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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Roiled Over Ride Sharing - Liberty Cab's Bill Yuhnke

Roiled Over Ride Sharing - Liberty Cab's Bill Yuhnke

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ride sharing what is it and why is it before the buffalo common council. Well with us right now on the WB and live line is build young -- the president of liberty cap bill thanks for joining us. Well thank you Tim and thank you so -- her. And having need it and discussing this issue. -- what is right sharing wise it an issue. Well I've been watching this horrible record year now -- the country. On -- so cerberus owns all apps now that you probably know that liberty Edgar buffalo new season. -- imagine. Of -- several years. It's the same technology. Yeah and one out of core of my customers are using this technology already so I wanted to be misunderstood. But elegant technology I really love it. I guess explain explain the problem with it. Well problem as the heat out drivers. In the area that the -- city appear they're trying to get lunch. I didn't remember this happened on April 21. Today's -- and seventeen. And we really look at an operating legally because they're using their are ignorant. Car in terms of -- support people. Are saying that they are not -- company. And yet there was a story in the ball well and who's on May seventh. Where the woman said that we were actually was soliciting errors and Austrian. Mr. -- the exit -- in the. Well bill as is more like you know let the writer be where I mean if if you know I guess I would wanna pop in -- right share knowing what you just said that. You know is in this you know its choice right it says it's personal choice. Yes it is personal and -- -- -- but the point is to this purposes and formed a global public on the on -- Conditions are there really -- consultants. There was a girl that was killed in California. Umpire by your company. And yeah insurance denied coverage. Insurance that they say -- which no one has ever seen. Aren't saying that they put up a -- -- the driver what you look at your personal car insurance policy. We don't we all get on we ought to find Clinton there but they do not cover any body or person. It that they are here paying passenger and it is expected yet for a liver. So here we go you know it's not going to be a big order of buffalo until someone gets hurt. Someone -- -- I really don't -- drivers of these companies I think it initially -- But they're also infringing on your customers to right. -- the ticket customers away. Absolutely. That is known and you know I don't mind competition. You are the same level playing field is my real concern. Is that is that safety of the year and passenger they used the word donation. Now they also rate the driver in the cut rates from an invite us. Well if you don't give them a good donation and I can pick up again. And out and equipment our country winners or is it time Friday night or Saturday night -- New Year's. Yeah that's -- this yet in buffalo but it coming big surge crisis. So they'll pay more than a -- -- not last. This stuff generally doesn't go away you know once something starts you know -- is it's gonna keep comment I mean is the best way to -- to handle this you know and you know there's there's a proposed ban but. You know instead of banning it is an -- waited -- -- changes regulated. Well that's exactly I am called regulation. And look at that the court we abide by the same. Our laws and ordinances. Knee and every actually operator in the city of buffalo. -- that actually likes and and get the proper insurance. They didn't respect me. This company would have no -- was -- you don't even not to get insurance on their car. What's the difference bill between this and the that the programs where you know when people go out to a bar in Nate they feel like they can't you know and drive home and they don't take a -- but they take. You know of a ride home from -- what's the difference there. Well the differences that are charging. Normally -- some of the designated driver. They're probably getting getting taken on my friend I am an American. I mean there's organized programs to keep did -- get that people home from bars. And I don't have a specific example in northern you know like and chip -- know that there are programs. You know that they do that I'm just wondering what the differences between right sharing and something like that. It's something -- I'm not an expert but I do know today they're bringing in an expert from Albany are you a -- superintendent of insurance. I had just gotten last night. Two letters from who -- -- vacancies -- clear and present the council today. And they are declaring. That they are not convert you can use -- service. Okay bill thanks for the time and -- I appreciate it. I'm sorry that's billion rookie president of liberty -- on ride sharing.

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