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6-16 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the view with great benefit them. If you go to the hole looked up -- -- -- -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans with I'd -- -- protest over the because the guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a no -- I don't know I mean what. -- -- People know when it's live. -- local. It's Tom how early. -- wet I -- that the news radio. Okay we're back here at the time -- -- issue news radio at 930 WB and it is for ten that's four in the afternoon. Where you get right back to work opportunity and that is the politics of the Buffalo Bills Salem stadium. And I wanted to bring in someone who is our coverage -- read for irregularly Johns creek who's the NFL writer for the Toronto sun. Covered this on a day to day basis it was at draft he's very focused. On this and John thanks for our -- and I appreciate it. Well so where we -- today as the ball moved at all. We're all this kind of thing where the ball -- we can't see the court that's part. Of a org or by reports of where the ball -- moving. It's an adjusted gross the it's. Hurt her or the it's and I'm -- that's the old like Campbell Soup. Yeah exactly. I guess maybe the biggest thing that happened for I -- from the 24 hours. Last night in Kaplan. Different sports journal potential he was on he created last -- -- -- -- on your program this morning bright morning. Talking about how the Jacobs family maybe can't. By the steamer or fund the entire portion of the stadium. Because not -- about things and I hurt a bit of him on. Station this morning I looked into it a bit today and and deducting communicate. That there hasn't been -- what they call it third party control. Or ownership. And an old stadium international city all the time other than the public sector of course which. And felt very happy to accept public funding at a healthy rate or public running the -- Now captain I'm told management companies that you know -- -- publicly -- facility. But got sent -- -- -- bank you're you're. So. Could but could the -- -- -- could not all. If outward continued media tell policy. Founders number -- all they -- it'll be Paul of course first and foremost with terror and told Leno and everybody knows their bread and butter Delaware -- -- there. Fortunately subsidiary where they provide concessions and that -- they are certainly involved in the services. Only to just you know more they could even be called in local soccer ball a little Butler do this. As one of the leaders to get behind these PD issued a stoker's. Certainly that number or take it Likud and the only they even indicated that they get involved and some militias formed and help the bills. The mid western glut of. Well you know they they did -- state publicly that. That they would use their resources. To assure that the team stays here. So you're saying they could not mean there are no. Instances of secondary investors in stadiums around the country. No I'm not saying that they could not I'm saying that there has not been third party control on the order of -- -- -- in a long long time I don't know how far back I go to let. I was talking to sports stadium and relocation expert who could remember you can do. Diplomatic forum you know decade so he could not -- I'm aware of there was a third party that either controlled or owned. A stadium and and and also the other and be an older team owners in itself or the public. Sure. Now I wanted to askew. Could you explain for the for the listeners it's I think it's important the politics. Of the ads the owner. Mean we've heard that. That the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Mr. Jones is virtually endorsed. The Bon Jovi group that wants to move them to Toronto we've heard other favorable our comments about under the didn't amount to endorsements that. Think those actions and how many votes they have and what you have to cobble together. Two win that approval. -- yet at 75% approval which -- 24 the other 31 dollars. And that I have been writing and you know since late April. I don't see Powell. The NFL when he ordered that all holders will -- -- true. They relocation. Aggregation. And -- and run. Just because it would -- where we were told no matter what you think or Joseph where are you involved -- -- No matter what you think coach maple export entertainment that's German literary Canon or whoever else might be involved peer group whether Edward. Rodgers threw the ball or not. And no matter how much might that. And no matter what they might come up with potentially an -- and skin complaint. All of the other side is in Toronto group. -- -- purchased the team and it backed group intentions eventual intention. Over relocating it to tropical. Or LA group wanted to relocated to LA -- or you know a lot for this group want to look a lot of any such group. Would have to get the NFL owners. It will prove it and -- and in this situation that would necessarily result which compels me to believe it will never happen. It would result in at least aren't in probably eight years of lame duck president. In buffalo. Right in those those those snowballs hurt the ones -- the -- they hurt in. The yeah well. Let me ask you this many people at. All I know I would I know everyone of my friends whatever every one of us who grew up in the shadow of the of of the stadium would never good -- game. I think it would be an absolute disaster for whoever that would be I agree 100%. And it's backed John youths set in the past that you'd. I mean I believe you'll -- on this in the newspaper that the you don't think the bill should go to for. Well short or or will run entirely different I mean I think the team. Has an incredible following their respect -- fourteen years the accent on the field. It's and his. And the fact that. I tell people this story and then another one -- Even younger people out of quite understandably it. In the early nineties the these -- but I would go to games that Nicole -- You couldn't get a seat on one right in Egypt and drink or go to McCain comeback of course little -- -- Completely here. An enemy thing for -- sport and to -- and people my age I'm in my -- forty. Anybody else in my age group you win at least 123 time everybody who used to go the game. Now. But I think 18% total bill. In. Well in any given that come from Ontario central Ontario. Not because it ain't it -- all right and got the dot org that are still going and of people that aren't. Been doing -- -- exactly do. And so. Across the river -- -- what you do people boycott in. Both Google and in more than a couple of people that. I don't like that it will be an article. From the -- that group of course the former cargo and people accountable. The culture the people here into experience is much that there. Well I mean I've Amanda -- Barbara ticket quick -- -- in a minute but I am and I want to stick around through that break is until 430 but. It's there a couple of things I wanna discuss personable. What are the chances. Of it. -- -- you've talked about it some of -- you've written in some of the people talked about it meet the big NFL belongs in Toronto but perhaps it's better to have an expansion team. What are the chances that were gonna see some Toronto bidders. Get in to this bid on the Buffalo Bills. Just to go through it and get vetted and approved for the next what's the chance. Just practice round. Yeah I mean before I mean even the Jake -- was involved debated and nobody ever thought their series. I mean at. Whether that you put I don't believe the -- would wanna put a team in Toronto expect it like -- that you would necessarily be hurting the Buffalo Bills -- and -- -- They're -- 18% or more they relocate. The new stadium up and they're all. Then you might have 25% or 30% from Ontario so you can cannibalize the -- to -- an expansion in Toronto and -- and -- what do. I -- and it now also by the way. It is -- we've heard that there were two groups out of -- -- that were in one group that's what news can you tell us what you think that status is right now. I'm pretty post. The one group and one that I know there's there's never been a second group where. And and I've written this fact. In order Edward Rogers of certain wants to he's the head of the rocket empire and or I think it's six billion dollars. He and his sister and and his mother. Together there were more than six billion dollars I think the number my might be but it's a lot of money market. What are you going to do it alone or not -- and people Rogers. Communication and I know others or I hope. In trouble and then. And they get under their ears to the wind and -- we don't want to do now is going to -- He's pro level as people that would count and I think any what is going to chip got to keep the pretty court especially it's a surprise that. But. We know it's possible even -- get involved with the the -- legion emblem group as a background on instinct. John don't don't go to we're gonna take a real quick break for traffic on going. And you're exclusive AccuWeather forecast. Partly cloudy tonight low 62. Partly sunny warm and humid tomorrow with a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon high of 84. Read about -- we showers and gusty thunderstorms are quite low of 69. -- is eight times of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm. -- median what's the temperature again. It is now 79 degrees that's -- Quite a bit to succeed. Where on the air right now with John -- who is the NFL reporter or writer for the -- and jump thanks for stick around here. It sounds to me like Europe confident the bills Wednesday. And that ladies and gentlemen this is the Toronto and a -- Exactly. Well I'm all of the guys that don't forget who few days after the the last bill and try to gain jaskol. Wrote how they should pull the plug on it and I had my -- -- you really think -- -- Put in the trials sign that you know Arnold only -- -- prime medical writer is advocating that he had a lot of plays into trying to figure out what you're saying. As the lupica to look anybody you know absolute. -- -- -- I I I cannot see. Around that one thing which can make an opponent and make human and I even mentioned it and -- that the rocket itself and nobody for the draft. In New York City and why would be and that so approve. That would induction -- and I spoke about earlier about five or eight years of going to existence and why -- -- -- -- however proved. Because well you're you're you know hypothetical there and what -- underscored and one important. It is not. A single vote. To move between -- It is an ownership approval vote for. And then however many years down my throat. And because of that restrict at least. That they'll have a well orchestrated and I wouldn't come. Until at least 2020s if not later not. So that's another -- -- great looking at -- much safe for the sake of argument for that conversation. That that's a lot of big group somehow won the before vote failed and everybody else trust Joseph -- and may have bought the bill. Now we're getting closer to twenty Tony. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think it's the -- possibly get voted down on the relocation. So -- it is true. It is true because they have not publicly. As stated that are reported to be true from sources -- But it saying. Work to come out and stayed out and we finally do wanna relocate the team and -- point -- -- they're saying that. But the -- turned them down. Then the company billion dollar purchase. And -- -- a billion dollar purchase what some may be attached to that we would be to actually move it. And do what you want. -- A lot of money on an eighty. Jon Bon Jovi -- riddance to a quarter. According to -- 300 million which might. You know you might just sell everything just to get that out. Right to be the current board which is what he wants to do. There is no guarantee that you're going to be and be able to. Relocate the team even if you get so when you add all those things up. Anybody can have a credit caller call in the -- can think to consider why that's so good or why would sound good to 24 and co owners let you know. Yet you guys know. John could you tell it -- we just another twenty seconds here tell broad our listeners where they can see your writing on line. -- -- or both stole my story that the blog which is blog. And dot canoe. -- looking -- title dot CA and within their he'll find -- or go to trial sun dot com or you can go to canoe dot CA so we have these triple. Online web sites and that of course -- -- for papers across the country not just the trauma son. And they fall below the newspapers liberal web site and my stores we'll go there as well. Well John thank you very much are always are filled with information very enlightening thanks for taking the time here on. News radio by thirty WB -- will be right back after these messages. Tomorrow there. We're back. Here -- the Tom Farley show. Reviewed 930 WB yen here it's 4:34 PM with Michael -- you get a but it would mean till 7 o'clock Tom is back tomorrow. And the evening off. It is very difficult work folks I got Victoria. Tom and sandy worked very hard the guys worked very hard. Takes a lot of preparation I know. Everybody deserves a vacation now and then can use one right about now. I'll tell you why I am absolutely. Mind I've got my head all the way up my you know -- -- have for about a week or so because my wife is now over. Over two weeks she was -- on Saturday. We actually thought it was earlier than that to begin with. And now here we are on Monday in she's not -- that show much interest in two to. Wonder if she's trying to hang on to work for a reason I don't know but I've gone all the different routes I've -- -- earth spicy food. -- take her for long walks I've taken for drive down bumpy roads than not it's working folks. Out of its work and so what do I do I leave the house and go to radio because of not -- -- here. We -- even over Nina. Picture. One idea. We have six or seven names picked obligation crowd -- Kind of -- your listeners. But here we are 8030930. Your -- and the WBM -- 8030930. Give us a call or start 930. On your cellphone -- talk about the politics of the Buffalo Bills today. Wouldn't means for local and statewide politicians. What it means to taxpayers do you wanna put your tax money in to a new stadium. I gotta tell. You for receipt for a grew up there in the shadow of Ralph Wilson Stadium in fact. I still go to every home game and I never go inside. -- -- into the game. I parked cars. Or at least hang out with people -- it is all my friends from the big -- areas of are parking lots in their front lawns and in their back lawns and you know it's kind of fun to go in the stadium I haven't done a few years with a lot more funding out my -- drinking beer park cars mostly -- the mud. And it means a lot to me. What's gonna happen the Buffalo Bills I've followed them for -- I've I've been absolutely loyal over when I was living in Washington going through four Super Bowls winning. In Russia trying to defend. Our status as an NFL team to people to -- but it wouldn't have posted for. I'm bitter bills -- for long long time in the idea of the Buffalo Bills leaving Western New York just leaves me speechless. I'm very concerned about the bills stadium the Orchard Park I understand that that meet the necessary in order to keep the bills. I don't see why you couldn't build another stadium on the same footprint I'm no expert but that's -- While we're at 5 o'clock am George -- is who is when he advocates of the downtown stadium he's on the board that group. And on the waterfront stadium idea. I'd love to see -- stay in in in Orchard Park. I understand that seasonal place they're putting a lot of money into each drive by it every -- time. And it looks to me like that come along really nice. I think. This year might even venture inside that are paying the community park -- but let me just. Without this out there for. People talk about the waterfront stadium now put that down -- will bring in all kinds of growth putting one out in Pembroke. That area would sprout up all kinds of putting it in Norton. In Niagara Falls would. Jumpstart the economy that's been stagnant for many many years but let me ask this -- about Orchard Park. What's gonna happen when the bills stadium leads Orchard Park. Stay with -- and you're gonna create a ghetto in upper big tree in any Bill Ayers worked right away immediately. I mean the stadium there really didn't do much for the surrounding -- to begin with but there are a lot of damage a lot of -- the reliance on percent. On. 1% but a lot on on the seasonal revenue began. From. Serving pizza. Hot dogs on the year. Parked car's. -- created in the -- Absolutely there's no question because you're talking about a blue collar hard working area to begin with. I I've I grow up around there. The use of the parents who lost their jobs that that when steal these of the parents who were working two in three shifts because they couldn't get the union wages they used to get when it worked at GM. But for the guys -- all of these parents I knew most of them. We are you know as kids we watched them come home late at night exhausted they were working their backside off. Justice should keep a roof over their kids it is a very hard working blue collar area. And I'm telling -- with it if you create. The -- a ghost of the stadium. In the in their neighborhood it's going to be an absolute ghetto in the so how do we have a we take care -- I mean. Nobody really is talking about keeping the wage you know. Renovating -- bring it back up to speed or building another stadium on the -- put it's been done in many other. New stadium ventures. No easy to talk about it back I think they're gonna narrow it down to a small number maybe three. Different options -- I'm willing to bet because there's so we financially. Invested people in this people who have been giving money to politicians for a long long time. Are people who. Our own land in Niagara Falls. Own idea a fellow who gives six figures to. To Governor Cuomo in more. Are we have another powerfully connected. Developer are who owns a cynical mall area wants to have a fair. Someone who's also involved in supporting Governor Cuomo and other important. Political officials. Palm the only. I think the only. Stadium idea that's out there that doesn't have some kind of political sports world coach park. So now. What do you think about 8030930. Not start 930 in his cell phone. Do you support. Doing anything we can to keep the Buffalo Bills here would have Governor Cuomo work. Or the county executive and other elected officials propose your tax dollars for ST what you think about that. We're 823 here in the restart 930 and so. We have. Coming up at 5 o'clock we have George has -- -- Who as I mentioned is involved in the downtown waterfront stadium they've clearly done far more work than any other potential. Our stadium group out there believe they've even hired one of the top I think beat top architect involved in designing NFL stadiums in the country. They've been they've been down this road quite bright pink -- over well over a year now. He's gonna tell us with their talk about -- and frankly I think you know the stadium even though it's a political decision the stadium itself in many ways. And no politicians rarely have anything much to say about buying the team the actual sale of the team. But I bet that stadium may have some play into -- in many ways we're talk about that at 5 o'clock with George. Tim in west Seneca Tim thank you for calling in your own review the WB. They're welcome white I have it -- -- I still love that will -- to question are on a border -- it will house all -- Barack. Automotive lions were rated that location. About that. I really think about that you know what it takes I've heard it's gonna take between forty million to tear it down. Even tear it down but -- sure they keep their cars all over the place don't. I mean there are. They have dealer everywhere -- -- head that would. You want you all for all vehicles. Once stopped the import -- -- -- that they -- I still western aren't gonna put a bit and out. Well that's that's interest in -- I think. We have. We were also seen a lot of electronics being laid down there a lot of pipeline for Internet and things have been I've heard -- at the state itself might interest. Using some of that property for our. An adult and animations and orchard. Attempt thank you very much for -- really appreciated. We have by Steve from north -- actually know we have Ricky from Amber's Ricky thanks -- I -- -- very good. I have an idea that there are anybody mentioned a great talking about. An -- six hours into the stadium. What about a proposal where you estate to act they're gonna collect from the LC. -- just put that right back into -- billion estate. But there's one problem that it's a very important problem unique far too good cents. He makes weighed too much sense for him and for us to be able seek care but that's expected the argument for the -- will be OK just for a second. The reason why were getting this new companies in here and the things we're doing it because they're giving government largest corporate welfare. You know there and and that really would Governor Cuomo needs to do in this is what. Other politicians advocated for him to just cut taxes so that people could come in here and invest on the -- record but it's that he wants control taxes. And only give breaks to those who curried his favor and that's the that's what's missing from a year for proposal Ricky. You're asking them to actually give a tax break actually. Target the tax break to someone. In order for us to build a stadium in fact what -- it would really. Gives the governor its maximum control most of actually build a public publicly funded. State I mean I don't think it really pleases Hughes and the Democrats need to control every aspect of transaction. Yen makes complete sense. Alex played airport will bring it out every time they say it I'm not your partner we -- score well. I guarantee it. Awful but the data upload it to actually over the years. And right now would -- the -- -- probably talking for a million dollars and it. Right right right and by the way. In no -- I'll ask you this Ricky what do you think would happen if they move you do you think it's gonna have economic impact a few year down grew. Ricky I don't pay a little bit aspect is that negatively but. In my ticket out of the world. The world I mean it would make -- less attractive or visit is to comment. Well we're gonna ask that go ahead and ask -- test units at 5 o'clock your question about about the idea of redirecting state arts. But I really appreciate your call. All right well listen we're going to be back here in a short. Break here on news radio 930 WP yen. And this is Michael Goodwin for Tom. Regarding your accurate forecast partly cloudy tonight. Low of 62 degrees partly sunny warm and humid tomorrow with a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon. High of 84 rather muggy showers and gusty thunderstorms. In 69. Wednesday eight times of clouds and sun with a shower thunderstorm. And a high of eighty degrees but this might put in -- talk about to go for traffic. And Michael we -- Tom. You need to be you know 4:50 PM four -- zero. For those -- view on your way home from work. Were there a minute don't worry. A we've been talking about the bills the buffalo bulls the politics of the Buffalo Bills and telling you I'm promising you from me this. -- I declared this in my first -- power of -- said it again every half hour cents. The Buffalo Bills stadium is going to be part of the Buffalo Bill it's going to be a big part of the all of it. But I can't imagine any other way of looking at all the scenarios someone who knows politics and -- good about it in new. A little bit less a lot less about. The bills per acquisitions in in the stadium on pretty closely and probably that is. -- formed some view the one thing we do and I talked to. County executive -- cars east -- He mentioned the most people who know about this. Are talking at all those who were involved or speak and a lot of people we see who our talk on the record aren't involved and also there's a lot of speculation. The county executive is not one of the people don't know -- -- I think -- -- more than most -- -- -- I guess at some point in time you know the penalties were directly -- Need to go on -- went to a quiet period is right now is when the bids -- pop them. Right now is when people or come -- the final points of their decisions on -- stadium should be. And wait to -- mark mark your column from the east side of buffalo thanks for -- All right Mike good mark thanks to all I -- -- -- -- -- -- Orchard -- you need to. -- my voice you know why -- taught you the beautiful. View of Maryland to the game and up all its yellow foliage. Anybody know mistakenly did champion Kansas City. -- -- turned over -- they revamped it. Right right -- some people talking about how you could retrofit. The Ralph with retractable stadium and anyway. Is that the retractable stadium is something that's being discussed for any state in the ago. Well you know -- -- compared to why don't they have a stadium and LA. This location people don't want it all -- talent. Right right well they've tried over and over and I think it was a Tim Graham had a great story on. With Tim Graham at historian on -- it was on on the Los Angeles really is out of the mix because Los Angeles -- one team basically. Yeah I know that I have. All right but you very much. Thanks opponent market appreciated. We're at 8030930. Star 930 on yourself on. Here on -- at 930 WB were talking about the politics of the Buffalo Bills. Not just the the purchase the sale and purchase of the bills but also building the stadium look I I -- cricket has been saying for quite sometime now and beating the drawn. Quite effectively saying that there is absolutely very very slim chance that the team goes the buffalo I've seen some. Canadian reporters other than mr. creek who covered the NFL for television otherwise. Who think they're still a chance that an expansion team would throw in the -- the region could support two mr. creek doesn't agree with that might think but I've heard other reporters. In the buffalo area say the same thing but here's the thing that I'm quite certain. And I want to give us a call next our. 8030930. Start time -- and so -- and tell me what you think I believe. The bit of the the concluding bucket of the buffalo billions the one that gets announced. In the -- you know lately late October just as running up to Election Day. I believe that Governor Cuomo was to fly him. I'm like Santa Claus and grant does all our wish for a buffalo. Bills stadium. And he will do -- as part of the buffalo -- that's my prediction. Maybe you think I'm wrong and gives quality eagle threes are thirty tell me what you think at the beginning at the top of this now. Armor or to have George has -- does George -- or a proponent of the downtown on the waterfront stadium. That's means -- which will maybe take it's a good idea bad idea. But it's the only stadium idea that's out there in detail of that they've been discussing. In a granular levels at spent discussing with. Politicians. With community leaders they've been out there so on the idea -- the community. Offer I believe almost a year now. And it's went I'll tell you it's a -- that very close and it's very hard to see. The traffic that might be presented to me it's very hard to envision that for some of us. But mr. -- makes a very convincing case we've invited him for the top of the 5 o'clock. To talk to us not just about his idea Tuesday about the role of the stadium. In the -- you know in the actual. Acquisition of the team because we know. That the the Toronto group which may or may not include dogs -- about it seems to be pretty clearly including Joan -- We know that. That their bid includes they -- right back at the visitors call 8030930. -- in the Q and will be -- back after these messages on news for you and the WB.

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