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6-16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- back -- and governor a lot of things happening on the international front Iran offering to go into Iraq and help -- we have put down the insurrection there or yeah that's a good idea. Let's invite armed Iranian troops into Iraq should see. And Senegal the Trojan horse. Way back -- when -- -- -- And also that Supreme Court ruling with the organ that a -- purchases it seems like a common sense relentlessly. We'll check that out meanwhile -- or checking out your horror stories. About buying or selling online have you -- Craig's list customer or an eBay customer trying to buy or sell something. Does anyone ever throw anything away anymore seriously I expect some their finance empty milk cartons the sale. On line with the -- with pictures on them of people they found. I mean just nobody throws anything away anymore. -- trash pick up a collection is going to be a dying business because there nobody thinks they have trash anymore strange items that you say we're gonna give a couple of examples. After we talked to while Wally. In Hamburg while you're on WB yen. I'm fine -- Ollie or get media give me your experience selling online what's going on. -- Remember. It and I am not today. I wouldn't -- -- and I like commitment. Yup I like about the unique. I -- the -- was actually on the -- -- really not. And now that they want them out and elect that we might now Obama. That would indicate that I sent you have the talent back really kept in good company. And connect. You know about why. All the -- and pop. Q where can I can't get outs on ground but I don't let the technique that brought back and now. Are nice and honorable transaction that's that's rare and has been here at. Renews my faith in people Wally our goods are good job thank you very much. Here's some other things that didn't work out quite as planned. In 2000 and full -- Let me see a summit is trying to sell him F FA eighteen hornet fighter jet for the starting -- was going to be a million dollars that itself no it didn't. The owner of the plane had purchased it from a scrap yards and and offered to have the plane restored for you buy it now price of nine million dollars. The -- stated that the daughter could expect to pay roughly 40000 a month for just two out of three hours of flight time. Do to have fuel consumption upkeep and mandatory expenses. After hearing about the auction the FBI got involved will -- well like they wouldn't -- They notified the seller that he could only sell the plane to an American citizen residing in the United States. Furthermore the plane could not leave viewers airspace either. The auction ended without winning bidder well there's a surprise wouldn't wouldn't dad's eyes light up if he had his own hornet fighter jet. Here's one for you and eighteen year old British girl sold her virginity and eBay. It was blocked by a business who kindly agreed to give her the money without actually taking the service. Isn't that call prostitution in America think has been around for awhile. You know they have to start somewhere she's tried to sell her virginity. Well Brittany spears tried to hurt for -- long gone by. One would assume. But she drives our hair. The starting -- it was going to be a a million dollars. It was not -- because of a violation. After Brittany spears when no one ever rants resulting in her hair being cut off. The salon that -- here Porter hair on eBay in hopes of making it quick fortune. Due to eBay's policy the person's hopes of making accord bark was cut short a they did not allow. Us. So these things that people -- I I you know I understand the rarity. But I just wonder the usefulness. Are suppose you were a huge Brittany via -- spears fans. And you bought some over here what the hell would you do. But I may be imported and a book with pictures over play goals or something like that. People come over you with the book out hey this is britney's -- What -- that is just like even things that you can understand the importance like baseball's. You know this is Hank -- what 714 or whatever. Whatever this is a memorable baseball. And lock -- signed by Hank Aaron it cost me four million dollars okay. First time people come to your house and here it is in mine and -- ball look at vests. -- at all is that his signature yes it is because reform million dollars while I'll -- And and on tour again the same people come over your original with Bob -- Hank Aaron ball again right what do you do this stuff. People collect that you can understand the importance of it and it's true with footballs from the game. Baseball's negate him into the -- is true of a lot of this stuff. This is an original game Jersey by those worn by bronco and her ski all the way. How about that OK you -- but I sure your friends but after that. You know whip it out again. So I don't know maybe people just like to display -- longer Caesar majors I've got want to sell here for you see you have Rocco rigorous he's all right I don't -- while Patel ski. Maybe they're both polish I'll take you to -- okay. Here's one for you Jesus -- the seller had. Accidentally protest post in a toaster before throwing a piece of toast to -- he's suddenly. Noticed that the pace of Jesus are an -- toast and tried to sell for 99 cents. Nobody calls me and you know I don't want a while I don't wanna seem sacrilegious and I'm not. But I just never got that. You know virgin Mary shows up on -- garage door I mean I'm just thinking that and then suddenly busloads of pilgrims come there. I'm just thinking if you are Jesus or if you are the virgin marry or whatever in your living and haven't. And you Wanamaker comeback do you pick a piece that hosts the may get or garage or what did you have -- like got a nice place invitation only. Am but that's what happens all the time people see things. -- and it was on Johnny Carson -- that had the potato chips that look like different things. They at least look like different things you can understand them but they didn't they want to have openly admit warrants sacred they were just. Things that look like something else is seeing all the time cloud formations looks like like something. The way paint dries looks like something. But the ones that that the religious fanatics that run off to an heiress as citing. I'm basically a little nervous. This one it's kind very unique up for sale is the window in frame. That the shooter. And JFK assassination. And -- building in gal oh really familiar at Texas books about the gas so that that window in the sensible about it. And it. Post office I was in the united Melamine were an average Tibetan. The Texas book. Replies yet thank you yeah OK so somebody would want that the window and frame. At least -- -- -- store -- value one who gets all that probably the owner of the building problem of what is so yeah do you see a lot of things on on on no online for sale. And you wonder about what kind of person would want that or by that I'm sure there are you know there -- all kinds of collectibles. Remember. Which which casino wasn't in Vegas was that the or. -- it was right across and caesar's they had been Nazi car collection that was in imperial compare fallacy out. I think that they took him down eventually because of complaints it. All those all those cars that you see in the classic -- and to Israel's and things like that were on display. We'll take a break we wanna hear from New York horror stories about buying and selling on line. In Craigslist eBay does anybody throw things away. Like the old -- -- the guys tried to put at the -- and some of the Kaman grabbed it. A court collector and strange items -- going over -- reasons alive under his right at 930 WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. These exclusive WBM AccuWeather forecast sunshine fading behind increasing clouds and humid today -- a couple of showers -- of the afternoon thunderstorm. And -- 79 turning out. Partly cloudy tonight -- 62 partly sunny warm and humid tomorrow with a shower gusty thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening and I have 83. And Wednesday more clouds and so -- a shower or thunderstorm. In a high of -- just reminder to join Shakespeare in the park as they celebrate thirteen nine years of free Shakespeare. Henry the fifth will be on center stage June 19 through the 3 July 13. Our shows -- 730. Tuesdays through Sunday you can go to Shakespeare. In Delaware park dot org if you can remember all that. For more details are sure to follow them on FaceBook and Alexia comes out. And that's yet. A new area Shakespearean fanatic Tony. What I can see you in the front row quoting the Bard. Year I'll. Although I did as as mentioned before I did -- was played a part of the -- -- in our school if you wash your hands over the last time. Glad to hear that and now we're asking about your horror story isn't there a lot of them. Regarding doing business online now it's a bit better here and there but also online is also resulted. In some of phone scams I have been getting and I've got the point where I've probably had seven -- Adam. I have a blocked phone unlisted is you know home of the best I can do in the fall ranks. It's probably as have been seven or eight times and here's the -- Your computer. In three days. Is going to basically disintegrate I mean it's going to be overrun will -- this and that the other thing you remember the plague. And for a mere 200 dollars they can take control of might come on my computer and set it straight. Now I've hung up on these people I don't know how to got my number I have no idea. I've sworn at them nothing works they just keep doing it and the only thing that makes it kind of funny is. Every time I go on these calls as with somebody with a different accent. So it is seems like either they're from different parts. Of the universe or they just purposely put people at different accents on the throw you off. But I'm not signing -- -- -- like that but you guys get that kind of vote harassing stuff too. I don't get as many with the phone calls I didn't with the email email I eucharist yes or you know we don't even have home phone anymore and it -- -- -- it makes it hard you have to -- by a home fall for them too because you get -- item up I do random cell phone calls. But anytime I see it's a number of that's not -- once or senator Roberts yeah I went to Iraq and also has campaign and they do random digit dialing. If you get it's strictly of the luck of the draw eyes to -- calls yet but I purposely made no attempt to be nice civil. Nothing because there they're coming in in my home and invited as well. Okay I'm invited I don't want him there I don't want talk to them and I make it clear right away. And they usually -- they hang up and discussed but then there's somebody else goes back a few days Chris said he and other affairs wouldn't replace. This one comes from Christmas she says I was selling some collectible books on eBay. But the person who bought them pay to a -- PayPal account eventually PayPal big credit me with the south through much later the packets are sent came back to me is abandoned. Over eight. Oh wow so she got paid and they and they merchandise go back to yeah that's bizarre and ever heard of and no that's the that's wild. But there again you know when you're dealing in person. Eyeball to eyeball there's a person standing there they can look at the merchandise -- all the merchandise they can ask questions. The negotiating process continues I'll give you this where you take bad I'll throw this -- him whatever. And there's a certain level of excitement -- with the electronic stuff. Not the same its absence is like dealing with a phantom somebody on the other hand -- hoping that the yeah -- gets complete and that it gets completed. That that the merchandise gets sent the money is collected everybody's happy but I think a lot of times that does not happen you've got some more examples. Yeah how about this was sandy for the right price you can name this woman's baby. In 200533. Year old woman. Named Melissa auction the rights to name her baby on the Internet the rights for naming her child's soul for a whopping 151100. Dollars if. Game 1100. Dollars via the baby's name is ship's garage pizza. Google that's exactly. Why -- that are about to go to best buy low. Because every time the baby gave their name people would think of ship's garage pizza. That would have been money well spent shell thought about that window and they wanna -- -- yeah. Guys that are nick you could be -- you can be the haystack he had that -- that -- Jerry. Named after additional what's the present at the silo at the silo but then I keep fighting and so that would -- yeah I think that the news should approach -- -- owners say if you have any more. The of the naming rights will be available. What that now I mean we name the stadium. For a million dollars. I think stadiums are gonna last as long as of the normal low life span of a child so you get even more publicity yeah that's probably a hundred years old get a hundred years worth of publicity like that. -- mark -- out but I think chefs rush pizza Smith. Would be ago and it. You wonder where some of these things come from because some of them -- bizarre and that's what people see just before they're giving birth. They you only see words or whatever they think that sounds like a cool name and the -- aside and every time a kid has to give his name our name they have to explain. We're just there look at Becky and peel a couple of that's -- that we found on them making fun of college football names is there -- all and that is a very funny shtick and and even a follow -- was funny you know we know the basic premise are we're asking you if you had any horror stories regarding selling or buying on line. If you're on Craigslist or eBay -- first do you go looking if you're looking for I don't know bowling ball was just makes opened up a bowling ball. You go online to see who's selling a bowling ball which you -- and look for us of a store itself bowling supplies. A lot of fail as we just go online assuming that whatever it is going to be cheaper but if you have the -- the ball of the ball has to be drilled or anything like that. Doesn't make much sense but that's the first thing we do because we assume. That if it's online it's got to be cheaper it's got to be a better deal and so we will get a good price and and bowl happily. Ever after after you have your ball drills which sounds very painful. I think I'll pass on now take up another sport where you don't need to get your ball drove. Which is almost any other sport -- negative. Well we've backward borrower Beijing government under greater and I'm -- -- via. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Now -- -- back clear division -- just reminder if you miss some of the newsmaker interviews with us -- and the -- on vacation till Friday by -- who ever sitting him a call anchor chair. There online does go on line and on demand to WB and our common you'll Haram also Tom Farley show in my show they post. On the matter and so where there -- -- natus kind of fit into your schedule. And we're talking about the on a lot of people do it. They go online and they find out that selling online isn't quite like or buying online is quite like rice or you lose that. Or yard sale whatever. We market you kind of lose that personal contact and because of that there's lot of spammers out there -- so we're asking about your. Carte Europe horror story about buying or selling online if you ban on Craig's list -- -- now they've tried to clean up their acts and they've got PayPal now and and they they -- managed to tighten up a lot of on this cameras but they're still out there does anybody ever throw things away I'm always amazed. By things that people will not throw away. That they who they want either place with somebody else. Or row or salad but they won't just possibly even though it's life is over. It's useful low life is over they just won't do it. And if you're our collectors some say collectors some say harder what do you collect what your heart people collect everything. As I said when I was a kid though my grandfather. Used to smoke cigars and they were common these boxes and my cousin David and I. Really coveted goes a cigar boxes because they were things you can store your cards in -- And anything you had that there was small that -- really need to have. And then them but we started collecting as we -- more as we get older we graduated from cigar boxes to. Coffee cans. Copy Cannes where dad puts every nail banned or not. Known to man is in there thinking someday I'll need is bent nail and what I'll do result straightened out. And use that and I'll say whatever unknown male would cost I don't buy Yahoo! but there are days on Saturdays. When my father. Gave me the job appalling males on the boards and straightening him out -- after that. But I -- every call my father going to the copy command to remove males who knows. He would always have nails but any boards nails in them we must remove demonstrate the -- out and that's part of what we did. So we had coffee cans of males. And I don't know like you have you tried to find some thing that you thought you had rather than go to the start you know. I have the washer that went on the not that the use on that hinged. And I know I don't have to go and buy that washer I know I got so what -- ago he spent five hours looking for a washer that costs a penny. Not a good use of your time. My debt passed to me. Some of the items and I took one of the -- Of nails can Belcher. Are and had anything that had to do -- hard at her and that -- When I first got married I went to Sears and bought tools. -- -- -- -- -- I'm getting married I'll need tools so that I can come way how's old shores many of those tools have never been your support. -- and -- division they are now antiques. But that's that's the way it goes. I got so collectibles are you a collector do you do you collect things you -- things. It's now I -- home. All three of us were in two cards. Baseball cards whatever these two guys yes definitely that's don't have a bunch of worldwide that are avid runner probably our prosperous don't have them and there -- -- at that time. At least when I collected -- maybe a change when you guys collect them. Later on at that time you would actually enjoyed them and use them. -- as -- as cards became more valuable. A -- would get involved and mom would get involved in buying cards for the kids and not letting them take them out of the plastic. Because that's what's going to keep them valuables did you where you guys in that in that -- it started well for me is they would go in the spokes of my by oh yeah sound sure. Then I think parlor -- when I was ten years old and discovered that there was value. And cars are started collecting them deceive them including what was one of the ones I have. I don't know if you remember a player Howard Twilley played all of Miami Dolphins are early sixties -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a twelve this one it's. Your cards and pitch -- -- if you ever truly see your doctor is not covered by our insurance and a whole day you know aren't sure if he married Meg Tilly. She -- and she kept her name should be -- that we totally. Whenever it that do they can top flight entertainment available we're down I think there Howard to a stool for. -- also some some weird things that were put up for auction in November of 2005. The original Hollywood sign. Was sold the starting bid was 300000 dollars is did sell it sold for 450000. Dollars which is a nice profit. In November 05 the original 1923 Hollywood sign remember originally. You know what the original Hollywood sign says no he didn't say Hollywood. Is that Hollywood land. You know autos for now see I know that Osama walking encyclopedia. It was -- housing development. Another Georgian -- you have a new housing development -- five or 6000 people move in whatever that's what this was Schwartz and Hollywood land. Anyway the current auto wanna sell because he said he was too busy working on other projects and more importantly wanted to use the proceeds. To finance another Hollywood project that he had in the works and so the 450000. That. That -- -- It was a it was a nice a nice a lot of money so people are always buying and selling what I've noticed is we've become. A nation of -- merchants who really have. Oh we understand when you go to the store they have overhead whatever so wait a week ago. We try to go to places that we might find hidden treasure. You know -- behind that dogs playing poker there might be a Rembrandt. And when you've taken apart when you get home and and take the frame apart whatever you might find that people are always looking to find a treasure and every once in awhile ago. Look at how many programs -- TV -- -- oh yeah it. Defining thing there's you know you look through exactly Rogers or -- -- he -- you know property storage facility storage wars the ones that get me on a storage wars nobody puts expensive stuff in storage we found out they show is rigged is -- -- I guess I was right. They aren't things in those and those those Rogers. Well you know I found out I used to watch you know the towing -- show where you got the guy would recruit cut the big muscles and the other guy who's tough. And they were going they repossessed vehicles whatever. Once I found out that was a reenactment. I do watch it anymore because there's always the danger pave the owners coming out and the owners got out baseball bat and is now. Now you find out it's it's reenactment. Now even ever happen originally that and get it on video wasn't there wasn't recorded so what's the point and and they all have the same they have a chubby woman. Who has a -- too. And crew cut. And I can't base and they've they've they were there are always in the -- with the guy going to repossess they. The vehicles. The analysts say that what if she's listening to my -- -- Will be back we're more or between government and straighter and -- thirty WB let's go to Charlie in Lancaster. Charlie -- WB yeah. In. I think. So people saying things came from my parents that are morally want to kind of grew -- a depression. And they saved everything I had kind of a funny story 1 morning I went to work. And an old timer was there and make the coffee. And took a sip of a national average you make that -- the -- -- -- try to might light. Yeah just the -- machine should this call is considered so far I. Well that's what we didn't question we just heated up and put salt -- all of my -- He's a little clever guy certainly -- Russian leader result in a depression anymore. Output -- according error on your tongue -- they -- everything. I and also a lot of people during hard times financially would -- on the water through the grounds more than once. And a -- -- was hard to find that there were no Jim Martin's band. Oh. Boy Charlie thank you. Yeah if you think about it like this. There are some things that you grew up live. That you took for granted and as you get -- you wonder for instance I have. An item to belong to my mother and I remember it's specifically. When -- a kid and I haven't now okay it's on display in my dining room. My sister while my sister got the human mothers that essential that the cement donkey with a planner. She got that but I got. This pitcher. In the pitcher is beige. And it is a a a girl probably is my guess although it's androgynous. Colombia a little boy holding. A pig. In his arms OK and as you -- the pitcher. Milk comes out of the pig's mouth. Now. Doesn't come out of a pig under any circumstances. And I don't know why they would make a milk pitcher. Without pig in the -- little boy -- little girl's arms but I have a and I can't commit Democrat I don't remember being intellectually curious enough to ask why milk is coming out of a pig's mouth. But I have -- and I wouldn't give it up for you couldn't give me enough money to buy it so it's strange. What interest your mother or father may -- -- total mystery hero because I can't picture. My mother shopping for that. And saying you know what. -- gather from my house the signal coming out pig's mouth makes sense that may did you guys have anything weird like that no like cancer in -- I go on one leg up on. Now I record of their money from. I bet. -- physical drop in Ireland I bet -- seriously somebody right now some antique collectors going. It that was cast in the only only for three days before they plan for an. They only made two of them one of them is in India. And the Panama Rashid in my. This would be worth millions of dollars you never know me you know and all but the -- coming out of -- -- never made much if you're here tomorrow and will use all that -- guy I scored big guy you're right that's why we have all these shows about them. A place where people either get appraisals. The PBS show does that what they have out. And -- near the end of the appraisal. Will say well. I think this that stewardship portrait. Five -- -- Is worth 83 million. They always -- some outlandish number. And and some people are disappointed though because this this. Treasurer that they have all these years they find out isn't worth that much but. If it's worth -- -- nutrient that is worth it. But they have that and they they have all the pot shops -- Where people go at -- I didn't realize. This upon -- joy out of Detroit. And the people give him yet furious when there. Whether. The presented with the offer from a pawnshop owners and via the use -- bouncers acute mountain that's kind of exciting kind of fun to watch. A but I didn't realize people tried upon really weird and wild stuff -- yeah I think I was just jewelry watches cameras things like that. But I guess -- we see that show. Not that one I like the one in vague Vegas and he's a little bit ease ease on ashes and saying a great guy and he's honest I remember one where you say is I I can't take advantage of view. This item is worth a lot more than what you're asking for here. Here's the -- oh wow so that's good because in the other one let's Goldman is first of all you hate the daughter. The brother hates the daughter -- hate the daughter -- Immediately. And a lot of customers alike are either but she's the daughter so she's over there but at least he's that that's more action and now one. They have the biggest bouncers I have ever seen. And there are these I'd -- this guy's -- walking him back of viewers you're about to. Go nuclear because you know like the price and a shadow cast -- like the earth is going to end. And they just invite shoes that are suck at it -- former Detroit line and now these guys honestly doesn't it look like in big monster guys. And there in the middle of I would assume among our primary. And people bring in all kinds of things that strangely enough. No wires or tree and things like that one would suspect that maybe there war and gotten we -- on. Yeah out and they're bringing -- of the -- up and some of them I mean he said things worth a lot of money there. But that's the kind of stuff going console that is tight end. To -- our history. Of trying to find a bargain. And then now we have a whole new audience online because people are sitting there and Iowa. Checking out your items that normally would be and you -- -- -- sale. Or yard sale and it's kind of like open up the market but -- that -- cameras show up. It's like it's it's just like an open opportunity -- -- -- new group of of people -- with money in the bank that we laughter and trying gets them let's cameras everywhere almost every aspect of life and fines and yet there -- always try to do a -- this unusual auction a group of -- and Australia. Auction off a weekend with a promise of beer snacks and I -- laughs. It -- sell for thirteen hundred dollars 200 dollars. They auction themselves off on eBay. Bit -- fun and laughs and and beer. And that's that so I guess Adam you have a good time glory in and they get four Australian guys different that. Wraps it up for Beijing company on a newsreader and -- that we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine sending. And troops and Iraq -- maybe its argument that -- seems strange suggestion of -- Was it was going on tomorrow on those -- and I started a previous. We'll go home as they never -- to music piece.

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