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6-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello -- his vision coming and I'm sandy beach. It's going to be a good day I can I can tell you that. They have these station had -- that only had one channel -- and I went out and bought my own -- guess what there's one gentleman. I -- budget while they're sending envoy to plug into another position talk amongst yourselves. No -- about -- -- I'll have to -- during the commercial break I'll try to plug in that -- could be the Jack because I've just bought these headphones. So it can't be that courts aren't that great and headphones nowadays no doubt about it these -- like a hundred bucks man while they were not there weren't you agrees he's the point five cents to five cents yet too weird is it worth it. Yeah I don't stay together. Now. Yes I don't want channel -- ever tried to talk to one channel yeah what I do was a movement that's like that's the depth on that's a lot better Tony thank you thank you suggesting. I'm new game who. When I when I started you'll always had your choice or vote one or two years they had to headsets with this one a lot of guys this war one I remember I was so your only depth and wanna hear as you get older instead of both. But it is did you governor got a lot talk about today this is going to drive me crazy absolutely on now I it's I've noticed the Jack I've been asked this well planned out during the first break we'll find out. And a -- lot of things happening over the weekend including for so I pick up the Sunday paper. And bear is it's on the bubble owners and there is a a magazine section which we never used again in Niagara county. Because there -- things I was always looking for there we just wouldn't get it. Now are the last few you know issues we got it and I open I open in the section two new goodies found on cars. You know all we electronic gizmos and stuff I love that. And I'm reading the article and something buffalo boy this this reporter -- it. Really got their act together and I realize it was written by Brenda -- -- yes -- saw us she posted last night in Houston -- Brenda is bites birds is not enough for her she's gone on to other other areas she's now on 1520. At -- 30 in the morning on Sunday doing a food show her food blog and now writing about automobiles us pretty good plus she's in business then you've got wait a minute. She has no time to sleep he got exactly I think you zombies while so anyway a very nice article and if you've not seen it. -- is because sometimes we only read the parts of the paper that. We know where interest it and we're not really sure about the rest of it. And that is that the case but it was a very well written article. About a lot of new stuff on cars and you don't have to go big ticket goods again a lot of the moved gizmos that -- putting on. On cars are checked that out I'd like you to check it out to. Meanwhile. I cannot picture you know Tony can Algeria at the Allentown arts festival you talk about a bull in the China Asia yet you're not going out there. I didn't picture me either with -- and did you not pass lethal load tests at the Allentown art presents knocked it yeah I -- -- zero I was completely on the what did you effective July. -- -- -- I've never liked it I'm not. I have been I've gone a couple of times and they were for all parties that we're going on and this yesterday. We went to meet my father in law and my sister in law and it. Elm street hardware restaurant where she works and we had nice lunch there and then you know everybody dispersed. But does the lunch was great but walking through that. You didn't. You're effective voice I just consider this about eleven or home overlooking. The water. You know perfect -- -- on the weekend that it's Accra right there -- Not me and I notice on the on the -- that it was mentioned that there were a lot of dogs in downtown and and or animals there too -- exactly are. -- and -- gotten warnings don't bring your dog to Allentown. Usually it's because it's too hot in the pavement there and and and it's too crowded. But I think guys especially. Consider -- dog as an extension of their manhood. Almost them walk around hoping they've got a Great Pyrenees is related schnauzer. You know and that's what they have added to impress other people anxious all girl with the people list I'm in Australia. While I don't wanna -- -- ever know but honestly don't know -- and it didn't have a good -- you don't buy anything I'm sure now. Well what you were doing that before that serving our country was Chris Johnson. He was called up for jury duty now you actually didn't get picked for jury but you had to go to record house right. Yeah I went and on Friday and you gotta be there by 9 o'clock and the -- was an -- salutes on and not as. Bad is it wasn't here on dry dog what it was it was rough you up so you are in a room full of people. Each one hoping not to get chosen. Though what did you do -- kill time they -- thought a questionnaire what you have to do -- you do the questionnaire that you view like three separate questionnaires to fill those out. They make you watch a video of this probably 510 minutes long and they collected papers all that -- probably 25 to thirty minutes as -- -- -- calls it just kind of sit there -- time. Then they -- a column people -- and they they did a pretty swiftly. -- on Monday they took 250 people to get a call and every night right at -- get the call them. But it seemed like Friday they were messing around -- age have like fifty people come up. Maybe half hour later another fifty people want now. And and around 1030 mining got a call like ten dollars. I didn't even go into the room to get to a question about lawyers or anything we just went to the front desk. And the out. Secretary or whoever it's that you -- supposed to be involved in the civil case but they just filled it up so our free ago. Different summer hours. It's edited summer hours I got my works like this -- kind of an employee who are 99. Out of a hundred people at that point would have just gone home you came in here I did Arizona we have a new guy at work and know how to work media. We needed a fast jobs waiting at the movie showing your best of exile and he's a heavy breather to a new. Yeah yes you know said he was talking up the glass in between the two studio is getting her I don't he's just found ju -- and attractive maybe that's -- I'd be without an answer I've -- without -- I could hear you know a group a glass was vibrating as he was. It was like rarely I thought it was a company in in a moment of. Romance I think he's an extra in Star Wars in case they needed. A new bar him from or somebody out -- greater. -- forgot to tell you about the Allentown are fast and and genie thought about you immediately. When we saw. Tickets plenty of tickets being handed out to all the cars are parked -- Vietnam tourism police were just ticketing cars and Allentown yet that was the first thing we saw. As we got close enough to of the Lotto it that was Allentown going on and that's the first thing -- -- Now that's what buffalo -- they consider anybody that comes into the city for any reason pray. Another -- fresh meat. Can write out a ticket for somebody maybe they haven't had one before maybe the maybe they have who cares let's keep writing these -- you would think that Allentown -- Saturday and Sunday. There's not that much downtown traffic on Saturday and Sunday anyway. -- and so you would think that they would suspend the parking regulations except for fire hydrants and things like that or blocking a driveway. But the normal you would think they would that just suspend him for good well. Almighty you know what now the last penny they can get Nadia that's what they'll do. Typical doesn't surprise me at all doesn't surprise me at all and and then you'll see letters to editor. I'm saying exactly what you just said. I was -- to two inches are too close to the curb and I got a ticket that's what they do as open -- buffalo welcome to buffalo bring your checkbook. I will take a break meanwhile a -- smashed the hell out of these headphones. I'm gonna get something an alternative set I got to sum it up Brian Meehan and actually said just in case -- plug into a different slice -- that -- Where here with beach -- company under Israeli -- -- thirty WB -- -- I plug my headphones and the usual Jack right. Okay the usual -- as one channel which -- drive you crazy. I can't do that so what I did was I find an alternate Jack and guess what. The one Eric's except for one thing that has no volume control on -- you reach over like a giraffe and trying to use the master panel. -- so the switch in front of me works -- Jack that doesn't work got. That's that yeah that's -- state of -- greater. -- it is a Beijing company I'm sandy beach and it just a whole show again because. I yeah I just got both of both channels now they're both in my head phones have got the volume adjusted. So I picked up the Sunday paper and there was that he does Sunday like knows magazine kind of thing and there was an article on there about -- and I'm a guy like cars I know a lot of our cars and I read it about the newfangled gas gadgets. And guess who wrote it can best brand. Say wow around it yes so she not only had as a -- is bites which is the blog on WB and you know is that she -- the radio show on fifteen money at 10:30 on Sunday morning and now she's written this article about cars I don't think she's I bet she's a zombie. -- -- -- enrollment again. -- I read it says there's also an article cheeseburgers -- -- there is they that the best cheese burgers. On now obviously they don't include Randolph because it would be unfair if the there's no burger in town that can touch the aren't hamburger -- -- the duke burger that's the one you want to duke duke -- -- so there have been out there but they do have five restaurants must that no I've been at a couple of them. And a bit there -- good restaurants by the a couple of them but not all of them but it's going to be in my quest over the summer maybe. Trying hit all the restaurants mentioned there and see if any and in the stand up to the -- -- He's I had one yesterday was absolutely incredible course you wouldn't like you why -- it'd toenails right no Hannity out Friday. And he's the only one out of scoop of ice -- don't know you are -- in you you be good enough famine because you can put some things that don't belong together. Together okay -- fried egg. On achieves its amid a lot of people give their -- this -- all know that reaction and I wonder why it's fans asked you know how are you have you ever had spam Alamo owed us and I'm good. We have ice cream melted and you remove the skin from the spam that's good to. You are so -- fairly got these extra ingredients amend its quirky and old but that's great. There have you ever bitten and everything pardon the expression and a product that you didn't like that follow -- on them and it's. Well you know one thing about Allentown. The -- on -- festival which were talking about earlier while the cops are writing gleefully riding out a tickets. To enhance the revenue stream -- mayor Byron brown. But there was also crime at the festival and I've not heard reported. Okay here's an example of it and this should have been reported its -- little snippet in the buffalo knows it should be headlines it should be front page has to do it Allentown. A man was arrested at about 2:30 AM Sunday. So that's Saturday night into Sunday mornings they had another whole day of club people going down so we should've been alerted they should reporter on one of those electronic billboards. Here's a story. He was arrested for rummaging through a fried -- both. At the Allentown art festival and eating a sleeve of Mario is on that deck that dastardly sleeve. He -- that -- All of our soup cup to. 35 years all. He's probably. Probably -- because. He liked Orioles while was witnessed by up for a possible security guard entering the -- on Delaware haven't known about a call for backup. In case goes to the second sleeve you know you -- more than a couple months and that. It was locked he was locked into the book by security and taken into custody by buffalo police so what they did as he goes and he's eating a sleeve of Orioles out of fried -- Booth. They saw him in the -- they locked him in that's pretty cool -- sort -- thing. Meanwhile probably the bulls. And these guys he faces charges of burglary and petty larceny. Just tell you this so Omar. Homage to cut through. 35 if you go to jail for this. You are going to be everybody's favorite prom date when the market may find out if you're rats a where he initially about Florio's. That's not exactly big time crime on to say it on them in the every pick out our wrists okay British zone and bring liquid soap would view would be a good idea. So that the bowl playoffs are over I watched video Rangers game home god in the overtimes. You talk about excitement. I'll propped up by their off the crossbar and this thing up and out and know -- -- no penalties called at all aggressive on did you guys watch that no I mean it's a great progress I watched it and it was outstanding problems remarkable. Yeah you don't even have to be a hockey fan to watch that. I mean very very exciting really really good I did not watch via the NBA. It's that that he got rubbed out in the whole low wholesalers and one of dental -- -- -- an average margin of victory for the spurs has over fifteen. Yeah opposites it's incredible San Antonio shooting lights out -- they weren't they were really hot. And 01 thing I've given up on morning television. I'll tell you -- and and it and I babysitters here. Why damn consultant told all live TV channels that you have to have weather every two minutes and fifteen seconds I'd like to know Albert -- -- now. Obviously we've got to weather event closing in anonymous it way you don't have an -- Still arm I can understand that. But it's every two minutes and fifteen seconds they -- whether that's what it is I went from one channel which I watch all the time and I decided. I'm not watching anymore it's too much whether it's too much whether I went to another channel. Same thing too much evident today went to my desperate third backup channel the same damn thing just wet weather weather weather weather. I mean to drive you crazy after awhile once you see it that's all USC. Basically why don't they just dumped their regular programming and call themselves the weather channel oh wait a minute. There's less whether it. On the weather channel that matter his locally in the morning really weather channel does features and and his Al -- going to the White House he's wearing. Beautiful white slacks. And how did it it. There it is and freeze frame. Yup frame my program very exciting you know thank you very much and I'll show us -- soccer -- with people are -- room. All right what would get a rock and roll here different soccer game today. You know I'm rooting for Ghana. A -- -- person and in America rooting for -- not yet that you will be -- -- when you go when you play Ghana and you're an underdog something's wrong with that sport that's all I can tell you. -- -- -- people living god there are many guys out there on a team I'm not really sure. It is a region governor and we give you the weather when in need. Whether you know it or not on those -- and I'm thirty we are WB. It WB and wherever you go with the WB and iPhone app. Powered by the final out let the best in fence railings index. And said Jackson -- OK it is a major company and I -- sandy beach. It's going to be a tough campaign. Season this year -- July. I'm watching B -- CBS morning news show on Sunday morning which is a good show it was very very liberal. Vary but it's a show and they have interest in things on there. And and and sometimes good features. Jane Lynch was featured a logjam is very funny. And in a good actress adds there's an audio web. Hillary Clinton. Okay. Now I can't watch something without analyzing it's almost impossible. Some watching mountain man or something like that which by the way I watch less cool. Goes on those people are easy but anyway that's another story so anyway it's a Hillary Clinton interview -- you know she's running for president. I know she's running for president a golfer in Wyoming knows that she's running for president we all know that we can accept that okay. Here's a hard hitting question asked by the CBS news reporter. Tell us about Chelsea's pregnancy. Always that isn't that really presidential type question in a bigger really as she -- is that wild season. There are chunks of potato -- in the living room we're not really sure why exactly how it's going with things she's every morning -- I that -- But -- it was so it was so engaging. Hearing about the future grandmother. Of the baby -- the -- the daughters having so. A that's the kind of hard hitting stuff I guess we can expect -- for the rest of the campaign. Today's the day from my -- parks as a whole comic view windows and doors. Of civilian here. Get a 15100 dollar certificate toward a house full of windows. For 250 dollars. -- 500 dollar certificate toward true Energy Star windows install for just. 150 dollars go to W Vietnam economic Akamai buffalo -- logo. Alright here's what we're gonna talk about today something that you'll probably been involved way. And I've seen up close and personal and sometimes you see it and it's just amazing to me. I'll win when we became hooked up together electronically on the Internet. There were things that have gotten a lot better and there are some things that have gotten a lot worse day and this is an example. If you had some things you wanted to prone from her home. Eyes in the old days you would have beaten -- what you want a garage sale lawns sale. Just the general sale maybe you have a few tables out near the near the road or maybe the neighborhood gets together and has a big mega sale. And that's the way it was no advantage of that is that people walk by they saw what you had to go pick it -- look at that though hold it up to vote light. I need you know five dollars for this would you take two dollars for this although. Bargaining is an absolute key to garage sale or yard sale okay absolute if you got something in for a nickel. Nobody is going to pay you the full medical -- is -- -- -- three cents it's just it they have. It is they just have to because if they don't they feel like they've been taken pay -- -- nickel for that I laughed at it. And I saw our beads of sweat running down her forehead as I said would you take three cents sport. And she said well I'll take four cents for I had been given because I needed. I mean that's the way -- all right but it -- had the advantage of somebody's standing there. Bargaining with -- and you -- standing their bargaining -- come on now. We have the Internet. And we have a certainly eBay and a lot of things are sold on Craig's list. But here is that this advantage you have now the advantages that you see articles from all over the place some local some not some national. But you know you never see anybody. Unless they're actually on a fork out the cash and buy your article assuming you don't mail -- OK if it's though locals say -- And it's chances are if you don't want you about your home address you meet him at some public place you know. You know smaller. Plaza somewhere where there's lots of people in case you run into Boston strangler. And he's trying to buy your teapot. And by -- -- they have the anonymity. There's a lot more scamming going on you know -- con men and the con women of America love the Internet. Because it gives a whole new platform to scam people way. You know it's a pretty simple stuff. My uncle as the prime minister of his MB easy and and he's got eight million dollars in his sock. And yes the dividend of his country and if you mail him 2000 dollars they'll give you 5000 -- used to be that. People got over that mainly some people bitten some people -- Sector and and is still variations of that but what you have now are people sending out mass emails. Two people who have simple items for sale on Craig's list it's gotten better because Craigslist has kind of review the way they do things. But for a while you would get you would get fifty emails saying. I am really interest that in your item. They don't name one it is okay that'll tell you right there that this is going to be a scam but redone. And then never available immediately. I'm in a nuclear submarine under the Arctic Ocean. The ice is not going to melt for six months but I'd like to conduct a complete this transaction and by that bicycle for my son I mean SS with the that took out all the time and then if if you're lucky enough to come to some kind of a real conversation with people they don't show up. Yes I'll be there at 215. And it's going to be 72 dollars for that item I'll be there with cash -- said yes I do until fifteen I'll be right that never show up. You go there to a fifteen you're holding your item in your hand. I'd like to buy that item I've been -- enough to actually come and get it or pay for it and this is what goes on and and and some of them are pretty silly. These silly. I've seen really expensive items on line for tens of thousands of dollars. In which they say do you have your item for sale. I would like to -- and as a surprise for my eight year old son's birthday you know it's just amazing. But if they have five CNET. And you've done it I'd like to share those experiences what you and so we've title today show your horror stories about selling and buying on line. First of all in person at the garage sale or yard sale whatever. You could see the condition of the item online music a picture of it but there's no guarantees the same. You can't feel the weight of it OK the looks autism look at this and you know whatever your. You're buying you have a lot more advantage of seeing it being there in person as opposed to just seeing a picture of it. And bargaining is advantageous to because it's one on one. And your stand. Right there and you have the item and if -- give you four dollars for it you'll -- Salt you've given the item they give him four dollars and a transaction that's that but not the same went on line online the bargaining is different. He you know back and forth electronically. It's kind of loses the the the adventurous part of a sale and a bargain in -- talking about. I give me your stories have things like this happen to you as -- -- Craigslist changed around a little bit. There's less of that now also -- a lot of people buy and sell things on eBay. And a bit maybe you vote they have expensive stuff money and yet. And expensive luxury car any idea and shivers looked at the automobile section -- never been any bug if you go to the automobile section. You'll you'll see there are some really really high class vehicles in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I guess they feel if you put up for an auction price I'm sure there's a reserve to a that there's enough people bidding on it more than you would get by putting -- on -- front lawn basically. Right next of the lawn jockey. That'll be very exciting to see and it's a -- communities and fair. But 839301806. On 6926. And star 930 your horror stories about selling and buying on line. A deal would do that on Craig's list to use eBay have you gotten any real bargains as anybody tried to him on his cameo. Have you been the victim of a stamp with a big. Big virus year while blows Friday have Friday in the this week's -- -- again. Shut down a lot of our computers I don't open any. Now thing. Now I think if there's an attachment you've sent it to me here's one thing I guarantee I didn't see it. I'll tell you about a scam they spoke when we come back on newsletter 930 we are WB yeah this is while this is absolutely while. I say Tony while the commercials. The tomorrow morning the first segment we're gonna -- lovely Maria from samarra -- on talking about the minister with a heart which is a really nice thing they do once a year. I tell Tony as soon as I'm done telling -- my eyes go up the control monitor. They're there she is the west in my Martin commercial and that's Maria and she's on it. The very moment I was telling you that. It I mean that's just the thing. -- and things happen to -- so that's it really does not out of all the commercials that they could be running. On fox knows that one at that time at the exact time I'm telling to me it really is it's it's surely -- And they said -- going to be there they weren't there they said they were somebody that they -- They they -- -- Europe I don't mud and into more information you never heard from again he never got that second contact. A did you sell things on Craigslist and eBay or you're successful. How did you do it did you meet them at a public place if you didn't have to mail it. The good questions to ask those of prospective buyer as they ask you all kinds of questions about. You or I -- let's go to Amy at Lewiston -- Iran WB again. Good morning gentlemen hello -- I. My daughter was looking for an apartment on an ad on -- -- for one in. A certain area of buffalo. And gone something about somebody lies in actual control execs are sabbatical from bank. It -- so bloody apartment. And at one of your former co workers lived in the area actually impact on FaceBook and what you know you -- technique is at the ball well who. Oh really is not a good place ago another. Currency here. She got to Seattle will be it's that the rental agents -- neighbor of the got a hold their culture and of course obviously bogus. That's Tony as the live near the buffaloes -- when he he says you could hear the lions roaring in the middle and I know daddy you pretend that he was an elephant okay thank you -- -- though you if there. You've got Arum howling right yeah that was pretty neat out of sound the sound of the cats are remarkable that the big cap. That has the deepest. Growl at -- that the correct term is the jaguar. If -- it's even deeper alliance board it is swallow. Jaguar could be a radio personality with a voice if they had the jaguar network. Just fabulous and elephants of course high pitched -- I hear about it here so you used to hear that you miss that now. Now I like the peace and I I do -- all right now you said that there's scams going on out there which we know. I am buying and selling out kinds of things online yeah -- I received a message last night from somebody on my friends list I'm assuming he's one of our listeners. And it starts off as -- -- a friend that you don't even know right I've never not met this person but I'm very Roger calling him for an no friend and faced a press conference where as opposed to a real for a right. Real friend you can borrow money for. Via FaceBook for yeah aren't it will throw for money but he's -- idea when he says is there's a international lottery FaceBook as going not over yet again and he received this package -- 150 grand -- it. And it has my name on a court in order for -- -- wait a package has a 150000. In it he's already open that even though what -- name on it I'd have him arrested I should. But he says if the current tech this Egypt. Howard whatever the name is and in the end I'm Howard Simon isn't. So they want me all eyes blinked. Out how coincident a link -- to probably take you into virus slams yet exactly and Jonas it's obviously taking control. Of his account because it's trying to engage me in conversation page contacted yet he's still there. Not -- it's amazing because I think what they do in this one as police it's a little more. Particular about a certain bank. But I think they send out emails -- contacts by the tens of thousands. And they they rely on getting some back because when they say I'm interested in your item and they don't say what the item is and they never referred to. Okay that's a that's a pretty good indication that it's it's not real and not intrusive and then they'll try to get for some reason and I don't know what the advantages. They try to get your email address. Now I don't know what they get out of that seeing their email addresses. Bill by themselves. Don't have any proprietary information -- them. But they trying get that it's always part of our they'll say contact me at this at this you know of this length. But when indeed I think that their Craigslist is cracked down on a lot of that but before before they start the -- -- hopeless eBay of course. The big national place who sell things. I'm gonna tell you only comeback this story of the -- Yes it's a story of a dryer that serve the -- family well Ford twenty years and then some way there -- died. The husband being the practical one said. Hey big big item day is tomorrow let's put it out of the curb and attic and the town we'll take it away but. But I said no weekends cell line. And we'll tell you what hilarity ensued after this on -- -- -- we are WB -- -- asking. Are your horror stories about buying and selling things online maybe it's on Craig's list maybe it's on eBay. What have you had good results Lotta people saw a lot of stuff. And it by now at this price barred take your chance and lose the item -- caught up in a fervor. Of idea of an auction on keeper out or you'll you'll on something there we go on -- and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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