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6-16 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However aggravate your governor of sandy beach asking the question. Do you have you have any horror stories you can relate to it to us about buying or selling online you may view on Craigslist or eBay and unusual things happen or didn't happen or your promise something didn't show up somebody set up an appointment. Was not fair. Does. Do you have any of that to share I promise I would share with you a story about a friend of mine. Of mine drier. Broke. You know you have a washer dryer the dryer broke another Dreier had been serving. The family well for twenty years. -- you would think at the end of twenty years you would simply take the dryer to the curb and it would go to drier land right well you've been wrong. Because of the one person of the couples said. Let's throw it out it's it's broken it's served twenty years let's get a new one and the other person said wait. I Gonzales online. The first persons but it's broken. Well you can -- broken somebody will want a buyer for parts or you know whatever maybe -- they're gonna repair. People are always looking for a bargain so. Posted an online and a few days later got some action on that. And the person number two said the person number one see I told you we could sell it on line. Somebody is coming this Friday -- look at it. And on this Friday came. And of course nobody went to look at it and so. The first persons that now can we throw it away or don't own Romo just got -- and other contact on line. As sorry couldn't make the first the point man blah blah -- block but Adobe -- they're coming this this Friday. Okay well okay maybe that was a run rash judgment there and a throw away a twenty year old drier. Didn't show up again. And now it's the battle of the wills will they put it out on big trash day. And I'm asking here's a question that I'm going to ask besides your horror stories about buying and selling on line Craig's -- he they whatever. Does anyone. Ever throw anything away anymore. Here's the -- you know in the not too distant past. One something it outlived its usefulness and didn't work anymore and it would cost more to fix that -- to him. Then destroy value simply threw it out and then suddenly we develop the social conscience. Why that fat Americans what they're throwing away this 32 year old Dumont TV. More than. People -- name your favorite country overstays. Don't even have to -- how can -- throw things away so then we started trying to find homes. Have you ever tried to give something away it is harder than selling it because that people don't -- just say no I don't want it. -- so they'll be polite to you but it's really hard to give things away. But we feel better if we if we make it a gift to someone. And find a home for. Now there are some things that make a lot of sense you know donating to. Salvation Army with your clothes that -- -- grown org -- -- -- on -- whatever that's good stuff that's fine that have no problem with that. But what I'm saying is it seems like we never toss anything away anymore. Everything has to be handed to somebody else and we feel more comfortable like that I think the biggest examples are probably guys can understand honest. Are your reclining chairs you -- whether there bark on jurors it doesn't matter what the brand is. Guys love their decliners and usually the recliner. Sees the downhill slide. Starts off it's a brand new recliner and they delivered from the store and has put in a position of prominence right in front of a TV. Only a few steps from the refrigerator. And your use it and you're your rooting them on that we've won the championship on this recliner. All of a sudden after a couple of -- -- -- ratty and and it goes into a secondary wrong. Maybe -- may -- a damn if you have a damn sun room if you got a sun room. 'cause women find a reason to move the recliner out of the prominent position it was always enjoy it and that would bring us somewhere else and then it's just a matter of time he goes in the cellar and you justified by. All right there are times when I'm down in the cellar it's cooler down here and I do like to read. I'm calling it my man cave I'll have my man's cellar down here. And does so it's there and you bring a -- clamped down there and you and you can reduce that that. And in some day you come home and you find out. It's gone. You know your wife can't lift the recliner she brought friends. And it was out of the curb and it has now gone. But that's those -- the kind of things that have very long lifespan a recliner last a long time. And as we are simple people we just like comfort. Comfort that's all women conference doesn't matter could be straight -- and should there. Like Benjamin Franklin music city and they like no walks. Though looks how does that look. I don't care about looks I just want to be comfortable but enough of dating are no -- it's it's just a guys get their favorite things to us because we don't care how it looks we just like it. OK we like it's comfortable we wanna keep it and then women find a reason now to get rid of it so I'm asking. Do you have a favorite thing. That you're not going to give up well I have. I have a leather recliner which is -- I have a dual recliner and that I have a cloth recliner that is now. It's in the sun -- and I know where it's going after the sun room it's going to occur but not I'm not as long as I'm alive I'm keeping -- I'm keeping -- recliner. Because it's served me well I watched a lot of good -- but -- So buying or selling online is seems like a good easy way to make a few bucks right. You put it online -- book also I love that I'm going to pay more than less or that used to be one of the scams I don't do that anymore a much. But they -- to do this they had something to -- over a hundred dollars. -- -- -- -- Right -- check for a hundred and tan. And though because of that that's how much I want this 100 content now what kicks in there is greed. It's not from the person trying to scam you achieve your -- because suddenly you're thinking. Why that's more than it was even asking for it he obviously don't have a clue as to what this is worth. I'm gonna clean up on this sale when indeed Europe blocking the bank scam and you don't even realize that so they offered to write a check for our. Then the item and some would require you to just give my cash refund for the difference in -- and now you know he I'm the Ayatollah. Thank you very much so he got all kinds of scams online the -- have become more sophisticated. There's more anonymity because you don't see them. And they're gonna ask and trying get into information regarding your private accounts and things like that. I'm sure that if it's happened to me and I've seen it happen. That it's happened to you so wanna know exactly what's going on what your online accounts. And send me bank account numbers not aware of your online buying and selling adventures. Craigslist eBay whatever and is there one item that you wish your husband slash wife slash kids would just plain throw a YA. We'll be back more with Beecham company -- horror stories about buying or selling online Craigslist eBay whatever and does anyone ever throw anything away anymore. You have something that your spouse or your kid. You wish would just get rid of him for summaries and nothing gets tossed in anymore. Let's go to Adam and cold and Adam -- on WB yen. -- -- -- -- -- Once I'm out and out of -- there oh. And competent you know really old old made okay -- -- -- made -- what I put under the -- But about urban poem you know vote and that I didn't think that would be good for human. And and that that. All man somebody somebody came -- grabbed old meat alma. Well sure honest and -- -- so there's a market for everything out. You have a polygraph that they grab that they -- -- well both both. Odds are I thank you very much as I don't think I would run off to get some old media that was slippery. I'll tell you sometimes it can be maddening to argue your story. I haven't put a lot of things on line but the things I have put online haven't met with great success aren't. I had area NASCAR few years ago Porsche boxer but when I bought it I don't know why -- signed the -- -- Adam cover art. Isn't sure and yeah okay here bumble mobile bald as a nice cover after you wash it like -- to -- it's it's an indoor cover. And and I bought it and never used to because after I watched the car. I wanted to look at and in the garage and -- the cover on it and the chance governor cover aren't. I would wanna driver -- is clean in -- and I want you got to save it for good. And so I never used it. So the copper was still in the bag and it came in and that was in a plastic parts bag with all the labels -- -- about so I decided you know what. Idea. At somebody's looking for one of -- I'll put it online candidate put online on Craig's list. And it says right -- there brand new book Porsche boxer cover indoor cover only. And never never used never out of the bag okay but the price down there. And I got to contact from a guy and the ads specified. Bennett was you know an indoor cover because. At the card didn't sit outside and an outdoor cover is a different kind of cover. This was a soft very soft current events. So I put it on line and the guy context made very interest. Very interest. Sunday is a good day for him. And in the morning because he's on his way to visit his daughter or something like a good site set up a meeting place. And it's obviously not going to be in my house setup a meeting place on a place where people go to have Sunday breakfast yeah. So I go there what kind of carted all right here's what it is orca card you have here's what it is we'll look for each other so we did. So I get there early like a dual all the time I got the cover in the trunk of my car. The guy pulls up hey how Mariam jewels -- on nice that major Jarvis is a -- discovery Golub as I opened the trunk. He takes that recovery is and it -- follow this is an indoor cover a lot of outdoor cover. And the bat it's an indoor cover the I was specified it's an indoor cover nobody puts an outdoor cover on their portion nobody leaves a mild. That's the whole point. And and that was the and the my got up early. Sunday mornings elected to that. And at a guy obviously didn't read the dad goes out of his way to take two seconds to look at it and say -- to invoke. At that point. My Italian kicked in and I wanted to put him in the trunk. With the copper and see which one the police could find first -- I didn't. Suggests mild. And he you know people who don't even pay attention I told this story before and it's a great story yeah but it's true. This is on people used to put that things in the paper to sell. And they still do but not nearly to the degree they use a special carts. So I decided I had this very special car. In because of that you had to release the because if you just if you put a price and at the price might scare people away. I want them to see it because I know if -- like I am once you see it you can make an excuse find a reason to buy it. Even haven't made any rational sense if you want it you're gonna find a way to get it and I've figured they see this they're gonna rule eleven okay. So I put the ad in the paper and a did not put the price -- but told about the vehicle itself I got a call from a woman. And she says is your car is still for sale -- -- in the papers that yes that is. And right away she says to me. Will you take less for now I know the price wasn't there I didn't put it I know that -- at less than a lot. She -- less than you're asking. As -- what are my asking she said I don't know so if you don't know I'll definitely take less than a -- I mean that's. I love that story because that is absolutely true that's a true story people love bad bargain thing. Now with the the with the Internet. We have Craigslist and eBay or whatever you have pictures and it's really -- some maybe even sound. I've never seen was somber eventually puts down on him. And it's really tempting but you have no human contact until you actually see that person. Unless you're gonna mail what. You're going to have a face to face eventually. But it's easy for them to break an appointment would you know it's easy for them to ask for all kinds of additional information. And then you never hear from -- simply again. You you have that initial inquiry and then -- the scams come Monday it's a special. A deal lots of people would say that they would send. Either our representative because they were unavailable. Or a moving company and there are times when I've seen things online. That are about the size of your hand. And they would say we -- -- for so yeah it's a scam that's because those profits and 101000 of these as a nominee come back. That's what they do that's how they that's not a great work and because that's very frustrating says the Acela. Nine it requires more than a casual commitment. You have to be dedicated to selling it and if you know we -- some stuff but you're going to be very very disappointed many times because it's not going to end well it's easier. To go to our garage sale or yard sale or store. And actually see -- make the deal and that and bring it home in -- Montreal 18061692. Through six and -- 930 does anybody throw anything away you've heard the last caller. Say he put meat at the curb. And it's it was all meet at that and said it was probably not fit for human consumption. And those somebody picked it up and probably home barbecuing. Old meat. We seem to have a a knack for needing to place any item we don't need anymore in the hands of someone else we can't just sort of way anymore. And that's what surprises me that people still on trash day go around him and that who think they're finding some useful items when invade. That's the end of the line if they haven't given away hammer out for car -- there are absolutely use our useless. My father would probably save anything and everything and that's pretty much how I was raised so after I got married and went in which -- Is trying to move is very difficult to begin to start throwing things away. -- I doubt they hate it used to be that -- gussy it up by saying you're collector you collect things later on the reward came out Porter. Where my grandfather's. A cigar boxes. When I was a kid -- say copycats there's nothing cooler than an empty coffee can you put all kinds of cool stuff better right do you collect their view hard things. Newsletter and a -- we are WB yeah. Your hearing the voice of buffalo. UB yen that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Backward Beijing governor how ridiculous circus I have line. The IRS's claiming that they lost that I wanna put that word in quotes but they lost three years' worth of emails around -- -- If you owe the IRS seven cents and a formula okay they'll lost. Three years of emails I imagine that what has surprised. It's just amazing what's going on in Washington now it's. It's not even real there really isn't -- that your. Yours yours yours -- surprise or -- not surprise a dirty country yet it really is it's filthy dirty now they're really as an end you can forget dog don't try employment on racism or anything like that it just plain is and to think that that's legend that is to be taken seriously got to be kidding me. Well yeah and strangely enough audit them him. -- -- from. My buffalo perks is from the Hellenic view windows and doors. Get a 15100 dollar certificate toward a house full of windows. For 250 dollars or 500 dollar certificate. Toward two Energy Star windows installed. For just a 150 -- go to WB and -- comic Clint -- buffalo perks logo. Were asking because a lot of people do shopping online. -- regarding Craigslist and eBay. And try to find bargains your horror stories about selling or buying online I know you have them I haven't done that much but I am -- And you on Craigslist eBay does anybody ever throw anything away. One caller says -- put all meet at the curb. And somebody came and took -- before defrost it. I said it was not them in the ads that it was not suitable. For human consumption and somebody came and got it before it even -- that. So we're asking does anybody throw anything away anymore. Are you way collectors some would call collectors. Orders it's the same thing basically. Our collectors probably heaven or you know a supplier of things have made because a little bit more than orders do. But are you either of those and what's the strangest item. That you've ever seen for sale are being given white now it could be the old meat we we may have answered our own question asked and answered as this in the courtroom. All right though -- a couple of FaceBook entries let's see what's going on there Chris. This is from Dallas she says that once won an -- docks at and T ball. And the -- contact me claiming he broke it when you're trying to packet. He said he you know when exactly light it up for bids if I was -- -- like a -- and that he just wanna sell to me because I got a rock bottom price of relied Wally. He said he broke his ball but he has an excellent exactly like it is that that's. That sounds a little fishy doesn't see that's the point when you're dealing electronically. There's no shame. He just type in what you're gonna type -- hit send or whatever you have to do and that's the end of that you don't have the look him in the nine they don't have to come to a parking lot to meet you. Are they don't have come into your yard to see which economic card table -- for sale. And so that's the disadvantage and you run into a lot of -- is out there as well. Well I think I would probably look to sell in the future at least had like two. Is either my card collection on the comic book collection we'll actually fairly easy there's a lot of co -- lot of companies that do that. In fact is that Mike show open problem yeah he's he does a lot with a hobby in the end zone with card collecting. I'd -- what I need to do is researcher find out the value. Of them like I have. Earl Campbell rookie card in a -- -- stake in the he was the only car he would pose for a throat is careers or whoever did. And -- -- afterwards and at the time meaning that the the last time and it evaluated. Was mid to late eighties in it was worth a few bucks back that and. Well I think that'd be good find out what it's worth now see something like that can be fun to do. Because you're doing a resurgent brings back some good memories and if you solid solid you don't sell it on solid. And that that's a fun thing to do I have pictures just like that. I have some on display in my house I have some that are in a box and probably will never be displayed. I was thinking of putting them online -- wanted to find out what they're worth. But and the research part is. It's kind of fun it's kind of challenging. There are sites even and implement their collective picture this. So you see Bill Weir gonna become from how many were Purdue those things like that if it's a fun thing to do the boy believe me. What you find out and I Hari is. When something was sold the Yahoo!. All man. As is the rarest of any thing you can find these anywhere where are lucky to have this one we think the second one's on on Mars. -- go to solid huge. Days as 5000. Of them in every town and America. So that's what you always get it gets a little frustrating after. And some magazines and I even have -- hot rod magazines from the sixties but unfortunately I don't think I would get much from because of the condition. That parent. Well what you could get -- the magazines that if they're from the sixties only -- used to hold out -- life -- how close hardly ever use in public were hot chocolate that you can get some really good at Marilyn Monroe. People who collect that Merrill Merrill Monroe memorabilia -- right I think you can get big big bucks for that fell. Let's go to have Fred in -- Fred you're on W via. I sandy hello. You. I had. Dealings with -- over the years. Hand. That start with backhand. Problems with people paying on time or paying had not paying at all that sort of thing. But it's sessions court to PayPal. I. The aid is you'd get rid of. Most -- the other getting better -- as cutting down on the numbers in the -- aid. Is they won't. They would roll of the check -- or the cash to clear. Until the recipient. Says it's okay. That's one guide them it was. -- only real. Problem mine hand was all of my fault. Hi I am day. Giant pension to. Say things and I mandate. Scenario that I built in the early sixties. And so in the girls. That are pretty old -- and there are collectors of those things right. And so I put that up by any game manic act grabbed the first day. And I was on my away to the people to pack -- up for me. And down I -- fell. I -- and I'd drop and I just may do little mom is and at the same time it might number. At all. Yeah there are people who feel that the tube type things though winners have better clarity of sound and enough. So then your lost your losses -- he got a nodding your head. And emergency relief well -- And not. Just on eight. Somebody got to go to bed pretty story can get -- shows. I thought I'd give -- good. While the other people you know it's funny that it would mention that I packaged up. Yesterday I was a system that I bought and Dallas. That's very -- I just don't use it anymore I just don't use -- -- -- -- -- all the time. My iPod. And my iPad magazine some both okay that's tomatoes. So I just I went downstairs because I of the original boxes and everything and I package it up and I'm about -- solid it's funny would mention that a lot of people. Like the older electronics because of that. Like vivid they haven't embraced even CD's because they think it. It's not a faithful reproduction that's why a lot of people still have turned tables. And there are some. Albums that still come out and vinyl. I'm in a furor if you're that much of an audio file to be honest -- I can hear the difference and I don't think a lot of people can. It was a half deaf -- wearing headphones Michael how much you give me from me tracks 08 tracks I've got some tracks because zones and never quite a thing. -- I. Marie Osmond siblings. A medley of a farm songs. I mean now not to -- and we'll be back after it and it is a Beijing government were asking about your horror stories about selling and buying online. Craig's list eBay wherever. The thing about going on line as you field the world as atrophy. If you're looking to sell something. There it is I'm going to have a customer base of the entire population of the planet. And does anyone ever throw things away I anymore I know. You know ought to be wasteful but there are certain things that people are selling manager. I mean -- and a flea markets. We've seen things for sale that you would put at the curb. Throw away as prolific got them. And dollar trying to sell them back to you. And are you a collector some column collectors some column porter's what do you collect what's -- -- item you've seen. For sale let's go to work Debbie in Hamburg -- on WB yeah. -- stand -- I don't want to mention about it aspect put -- -- disabled husband I was looking or. Adult diapers. Because -- people have the person to say you can't. Prosecute or from any and donate them to. So it's your -- apple -- and and somebody. Text or that it message -- I have. A lot of diapers. Oh. Where are you located. -- in Hamburg. -- the web site where they. And how much tension there where you comment Albany as well that's too far. Yeah he's not gonna come from Albany to get ago or two or sell adult diapers. Exactly well except well that's okay. King -- public survey holiday -- The full diet are at about 900 evolution different sizes and this. And little storage unit. Thanks apparently to myself though or direct Albany for -- No probably all. You. He'll drive he'll drive all the way from Albany numbering 900 albums -- -- belonged to the legislature. I. And now that I'm gonna call you back. So couple hours later -- -- -- order extensions. You know area. -- At the same thing the couple weeks later and it has offered its sides ignored it. The thing and another. Date June. Do work as a caregiver. Or. Just hope it's amazing. To email that interest Hitler's book. Well right now on the air and it was rather. One in a partner back -- -- -- But I need help -- -- The chemical. Solution. Is that we share in. Fourth. -- -- -- Your bank or. -- all that money in the bank and Oprah are. Well. And -- -- about scams. Well still you view that some. But neither. Club can -- -- your mother first -- goal now. Well it sure you don't need a lot of work she felt like that doesn't sound like fifty -- and our sister. All man. Yeah I -- -- give me your bank account number I want -- -- aperture that so you've dealt with an up close and personal gets frustrating government. Well actually yeah I told him. That's I don't have the bank account and never heard from a -- yeah. That's that young -- you know -- job they are long gone well thank you for sharing had every while. A 900 adult diapers and how many members of the legislature -- there -- I'd like one place that each of their deaths please yes I'll be -- of paper and advance. I -- there's all Kansas cameras but when they when they want some personal information. They want your account numbers certainly never. Or even home address never do that. And for some reason I don't know how they work despite a lot of them want your email address. Because originally you think okay what kind of harm can that be but the more information they collect. The the more it's a possibility that you're gonna get scam that's just the way the way it works. It 39301806. On six -- for six 930. Have you had any experiences. On Craigslist or eBay ever settle us now. And -- -- in -- GI needs something done I category and use less than five -- listed apparently on the last. And does so what's the point I don't understand that what's the difference between that the old yellow pages so you don't have a big heavy book -- -- down your kitchen cabinet. Does anyone ever throw anything away anymore it seems to me I've seen -- garage sales and and flea markets and things like that stuff that you'd be embarrassed at put at the curb but they're there and people are paying money for are you a collector argue harder. Everybody wants a bargain. What's the strangest item you have ever seen 900 adult diapers I mean -- -- now. That says that's enough for banquet she each of these will be back we're more aware of beach and company under Israeli and -- -- we are WB here.

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