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6-16 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. And he would write this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Al-Qaeda. That rush. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened to that. Yeah recoup. Destroy -- silent. That was adamant -- Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it right back bathing it's live it's local -- the it's Tom hourly and cool whip completely cool whip who lived there. And -- news radio 930. And your back. We're back here on Tom Croatian news radio 930 WB yen at 5:11 PM. If you're on the phone hold on me wanna take your calls and amid -- right now we're gonna talk to. George has -- who is a partner. In the greater buffalo sports and entertainment complex that we we know as the waterfront complex George thanks for being with us and him talk about -- show. -- -- Well listen you know I wanted to to check with you because I know you would put a lot of thought into this and in fact you know. -- -- learn what eight years in the trenches on the new stadium effort and you're actually concerned that whether it's your stadium proposal another proposal. Buffalo or at least what's New York is not moving at the speed and precision which it needs to be to keep the bills in Western New York that's. That's a scary thought. -- you know I was listening earlier to the morning show where they had some sports economics experts talking about. How important the highest bid to the the Wilson trust it and naturally. Just half the equation and I think a lot of people being a little too. Too lazy it and build level to departure including some of our. Our leadership here the only way we can -- Keep the franchise is by appealing to the other NFL owners who of course want or more money. And they're really kind of shut up but this small market model of buffalo. And you're kind of have to show on net in not only have a good offer in the mid priced but that you're gonna pay them because. Those are two different equations that you after the you have to door and the door and compete with people wanna bowl team out here and move it to a bigger market will be more money for the NFL ownership. Well I get that in and we also have heard in any obvious supermarket and -- -- we've also heard that the the -- the Toronto group where that BP is going to actually wrap a stadium in to their bid. Something of course in Canada they don't do provide -- public money for these politics. They're gonna have to do with themselves. And so therefore we've seen the the costs on a group start talking about a stadium my dear bureau. And how much of this is. In oh is it what you warning about a mean the fact that we don't have a stadium solution in and in -- you you when your team of our capital are working to. -- assembly one or more work that we've seen from others. Yeah I mean we spent years working on this while other people talking to try this side and try that site. It's obvious that will which is why we run around our best talent in the business works with the NFL. And it's created the western most successful kind of stadiums on the new economic model. Based on the Indianapolis. You have to have a facility you have to have a pre commitment from -- NFL. And that's been our argument all along don't mean I know Governor Cuomo has to have what he can. Senator Schumer is working on this but they're saying hey we'll we'll be ready to work with the ownership. Well I'd say that's not good enough for you -- he's undermined your bargaining position Unita pre commitment based on a revenue model that appeals to -- well. And based on. Something that can compete with someone's gonna come in with more money it's well. I'm just gonna move the -- you don't wanna get to that crisis point in reaction to it. And get chickened out for more tax. And the tax money is another issue I mean we shouldn't be used in the old model of taxpayers paper. So what's. -- that you or your approach that approached the greater buffalo sports and entertainment complex I mean there there are some tax dollars -- diplomat. Well I think the experts -- do that now at the end of the project for a structure right talk entrances and exits of highways. Yet it's ethnic government. And would extend light rail. Create better because right now for Internet miles to happen. Right -- -- -- from center downtown agent BC talent to the other -- it should be half mile and various. In -- and egress -- and in light rail. And can be accomplished. The bottom line is you credit facility -- generate revenue. So that the taxpayer on the back. The band doesn't pay more money. The private investor gets a good return and the public investor. To the public infrastructure -- get about -- our numbers based on the track record in professional team we use. Are that you pay back people and in the last ten years as opposed -- 2030 years on in bonding you need to. Because of revenue streams so based on a multi use multi sport. Multi event complex where you're combining. A billion dollars -- in capitals and but you're using mostly private money but then you don't have to build new conventions that are and you accountants and sold in -- news that. You've got to be -- events. You know blockbuster events like suitable like NCAA final four. That in in your career for a -- built stadium have brought back most want you to invest it. And you know a lot of people's -- a lot of locals commentators. Say that you know we you know -- I think that flow of arms capable. -- the -- the challenges if you don't think like that then I don't think the other owners. Want a place like buffalo as part of the community is called the minimalist -- Who -- you need to step up the kind of thinking that can keep us in the league. It's it's it's it's -- I mean yeah yeah typically -- it's like the the ironclad. -- that ten year lease extension. And Mike you know and I know that it -- which means -- pretty. -- party attempted to see futures on the exact dollar and then definitely. That move and mentality in the out and shoot it and we have we have to do not have money Soviet power. Let me have to do to put resources into keeping the team here remote for the next forty years and creating economic development. Because whatever money's invested and still -- Only 10% -- its content from professional football should look at Indianapolis model or even Jerry jones' stadium in Dallas. Let and let that revenue comes from and cooperation. However NFL owners get a piece of all the other -- and -- so. All stakeholders make more money that taxpayers don't have to subsidize sports billionaires in the war. And that's the -- in this equation. Well in your your sand that. We just heard John creek from the -- son and another media outlets saying that he sees no no way that this team could even go for example -- -- And you're saying you know that you're saying that's a little bit too optimistic. Well I'm saying that the best thing for the guys for Canadian investors to do. Is to keep the facility here. -- -- -- -- -- Or participated. In -- complex here because it won't make more money by keeping the franchise here and they won't have to go to the regulatory. And the political war trying to move the team out of New York. And to Canada. And what none of these guys seem to remember is that we will revenue sweet spot. In professional sports programming brought captioned media contact -- the real money to be made. It has some Canadian distribution of media and sports content. That's where the money it's what can bomb -- opening -- the potential that you investor and there's no real demand in Canada. For more program the way above. And beyond just talking so. None of these guys have really kind of even thought about that and I think that's -- the -- motivation plus a lower cost of keeping the team here and not having to build -- expensive real estate market in Toronto. -- order paid fees amount I mean. We only capped another about forty seconds -- the creek was talking about how to do with fuel to wait out -- that clock. And move the team -- That would be awful. Well listen I gotta tell you. I've I've looked very closely at at at your your plans that we we've talked about it before you know. The greater buffalo sports entertainment complex deserves a look from the community work and may see this on line. All of -- brought it. -- waterfront stadium in fiscal. Our location bar -- waterfront stadium. And -- on Twitter at all. You. The F federal stadium. Very good George hazardous thank you very much as Emmitt Thomas or WB and we're going to be right back after this report from traffic. Here's an exclusive AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight low of 62 partly sunny warm and humid tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. I have 84. Robin Marty was showers and gusty thunderstorms tomorrow night or 69 Wednesday eight times of clouds and some of the shower or thunderstorm high of eighty -- 79 right now. In the -- studios of news radio 930 WB at 5:21. PM. And Nancy from Lancaster you get the award for hanging on wait too long thank you very much for call. My main. Solution areas that are -- I think they should do what they have to do with the Ralph. You know because they started upgrading -- last year. And I think it would save. You know a lot of money. And I think it would you know could I think we have bigger fish to fry than building you. Brand new stadium. Did not have the can. Go to. I actually live in the Orchard Park area. -- -- -- to say there there there there are people that agree with you especially the folks right around the time. You'll find people in the that wealthier kind of pickle -- part of Orchard Park who who who like to -- ago. And I. I think you know we. Even now he is no longer was I think Ralph Wilson should be respected his wishes to be respected he. Had stadium built in memory and I think it should be kept. Well you know I saw I've followed Twitter very close a lot of chatter going on it. Between what they call the bills mafia and the bills fanatics. And I watch it and there's a lot of folks who believe exactly the -- as you do that this was his legacy it was his final wish. In fact the idea of -- the bills leaving. The area it's of the family would never let that happen. I don't know if that's true but I can understand the talk that. All right. I can -- but I also think we have bigger fish to fry. Others question the question but I'll tell you. Buffalo without Buffalo Bills I'm not quite sure Erica stick around. I mean if we had you know and if they did what they had to do would not the -- You know they they could make that an all purpose of the sport you know might not sports complex. No you're right they could have -- -- -- you know you gotta have urban concentration of people come to it gonna wanna spend money on the surrounding restaurants. And it's a possibility I I don't see why we have to just abandoned Orchard Park to Nancy thank you very much for calling preached -- -- take care. You know. I wish people would listen Orchard Park should be considered an answer will be. But we're gonna be back after these messages here on news radio 930 WB ENN. Don't know. And we're back. -- -- Tom Barley hear on news radio 930 WB and 5:33. PM that was for you while the you can stop brow beating me on Twitter now. -- will be Grateful Dead. Air. We've talked and a all afternoon. About the potential of the Buffalo Bills. Impact on politics. Com I I'm quite certain. Just I'm basis can't confirm it's like I didn't that didn't come up and my weekly meeting with Andrew Cuomo but -- I'm just about convinced looking at all of the different. All different TVs and what's going on how long he's worked -- buffalo billion. Some of this money I mean a good amount of money -- that it's gonna have to be good amount. Hard is going to be devoted to. A. New stadium and he's gonna make a big announcement in October just before the election and it's -- to come out here. He's going to be huge press conference and a 100000 bills fans will be appreciative. And that makes an awful lot of sense to me especially think about the fact that he's getting he's promised a billion to buffalo. But he's only delivered by it even a stretch. Upwards of 300000008. When you count all of the the corporate welfare that he passing out trying ten companies to move. On the medical campus etc. He's put 300 -- 350 million on which wrote the congressman says he's got upwards of several million lefties have to make up with that makeup that. It's up what he's got to announce a -- ties up and he is a political animal. Army he has no use for any announcement in buffalo after Election Day and by the way. If you think you're gonna see as much of Governor Cuomo after the election. As you have in the year and a half leading up to it. I've got news for you won't see -- area. And we're not gonna hear -- Announcements of billions Europe of millions of dollars for four. For the area after the election it is here buffalo billion. Announcement regarding the stadium sometime in October mark my words I'm guessing I'm just guessing but. In our -- if you were a few times -- Jim thanks for parliament. I got a toll they take. The lead. On the value right now. There's no way I'm Latin billionaires and -- pop off I'll tell you that right now. At the export the -- what I would do. The power them and the -- -- -- -- caught -- whatever. And which enjoyed herself Margaret. We got too much money tied up the real. We spent 430 million dollars in great that the state. -- all the upgrades we've been putting -- At the vet stadium over the years but what we're gonna -- -- but it rector of retrofitting Mets stadium. Won't put on the stadium for. And at that at and make up. Your and you could double our -- now. And that they -- with you because they're too old to. Be. Would advocate -- HE double toothpicks on the air can exercise that okay. I spoke. You'd end up to people. You're talking about it but a billion dollar. It will billion dollar and get -- but yet -- -- -- our New York. Your -- into the police and now we don't want money. We warn that an election I hope. To billionaires millionaires. I get that but -- -- this -- I did I get it I get a saint but here's the deal meant. The if you look at the poll numbers if you look at what people are saying about the buffalo billion. I know what's it it it's it's it's a bill habits you know it's a bit of a good but the majority of people in Western New York. Believe that he's putting a billion dollars in the economy he's sold them they actually have bought hook line and -- What -- -- what that -- a lot. He got beat him at the billion dollar let me tell you -- that we pay him back we go to Albany locked and loaded. -- a restart the rev chip I cannot tell you how wrong and I. That's revolution in your typical revolution. I'll. Court of course I. I agree but you know I mean that's a long time ago my friend in the whole idea march on Albany I just can't see you can't see specially. When it comes to the fact that we're talking about the politics of the Buffalo Bills every. At at. Well you might. A group of people go with that I'll miss that they via. And and it's listen we need to do is cut our taxes. So that we can have businesses want to move here don't have to be bride. That makes more sense if you look at what. Rob mastery it was talking about. About cutting taxes and making New York State not just buffalo a good place to do business. You know it makes a lot more sense it makes more economic sense that of picking and choosing winners and losers with. Corporate welfare. But of course you know when he brings that up here at Western New York he gets his head handed to him because people are all transfixed. Absolutely mesmerized by -- but. In. -- that sort of thing you know Ed Ed Ed and -- week. Economically depressed area with the campaign built in the you're at somebody's where all the facts we don't have the money to will be able to bank cannot. Right right there's no question there's no question. I agree I agree. -- When that happened at -- Well I'll tell -- I mean they're doing some significant work 150 million isn't chump change you know I -- Or are now what are we gonna get. Yeah yeah well certainly certainly I mean. I've spent so much time over there and and it's my neighborhood money. Friends and family. It might there's too many people -- all arm. Lexington and Concord dynamic in the -- Charles Kuralt that the after collecting it and got court. There were 200 in -- British troops killed wounded missing in action. I didn't they get Charles Kuralt right towards the you know. It could happen again. Don't know this I get that I'm given to give you a little -- -- -- but I understand I don't think we're anywhere near that but thank you very much -- urgent call. You know I've I've I've heard this licences talk radio on in this is where it works or it was an all time. And I hear people calling for armed revolution you know. Lock and load right the sound and I just what I don't get that. I'm not I can't be part of that. And things up again heck of a lot worse for me wanna vote my rifle for anything more than a year. And remember -- mind I enjoyed talking -- injury talk of people all stripes on this program. When it comes to calling for armed revolution I'm just not I'm not whether I'm not with that I'm never gonna be with -- and lets you see something absolutely horrendous happened. And as bad as things have been. Under. Under a Barack Obama as bad as things have been under Andrew Cuomo. I don't see anything any any reason for anything -- civil discourse. I mean we just saw something incredible happened Virginia. Where one of its senior ranking men of the Republican leadership in the in the house of resentment was overturned by an aptly underfunded. Candidate -- and the Republican primary Republican. Overturn prop a leading Republican with almost no money. And if those kinds of miracles can still happen in United States politics is not had the weapons I I think that pets. That's so a bridge too far as its. But anyway we're talking about the Buffalo Bills. In the politics surrounding that I'm convinced absolutely convinced. That your we're gonna hear announcements about the Buffalo Bills stadium. Some time right before the election before election greatly reduce the problem -- things the October surprise. And it will be part of the buffalo -- and we've been set up for this since the very beginning this buffalo brilliant thing there is enough of a balance leopard to deliver. Before Election Day for at least some of the to come from to be devoted to. The Buffalo Bills. Not quite sure you think that you know some people think I'm completely forward. I gotta tell you there there's no reason to believe that awful that -- the buffalo billion is not going to be absolutely completely announced before election. There's no reason to believe that it's not nothing indicates to me that -- it was anything but political person who would see the value in having all of that. The billion announced before he's our pre election because he wants to dominate the Western New York returns he wants to -- defeat. The Republican candidate -- mastery you know. With the kind of numbers he was defeated. By. Mike Carl Paladino in 2010. In order to do that he's gonna have to pull a rabbit out of a hat or a stadium out of -- billion. I'm telling yet it's the buffalo billion bills stadium. And if I'm wrong you know me if I was somebody. Dinner at chop house. But our party at a dinner at the chop house was somebody on the Buffalo Bills things I'm willing to do another bet that. But it take a look 8030930. Start 930 minors via cell phone gives called what do you think about the Buffalo Bills story that the relocate. Do you think like John creek. From the Toronto sun he thinks that there's no chance of -- Do you think like George prosecutors that -- this this could be get away from us in the still overnight in fact we're gonna be surprised by problems that we brought on ourselves. By presenting a middle -- minimalist. Solution. So well that's 8030930. -- 930 on your cell phone. Now listen I am being called. Every name in the book on social media. When it comes to his Buffalo Bills that. I think it's of an entirely. I think he's a very political topic. Absolutely a political topic I think it's going to be put it we're gonna see one political announcement after another during this election season we call the silly season. That are going to be absolutely. That tied to some with popularity in the elections. Maybe you disagree I'm not quite sure why you would I mean this is about as cynical and get right. 12 year. When I wanna go for break here yet time for call prepare for -- just for one call. BC here Joseph in buffalo on the year. Well I -- You're on the air. I I would probably think well I think it's that we need to get past that. That -- or are we are what is the mentality on the -- look at western part. Called up on a challenge that we can work it out shop. Indianapolis no matter (%expletive) and we are and they don't look oil stadium I was there it's -- -- a couple stadium. It will under forty -- year. Yeah. That we cannot build a single purpose facility in more in active in the era why. -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- Going a lot. At what -- at all it is all -- -- will take the simple in your bottom on a lot they'd want. Did you end and -- they're not going to allow. -- built to stay here if we -- idiot or what I bill. Epic. Economic plan that -- we're -- by the -- doesn't matter what McCormick. We're here at -- by the belt to walk out this facility to put them. That we don't act they're going to be threatened by now -- like. Minneapolis are on Minnesota -- -- -- that we're gonna call it be built stadium. Hey listen you know can you talked about this don't go to work annual until the after the break here. Sure -- -- -- to be right back after these messages here on the news radio 930 WB Dan. In your exclusive AccuWeather forecast it's 78 degrees right now in buffalo partly cloudy tonight a low of 62 overnight partly sunny warm and humid tomorrow. The shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon high of 84 it's gonna be -- wish hours. And gusty thunderstorms tomorrow night low of 69. Wednesday three at times of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm high around 8070 degrees right now I'm gonna go. Back real quick to joke joke thanks opera hang on I appreciated. Can you -- Refresh. The listeners we're talking about your you think bit there's there's it's a new stadium is something it's important -- Yes yes and and I would I that was at Lucas Oil field. I'm the in Indianapolis was no better shape -- we are and what it did what he created a huge revenue source for the city because the city got a piece of it. I'm the the that the whole thing this year is that it's part of a package the owners are not allowed to keep continuing to play a debt -- -- the Ralph. We need to have a state of the art stadium that's all part -- revolutionary. All the finger at RB independent or people can't get past. If they think urban architect Peter -- that we are all your Western New York okay. All the right now is if you pay attention to -- what's going on with the greater awful -- -- complex they had eight K out. Biggest stadium building builders in the country and they don't stop all over the world too Big Apple billion dollars in private farming. Caught it from your country on. And from other sources told -- billion is going to be copper try to how how hard for the people of Western New York. To get this through their -- They hit it into the envelope like her private funding. Building the stadium should -- -- -- in court but a habit that you try that we fought it into the chat with the jewelry. It would all want to -- it up. Update to the -- first Niagara center did care about my attitude money weren't going to be somebody else privately funded. That built the state of the art facility. And yet on all studies all the -- epic all everything that take. The -- will not be flying. Don't need to find out. People are looking like it. -- of the total revenue up the sport outlet that currently are not only. This sport -- that soccer what are trying to think we're close to tear it up we hit -- he thought it Democrats are the people on your check written. The straw and you didn't. You want -- -- -- -- the art is quite an extra what 600000. People your order Rochester that a strong museum. At 1 o'clock local control and so we got heckled along let it and that's -- the audit also. Again. While it's apparently it's pretty hard but I I do know one thing right about wanting the stadium which was always supposed to be a separate thing the governor has a comedian it's examining its separate from the transaction now we see this stadium ideas. Dropping in to the different. A potential buyer groups -- Signals out of talking about when Ronald group talking about one you might be right might be right. Thank -- -- help what you -- at all while also winning amber probably three weeks ago when he was your biggest statement and get it -- won't build it tried it again. But he was quoted saying that that it was stadium's going to be built here. Altman you have to be privately -- Now what it is not it's not it's the only part of -- -- not. In all it is easy you've got outside when he commented to -- take. Built as saying let's make it work it's probably eight K at all or in Tibet as clinical a long -- -- facility like this and also know if you -- build up that don't like that. After the second year maybe that there are probably the second and have a Super Bowl -- that -- -- aren't million dollars -- local. We've heard from experts that that'll never happen no separate -- a suitable. I I agree at. All. I think we've we've seen a lot of criticism -- don't -- rooms for this. -- else. And if you if you target and eight say I've been the -- -- below the client they or aren't they I get wrapped into it into the state. They're -- to expect Michigan couple spectacle crop. They'll OK there's going to be you wait to get in and out it's not it's not rocket writes it's simple simple -- okay. And and and we have as we have this is all well we're never -- did not edit two I got a couple of blocks -- look at what. Talk about what album -- jobs just one machine -- -- bit. A 101000 jobs and all that good paying jobs to go with. Over 67 year period and that people talk about. Always just what money in the Doral well they had to put money into rock I don't keep Beckel told it poker. Understated or. I'll tell you make good sense you make good sense I really appreciate your call and that's one mystic rebel have to go pay the bills here all the rest the callers please hang on we'll come right back to work to be back with. Charles the dean of the twelfth man thunder fan group. Right after these messages here and he's ready at 930 WBE.

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