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6-16 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. What would. That. -- Can. Win this endless parade. Distractions. And political posturing and phony scandals. Washington's taken its eye off the ball. I'm merely saying that this needs to stop wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what comedy. What does this -- It's Tom hourly. It's life. It's local -- I got caught -- And Tom hourly and it affects their unused radio. Welcome Tom -- show this is Michael Goodwin for Tom who's got the night off. It's 309 PM me your review at 930 WEB yen. A lot of news going on today you're stuck being till 7 o'clock you'll have -- back tomorrow. But. I was noticing right about now was when you start paying attention just a little bit of attention. To the opinion polls when it comes to the statewide races. Looking -- opinion polls in below it's march April. -- Tends to be a little indulgent I mean if you're looking at them your pretty probably really who are stuck on politics should be watching Family Guy. But if you're looking at polls and junior could start -- in the truth of matters. Earlier this people are paying attention to polls mean almost nothing. They start getting something in June however especially when you have a head to head. Combat set up on the -- governor's race with no primary Republicans it. We have Governor Cuomo running against progress Reno there is no question there are some minor candidates. Making some noise. But it is mostly nor is really we're looking at a Cuomo west Reno hit -- all the way to November. And today we had a poll from Siena research institute not exactly the best polling outfit that I've ever seen. You know that's people's friends of mine -- Republican side of things are active there Sierras. An arm of the Cuomo administration but I'm not exceed that that's exactly what they they do hope that Paul's. But this what is especially helpful since Seattle researchers to pull this morning Monday June 16. That says Cuomo maintains huge lead over rob S -- 36 points hit Cuomo's favorability rating is up and asked to Reno remains largely unknown. AM are you look deeper into that. And Cuomo is on top of as to Reno 57 to 21 the 7% to 20% if the vote were held today. Of course that leaves at a man's. A very large in a 20% loss. Size of undecided voters. But that's a 36 point lead in the early stage and we know that Governor Cuomo thinks that he should be giving 60% plus. So this isn't exactly what he was hoping it is a Mickey fine comfortable. We also see. Both the attorney general -- snyderman. And down the comptroller Tom the Napoli having holding will not nearly as carpet but little bit of lead over their challengers. But it goes to show you. It goes to show you. That there is I mean nothing worse than an uphill climb in and very very deep state for Republicans activity it's been done. Obviously. Governor protect particular collection where he was elected twice. A lot of people would say that he went too far left but there is a way to get elected it's very difficult especially when and against him now. But what's interesting series and you -- down a little deeper into the sport these guys always drop in the other questions. In case they don't make any news with the league questions on the -- races. But. By if you look at their Interpol in less than 13 of voters say they are better off today than four years ago. 13. -- much I think slightly. EC. Slightly more than 38 at 32%. Of New Yorkers say they're better off now than four years ago which is a very. Very un healthy number for Governor Cuomo. It only 32%. Of New Yorkers. Believe that he's done something right so that they can they're better off now than when -- when he was first elected he got a bit of a problem now however. You wanna see how confusing these polls can be looking even deeper. And by an eleven point margin New Yorkers save the state is headed in the right direction I'm not the wrong direction. So even though less than a third of New Yorkers think they're better off that now and before Governor Cuomo came into office. Fifty to the 50% of them say were head in the interest in 2%. Percent more votes in the wrong direction that's 39%. So with this -- it's heavy lift for our progress -- mean the big problem the big problem for the Republican candidate for governor. And it's most people -- most analysts are saying today is that his name ID's the number of people in the poll -- know who use. Of course that number is very high 84 for Cuomo. He's got a favorability rating not just mean people favor him 63%. Our favor -- 30% 31% against them that's up from eight were 5738. And his job performance is up believer not up up at a time when she. This is one of the promptly at the -- is job performance rating is up to 49% of people think the -- in a time when. Dumped the -- commission and it and and it looks like you there used in the -- -- -- bit more commission looking into. Investigating corruption and all -- He shut that thing down some people say for fear effective getting to close his people. But corruption is now an issue that rob best -- could run with free there's no question. Because Governor Cuomo -- news but say wet the bed on that issue by by pulling the plug on its own investigation. And then we find out that and governor Cuomo's -- -- Sandra lead the sometime shelf. On television was not -- it was not applying for the proper permits when she did major renovations on the house they both living. Almost residents. And -- with a lot you know very bold attack a bold attack. -- mastering over accuse the governor actually. Trying to -- taxes to avoid taxes by refusing not only to file proper permits allow an inspector even come in the home. Some pretty good issues there but in the time when those issues have come before. His job approval rating has actually gone up with more people the -- even more people think -- good job so I think a lot of the sports flawed. Our offices all early polls are but -- interest in after him and what we we understand here also. We see some interviews in recent days very interesting article ice off today city and state. Dot com it's a tribute at those who listen here. To me rattle along sitting in for now. For. Mr. beach. You've heard me talk about now. You've heard me talk about the bills here and there you talk about politics I also have -- media. Blog called politics and white dot net -- -- provide articles they're read in the upper left the most important equipment there read one. Point seven billion pages of the wake up in the morning boil down to -- political goals per view. On politics and -- -- in the upper -- column article by city and state the talks about the politics. Of the bills purchase. There's it's a very interesting situation. Because you know we have. But governor who's trying to get 60% plots which requires me in and and and reelection requires him. Two were really. Hate Western New York he needs to be. Answering no in western new York and one of the most important issues in west PR beyond jobs in the economy is the bills. Am he has a very unique -- the government's. And city of state analyze the politics of the Buffalo Bills. Purchase. I hired should go to that article and take a look at it it's very it's probably the most. In depth up to date article on the Buffalo Bills and it will be dislike all these things beyond the -- -- real sports piece. But the reporter who wrote that article will be joining us here at the 330 hour. 330 mark after -- But it's interesting to note that the one person who really stands to gain from the Buffalo Bills purchase is probably. Probably in my opinion Andrew -- Com he adds a real say. In what's going on with the stadium we've he's got a panel that he virtually controls 1%. Made up of a lot of people who are Cuomo was to help him. Figure out weird that new stadium should be if there's going to be public money involvement in the taxpayers' money -- And I would say of all politicians be on that saint mark Poland cars -- the county executive he has agreed to wrecked. Bearing on what's going right now you'll notice that. He's -- take a bow for the the lease which. I think he should be for a point and I think of all the people involved in. The bills situation right now. County executive point courses had the most to do and has done well. But we're gonna see that this this table is now being set for Andrew Cuomo what is heat and what does he you know how is he going to help keep the bills in buffalo which he has pledged to do. And do it in a way that helps him in for election in November and I -- I think I know what it is I figured this one now. To talk about that a little bit today what can Governor Cuomo do. To gain the favor of it. 100000 bills fans in Western New York who were concerned that their team may leave for Canada or or other areas. Obviously he can keep it here. He has nothing to do with the transaction itself he can encourage folks who want to get involved. But are really win win the bidding process begins politicians have no it's at all. What they do -- Anderson is in that is in the stadium. In the stadium and when exactly. That can be built and how much that's going to be taxpayer money. And I say this isn't even a hard pitch for him it's almost T ball for him. I'm it's exactly. Do this is exactly. You understand that we have somewhere around you know you talked about the buffalo -- before. You've heard I mean talk about it on talk rumors and talk about it. Buffalo billion is almost -- to put a billion dollars into the Western New York economy in two buffalo particular. And I he's starting to deliver on that according to news spin. Com I think here to questionable tactic I think Buffalo Bill -- Really. Mostly sales language. But -- the end you're looking into by their counts of the lines of 20300 minority been presented to lose to this area as a fulfillment of Buffalo Bill. Why -- the governor promised a billion dollars buffalo region. He's gonna offer -- a billion dollars for a first of all of course he cares about what's your policy. Right that he cares about its work. But I mean what governor predicts maybe spend and spend a lot of time appear before became governor but it's an important statement. But ago. In addition to that. He's. He's got 700 million left over in the Buffalo Bill for 700. Million dollars left. And as a very political person and believe me Governor Cuomo is a politician to his bone marrow. To his marrow every can every decision he makes has politics attached to. What toothpaste -- -- said that's political decisions for. Everything's political because he was born and raised and -- at the news bother. Former governor and has been involved in politics since he he could speak. Every decision he makes at politics all politics attached to a so if he's got 700 million dollars -- laughed. It is promise for a buffalo 1000000700. Million dollars left. Put that sounds like about the price of the speed that's. About the price -- there's no reason. On God's green earth as a politician that Andrew Cuomo. Would wait until after the election to announce where the other 700 million dollars is going in buffalo and we know from around town but there's not enough in the Q. That adds up to 700 million for him to announce. So -- money out there for him to announce. Money that he can use spend -- commit to the Western New York area to please the voters. Ladies and gentlemen the rest of the buffalo billions at our stadium for the Buffalo Bills I am willing to bet. That's true. -- not a betting man of course. But. I take my chances here and there I think the rest of the buffalo billion is the Buffalo Bills stadium some way shape or form. And talk about that today. It's important I think for us to look at this in a political. Steer through political perspective. Amber to be talking about. And talking to. The organizers behind the the downtown stadium -- waterfront stadium will be talking to -- John creek of the Toronto sun who is on the beat -- following this very closely. And can it can bring the leaders what's the what's going possibly be talking. With that's Hamilton who is the author of the story in. In the the city and state which I've directed you to. Bottom up politics -- one dot net Matthew will be -- after this break. At the top of his articles -- think has a lot in their army -- encourage you to read your interest in the politics of the Buffalo Bills he's the first one I've seen -- -- written so much. And such it's actually the coveted it's -- that has such. -- -- -- -- -- But. I'm guaranteeing you folks. The buffalo bill and the rest of the Buffalo Bills it's going to the Buffalo Bills stadium. That's I'm up all bets right now I'll -- like Mitt Romney orbit 101000 -- But we'll be right back with Matthew Hamilton here on news radio 930 and up to happen. -- He has made me feel -- -- Yeah. Bet you that that's Philippines. Well good. Idea yeah. Milk and a. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. And we're back here on Tom Bauerle show. News radio 930 WB EN 333. In the afternoon. That was of that star published the Russian Federation the very famous Russian tune drinking I think there. Found that on YouTube right couldn't resist that transports. Every time. The turnaround in Russia some recent posts on especially. Big women. And they -- it would. In -- way back to the topic at hand here. We were talking about the politics of the Buffalo Bills. The politics. Of the Buffalo Bills that the topic of an article today in city and state New York City and state and white dot com. Written by Matthew Hamilton who joins us on the line right now Matthew there. Thanks for joining us Matthew bit this article I think as I said earlier it's this kind of the most up to date most. Complete article at the moment we're taking snapshots were. Almost that the -- shares speed. But if you wanna take a look at it it's that city and state and why dot dot com it's also the top of my blog politics -- -- dot -- arguably there. And your premise in in this article. Matthew is that there's a lot of politics wrapped up in this and a lot of things at stake politically in Buffalo Bills well. That correct so. And we're talking panel I get the latest news is about the -- the bill who's the World Cup and they'll do and that's not necessarily where. I mean -- politics overlap it's. The new stadium location the new stadium building that is projected record you know expected to happen once the -- -- And while we're talking about the politics here's the state and your account you are shown that they are involved with the -- on Wednesday signed. On the new at least he'll stay afloat in the 2012. The state in the county both chipped in. I'm quite a bit of money to. Go along with a critical doing in the at least you'll also created in the stadium working group what you Nicholas from both the state and the county. On that looking at possible sites where the the next stadium be built. If there is no bills they're still looking at building -- stadium regardless so. That you concede the greatest political overlap and that's where you're gonna find possible implications depending like right. Now. We're also going to be talking -- John cricket and some. You're seeing. Basically three or four groups out there and and you see the in the stadium itself actually may be a deal breaker correct. Yet it seemed to be. Somewhat of a case. Indicator of the Bon Jovi group obviously they already wanna move to Toronto you'd have to really -- incentivize them it would seem. To get them to stay here in Western New York but. You know you're looking at some of these other ownership groups Donald Trump has expressed an interest in keeping the -- and what can you are obviously. You know Tom Golisano has also. Expressed interest to keep in the -- here and I don't know this understating the summit to deal breaker for those guys so I'm obviously they're going to be looking at getting in stadium. But I think that they would be whoever -- the -- of those would be crazy not to go to that stated accounting and say look. You know we've we've purchased the team we wanted to hear what what what we you give us to stay here used to leverage here. There was a lot of talk about the -- leading in and why not go to the political stakeholders here and today. Well what can you give us make this a pitch question expects. Yeah and and I think it's tough. -- however very very thin line to walk for these politicians here in western New York State -- politicians like the governor and others were gonna weigh in on this because. They're talking about spending taxpayer dollars right and an air if you listen to -- that the listeners who call in here on WB and you'll find a lot of them in front and -- I've heard. A majority of them don't support taxpayer dollars Tuesday. But if there are no tax Payer dollars -- likely there won't be a stadium and the in the team in fact could lead so this vary final in his. A -- in. Governor quote expressed that he would like to not use taxpayer dollars on a possible stadium you know if it comes to that they will look at it but he would prefer not to obviously. No matter if it's -- a completely privately funded stadium or it's entirely taxpayer funded stadium this doesn't get taxpayer costs for things like infrastructure you know you put it stadium in -- you're gonna need. Additional access throws to get 80000 fans out of you know the parking lot in any given Sunday. So there's going to be some sort of taxpayer money involved put it in terms of the actual skating itself it won't see what happens but again it would be. Incredibly surprising it's whoever purchases the team doesn't get some sort of money or at least up and ask for. Some sort of money from the state that -- Right and we know that in Canada they don't build stadiums for the -- to. If they don't so the elbow owners were trying to move to Canada have already factored in. A stadium in fact I understand they're gonna have the stadium wrapped in to their bid for the team. And that's why suddenly we've seen. Other and and we -- -- -- those people are floating the idea of a stadium in west Seneca now all the other ownership groups of arsenal factors stadiums. That's that's a pretty big that's a huge chunk of change meet a a privately about a built stadium could be several hundred million dollars but most publicly both stadiums melodies -- portion of billion dollar mark. Read in you know I noted in the story that when Gillette Stadium in Foxboro I was -- for the patriots that was the presently under the stadium for. I think 300. Something million dollars and a point five million dollars something like that. Ability in this case we're looking and not just building that's. Stadium in Foxboro they've gone from having just stadium to having an entire entertainment complex there shop built around the entertainment options and that's. That's what we're looking at possibly here is a billion dollar price tag on top of a possible billion dollar price tag just by the team. I cannot just put in the stadium but also. You know other options around to make it a full year round it's useful -- between -- -- you know this group. When they've talked about it sitting in the past the other harper. -- -- talked about doing some sort of stadium conventions and our entertainment complex on one. And so that's that's -- -- -- it's not just about football it's about keeping company you can use 250 days of the year not just the week. And we're going to be talking to George prosecutors here at 5 o'clock o'clock marijuana before -- continued here -- on remind folks give us a call here. At -- at 930 WB yen at 8030930. Tell us what you think you -- -- put your tax money into a stadium. What would you do if that if if something the governor another politician did stop the bills from even staying with that factor into your voting for. In the voting or not I. -- -- -- -- around here but it. I'm by encouraging listeners to call it but it me ask you this do you see I've I've positive this. Earlier I don't know if you like sir Iran deadlines that -- the story but. I mean we've got about you know if you're counting the dollars of the Buffalo Bill. We've got about 300 plus million -- quote unquote spend two were or committed to the buffalo market. We've got 700 billion or so left end -- others really mean this thing we all know that took almost a political person. The best thing for him politically would be to announce that remaining 700 million -- before election. Sure and I mean you wanna make sure that. All committed but if you're talking about putting that 700 million but the Buffalo Bills at all. I don't know what that is eighty in the car interview that would be an idea -- investing in all -- -- You know high tech infrastructure you're bringing jobs to bringing businesses and to turn -- and give that to the sports stadium. I mean you tell me what you think but I don't know that that's. You know that look good to to the taxpayers here you're talking about jobs -- document that's been talking about long term future. And to build a sports stadium I don't know that you know people want sports fans would look at that very kind. That's the final and I'm talking about you could be hearing to foreign wants the other and that's in all 700 million goes to. A stadium I'm just saying he's only got about six -- the spending that's so disputing committed. And have press conference to harvest the votes for. But listen I I encourage everybody to take a look at Matthew Hamilton's article on city and state NY dot com. About the politics behind the Buffalo Bills. Matthew thanks a lot for spending your time on that article. There's a lot of eye opening stuff there's interest -- analysis thanks for spending time with us on -- thank you. -- Iowa again were at 8030930. That's -- 930 on your cell phone. I -- called you. Support having. Taxpayer money your money go to building the Buffalo Bills stadium do you think that. We should just let them go -- because wee bit of that word is that if they don't have brand spanking new stadium they might be moved. We're here -- news radio 930 WB yen and we'll be right back after these messages. We're back here. Tom -- show here -- -- -- in my thirty -- yet it is 3:47. PM. Three ports have in the afternoon for those of you who don't know PM means. And that my friends with gasoline and. -- been told that I've ever come -- talks of industries. For John WB -- Obama deeply Grateful Dead music today we're going Grateful Dead free. Instead I decided to all of you on to some hip hop because I figured. All the people here on WB and the listeners would probably love that stuff for at. No no no organ of mine some very interesting stuff by a band called gasoline nights where I won't the abusing your ears with terrible hip hop. But we are just discussing with Matthew Hamilton from city and state. City and state is very solid political publication out of all either -- actually more and more stories about buffalo -- City and state and why dot com. And I told you know he didn't agree with me but I think I'm as somebody you know -- a little bit about political. Tactics. Ways to win votes and how you set things up months and months advance of the advance you can bring them home right before Election Day. The buffalo billion my friends -- good chunk of that Arctic air is going to go to the Buffalo Bills stadium mark. My words. A big chunk of the buffalo -- -- ago to the Buffalo Bills the I mean I think -- depression Matthew approximately. Ago I'm sure there's some things. In the -- that are going to be in going to be announced every single time Santa -- I mean Governor Cuomo content. To be running -- don't talk about another million of the forty millionaire but the big one's gonna come when he announces. The big buffalo bills' stadium that's going to be. Part of the buffalo billion mark my words. Absolutely occurs after the -- of apps political person there's no reason for him to save any portion. Of that seven million dollars quote unquote close the Buffalo -- in the area. You'll see the Buffalo Bills team come become part of the buffalo billion now. I wanna hear what you think about the 8030930. As the number -- start 930. On your cellphone -- call what do you think about the Buffalo Bills. What was gonna win the bid and do you think that taxpayer money should go to the stadium. Here on newsreader by the WBBM will be right back after a traffic report and your exclusive AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight alone a 62. Obviously warm and humid tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon high of 84. Rather muggy -- showers and gusty thunderstorms tomorrow night too low of 69 Wednesday. Times of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm around. Or high of eighty -- to drop almost forty degrees. Spirit of the warm -- use. Little XX 62 degree that's perfect -- -- So here we are news radio 930 WBA and the Tom -- assume Michael Caputo and for Tom he's got a day off today. 3:51. -- We've been talked about the Buffalo Bills. We. Seemed terrorism are a news article that actually broken eggs -- broken -- earlier today give you. The -- also on what's happening it seems to be that just about every one in this process is expecting something to pop this week. In fact if the Buffalo Bills and -- Vendors there bank and their lawyers are going to stay on track. If they're going to stay on schedule for what they've bitten. You know saying they want to do in fact to move this thing along pretty quickly. We're gonna see some kind of announcement this week. The people who were interested in buying me. Received what they call teaser memo or some kind of vote. A report from from the investment bank that approximates the value what of the team and how much they expect the minimum bid to beat. Some column -- Roland there are other ways to -- But you're gonna see I think by the end this week and most of the folks involved say. Certainly this got to be out in mid July if they want to have the bidding process moving along very quickly. I'm sorry has -- meet you meet June fruit for the body parts move forward quickly and resolve -- -- July what's very interesting year. A very interesting. It's a confluence of events which are discussed with some friends of mine baldness and some reporters and talked confluence of events right now. Is if things move forward slowly what happens if the deal memo is out this week and weeks until next week. What happens if it takes a little longer to bet that team in for a for their buyers to -- the team. And for the team to -- the bars what happens if it drags on an additional week. That's another fifteen days between the two of this could push on to the first weekend in August. In north the first week to week in an August rate that's a hall of fame game when we play when the Buffalo Bills played the New York Giants. Win. Absolutely. At the of the entire town of cantonal I was won't be taken over. By bill's fans the bills mafia the bills fanatics. All the different spam groups are all having special events are all getting. Caravans together there are going to be thousands it's gonna look like. Western New York moved to can't Ohio for the weekend because Andre reed is being inducted into the hall of fame the Buffalo Bills are playing their pre season opener rate there. And what happens. If the bid has not been selected by. But what happens if the -- has been selected. It certainly won't have been voted on by the NFL owners buy them they're talking about October at the earliest then what if it's at Ronald based group that selected. What happens then all eyes are going to be on the hall of fame game every if it's going to be covered I guess by NBC sports. So NBC sports NFL. Announcers but they're all going to be on the beat. Doing little feature stories for halftime -- -- stories of course. About the Buffalo Bills -- There could be a very interesting confluence of events and Kenton Ohio. What if we don't have any idea who the buyer is right where we don't know anything at all. To think about that then we're going to be in limbo and all these fans who have driven hundreds of miles to go to this game we're going to be looking for. A nice cold beer and and someone to talk to. A lot of reporters out there -- around. Conferencing is back. I think in fact I think I've never been to a hall of fame game this is the kind of perfect storm that I'm gonna go buy that ticket. I mean that's not far we'd drive. I think they're still tickets available I think it's gonna be extremely interest. I -- we don't know. Who the buyer ariz. By the whole team because if for us to know that. We would and it it would we'd have to have every single step of the schedule that everyone is hoped. That would that would -- forward the schedule everything has to go perfectly timely nothing can -- Right now they haven't slept it seems that back but there aren't scared. But it's what's the week. It's when when the buyers are being edited and I'm sorry when the buyers are betting the team in the another week when when the potential bars being vetted by the team. This could -- talks that are. And then the whole world watched. But we're at 80 threes -- -- to get this call start 930 on your cell phone. Let me but let us know what what do you think the Buffalo Bills they deserve taxpayer money for their stadium this could be. A lot of we're talking when when the public sector when the government builds a stadium the price goes through there. Even the private sector stadiums is. Matthew. Hamilton from Soviet states and a 3.5 million for the for patriot place stadium -- place. That public money probably would have been quite a bit more. We listen -- we could easily spend a billion dollars a billion dollars. Honestly. This is very interesting I think that we all heard business first announced. -- -- The Jacobs family is not going to participate -- not going to bid for the team but they're likely to put the money get get the money involved in a stadium. That's a very interesting idea because that's back what that the -- what that business does best. So of course who we should have thought of that before they might give him and make it will be cheaper. But every -- call your 8030930. Already right back after these commercial messages to the Tom our show.

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