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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Covering the OJ/Bronco Chase - KNX Reporter Pete Demetriou

Covering the OJ/Bronco Chase - KNX Reporter Pete Demetriou

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is twenty years since the OJ Simpson white bronco chase and we're live now onto Los Angeles check in with -- next 1070 news radio reporter Pete. -- trio -- good morning. How is the anniversary being observed in LA. What you got a lot of journalists and it appears that they are more concerned about what went on would oh after twenty years ago most people. -- -- -- -- -- I've gotten past the concept look OJ Simpson since he's no longer in LA he's currently sitting at a presidential Nevada. Doing anywhere from kind of 33 years in person. But people do know what you -- it usually the bronco chase mostly global essentials -- where they won't know what they were to draw a couple mentioned or. People also who was level -- Actually being able to actually it either on the streets of pre orders. Well Pete now they bring it up where were you what were you doing at the time of the chase. I would -- the option -- approach you'll rubber production. To go to church. They just real long rambling statement purportedly from poachers or some kind of pay your letter so people advocate and -- -- suicide note. And about to virtually -- -- -- -- -- -- -- journalist. That OJ was unemployed back to LA. All OP could provide -- -- election. What you Wear your dog we really had no idea it all the old. Edit -- -- an -- patrol in the LAPD was involved also in trying to find out what was going home to try to get social disorder. Of course so -- tall and straight and apparently score of 95 million people watching him on the ground to a question of where you were -- debate. With a record. Was going to go to the bogey stretch where Nicole Brown shall shall Colombo with the murder or you gonna go to all the blocking. I gambled on rocking and got older and got my eight. -- -- not do vehicle a white 19944. -- To a location by Clinton's support OJ did. Holy -- you were driving a bronco. I guess it like well on the back in the rocky like I agree. I did you do this group that would PD swat stepped out to and deletions and during by apple Apple's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which format in order -- location and was able true. Will the eventual negotiations don't go for. The book and actually our. I said this probably turn into a very long day for you. Although it was a very long day and continue avoiding -- mr. social actually ticketed atrocity. Three friends of mine leverage you are talking out of that quite well go. It was good LAPD watch tortured by companies whose salary cap public police barber. Our lot officer people it was the -- fired it quite well that should retired all three. Took -- all the all the try to do the whole of Boccieri talking with him a talking with a actually they've actually document the putting doubt it we have with a mature. This is Pete Demetriou from -- Los Angeles Pete you know this is really. You know twenty years later we're looking at you know how media has covered these cases and obviously DOJ case the most memorable. Howard chase is covered in LA now do you still have a lot of these helicopter coverage take things going on out there. Fortunately and unfortunately yeah. But that there is some discretion. There's the possibility that it. There could be a problem with the end of -- Asia shall try to leave a situation where we want to be hurt or shot or killed. They tend to back off a little more on their camera. Which we know you'll have situations where you have three import helicopters from different news stations that are covering it and of course people and chew up. Watch on television what it happen. -- -- If you'll pardon the phrase that the bread and circus so essential respects. And a it but it really had that event alone didn't really change coverage of breaking news events. In many ways that they that it shut the standard what was going to be the future local life breaking news coverage of it. But legal -- and why do you think that picture potential to prolong it sure which way and four minute. And then Moore -- minutes then into our as a little boy -- fortunately. The Turkey while of people essential to the west all essential. Yeah 95 million viewers later. -- great talking with you this morning thank you for the time. Well there aren't that speed -- out from KNX 1070 Los Angeles.

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