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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Ownership/Stadium Issues - Adam Benigni

Bills Ownership/Stadium Issues - Adam Benigni

Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Adam -- need WG AR CTV sports director with us on the WB and my -- talking bills on a ship morning and a our great thanks for the time. You know we're we're talking about the process and interested parties who had a number of guests on this morning and -- likely do you think it is that the next bills owner's name. Has not been mentioned already. I would say that is I would say that distinct possibility I think word just scratch in the service in terms of the actual names that have either said they're interested or coming to the service through various. Reports. I am told there are. At least twelve into individuals oral or separate ownership group but it -- -- lurking beneath the surface potentially -- a bit. And of those twelve we've been hearing that the NFL would prefer not to have a traditional new stadium lease deal which for the team but. Whoever takes over the bills have an ownership stake. In the stadium itself among those twelve and then the authority mention who could already a fortune to own -- Dollar bills put a piece of that stadium. Well certainly carried the goal of especially after that land deal we've heard about last week although he could've done it on his own. Anyway. I think. When you look at names that have come up. I'm told that you know Golisano. Is one of the Bon Jovi. -- bomb group out of Toronto which is also got a lot of attention. I'm told that there now this is this some mixed information but I am told as a potential. Stadium. Waiting to that -- to. Like they're part of their plan I don't know much about it. But I've heard. Bits and pieces. Mention. Obviously that's a group that is interested in moving the team to Toronto I have reported better and that's pretty well widely known. But I -- -- the -- -- becomes an interesting player in this even more -- when you hear the news of the Jacobs interest in leading a stadium effort. What about that Jacobs interest Adam I mean I know you and others reported that he that they are interested in a stadium deal would not ownership. But when we talked earlier with. Mark in -- from sports -- and Dan Kaplan from sports business journal they said this is not the model the NFL wants. And -- is in in terms of the Jacobs family running a stadium but not hitting anything to do with the ownership of the team. Both mark yes and -- Kaplan said this is not the model that the NFL likes. But you know I think is that it that if pointedly. I think really what the NFL right now disinterested -- who -- all the football. What they don't like what I've been told our subsidiary partner necessarily. In a group -- They like a big deep pocketed owner. Who can buy the team up front would have little financing as possible and have the wherewithal to all the team for the long -- Bet at this point in the process. Told that is the primary concern. All of the NFL owners want their presented. By the investment bank in the Wilson a state -- work in conjunction with them in this process here to arrive at a new -- to vote on. But I'm told right now. That is the primary focus any potential stadium plan or whatever. That's more of -- down the road issue. As far as the NFL is concerned. So polls. But if let's say hypothetically that is terrible who OK and he were to have ownership stake eventually the government says he wouldn't. Or any other -- -- wouldn't necessarily have. Ownership stake in a stadium of some kind. So I view the Jacobs thing as an entirely separate. Element of this there have been discussions unfold between the Bakula. And the Jacobs. On on the on the stadium issue it's my understanding according to the Associated Press that the Jacobs are going to be with Golisano. Perhaps this week. I believe according to dep support it would make sense that the Jacobs if they are gonna do this would. Be ready to work with whatever older. The NFL will be a state in the NFL. Selected and approved. So I just see the Jacobs says because of their gaining interest if you know really not being heavily limited not being able to bid. And I view them as separate the primary focus right now that the election of a new owner if it. The state in the NFL criteria. And the rest of the more down the -- a book issue. Okay and a very good talk with you thanks so much good. As -- than any. WG RC sports director.

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