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6-16 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolf the the weekend. And Brooke. Right -- this way. I don't know you're not. And and and it just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set a world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- yeah. There have been told. -- -- when it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. We're back securities reunited thirty WB and 608. PM. That it's 8 minutes after 6 o'clock in the evening -- this is Michael put -- for Tom Barrow who has off. And we've talked about the bills. The politics of the Buffalo Bills just a moment ago like -- -- in my mouth. Yes I did it because ice on your post story about Eliot Spitzer. In his Gallup now. His former Press Secretary -- Smith went to of that Dartmouth College reunion her college reunion together. You imagine that the -- college union thinking you're gonna see all your friends and he sees creepy old guys in the corner hanging onto his former assistant I could never. Just think it's safe to -- Certainly. Eliot Spitzer probably wearing black Sox. Hope we have of pants. We're talk about the Buffalo Bills and the politics of the Buffalo Bills and they whipped us on the -- via phone right now. It's Charles who lean of the twelfth man thunder group you may not know them you may. But from what I understand Charles I just checked your website you just got your 101000 signature. On a petition to keep the bills in buffalo. Yes we did it might 101000 today and it's -- milestone achieved. Onslaught -- 230. Businesses at a site that was -- about those that thousand signatures. And those two not to it and there it is say -- Well they're excited that so our boycott the Arafat GOP campaign and basically we we know the you know not playing until he is is that -- -- -- -- it's just -- wait -- Our form a plot and has opt out artery and -- skirt here. I'll wait to these businesses or awful those alarm and spiritual soul side efficient. Well you've I don't know I know you were working for -- -- -- a chance to listen to the show but. Are we had Toronto reporters said that there is next to zero chance of this the bill's going to front of them we had. Other of folks who were involved in this one where I was saying it's it's not so certain that -- where does that tall man thunder groups stand. Well -- meant thunder has two goals that's. Well we got two possible goals we want to achieve one outcome happened. On the first outcome would be that the order advises it's been off well that is very -- these very proud. And it's is that slowly alleged that not only -- Possible -- -- sell well he's got this city -- -- -- along with that. The good people aren't on the team like Jackson -- -- All right in the top -- -- get anything like well we'll build that community here at bat a lot of that. So we want them to know where boredom and always easier buying tickets and making this seem successful aren't off well. You know other possible outcome would be that someone bought the team and turn them back on our city and NATO tried to move the -- they actually. Succeeded in moving opinion and we want them walk away from here. Not strength and souls and adamant go to -- in the. At a Bobby did your petition did that folks who the 101000 people who sign your petition. And not only said that they're gonna support the new owner if they keep it here they also said they'll never cross the border. Buy ticket do anything to support the team. -- has moved the team with its move -- camp. Pray here are all millionaires by a politician and money for stadiums. The Beatles and that happens that. 10. Wear one watch. One other products. One but urged teachers. Were out there and the pan out that. Why aren't -- and -- RON. Or. And -- -- and well small market well they'd be. Oh and here are well. There's five or -- or. -- now the situation. For all of you I'm unleashed three year the petition to give them for all the world. Don't posters every city in the country because every city in this country as well we'll go back before. -- or requests I can handle cross country and you know. Just little city at our little girl that small market it's a big impact that we have I think across country. Well let me that's Mets and I've had a couple reason a receptive in a couple of people reach out on FaceBook and Twitter and asked -- And you guys on -- a little bit about the Christmas for you guys -- I -- shirts and more now but it's 101004 but. It's it's for you guys what's your background where you come from my understand. Made of full disclosure I mean I know copy your members I grew up with you but tell tell us a little bit about your back. Me or does it colored guy I try to -- for a living. I rather know that not profit charities that operates here ball well all thought night. You know I -- -- here Chertoff also bit about launches -- not because and I -- understand why it is twelve and under group is doing so well because you actually. You when your group launches unite your event -- -- Becker -- one activist of the year -- activist program of the year this year it out of art right. Yeah it was one of best spot what worked -- -- campaign we got a very successful charity that. That derive just from watching friends trying to help the bank's current. -- Yet breast cancer rally rocker. Which you left thus should not elect spoke out so ordered that. Now we -- slot or that it was -- terror fronts that that really mattered. And it felt so good that after she was gone we never stop. We on another front to help other Brandon how we do strangers and anybody community and we. In Italy tens of thousands probably over -- 100000 dollars now past couple years it's been very successful and it was a lot of our feelings of goodwill and tried doing. Well congratulations on your our voice -- but it's a bit more about your partners. Twelve in the. -- -- contact he grew up. In the same neighborhood -- right around you know Ralph Wilson Stadium is probably a stone's throw away quarter mile. He has he's part in the satellite parking lot so he's gotten -- all of us having need tailgate parties and responding -- backyard. I grew up the same way we had a -- satellite parking lot which is now -- the wings' ability -- Children and our organic rich double there with their. But billion and -- parking lot nah that's where I grew up shall we have a long history with bills right now our backyard. All Wordock he's another guy and cherries that a lot that they don't -- About people not -- from his parents he raised a lot of money maturity in our area. And in -- -- -- and he wanted to get involved in this. He's the -- park avenue entrance hall he's done a great job making art teacher and logo and take care about our web sites like that. Our relations on the balls. And great the main force or around all of ours. Signing up for the band Bon -- zone and about distributing our posters and we try to go to one part one went party every week since we get signatures on paper how he's done a driving force behind doing that. So tell me let me ask you this term. What happens. How does this group get involved. I mean how do you. Mean you -- -- to 101000 signatures added that the list is growing how do you put a megaphone to their voices. And we put it to them and -- and yes. Well. We you know my ultimate oh I wish I had more time to do this. I wanna have once they are currently -- that. Are -- every cent goes to those games every Sunday. And has two purposes let the order who. You know -- kind of wavering it might be able to make your ball -- and I can appeal so stayed here -- well very -- orders some 8000. -- answer that -- well. You know you guys are backed -- keep that here. We got your back and actually make it. Purposes not. For that group who planned on moving this team Canada. Part of business plan has got to have bills fans and they are -- that they can't fill that stadium with our help -- they'll step all over there every year that one game and throttle. And which are well it's still failed. So now we have them. I'll signatures of people following. Border were not simple they're like little reps out at piper -- -- state or. Now we just change -- business plan -- you know it's making it out -- and you'll. And what -- you know they can't countenance a rock fans may call. -- your personal. Opinion what's the percentage chance that this team is going wrong in Europe and what's your percent it yet put a number. I'm just like everybody else who's called in your show today. Everybody's got their own opinion and -- -- spots and nobody really knows one way or the other. I know that it's going to be tough for someone move the team but I also know that they want this team in Canada. I also know that the NFL has big dreams of expansion that's why they had became the Toronto -- here. They also want expanding Europe that's what it -- game in England every year. I know there are a lot of Barney at the trial and and that's scares me and the they're -- have a relationship up there with the NFL get a dollar -- polls injury. There's already people. Jerry Jones and the order of the giants backing Bon Jovi. So probably people there around say it'll never happen. You might be right -- There's a chance that it could. That are out and do nothing about that let. Stop that chance so let's put a roadblock to try that chance and let's make that chances if -- we can for most people. And then we can sit back right now and heparin now you know there's no -- to go on on what. Until then we're gonna stand up -- -- do whatever we can but it is something bigger piece of small. It. Well again but before there -- traffic break pitted before we -- want to stick around for the question from the from the audience. What's the you -- for you're opposition. Pants while they're under dot com he go 12 GH Torrey and spoke well out of it's there that way. And regardless of whether the elderly and off for every pulse French -- their name on this edition of the shall support. But it surely you love your community additional camaraderie. And judicial I'll go to locals that work. -- try to don't go anywhere we're going to be right back after this report from traffic. And here's Dracula the forecast partly cloudy night or 62 partly sunny warm and humid tomorrow. The shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon high of 84 rather muggy we showers and gusty thunderstorms on I don't votes 69. Wednesday time -- of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm around I have median what's the temperature right now. It is 78 degrees outside Pittsburgh but. I forgot -- mom looks. We're on the line with Charles -- of twelve million under I wanted Charles if you could help me. I talked to Mike in Niagara Falls Mike thanks for -- you definitely got the award for awhile. Ago. Iran with me in touch with Michael put over primarily and Charles -- of twelve. -- thunder you have a comment about the the -- -- buffalo. Well I just wanted to point out a couple big east are we are are out in 1983 when I read in the open. Sure I was I was actually on the opening -- the -- Don't. Know -- a day. In my garage. Want to stick around after the scarves don't don't go away. -- He is still in high school earlier work like dogs. -- believe we turned fifty this year or. Not. We are corporate guys that would permit trading. From California. Which agent the Mike but your owner of the ball will go realize. That if -- -- seen the impact it would air. On the money you guys would make sure. There are nineteen -- -- an -- he's telling me how -- -- in California with the readers or. Economic impact of the people putting money in her pocket waiters waitresses cooks. Execute our workers people like that earn the minimum wage -- care strips expert urged her trickled out throughout the short term. So now -- forward 1990. The bill regardless super. I am working as a manager so right here -- through in ambler. We re my opera director -- -- way through anonymously. And it never stops selling. Are licensed Buffalo Bills prepare and -- there are -- are better and tighter turn. All those four years that room remained rented it remains shelling all that merchandise. The rooms were oh per stadium people trapped -- army. -- -- For what -- Was robot could -- talked hours changing here and our people pay bills and I was employing people. At the ground level. Of ethnic and a north talking about what that. All I think that the -- that residual impact of winning ever and it -- team is incredible I don't think we've really even seen the tip of the iceberg and imagine if we are Super Bowl champ. -- -- I gotta tell you the Charles our young liner. It Charles reducing the economic impact right there right around the stadium what's gonna happen if that stadium -- Are upset because -- around here I mean I can you know just like what he's talking about actually the difference between a winning season in a losing season. Talk about a half filled parking lot perhaps the old stadium compared to a sellout every week. And you know that transforms into beer salesman and gasoline so -- salute settles then it's all a trickle down. -- like listen we're gonna have to go to a break here Charles I'm I'm gonna ask you to stick around -- the break I got a couple more questions with. But Mike don't hang up on -- to pick up during the commercial break. And were going to be right back here on news radio 930 WB ENN. And you back -- back. We unite them yet mrs. Michael who went for Tom -- the as the day. And that is that it's now John Sherman you chose that one out of pilot different ones that is it's broke. Bill Boldin right nobleman. Noble than -- off of each day group. Sued and I read its -- and at this dirt course. Which current which who introduced me to China and -- records rising up to it it it's here it's happened not. And this guy's got a lot of followers on Twitter I mean he's got if you ruined his. His iTunes podcast -- interest. The chicken and out and it's. Well legs -- shot up this bill -- and screw on Twitter we've got. Charles Levine from twelve meant -- on the line you're charged with us. Good good I'm glad you're right no your your your done work right that we catch up their drive your truck. -- -- And in my driveway actually having -- also talking to you from my car. -- cute too much -- I just wanna tell yeah I counted. In kind of a back of the envelope effort 340. -- New stories. About which you guys are -- 304. Were talking and out in. In the the former Soviet Union in -- a relic. I mean there is some pretty wild coverage of and I all kinds of come grows out of this. Banning Bon Jovi for how do you account for this. -- -- -- Story about how we now these businesses in the city to rally around that span Bon Jovi thing and we've actually taken it as far as Sports Illustrated time magazine. New York Post Washington Post we've been covered coast to coast. Both countries United States and Canada and we've got stories and papers and New Zealand the United Kingdom and even Russia. And my interviews and then translated into French. So very interesting story there reporting and covering and it's it's just not dying you know it's now one wave of media it's like. It'll go for a week and I -- -- that offer few days and then he people on the animals start up again for another week can we got amazing coverage on us. But you know I had you in the studio tournament last time this year couple medium and there's an opera efforts. You. -- actually managed to do all of this with out being insulting without you know calling. Bon Jovi the names that just just roll of the lips so easily for those of us who actually have taste in music. How your your keep a level head here and I notice on Twitter -- there's some people trying to drag -- to beat him up a bit more but. You actually said in a story that if something about Santa what did you say about -- Well we have to do this and professional way and we're -- out and insult anybody ever heard anybody. I'm for a professional as far as this campaign goes and when I'm out the vote until they always say it's nothing personal. It doesn't matter even if there was that a lot in common they're both Florida -- built -- weight must move not to the North Pole. -- -- So it's not the actual person it's the act of what's being tried -- accomplished here against us. So. We're not bashing them we're not common names others states well maybe but that's -- -- -- -- -- you know we're trying to be rational about the. Well I'm I've got to believe that that this thing's gonna drag on for a while Maurer. In a -- is talking earlier about how I think this may drag in August the most of the people in the notes should conclude in July -- It -- these things can some can happen in slow things down. What if the you know what he has to do if it goes into the pre season and -- and of this thing hasn't been decided. You got him at some events around the stadium in ago. Yeah -- at -- as far as we can. We're gonna have some parties around statements until gates. We're gonna attempt and it's looking pretty good bit. Well and got down to the policy and -- can and we're gonna set up that. In signatures down there and out some posters and T shirts and I'll let fans know we're down there was some sport the polls. And we're gonna carry that startled each and and not gonna end with a sell the team we've made it successful fan group here and we're gonna. Continued sent Groupon and Michael's implant or merger with my other organization and return it until. A group that would take disadvantaged children from poor families too old games not -- spill. Don't have an opportunity -- game that they might not get any other way. In other little bitter rivalry between these and groups of I love these guys the bills -- I'm real. I respect those guys over bills fanatics and you know sometimes as little bitter rivalry between the UCC to be able walk between those raindrops. Her personal rivalry everybody wants say they've got that stand group. Aren't these -- groups that an awesome I wouldn't get 101000 signatures and we won't get 40000 -- and no I don't without -- -- A lot of legwork. For the years I mean. Lot of a lot of this of these guys kind of teed it up for -- and 101000. All the and the first thing is to go to our web site well that's under dot -- science -- its name on -- not supporting the bill terrible -- Join our FaceBook group we FaceBook group called twelve and under and I -- these two other groups called. Bill -- he would die hard on FaceBook in the other -- -- -- fanatics on export. Mean they're all these stories the ball. Football in awful -- float around on all these different new resources that these guys take all of these news -- important one spot for you don't have to jump ball in the united all their right there -- -- Interact and debate with these guys and -- market -- and those medics FaceBook. Thank you. Well listen Charles Lee thank you very much for calm and under your busy guy and Eric and it continued. Good luck on your efforts -- as this thing. Comes to a close and as we find out who these owner of the owner might be in -- and the different complications -- I'll be reaching back out to you again. Ladies donuts Charlie Charles -- of twelve men and that's twelve men -- dot com. -- -- -- Thanks wanna listen I'll tell you we've been we've been talk about the politics of the bills. There are a lot of people like I called up trying to get other people to get on the show some politicians. And people are capable of a nervous I think. Justifiably so. They're getting nervous because they don't wanna say something that they think might discourage a potential. Buyers group. I don't think it's very interesting is I think it's really true we've seen some of the commentary from this morning's WB yen of the morning news. Bob there is probably going to be. A -- a very serious bitter that we don't even know yet we never even heard of them. I mean I don't forget that every single one of these NFL owners have billionaire buddies. Who they say you know what next time there's that team up and it Coptic. Every single one of these owners have those bodies and they entertain them in their suites. And you know spend their good hard earned money. With -- Tom -- -- whatever and these guys they like these men and women who come from that kind of upper Echelon of air that you're I don't agree. So we're gonna find out that there's going to be a power of an NFL owner of the it's been saved his money and put it together. And and we're not even know who they are mean I've read there's going to be five groups that -- is going to be 600 there's going to be four -- one thing's for certain. We need. More than anything else. An ownership group that is 120. 1000000% committed off now went on Donald Trump first got into this was with talking about. His interest. Army he said right up front if I bought the bills that would keep them in buffalo. -- we've heard the same thing from mr. Golisano. There's little mystery surrounding. Mr. gore. We've heard that he media interest in fact we heard that he had a a big sale of some of his fracking leases. Here in New York State where he netted one point seven plus billion dollars. Says he's suddenly illiquid as well. So he's got -- he he could find that money and his couch cushions right now after one month bills. So they are good amount of people good number of potential groups who may actually -- -- our interest -- -- bills keep an -- on the one problem I see you know John part. Toronto sun doesn't agree other people IC on line and in of social media groups think there's just no possible way of going from. But the people the buyers group and -- -- was serious -- very -- and the air in there and I think you're gonna see it for on orbit. I'm not sure. If they're gonna get it. I mean obviously there's some things that stopped them some impediments roadblocks. Team and awfully expensive thing but -- and don't forget this. That's huge market. Huge. Just absolutely huge dwarfs. Buffalo it dwarfs buffalo -- And if they would spend. The amount of -- -- necessary to win the team and bring it appears in as a prop -- prices are gonna spend more than a buffalo report. Don't forget that. So we'll be right back after these messages here on news radio 930 WEB. There. Okay. And we're back. -- -- -- -- -- WB CNN. 648 PM only if you Obama it's gonna do -- -- just a few more minutes and have Tom back tomorrow. He has deserved day off. Here. 12 minutes 7 o'clock -- we aggregate data they talk about the Buffalo Bills in the politics on that again I'm gonna give you my prediction. The Buffalo Bills stadium will be announced. By Governor Cuomo in October and October surprise. End whatever hundreds of millions of dollars that we wrapped up in taxpayer dollars -- wrapped up in the in the project will be part of the Buffalo Bill. And I may be wrong but I'm will have bad. You know friendly bet that's what's gonna happen because if I were in charge of that campaign that's what I would do and by the way I've thought about eighteen months ago like they. Absolutely there's no question that. And if you think that Governor Cuomo is not gonna get and not gonna put the Buffalo Bills right in the middle of his reelection campaign. I've got a bridge in Brooklyn. -- Absolutely. He's gonna bring the Buffalo Bills selection because here's the problem and and I mentioned this. In the article. On city and state and wide dot com. We talked to met Hamilton brighter than at the opening of this -- From. The problem that we have it in the governor's races that. Cuomo can do many different things from where he's at and not seem like he's politicizing the Buffalo Bills because he's got a role. In deciding what the stadium's going to be in the meet up with a big. So he can actually play some cards in in the middle of the election and make it sound like it's not about the election but he's going to be pleasing a lot of people. Here in Western -- who were concerned the reviews and it felt meanwhile. Meanwhile. The Republican nominee rob S three knew who by the way I think -- find a much better -- for. There are a lot of things he would do one right out -- like eight days ago that would make things better -- state but he actually can't step forward. If he does he has to do it very very carefully very careful. Because of the of the fans of the Buffalo Bills don't wanna see any kind of politicizing. The team either they don't wanna see people talking about it as an election issue making accusations against each other saying you're doing it right. In effect if that happens every you know both sides of that debate -- The fans. But because the Buffalo Bills -- it is nothing. That the Buffalo Bills and likewise the politics let's say maybe they like -- England patriots. But. If you start politicizing this or even if you just say something with perceived as politicizing. -- trouble that's right into -- can do a lot of things he has a rule rob mastery of the much better gubernatorial candidate. Can't he has been more careful because he doesn't happen official. You watch it you know you watch when asked was here. And he criticized the Buffalo Bill to -- nice up and the buffalo billion deserves criticism. -- corporate welfare it's it's a tax expense -- to an economic problem could be dealt with by simple tax cuts. It's something it's much more complexity needs to be. We can forget about the buffalo billion. It could be so much larger than that if we just make wholesale change attacks balls here in the state and that's what our rob mystery it was say. But the problem he had -- he spoke. About a a program that Governor Cuomo has put. You know a million dollars behind trying to sell to western new York and by the way if you book -- numbers. The average voter here in west -- has bought it. So when he was critical -- the Buffalo News came after rock mastery. Antonio says he's got a check up on -- she's got to understand that things happen the Buffalo Bills is dead wrong of course but progress Reno is absolutely right. But if you think -- get -- head handed to him after criticizing the whole the buffalo billion wait until you see. What would happen to a politician if they criticized Andrew Cuomo for example. Or another person that has a role on this by the -- doing good job of that. County executive mark own car if you wanna stand between them and the political decisions and what things they can do. When it comes of the Buffalo Bills you're gonna get stop. So we we were looking -- middle course -- on cars is it is not running for reelection this year he's very focused on a lot of different things including the Buffalo Bills. But here's the Governor Cuomo absolutely step -- up. Absolutely. I think he's being quite despite. The county executive is and others right now because they wanna see the bidders come for -- they don't wanna have. Some bidders say you know what it's too political I don't wanna get involved in this because that bidder could be the one who would win and keep them here in Western New York. So there albeit a little bit quiet even even Donald Trump who by the way I work with. Even Donald Trump refused popular media about this who wanna talk about something unusual. Donald Trump saying no to the media. You know he's not talking about it not talk about it. Al -- not talking about it anymore. Golan not talking about. A -- we understood from the news today. -- Jacob's family is not gonna get involved in buying the team and and we also understand from some analysis in the news today that they may have a limited role in putting together a stadium group as well. But we note that family is going to do whatever they can keep team here and that's what we need from the from the Jacobs from other community leaders who need them to do everything. To keep the team. A very political person. The last summit did a show here on WB yen about the Buffalo Bills. I -- some. HE double toothpicks from so my political -- -- this order in the matters to you -- -- you know we've got Cuomo running for reelection he's gonna put. A New York under. With his increasingly. Left wing policies -- -- we've got the president who's losing Iraq. As we speak to me as I'm sitting here talking about a will miss the tiny little NFL team. Americans are at risk and it is in in Iraq where it was all the work that our soldiers did all the victories that we -- beings. Absolutely overrun by. By the al-Qaeda affiliate there in Iraq and people ask why why are you talking about Buffalo Bills I worry about it. I mean I came home in 2010 -- because it was time for me because my family -- race a family here raise my kids. And I've hired just tired of listening to all these politicians just talk about it. And you should be tired of it to you should be absolutely sick of. And they're gonna put the politics. Into this there's no question. And you shouldn't tolerate. The watched them watch. There's no question. Buffalo -- stadium will be a part of the buffalo billion mark my words my name is Michael Guido I'm in for Tom our lead. Here under these radio at 930 WB CN.

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