insurance and you can't have indifference. Tort and insurance issues -- article is that the effect on the people they affect their forties I think what we're trying to do the work that I am. Do not being temporary it to these issues. Is the council being asked to regulate these -- your companies were to ban them. No -- Neither I think what they're being asked to do is to make sure. That they that they that they adhere to the regulations -- in place I think they're being asked -- Enforced the rules are party out there. These are for hire organizations should be regulated for hired there as a regulatory structure. For four tires and I think or asking him to view it make sure war. That they simply be regulated along with everybody -- wanted to -- -- -- here is that you know than that for the structure. Folks would say. And they are stifling competition. While the problem is they have a competitive advantage right now because they're not saying war. The same commercial liability insurance coverage. That other regulated for -- up paying for right now -- -- that's how they get their competitive advantage by not. -- hearing -- the regulations. And forcibly saying major Everett on the same competitive landscape same competitive level spy era to regulate. Greg thanks for the time good luck today. Greg Syrian national insurance expert on right sharing here on WB.

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