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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>The OJ Bronco Chase Recalled - Phil Arno

The OJ Bronco Chase Recalled - Phil Arno

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that this guy would have rather been glued to a TV set than strapped to the side of the helicopter twenty years ago -- -- -- Phil Arnault is with us and -- Is the the brains behind and head of WB BC TV here in buffalo but Phil. Twenty years ago you were photographer. Up in a chopper in Los Angeles watching this case. Yeah it was an interest -- de L. Have you would admit that. It was probably the most memorable. Story that I ever covered him in there and are not made -- Because of the connection. The Buffalo Bills. And I had personally. Interviewed. He got an interview. With country and India's home. In William Hill. And gotten to know that I am a huge Andre. You know friendly. You know very mild mannered and when are the whole thing broke it was it was very you know very conflicted as I'm sure remote or local sheriff's work. You know I'm really hoping that somehow. It would -- big mistake. Number them if there -- this happened and there's the -- -- unfolded. You know we'll be -- -- and I trust him off and to look for -- everywhere was. You know commander. So film review. We you lie in it in the helicopter or already -- did you get the call that you've got to go out caption dissent and video of the slow speed chase. Majority in the work without it he was supposed to are turning himself there and at police headquarters. Stand it didn't encrypt about every reporter. And photographer in our own or crowded around. That seen. Hoping vehicle and compare him. Coming in and -- of the police -- -- -- Obviously didn't happen. And there was I mean they're a couple hours went by. Between the time he was supposed to turn himself and and integrated retirement they actually found him in and saying you know very they've realized -- -- the the well. We were so we're already up in the helicopter. Ladies in our troops. You get a glimpse of of whatever happened. And we got -- that there was -- -- a word that he was actually in the -- and Al Cowlings was was dragging them. -- clear out kind of broke out. We're talking with Phil -- the owner of WB BZ TV but to twenty years ago he was in a chopper over LA watching the white bronco chase in the OJ Simpson case. -- done a fair share of a flying around and helicopter locally here and I know how busy can get like on a day of the bills game with just a couple of aircraft. I know -- LA a couple would be a good day right I mean they were probably several aircraft had to be pretty Dicey up there. Yeah and they are workarounds. Seven. And media helicopters. End. Farmer correctly -- rouge two. Police helicopters. And -- that they're pretty crowded and attempt that. -- nerve wracking situation. And you know for retirement and we did the country. And you probably YouTube think that we -- are all seeing and death watch. Yeah it was a reserves. Very. -- serious concern. There. Never actually not going to end well for soldiers and their -- -- very emotional I'm. And you can keep it are starting where. The discovery of loosening its life and in. On the Goldman. If he's doing just pure results -- real. The things that we're going Arab. You'd -- -- groundstrokes so what can happen there. And pick and then it just happened and the thing that happened where. -- more extreme and do you mentioned I mean it is extremely. Very bizarre. Daddy is in what can happen next and in your case don't miss what happens next right a little bit of pressure on you. You know do you do you find yourself watching these chases when they happen nauert -- did you turn the other way because they -- you know to this day we still see him. Well to this story. It's kind of interesting because I do. I watch -- what do -- especially. I chase hasn't been in Merrill Los Angeles speakers are still have a lot of friends there are working now -- and so no if it's very America HTTP. Which in the fox affiliate. -- no loose and you know behind the camera there are fortunate KCBS -- and take you see if it's very. Small community out there and we got to know each other well actually flew out of the same. I'm -- her -- one company supplied the ball where helicopters to the other media out here. So we don't you know we get around like a fighter approached it any better and in Utah community you. Basically got you know ordered party and in our call would come true and heard you would scramble in the -- Individual helicopters and now we're. Are competing against each other. Well the firehouse you work out of valid WB BC a little bit safer Phil thank you so much for the time appreciate it. Aren't here are that's Phil I'll Phil Arnault owner of WB BC TV in twenty years ago he was. Helicopter video -- for out in Los Angeles for the white bronco chase.

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