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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Back to Iraq? - Dave Levinthal

Back to Iraq? - Dave Levinthal

Jun 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB in line line senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity Dave good morning. -- this Iraq situation has really heated up in the last week. It sure chances and in fact that there's been some developments in this Q and strangely enough Americans in the audience for beating an Austrian right now. To discuss whether there could be some sort of collaboration or working relationship to try to quell the violence that's going on. In Iraq so not so. Something that you see every day the Americans in the audience getting together Q what to talk -- diplomatically about anything apart instead. Gentler generation beyond decades. The United States -- -- look at -- diplomatic presence to say in Iran and now obviously with so all the talk about nuclear weapons being developed by Iran that says something where typically bad like it's here that the United States and Iran are locker and those are trying to work together. But does that seem to be. At least one path forward for the United States. Try to -- some solution here. An apartment that I am -- his administration here. Also talked about the Specter of in military option of whether the air strikes or something else to it to try to baker Nick Carter situation -- the -- -- At one announces. They gave it you know it seems like this is really a political hot potato that's gone on for years and years and it's spanned many -- you know administrations and all -- it to me it seems like the president gravitated toward this. We're where you'd think most people would run from it. What if you got two schools of thought that he -- we have lots of folks are there to believe that much more isolationist. Applicable urged that would be the better way to go and we've been to -- -- -- we -- we have really come up for a decade we -- believe that they have problems. That we should get out there that that's one way -- I think the other way -- acting as well we've been that is so much time. Effort and -- you know we need to see that -- and that means that getting involved yet again to make sure that the country that the fracture and that turning over perhaps two or three countries or at least beat. He followed by violence and civil war which is definitely want to hear from. -- Volkswagen and the Obama administration that we need to do that at that point two competing philosophies right now as to what the forward -- Dave there was talk of no ground troops now suddenly it just talk a special forces. -- where you think this is going. -- what -- -- first thought going to be about 300 US personnel were going into the US embassy in Baghdad. In order to bolster the security situation where it's already one of the most -- not I believe he most fortified. Embassy US embassy in the entire world and -- that there's probably going to be even more now after the week is out as for actual records going and and not revisiting -- -- situation that we have a smaller scale. Back many years ago last decade. -- -- -- -- likely -- in particular strikes would be the first thing that won't would be considered if there's going to be anything considered. But the president has said that all options are still open on the table right now so you can pretty much a particular as well. -- big issue for the Obama administration but -- this would also become a big issue on the campaign trail to for the White House. In almost certainly what denied it there's there's a lot. It only have time between now and the 2016 presidential election but it was very much could be a factor. And that's -- report in mid term congressional elections -- a lot has not been get the tip of most politicians. -- going into the mid -- Afghanistan. It's anything -- going to be talked about the conflicts at a point that's important and talked about -- That could very very easily in the that would make our politics I'm all. The top of the agenda as a separate and spirit issues that candidates and political parties. Are talking about 1098 that the senate is really where he political analyst at during the midterm election only a few seats separate Republican and Democrat from. Are you -- without taking over the house Republicans are fighting tooth and help. I think -- -- the senate back here and that it's that they're able to adapt and that -- and the entire populace and equation for. Politics in the United States that would make it very very good -- for the apartment administration. So effectively do any thing in the last two years with having a Republican go out and. Hey Dave can't let you go without asking you. Where you were twenty years ago do you remedy bronco chase unfolding. I I'd. Do you remember our little situation involving a great -- I. About all correctly I was sitting in my parents -- -- I would say are at school student at about what -- school. And that was there with a couple of friends and I think we probably cleaned out at my parents. Entry. -- pocket -- ships some months it's as we just sat there. And states watching this all play out like a suspect most vocal audience were -- at the time. Our Dave just tell us that you're not still in your parents' basement Belgrade. I yeah I can I can. Tell you beyond that that now I can -- but it just like that the. Hey Dave thanks for joining us this morning. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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